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Rihanna: Heavy Metal in Miami

Rihanna: Heavy Metal in Miami

Rihanna rehearses on Wednesday (February 3) for her upcoming show during the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam concert series in South Beach, Florida.

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty, who paired a leather jacket with a Chanel cap onstage, will be performing on the same night as teen sensations Justin Bieber.

RiRi also showed off a sword with an “R” on it – can’t wait to see it in the show!

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rihanna pepsi super bowl sword slinging 01
rihanna pepsi super bowl sword slinging 02
rihanna pepsi super bowl sword slinging 03
rihanna pepsi super bowl sword slinging 04
rihanna pepsi super bowl sword slinging 05
rihanna pepsi super bowl sword slinging 06
rihanna pepsi super bowl sword slinging 07
rihanna pepsi super bowl sword slinging 08

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  • maison martin margiela

    @jdkw Really hundreds of comments.Point me to the celebs on JJ who are getting hundreds of comment.You are an idiot.Rihanna posts routinely get the most comments are you stupid.Well I think that question is redundant,you sitting here eyeballing and watching someone you supposedly don’t like bullsh*t.You love her.You watch her every move. You have her Cds and her poster.Your addicted.See if you hated her,you would skip her posts.

  • sunshineRD


    lmfao.. ur mad too.. actually i dont post much on thissitut when i do, Rihanna gets the most comments in her posts… cuz haters like you love to actually spend their time and comment on her…

    nd i can bet you and Vids are the sae ppl responding to each other… sad sad sad!

    yall secretly love her!

  • sunshineRD


    if you havent been following Rihanns career, plz dont speak on reinventing… she’s the queen of reinventing, ga ga makes the same pop bull shit… just dance, poker face, bad romance…gtfoh

    u have no room to talk…

  • LOL

    @maison martin margiela: Look at the same stan posting over and over again. lol. Nice try, stan, but we’re not going to buy her cds or posters so this **** better save her money from those fashion shows! lol

  • Santos

    @sunshineRD: Rihanna does not get the most comments here. Just check out the Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston threads. They regularly get 200+ replies. Even TomKat gets more comments than Rihanna.

  • sunshineRD


    and ur the same hater posting over and over again… at least her stans have a excuse to be in her posts… whats ur excuse for actually clicking it?

    nd you dont have to buy her cd’s or songs but someone is…bwaahhhh. cuz check itunes and billboard… 2 month later, its still siting op 20 nd rude boy is getting 7 million airplay already without actually being release…

    Are you madd?

  • maison martin margiela

    @LOL Right.I’m supposed to be dumb for posting abourt someone I LIKE, and challenging bitches llike you who hate her LOL Too funny.YTou weren’t buying sh*t before and she’s blown up, so now you supposed to matter??Keep hating and her fans will buy her stuff.As she makes more and more fans and wins more and more awards, you sit there mad,butt hurt at her success.I’m happy,she’s sold 1.6 million WW, and over 3.5 million singles of Russ.Rou. and Hard.Another week for Rated R to be in the top 10 WW charts.I’m happy.

  • andamentothat

    she is getting fat or are her thighs just not matching the rest of the body? whats up???

  • sunshineRD


    nd ur the same hater posting over and over.. her stans have an excuse to be in her posts.. what is yours? *waits*

  • maison martin margiela

    Also Rated R is selling faster than GGGB. **shudders** OMG, that sold 8 million, this might beat that. =D

  • sunshineRD


    she gets more comments than any “singer” in her gener!

    THE END!

  • love

    Rihanna gets more comments in her posts than any “singer” in her genre

    THE END!

  • maison martin margiela

    @santos You guys are such liars.Before the rumors of Brad and Angie,they didn’t get hella comments, liar.And Tomkat is a train wreck.Besides stupid arguments about scientology, he wouldn’t be interesting. So, besides two of the biggest couples in hollywood,this bajan girl gets more comments then anyone LOL You idiots proved my point.

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    yall can say watever, she will do wat ever!

    if ur tired or mad at seeing Rihanna already this early,then i feel ba for you.. 2010 ya might have a hear attack.. she will be everywhere….bwahhhhhhhhh lmfao… nd ur gonna be steaming like a kettle pot.. burn!!!!!!

  • sunshineRD


    N-ews worthy
    A- spiring

  • Jake

    @andamentothat: Too much Mickey D’s. She is almost as big as Beyonce.

  • maison martin margiela

    Too let you b*tches know.We them bad mother f*ckers from RD.We don’t wanna hear NO more hating of Rihanna on JJ or we’ll DRAG everyone of you assh*les!!!!!!!!

  • maison martin margiela

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  • true blood

    @Santos: Even Alexander Skarsgard gets more comments. There just aren’t enough pics of him to post…for now.

  • Lucky

    @love: This blog hardly posts about any singer other than Rihanna.

