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Gerard Butler: Support Artists For Peace And Justice!

Gerard Butler: Support Artists For Peace And Justice!

Gerard Butler shows his support for Artists for Peace and Justice, a fundraising effort dedicated to ensuring peace and social justice around the world, in this 30 second spot released today.

The organization sponsored three schools in Haiti this past year and continues its goal of successfully rebuilding schools in Port-au-Prince.

Over the past month, Gerry has attended several benefits for Haiti through APJ and has given back to those who need it most. Check out his video below:

Gerard Butler for Artists For Peace And Justice
Just Jared on Facebook
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  • Swansong

    I hope Gerry’s involvement with the Haiti effort, in whatever form it takes, is a life altering experience for him. The Haiti crisis has clearly impacted him emotionally, and I hope his good intentions will benefit others.


  • yawn

    He’s jumped on the Hollywood for Haiti publicity train. How sad.

    Why do celebrities assume we need their help to be more charitable? If only they would write their checks and shut their pieholes I would have more respect for them and believe they were sincere.

  • $$$$$

    Just send some dough and STFU, Gerard.

  • VNY

    Ah, that’s sweet. Gerard seems like a cool guy and he appears sincere.

  • Hatey

    I thought he was flying there to build a school for girls??
    Am I mistaken???

  • Granderson Pooper
  • STFU.

    Just give it up. Ugh….

  • F***ing Law Flunker

    As if he or any of the aliens in Hollywood gives a sh*t. You can’t live a spoiled, shallow, and privileged life and then claim you care about other people in the world. Unfortunately, the Hollywood crowd only does this stuff for publicity.

    Just stick to Starbucks and partying at Villa, Gerry. Humanitarian Gerry is not believable and Hollywood’s bandwagon hoppping is quite insulting to the people of Haiti. Unless you have a skill, just STFU and donate money privately like everybody else.

  • JAY

    i am so sick of hearing celebrities harp on about haiti like it’s the latest fad. it’s off-putting.
    yes, it’s devastating, but it’s been three weeks and nobody really cares anymore because we’ve all given money. ffs natural disasters happen. people die. the world donates aid. life goes on. the end.

  • what! MORE of this fool?

    Get off the soap box Gerry – go back to the partying and wh*ring and all the rest of the fame/celebdom that you love. You look sincere, yes, but then looking sincere is just another face for an ‘actor’. Just pay your money and STFU. This is just more PR and a chance to balance out the rest of your sh8tty lifestyle.

    Last thing -Please DON’T GO TO HAITI – your plane seat and that for your entourage and the press crew following you, will be better used by real people who actually CARE. So just donate and let the real people who can actually DO good get on with it. We understand that you have important stuff to do – like community servicing of the models at Stickbug week, and doing the

    I don’t buy any of this.

  • Dee

    And we are back to the people that constantly complain and find anything possible to complain about with Gerard Butler. You people need to find something better to do with you life other than always complain.

    It’s nice to see people taking part in this whole Haiti thing. I give him and anyone else in the world who does it credit. It’s nice seeing people helping other people these days.

  • OB

    i think he is so handsome…

  • remember da truth

    yawn, you’re an idiot.
    Why do you assume that celebs are talking down to you? Chip on your shoulder? Inferiority complex?
    Why do you assume that celebrities are less of a citizen than yourself and don’t have a right to voice opinions, make pleas for charities not everyone has heard of or causes that need help, or stand up for those who don’t have the voice that celebrities do to be heard?

    Why do you want people to be quiet about helping others?

  • remember da truth

    I’m really hoping that was one soulless fool repeating strange, hateful rhetoric. Must be a racist angry that people care about a country like Haiti.

    If anyone believes that talking about the biggest disaster to hit anywhere in recorded history is “a fad” they really need to learn more about the world than what they read in gossip blogs.

    Hollywood is not on a bandwagon, fools. The whole friggin’ world is talking about it, and yes, you can live the life that your income affords you without being shallow. Being so envious of another’s wealth that you think they don’t care about humanity is what is shallow.

