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Gerard Butler: Support Artists For Peace And Justice!

Gerard Butler: Support Artists For Peace And Justice!

Gerard Butler shows his support for Artists for Peace and Justice, a fundraising effort dedicated to ensuring peace and social justice around the world, in this 30 second spot released today.

The organization sponsored three schools in Haiti this past year and continues its goal of successfully rebuilding schools in Port-au-Prince.

Over the past month, Gerry has attended several benefits for Haiti through APJ and has given back to those who need it most. Check out his video below:

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890 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Support Artists For Peace And Justice!”

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  1. 1
    Swansong Says:

    I hope Gerry’s involvement with the Haiti effort, in whatever form it takes, is a life altering experience for him. The Haiti crisis has clearly impacted him emotionally, and I hope his good intentions will benefit others.


  2. 2
    yawn Says:

    He’s jumped on the Hollywood for Haiti publicity train. How sad.

    Why do celebrities assume we need their help to be more charitable? If only they would write their checks and shut their pieholes I would have more respect for them and believe they were sincere.

  3. 3
    $$$$$ Says:

    Just send some dough and STFU, Gerard.

  4. 4
    VNY Says:

    Ah, that’s sweet. Gerard seems like a cool guy and he appears sincere.

  5. 5
    Hatey Says:

    I thought he was flying there to build a school for girls??
    Am I mistaken???

  6. 6
    Granderson Pooper Says:

    Good Job Gerard:

  7. 7
    STFU. Says:

    Just give it up. Ugh….

  8. 8
    F***ing Law Flunker Says:

    As if he or any of the aliens in Hollywood gives a sh*t. You can’t live a spoiled, shallow, and privileged life and then claim you care about other people in the world. Unfortunately, the Hollywood crowd only does this stuff for publicity.

    Just stick to Starbucks and partying at Villa, Gerry. Humanitarian Gerry is not believable and Hollywood’s bandwagon hoppping is quite insulting to the people of Haiti. Unless you have a skill, just STFU and donate money privately like everybody else.

  9. 9
    JAY Says:

    i am so sick of hearing celebrities harp on about haiti like it’s the latest fad. it’s off-putting.
    yes, it’s devastating, but it’s been three weeks and nobody really cares anymore because we’ve all given money. ffs natural disasters happen. people die. the world donates aid. life goes on. the end.

  10. 10
    what! MORE of this fool? Says:

    Get off the soap box Gerry – go back to the partying and wh*ring and all the rest of the fame/celebdom that you love. You look sincere, yes, but then looking sincere is just another face for an ‘actor’. Just pay your money and STFU. This is just more PR and a chance to balance out the rest of your sh8tty lifestyle.

    Last thing -Please DON’T GO TO HAITI – your plane seat and that for your entourage and the press crew following you, will be better used by real people who actually CARE. So just donate and let the real people who can actually DO good get on with it. We understand that you have important stuff to do – like community servicing of the models at Stickbug week, and doing the

    I don’t buy any of this.

  11. 11
    Dee Says:

    And we are back to the people that constantly complain and find anything possible to complain about with Gerard Butler. You people need to find something better to do with you life other than always complain.

    It’s nice to see people taking part in this whole Haiti thing. I give him and anyone else in the world who does it credit. It’s nice seeing people helping other people these days.

  12. 12
    OB Says:

    i think he is so handsome…

  13. 13
    remember da truth Says:

    yawn, you’re an idiot.
    Why do you assume that celebs are talking down to you? Chip on your shoulder? Inferiority complex?
    Why do you assume that celebrities are less of a citizen than yourself and don’t have a right to voice opinions, make pleas for charities not everyone has heard of or causes that need help, or stand up for those who don’t have the voice that celebrities do to be heard?

    Why do you want people to be quiet about helping others?

  14. 14
    remember da truth Says:

    I’m really hoping that was one soulless fool repeating strange, hateful rhetoric. Must be a racist angry that people care about a country like Haiti.

    If anyone believes that talking about the biggest disaster to hit anywhere in recorded history is “a fad” they really need to learn more about the world than what they read in gossip blogs.

    Hollywood is not on a bandwagon, fools. The whole friggin’ world is talking about it, and yes, you can live the life that your income affords you without being shallow. Being so envious of another’s wealth that you think they don’t care about humanity is what is shallow.

  15. 15
    Oscar Winner Says:

    At last the beatuifully lit, well filmed oscar winning performance we have waited for from Gerard Butler LOL Can’t you phannies work out that the HW crowd are here for publicity.
    It’s award season and they can hang their hats on the PR for this horrific disaster and get ‘screentime’ when it counts most. I would love to believe in his sincerity, trust me, but I don’t have the same godlike reverence for Gerry Butler’s spoiled, superficial, crude, rude and selfish lifestyle to believe that he is on some road to damascus with the revalations concerning Haiti.
    Donate in private dude!
    I know you have donated $50 thousand a year for five years – but its all a tax writeoff and is peanuts from your PR fund. Do something for real, and stop the fake dates with Gerry and the famewh+ring at the cost of real people’s devastated lives.

    sincerely, ViewfromtheUK

  16. 16
    sarahb Says:

    We know about Haiti too.

  17. 17
    WTF, Gerry's Butt Says:

    WTF, Gamer, is this the same guy above?

  18. 18
    The STFU club symhony Says:

    Nothing sincere about this fool. Selfish loser with ignoble intentions is more like it.. I’ve just heard on TV that he and JA are going to Haiti (my guess is for a photo op) for the sh!t movie The Bôllocks Hunter.. I was hoping he’d avoid this whimsical fûckery, but oh no, he’s fallen for her PR games hook, line, and sinker! I hope the locals see this blatant exploitation and go ape sh*t on them both with tridents and sticks,and on any other b~@stard celeb who thinks he/she can do the the same. .Have these ***** no shame? It’s out of order!

  19. 19
    nope...remember da REAL truth Says:

    @remember da truth: celebrities are not real people, you f**** idiot, so they don’t have a right to preach, vote or voice their opinions – nor do they have any morals,principles, feelings or a right to privacy. they are a different breed altogether and should be mocked mercilessly whenever possible.. anybody who isn’t insane or a teenybopper knows this.. what planet are you on, woman?

  20. 20
    Chunk change Says:
    Gerby’s got money to spend, looking like his interest so far is chunk change. Please Gerby, don’t go with X to Haiti, or I shall lose the last remnant of repsect I ever had for him.

  21. 21
    Nancy Says:

    If he gave half his entire wealth to Haitian charity like that lottery winner did then I’d have much respect for him. Until then he can shut up and stop acting like he is Princess Diana. He might be a flaming queen.. but he is certainly not the flaming queen of hearts just yet.

    ($50K a year for five years is peanuts if you compare it his net worth of around £6million a year or thereabouts. What a Scrooge..)

  22. 22
    ¾-½-¼-º¹²³ Says:

    It’s sad that you all have such a low opinion of him.

    You are all idiots for believing everything you read.

  23. 23
    jules Says:

    To those posting the negative posts, I wonder how much YOU’VE done or given. Yeah, that’s what I thought. So as one posted above, STFU and donate. Don’t Hate.

  24. 24
    The Big Questions Says:

    How much has the stalker framolamdu given?Will it be enough to win the heart of Gerry? Is she at Port-au-Prince airport right now…waiting for him with her camera, Gerry dolls, and chocolate sauce?

  25. 25
    LOL@this thread Says:

    I hope the rabid phannies will be here soon to defend their St Gerard of Twatville’s honor.

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