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Miranda Kerr Gets A Banker In Trouble

Miranda Kerr Gets A Banker In Trouble

Miranda Kerr arrives in Sydney, Australia on a cold windy day on Wednesday (February 3).

The 26-year-old Victoria’s Secret model recently inadvertently got an Australian banker in hot water.

During a televised news interview with a Macquarie Private Wealth analyst, a banker was spotted in the background looking at pictures of Miranda from her most recent GQ photo shoot. Predictably, the video circulated on YouTube and the bank is now conducting an internal investigation in the matter.

The banker will meet with the bank’s executives this week to determine his future, according to the Herald Sun.

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr arriving in Sydney…

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miranda kerr banker trouble 01
miranda kerr banker trouble 02
miranda kerr banker trouble 03
miranda kerr banker trouble 04
miranda kerr banker trouble 05
miranda kerr banker trouble 06
miranda kerr banker trouble 07
miranda kerr banker trouble 08
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  • OB

    bad dress !

  • Carrie

    Awful glasses.

  • Lasse

    She is very very cute but honestly…. THIS outfit is just horrible!

  • lala

    an even worst sunglasses

  • girlie

    I love her outfit! hippie style!

  • Terry

    Round face and round sunglasses?? Bad idea…

  • dundies

    huh? then who the hell is supposed to look at her photo shoot? lawyers?

  • Kirsti

    Makeup and lighting can sure do wonders for some people. I don’t think many people would look at her twice on the street. Sorry, the truth can be harsh.

  • Pry

    She is lovely .

  • gorgeous…..

    Miranda looks beautiful, especially after an 18 hour flight,
    love her dress, very hip and cool.

    As for the bitter comments, well it’s just the usual haters
    ……..jealous much???…….lol.

  • @9…..Kirsti

    Yeah sure, no one would ever look twice at Miranda Kerr!!!

    she’s one of the highest paid models in the world because she’s naturally beautiful with a stunning body…duh

    jealous much???……sorry, but the truth can be harsh…

  • lol

    Haters are so funny.
    She gets off an all night flight looking better than 99.9% of people after a day at the spa and two hours with the stylists.
    Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.

  • @7

    I think that the problem was that he was looking at her pics on company time, and on a company computer. A lot of businesses have very strict rules concerning computer use. And the fact that he was caught looking at her pics on national telivision was embarassing to the company, so they would almost have to react to that.
    But hey, who could blame him? Those pics are gorgeous. At least he has good taste.

  • twister

    bad idea… She looks dumb with that outfit. I would buy better shades at a market stall

  • Jordana

    I don’t like her..I don’t say shes ugly but she doesn’t deserve all this attention.There are models 10000 better than her.

  • Lulu

    I laughed so hard when i saw what clip on CNN
    dude got busted on camera

    and his face when he realised he was on TV


  • brightside

    Ahh – watched this on you tube. Really hope his bosses have a sense of humour, poor man. Miranda looked so good in the shots though, it’s hard to blame him.

  • wow

    She’s my favorite angel.

  • Kirsti

    @9….not bitter at all. Never said she was unattractive. You’re right…she’s really pretty when she is dolled up. Her face is just average without makeup. We all have an opinion…just stating mine.

  • love her

    She’s perfect. So goddamn beautiful. Orlando is lucky…

  • Who Cares

    She didn’t get the banker in trouble. His inappropriate conduct did.

  • Renate

    She’s way too tall. It doesn’t look good at all to be that tall.

  • @kirsti

    Well then if it is your ‘opinion’, it isn’t really “the truth” as you stated in post #9.
    Opinions are not truths, just perceptions.

  • @23

    Uhm, at 5’9″, she’s actually on the shorter side for a model.

  • Nena


    So everyone is supposed to fall all over themselves? Also when someone has an opinion contrary to yours, it doesn’t mean they’re jealous or haters. Seriously? Grow Up.

  • lakers fan in boston

    not liking the dress but she looks cute in it regardless
    what i do hate is those ugly sunglasses
    that story about the banker is funny lol, i could just imagine it =]
    pic 1 is the best, shows how pretty she is

  • Tall is terrific!

    Hey, I resent that remark! I’M tall too – 5’8″ and I love every inch! Tall slender girls can show off just about any style to best advantage. (Plus you can actually SEE over the heads of most people at parades!)

  • MsJanuary

    Miranda arrived “on a cold windy day on Wednesday”? It’s the middle of summer here – trust me, while there may have been some rain, it was far, far from cold!

  • nursedatingsite

    She is so hot

  • Whattup?

    What is up with those sunglasses? They are just all kinds of wrong for her head. She is not a very good accessorizer as I have noticed in many pictures of her. Sometimes its the shoes, sometimes the bag, etc. She seriously needs a stylist, and if she has already got one, she needs a stylist with better taste.

  • su

    she reminds me of an alien. And I agree, without makeup you wouldn’t look at her twice. I prefer Doutzen and Lima

  • cebille

    I also can’t believe how much spray tan she gets on the catwalk. I mean look how pale her skin is here.

  • lemon and spice

    The woman has zero curves like ZERO

  • Tigerlily

    I heard also that she was very biatchy in high school

  • Face Off

    Horrible outfit, werid face

  • LOL!

    Hmmm, five hater posts in less than thirty minutes.
    You really should space them out a bit more if you want to pretend to be different people.
    Poor haters.
    So stupid that they can’t even pull off being sock puppets.

  • Sivana

    I can’t get over how beautiful she is. <3 It’s surreal.
    “weird face” ?? you got to be kidding me.
    Her face was made for a cosmetic contract!

  • @32

    If I saw Miranda walk down the street. I’ll look at her more then twice.
    I dislike VS angels. I find most of them to be cheap and rather plain. But Miranda is quite pretty. WAY more impressive then both Lima and Kroes. And don’t even get me started on Miller and Ambrosio. *barfs*
    Miranda and Candice are the ONLY ones I find extremely pretty and feminine. They are the whole package. Also Rosie, but her face isn’t as pretty as M & C.

  • Oceane

    @dundies: The thing is that he was doing it in the background while the news was on. It looked like porn. The look on his face when they caught him lol

  • I don’t say

    Over her outfit: I myself have three such dresses and I love they. Beautifully comfortable (particularly on a journey). Her glasses: Well, nothing for her face. She should rather longish, small carry.

    Now to the banker:
    He should be fired. I’m would be also dismissed if I read private e-mails at the desk (identical whether now with naked pictures of Orlando Bloom or simple only sweetens dog pups). Also in my breaks.

    Perhaps it doesn’t give such regulations by Victoria’s Secrets…

    But if this is forbidden (what I think, otherwise the banker would no have a date with the management) the same right should apply to everyone and not the word of a so-called top model (this is Miranda only because she is together with Orlando – on the other hand no rooster would crow after her, neither JustJared). Otherwise then softens it everyone…

  • @ 15

    The substance is ‘Millefleur’, this is total in fashion at the moment. Around 15 or 20 years ago this was in fashion too and I am in the happy situation, that my mother has even more clothes from the time (of course in my size).

  • @41

    I’m sorry, but….

  • Provaiders

    She is really pretty ! ! !

  • Billy bob

    Die miranda die

  • lucas

    @dundies: the issue may have been more that he was clearly reading a magazine and not working. regardless of what he was reading.