  • Oscar Winner

    At last the beatuifully lit, well filmed oscar winning performance we have waited for from Gerard Butler LOL Can’t you phannies work out that the HW crowd are here for publicity.
    It’s award season and they can hang their hats on the PR for this horrific disaster and get ‘screentime’ when it counts most. I would love to believe in his sincerity, trust me, but I don’t have the same godlike reverence for Gerry Butler’s spoiled, superficial, crude, rude and selfish lifestyle to believe that he is on some road to damascus with the revalations concerning Haiti.
    Donate in private dude!
    I know you have donated $50 thousand a year for five years – but its all a tax writeoff and is peanuts from your PR fund. Do something for real, and stop the fake dates with Gerry and the famewh+ring at the cost of real people’s devastated lives.

    sincerely, ViewfromtheUK

  • sarahb

    We know about Haiti too.

  • WTF, Gerry’s Butt
  • The STFU club symhony

    Nothing sincere about this fool. Selfish loser with ignoble intentions is more like it.. I’ve just heard on TV that he and JA are going to Haiti (my guess is for a photo op) for the sh!t movie The Bôllocks Hunter.. I was hoping he’d avoid this whimsical fûckery, but oh no, he’s fallen for her PR games hook, line, and sinker! I hope the locals see this blatant exploitation and go ape sh*t on them both with tridents and sticks,and on any other b~@stard celeb who thinks he/she can do the the same. .Have these ***** no shame? It’s out of order!

  • nope…remember da REAL truth

    @remember da truth: celebrities are not real people, you f**** idiot, so they don’t have a right to preach, vote or voice their opinions – nor do they have any morals,principles, feelings or a right to privacy. they are a different breed altogether and should be mocked mercilessly whenever possible.. anybody who isn’t insane or a teenybopper knows this.. what planet are you on, woman?

  • Chunk change
    Gerby’s got money to spend, looking like his interest so far is chunk change. Please Gerby, don’t go with X to Haiti, or I shall lose the last remnant of repsect I ever had for him.

  • Nancy

    If he gave half his entire wealth to Haitian charity like that lottery winner did then I’d have much respect for him. Until then he can shut up and stop acting like he is Princess Diana. He might be a flaming queen.. but he is certainly not the flaming queen of hearts just yet.

    ($50K a year for five years is peanuts if you compare it his net worth of around £6million a year or thereabouts. What a Scrooge..)

  • ¾-½-¼-º¹²³

    It’s sad that you all have such a low opinion of him.

    You are all idiots for believing everything you read.

  • jules

    To those posting the negative posts, I wonder how much YOU’VE done or given. Yeah, that’s what I thought. So as one posted above, STFU and donate. Don’t Hate.

  • The Big Questions

    How much has the stalker framolamdu given?Will it be enough to win the heart of Gerry? Is she at Port-au-Prince airport right now…waiting for him with her camera, Gerry dolls, and chocolate sauce?

  • LOL@this thread

    I hope the rabid phannies will be here soon to defend their St Gerard of Twatville’s honor.

  • reality check

    Sorry for a long post but here goes …

    My brother is a medic working in Haiti from a UK based team and the last thing that people need there is a load of do-gooding self serving publicity hungry actors getting their fix of humanitarianism by touring around Haiti. Yes, by all means keep funding organisations and legit charities, medial groups and n.g.os who are there but DON’T show up and waste the resources on the ground.

    My Brother said that there are already crazies there and it is not about helping Haiti – it is about helping their own ego and showing what ‘great’ folks they are themselves. He has already had to witness and hear about occasions when team members are working on real life and death situations only to have some dumb actor celeb in their faces with cameramen around ‘showing their compasion’ Yuck.. Occasionally there is someone like VInDiesel who was there early on and really was contributing – folks only knew about when he was almost through and on his way home – there was no hoopla to say isn’t it great that he is helping – he was just there.

    But seriously, no-one should take seriously JenAniston and her hair extensions, her fake bf Gerry Butler’s proposed visit as anything more than insulting and tacky. I am sure in Gerry Butler’s mind that he is doing lots to help, but he seems so bound up in Hollywood’s publicity machine that this all seems hollow.

