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Carrie Underwood Covers 'Cosmopolitan' March 2010

Carrie Underwood Covers 'Cosmopolitan' March 2010

Carrie Underwood shows off her sexy side as she covers the March 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Here’s what the 26-year-old country cutie, who wore a dress by Rebecca Taylor and a cuff by C. Greene on the cover, had to share:

On fiance Mike Fisher and his influence on Play On: “He provided a lot of inspiration for songs, whether it was something he said or just by being supportive.”

On meeting Mike for the first time after being set up by friends: “I made sure he came in with some other people. I was, like, ‘what if he’s weird?’”

On balancing work and life: “I didn’t want to be one of those people who has an amazing career but ends up alone and unhappy. I want to be happy. I want it all.”

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Bigger cover pic inside…

Carrie Underwood: Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot

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  • anna


  • Erin

    I find this woman a complete bore. Good voice, boring person.

  • wowowow

    why would mike be weird? because he’s canadian or because he plays hockey? or both? i don’t get it,
    all she ever talks about is her weight/dieting regime. i suppose this is something new.

  • shell

    Good voice? Try one of the best in the music business now. Also if you find her a bore why the hell did you comment on her post? Just curious is all because if I find someone a bore I just ignore them. Either A) you don’t really find her a bore or b) you do and you just like arguing with people.

  • shell

    Also, Erin I’m sorry she doesn’t walk around with out her underwear on or smoke and drink from monday-sunday.

    Wowowow, I’m sure that’s all the people ask her. It’s not like she controls what they ask her. What they also put in the magazine isn’t the only thing they asked so it’s the magazines controlling what you get to see from her answers.

  • Neorules2112

    Could care less for her music , but she is truly Gorgeous ..

  • Erin

    Shell, chill. I commented on her being a bore (IMO) because she’s on the cover of a magazine targeted to women like me. That’s all. Sheesh! I didn’t say I wanted her to be a media whore, or a talentless dope, or a why-are-they-famous unemployed hipster. Obviously you’re a fan. Cool.

  • omg

    For some reason this girl annoys me. just my opinion and comment. She is beautiful and thats about it. Her voice is nothing special, like so many others . . .its all the same when you turn on the radio.

  • happy girl

    she looks old. and i think problem with carrie, she always looks like a miss america beauty pageant contestant from like alabama. but yet, in interviews, she comes off nice and smart. i think they need to change her look and make her less pageant girl and more modern, imo.

  • amanda

    She looks great!

  • creodd

    is it just me…or does carrie look different from before. it seems to me as if she had facial surgey. please don’t offended fans…i was just wondering.

  • issac

    are you serious, she does not look like she had fascial surgury! I mean there is such a thing out there as photoshop and airbrushing that I’m sure this magazine is guilty of using. She looks great, sounds great, and is a proven talent!

  • Lillian

    Carrie is always a class act. People may find her boring because she is not a media whore, doesn’t party, smoke, take drugs or srew everything in sight. she is a descent girl that was raised properly and by her won admission is boring and does not seek the limelight. That she is in a limelight is a testiment to her god given talent. People who find her boring, go and post on other media whores like Lindsay, Megan Fox etc.

  • meme

    yup #13…..carrie is a class every way…..she doesn’t hang out in clubs getting drunk and going out with tons of guys like simpson….
    she has a beautiful voice, she is a beautiful person…, talented………i just love hearing her sing…..and i am sooo happy she has found love!

  • pickles

    What beautiful, classy girl. Now that she is getting into acting, it will only be a matter of time, B4 she knocks Reese Witherspoon on her butt.

  • Zoz

    Her body is banging and listen to her sing on the Grammys with rest of the best voices out there.she can’t show off her voice cause folks like the commercial stuff.she was chosen to sing out of a few.

  • Amanda

    @creodd: I think when she lost all the weight it just made her facial structure more visible. Plus, celebrities always look different when they are made up and have their hair done in a way that isn’t typical for them. I really don’t take Carrie to be a person who would change herself that dramatically.

  • TS

    Doesn’t look like her much since they Photoshopped the hell out of her, although her man hands really need it. Everyone gets photoshopped but this was a bit excessive. Couldn’t they have shopped some weight one her? Girl seriously needs to eat more, she looked better on Idol, sadly now she looks like every other HollywoodHO.

  • Adora

    I agree with Erin this woman a complete bore too..

  • Jill

    Carrie looks beautiful and healthy as always. She is a really sweet person and sorry if “boring” means having some great values. I subscribe to Cosmo and Im thrilled to have Carrie on the cover. She represents a female that is the total package. She has it all and manages it quit well.
    Can’t wait til she and Mike Fisher start a family down the road. Her little carebear is sure to be a looker with parents like Mike and Carrie.

  • ganymede30324

    She’s beautiful as always. A class act, which apparently frustrates some people. My guess is that she spends zero time worrying about people whose lives consist of trying to find flaws in order to make themselves feel superior.

  • mrswrightco

    She does look a lot different in this picture. Not sure if it’s editing or just the way they did her hair and make-up. Nonetheless, she’s beautiful, talented, and an excellent role model. Best wishes, Carrie!

  • Liljo

    CARRIE ROCKS! She’s beautiful!

  • firemandatingsite

    She is so pretty

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow she looks great in that video as well as the cover
    super hot in that little red dress =D
    sadly they photoshopped her face 2 much on the cover
    i never noticed she has a pretty nice body

  • Jenna

    @TS: Or maybe everyone else just needs to eat less and stop promoting this image that health is being fat. Carrie diets and exercises and therefore is thin, but that doesn’t mean she is unhealthy and I think that that is the idea that is making everyone fat. She looks fine. Lay off.

  • annastasia

    Lillian I agree with you on your opinion of Megan Fox and Lindsay Lohan. They are the whores and in my opinion self-centered bitches with no talent. Carrie Underwood is a true talent and non arrogant.

  • Ty

    Looks like Swift fans are out again bashing Carrie–or anyone that makes Swift look bad. They need to think about their hyped up, terrible singing artist and encourage her to take voice lessons—don’t think it will help though. Her songs are all the same and her voice is still very weak even on records where they use techs to make her sound better. The CEO of her record label admitted that Swift can’t sing –but she is working on it–she has to have something to work with in the first place–and she does not have it. Swift fans are jealous of Carrie, Beyonce, Pink, GaGa, Miley and many more and bash them all the time. Swift can not sing worth crap!! Carrie is the real deal-the total package!!

  • rockon

    She is supposedly a “country” girl, raised on a farm with Country morals who wanted a career in music and songwriting. That’s how it started. That image garnered alot fans during Idol and the early stages of her career. But tha’ts all changed now. That sweet, innocent Country girl image has been thrown out the window. She is on the cover of COSMO AGAIN. A magazine notoriuos for racy, sexually steamy material. An article headline appears next to your photo – “How To Touch A Naked Man”. Carrie – Do you NEED this? Are you that desparate for more money and publicity. Don’t you have enough? Her vanity out-weighs her vocal ability. I just can’t get behind her. I call that “selling-out”.

  • LC

    WOW!! You people sure do take this over the top.. its not like shes your sister or best friend or is gonna drap you on stage for sticking up for her. YES she has an amazing voice..YES shes pretty.. but once you strip off the make-up and rub off the airbrush, shes just a normal flawed person like everyone else in the world.