  • Smile4me

    her post get alot of comments b/c her stans flood the section lol..

    and the only reason her album is critically acclaimed is b/c of sympathy..
    there is like 2 good songs.. the rest is NOTHING special.. Not deserving of a grammy. ..will she get one? maybe.. its not about talent its a popularity contest. The label and big wigs buy those awards.

  • tal


  • Jake

    @maison martin margiela: Your girl must have 3 chins and a pack of franks on her neck.
    I’m not dating your mom.

    This chick loves the fast food and it shows.

  • yummy

    I wonder if she’ll have a wardrobe malfunction like Janet Jackson? ;-)

  • Toni

    Not trying to disrespect the stans, but where have you guys been all this time. I never knew she had that many people defending her on this site after reading the many negative comments she had before. You guys should stay here more often and defend her because this comment section ususally rips her apart on a daily basis.

  • Eon

    @Toni: She doesn’t That’s just one stan/person changing names and posting over and over again. It’s pretty obvious by her writing style.

  • Mr. Fetus

    Beautiful? LMAO. In my opinion she is highly unattractive. She looks like a giant fetus. And that ghetto fabulous Cockatoo looking thing she calls a hair style is not doing her any favors.


    @Maison Martin Margiela, Cold Case Love LMFAO at how pathetic you Rihannadaily losers look! GET A LIFE & let ppl say whatever the hell they want! It’s a GOSSIP BLOG

  • LiLoOx ….

    You people who can’t stop criticizing her, why are u posting comments if u just don’t like her……But you know what just keep talking cuz that’s funny to reply on you EVERYDAY, on every PHOTO, so HAters keep talking her beauty …….Jealousy..!!!

  • ++Logan++


    She is so freaaken awesome!

    Love her style, it is bold, edgy and shes having fun with fashion.

  • Lake

    Will the autotune machine save her pathetic “song” from being the usual deafttone rendition of a dying cat?
    Hope Universal and Jayy Z have enough money…

    She’s as talentless, useless and tasteless as her “fans”.

    Brainwashed generation.

    Maybe one day you will reckon people who actually have talents.

    This chick is a high profile hooker.

  • LiLoOx ….

    It’s your opinion b****

  • LiLoOx ….

    It’s your opinion B****… LoOl
    Having fun with replying all the time..!!

  • xuxu

    Rihallah always beautiful and fierce

  • xuxu

    lol the resentment is this post is delicious

  • gfreeze

    Loves it. She looks trannylicious!

  • tracy

    i have a confession to make …..I LOVE RIHANNA, HER LOOKS HER FASHION HER CHARACTER IN FACT EVERYTHING….this is the reason why i come on JJ every single day, so i can see post of rihanna, and this is the first time i’m commenting….but in reading all the comments posted today i have to wonder “if i;m so in love with rihanna and some ppl dont why the fu@k do they come here” just skip her news and move right along cause it make no sense

    PS i’m not a stan whatever the hell that means….

  • Khristi

    @H.: And everyday you continue to comment on her. If people are talking about you-you must be doing something right. That’s why she’s on this site evryday. Ha!

  • Adolphus Vankan

    while it’s true that RiRi is a star,she is not pleasing me as her fan by staying away from Cris Brown because Cris call her superhaman.what so ever the game is,the ball has to role.

  • shape up RiRi

    Gorgeous girl, but it seems like she’s letting herself go. I hate to say it, but she is in the public eye & the only that will hurt most from this is her/her career. Not sure if it’s just me, but she seems heavier. Love her though.

  • Kriss

    @Khristi: People are talking about her because she’s on this site every day. It’s the same way it was with Katie Holmes. JJ used to post about her three times a day doing nothing but walking to work and shopping.

    Rihanna’s not doing anything. Her label is paying JJ to make these posts. That’s why you see so many posts about her and very few about other singers.

  • Trinity

    @PAHAHA: Half the comments here were made by the same stan.

  • equestriandatingsite

    she is not ugly

  • bajan


  • BEN

    @equestriandatingsite: SHE IS NOT UGLY BUT NOT CUTE.

  • Adriana

    You haters need to STFU. You will always have something mean to say about her. Oh well, she’s up on stage getting paid! You can call her ugly, call her talentless but it looks like she ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. She’s so perfect and is a great live performer. Haters can suck it! Rihanna is IT right now.

  • Allie

    @Ben: Since when is your opinion the end all of opinions? Some people find her beautiful, others think she’s ugly. I personally think she is an exotic beauty. She has a unique look about her and that’s a good thing. More than any other artist who came out in the last few years, Rihanna has already shaped her image into something that it her own. She is already an icon of fashion and is now growing as an artist. Besides, why do people think that JJ is being paid to post comments about her? What if Jared really LOVES Rihanna? Perez Hilton is waaaay worse with Lady Gaga. Perez actually force feeds her to his readers. Jared just posts a bit about her here and there. Could it be that a blogger loves and adores Rihanna? I love hearing about her on this site.

  • sara

    love those shoes! hot!!!