    Haiti is a hell on earth but it should not be bound into the Hollywood PR trail – OK, I am all for awareness and celebs can help raise the profile, but I am finding it hard to work out what is real with Gerry Butler and what is damage control for the rest of the gossip and threads that run about him. it seems that unless it is wholehearted, lots of people are going to call him and his promotion team up for cynical pr?

    Lots of folks here have donated, and many like me will continue to do what we can. I don’t have millions to give, and I am supporting my brother.

  • Dasha


    I totally agree with you!!!

  • cool

    I think it’s great that he’s giving back and asking people to do the same i see nothing wrong with that.

  • http://esther esther

    Estic d’Haití i li puc dir que la publicitat de qualsevol tipus de publicitat és bo per a nosaltres i ajudar a Jennifer és positiu, ja sabem que és una dona que té cor i que es cuida de nens malalts ha fet i es va decidir a ajudar els haitians i sabem que ho farà per nosaltres, per a la publicitat que no entenc molt bé per què aquest Femmena gossos estan tots en el mateix vaixell que quan fan una acció que repetir tot

  • Skeptical

    @cool: Celebrities preaching to people about things like this is offensive. Of course people will donate, we can all see the devastation thank you very much, we don’t need a shallow hack of a celebrity, who wouldn’t know what poverty and suffering was if it hit him in the face, to tell us to open our pockets. The President telling people to donate is one thing, but who the f&&& is this dude to tell anyone to donate?…He is a substandard actor who spends his free time partying with sycophants and z list reality stars. Please!

    He pulled the same stunt at the stupid Live Earth event when he preached about climate change and ‘doing your bit’ for the environment by using less energy. Yeah, whatever. This is the same SINGLE man who lives in a 5 bedroom house. I wonder how much energy he is using in that big ol’ place of his. Talk about being a hypocrite.

  • still cool

    Just because people know about what’s happening in hatti doesn’t mean people should stop talking about it or encouraging people to keep helping out.. still see nothing wrong

  • Jamie

    @Granderson Pooper: Wow, that list is sooo inaccurate! It’s a joke, it’s RUMORS most of them. And WTF! Hayden Panettiere??? I haven’t even heard a rumor about Gerry and Hayden! Has anyone heard anything about this?

  • cbinparadise

    They were in a photo together at some event last year….that’s it!

  • Skeptical

    It is not encouraging, it is condescending. It’s assuming joe public will not donate unless a so-called celebrity tells them to.

  • MalibuSunrise

    another prostitute for the illuminati.

  • LOL

    I’m sure if this were Brad or Angelina, you all would be kissing their asses, like you always do. Someone does something bad, you all jump on them. Someone does something good, you all jump on them. You guys must have boring lives if all you do is sit around and trash celebrities when you don’t even know them.

  • Davor

    Leave him alone ya bunch of h8ters! He’s an old man, he needs a wife before his hair and teeth fall out. Give him a break!

    Apparently, If you go there and offer marriage and the promise of American/British citizenship after four years, some poor, desperate girl does reluctantly marry you for your passport. My friend did the same thing in Haiti..or was that Fiji. Hell I cant remember.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @The Big Questions:
    Whatever G’s reasons for this PSA, he has just given the mothership another notch in their Gerry-is-God belt. As someone said in the last thread, Gerry is going to Haiti, he’s walking there…….on water.
    Hollywood is a day late and a dollar short. I’m surprised they raised $58 million on their telethon being that it came almost 2 weeks after the disaster. Many of the common folk had already given once and twice before George decided to organize the telethon.
    There are ongoing efforts that the every day joe is continuing to donate to without Hollywood raising any banner. Where I work they have asked all staff that can to donate 1 day of their pay per pay period for two months to support Doctors Without Borders, which makes sense since I am in the medical field. Surprisingly just the staff at the hospital has volunteered a participation rate on of 82%. Can you imagine if Hollywood shelled out a day’s pay every two weeks for two months? Michael Bay made $175 million last year, imagine if he donated a month’s interest to the cause… They could relocate all of the Haitian citizens to hotels in another country, rebuild the whole country and move them back into furnished homes. Boggles the mind…..
    I guess my point is, those who don’t have seem to be doing more until it hurts. I appreciate that Hollywood is still promoting the cause, but hey, we the little people, are leading the way. Maybe they should follow….JMO.

  • Nancy

    @LOL: Ha! I knew it. Welcome to the madhouse, Jen, you PR sIut.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @reality check:
    *whistling and clapping*
    ITAWY… Haiti doesn’t need that under foot. It is worse than a war zone. Fantastic post.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Good catch… he he
    The trail of celebrities making the pilgrimage to Haiti seem to be those who need PR desperately. I don’t see Clooney, Jolie, Pitt, Madonna, Mayer, Damon, Bullock, etc. going down there to hinder the work for a photo op.
    Sheeeeesh Gerry. Be smart. Stay out of the way. There is nothing an actor can do to raise awareness that we have not seen. Hollywood must honestly believe we are the most stupid people on the planet. We need them to tell us? GMAFB!
    Gotta laugh at the possibility of Nippy going… who will do her hair? And she doesn’t even like black people… Can you imagine her bitter beer face while trying to hold a dirty child and smile for the camera. OMFG…what an idiot…

  • Amboy

    The decadent Hollywood should stay out of the limelight for once. Focusing on writing checks quietly instead of urging Joe six-packs to give. How about big corporations? Are they doing their part in this? We consumers buying their products should urge the likes of CocaCola, Proctor&Gamble, Nike, etc. to donate.

  • redOctober

    reality check @ and ManLESSton, I likely @……………amazing posts!

    I have no idea if Gerard is sincere , I don’t know the man …I’ve only admired him for some of his movies but his choices as of late (talking about movies, of course) have not caught my interest. I also think that an actor should be in the spot light for his/her outstanding performances not for the twists and turns of their private lives…just MO.

    I do wish he remains at home and let the experts take command in Haiti ground.

  • Eugena

    ~Have you noticed how all the old,/dignified, humble actors have stfu and are giving away money and essential supplies privately? They don’t need to be on TV to do it. The tabloid fodder idiots like Butler, Pitt, Angelina, Aniston, etc. who are boasting about the amount they’ve donated to Haiti need to be sent to Afghanistan and used as human shields for the soldiers fighting over there. It really disgusts me the lengths Hollywooders will go to get some free exposure.

  • http://jenardison jenardison

    bien dit LOL hahahaha!!!
    they are all day ass on a chair criticized, fortunately the Haitian people do not count on them

  • http://spittlebug Spittle Bug

    blame Alan.. he is the devil.

    Never trust a man with curtains for a hairstyle.

  • http://jenardison jenardison

    nope…remember da REAL truth @
    on the planet brangelina

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Unfortunately that list of celebrities giving publicly is extensively longer than the few you named… here is the proof…
    So hating those for donating and issuing press releases would mean no one would be excluded. It is a huge a$$ club right now.

  • Cynical people

    @JAY: Wow! With such compassion for your fellow human beings, I wonder how you can look at yourself in the mirror with vomitting. Bravo! You gave a nickel in some fund raising event, now let’s move on and forget about these people?? OMG, you had to suffer for 3 weeks, seeing reports of homeless people dying. Poor you! Now let’s move on to important matters, like gossipping about celebs and their mating habits! You are a self centered, sad little piece of human waste. Try doing something useful for once in your life. Your comment is proof that a visibility campaign is necessary to keep people aware of the urgent needs in Haiti! Yes the celebs might benefit from the spotlight as well, but every positive action counts for the people of Haiti.

    Before throwing a rock at Mr Butler, ask yourself this question : What have I done to help Haiti?

  • Amboy

    I am usually critical of G’s behaviors or performances on or off screen. But this time I think he has been credible for being sincere. Something about the Haiti disaster hit home for him. In one interview G said his friend from Haiti annouced he had lost his country, a powerful statement that touched him. G said being a Scotsman he couldn’t imagine what it would be like for him if he lost Scotland…It seemed that through his friend’s pain he visualized and understood the suffering Haiti people went through on the ground and living abroad. Therefore I think he is sincere when he said he wanted to help despite of the PR exposure he usually craves so much.

    That being said I still think he should stay out of the country at least for now.