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Jennifer Aniston: Inside Her Home

Jennifer Aniston: Inside Her Home

Jennifer Aniston takes the March cover of Architectural Digest and gives an exclusive look inside her Beverly Hills home.

The 40-year-old The Bounty Hunter actress shared how her home “vibrates with the love that created it.”

Jennifer spent two and half years working on her home with designer Stephen Shadley.

“I am so proud of this house,” Jennifer shared with Architectural Digest. “And I want to celebrate the people who made it: the master craftsmen who poured so much of themselves into its creation.”

Read more about Jennifer Aniston in the March issue of Architectural Digest, on newsstands now!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Architectural Digest
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  • teri


  • j

    I hear Ang’s house looks like a 3rd world upholstered garbage can.

  • Kristina

    Wish she’d quit copying the JP. Brad will never go back to Jen.

  • Angelove

    How Neat. I love looking at homes. I bet it looks great!!!!

  • liza

    I wonder when shes going t put some kids into that house. 40 years ol going on 41 and still no children for Jen.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahahahaha.. here we go again.

  • Unbelieveable

    Que all the nut jobs in 3…2…1

  • loyal

    She is soooo very tiresome.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @teri: …and you make your mother sick. that’s why she has swallowed everytime since your birth. `ahahahahahahahahahahaha..

  • Celebfan

    LOVE HER, gorgeous house, thanks for letting us see it inside Jen!

  • mickey

    Wow, I’m surprised she kept her clothes on for this cover shoot. That’s so out of character for little Miss Desperation.

  • Dawn9476


    Who cares? Having children is not everything. You people who keep harping on Jen for not being a mother and over 40 need to get your head out of the dark ages.

  • tongue and groove

    She’s a carpenter’s dream, easy to nail

  • michaela

    I saw the photos and wasn’t impressed. Is this all for her next movie? When does it come out? I won’t be going but curious as whether this is all prelude to another movie/

  • zwift

    haha she is so lonely rich but lonely!

  • anono

    VERY unflattering pic of her, her chin looks so long. She kind of looks like a horse. Reminds me lots of Sarah Jessica Parker, same type.

  • bet


    why? is that becuase she renovate her house?

    the fruit of hard work. you call it makeing it .

  • bet


    she is lonely but lonely with strength and full of freinds and supporters.

  • Dolly

    Thought she was private,now here she is showing the whole world her house.

  • Dolly

    j @ 02/04/2010 at 2:25 pm

    I hear Ang’s house looks like a 3rd world upholstered garbage can.

    I think that’s how it looks like in your trailer park.Your bad mom should be ashamed of herself…

  • sasa

    I think shes just still in love with Brad in spite of saying she wouldnt make out with him again. At least she doesnt go everywhere showing her intimate parts to the world

  • aha

    She has no man, and no kid. The only thing she can show is her house. ha ha ha.

    Sandra Bullock is in a much better position as an over 40 actress. Sandra has a man, 2 movie hits, and yes a beautiful house too.

  • geeksdatingsite

    She will be lonely forever

  • andamentothat

    the lighting is off in this picture.. her face looks smug or something..

  • bet


    lonely but full of freinds and family member
    lonely but strength and dingity and full of love
    lonely but rich and successfull
    lonely but the most famous person that exist on earth
    lonely but the person who accomplish what most can not do
    lonely but the most fantastic body you can get in hollywood, and
    lonely but the cutest pretty face you can get
    lonely but just wearing jeans make her look fantatsic.
    Loney but have the style to creat this fanatic house

    lonely but the only thing she does not have a man to be dependent on. who need them she is independent.

  • bet


    she will always be independent .

  • Trace

    Millions of Americans are losing their homes, and here is Aniston’s look at me, look at my mansion which I can pour thousands, even millions of dollars into because I am filthy rich. How women can say she is so relatable is beyond me. I am astonished at how Aniston is still famous for purely superficial things (i.e., her hair, her body, her clothes, her lifestyle, her boyfriends, and now her house), given what little acting talents she has. Please let The Bounty be a catastrophic bomb! This woman needs to go away and make room for the actual talented actresses out there who don’t need to be a PR whore every time she is releasing a movie.

  • Anon

    seriously, I wonder who Jen meant about the Rat Pack stopping by? Exactly who stops by at Jen’s house, what does she mean? Is she trying to tell something or make waves?
    Same old Jennifer-Rachel.

  • Dawn9476

    If Angelina doesn’t need PR for her movies, then why is doing the cover of Vanity Fair for its August issue?

  • liz

    That face. Yeesh. She’s trying to look seductive but ends up looking constipated.

  • bet


    Sandra is the best of the woman out there in hollywood. she find the perfect man for her, if there is no perfect man why settle for looser. I am sure Sandra took her a long time to find the right one. is it she fourty five.

  • Unreal

    This is a Jen thread and out of 19 comment as of right now and over half are haters. Go over to the AJ sl*t thread and spread your AJ jis over there. Always bashing us when we make a comment on those skank sites but yet I notice more of the worshippers bash jen then ahhhhhh the hoeeeee on either thread. Threatened much????

  • Unbelieveable

    why if people hate her so much do they keep talking aboout her I mean take me for example I don’t like will ferrell so I do this crazy thing where I don’t talk about will ferrell I stay away from all things he is involved in and I don’t comment about him. If u hate her why don’t u just stay away????

  • tina

    God – she looks awful in this photo – arrogant, old, smug and like a real B.I.T.C.H!

  • Burt

    Why is she on the cover when it is a designer and architect that are responsible for this house? Anything to draw attention to herself.

  • cowboysdatingsite

    How can one person be so ugly

  • Miami Girl

    LMFAO ~ You people are such easy targets to pull the jealous side out of you…Jennifer still has not done one single thing wrong that you can actually say has been on television or printed…You all know Jolie is trash in Hollywood, NY, etc….It kills your poor little souls to see that Jen is so much more successful and respected than the trashy idol you keep hanging on to…Wait til Brad moves his self in with Jen…Whatcha gonna do then???????

  • bet


    milion of Amercian loosing their home , becuase most of them do not know how to take care of thier finacial balance. Actually you wish the moive to bomb , but there are alot of American are hired in the moive and out side of the moive. it not only jennifer aniston in it.

  • Mindy

    Yes, so private, much like her charity work. She exposes her body, her divorce, her affairs, her meagre charity and now the inside of her over-decorated house. Must be lonely living in that big house with no children or partner and only paid servants to keep you company.

  • HUH

    bet ~ spell much?

  • Dawn9476


    Sandra didn’t marry Jesse till she was 41. I don’t get the big deal about why it is so wrong for Jennifer to be 41 and single.

  • Lenny

    The house ‘…vibrates with the love that built in..” – more like millions and millions of dollars and there is no love when you live alone.


    A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME, NOT MATTER HOW BIG AND BEAUTIFUL IT IS. IT’S STILL AN EMPTY HOUSE, she must be staring at the wall all day wondering how happy Angie, Brad and the kids are and wishing if could’ve been her. Brad & Angie does not have to have a perfect cleaned house. They have a loving, fun home all over the world. Angie has someone to sleep with every night . Fugniston has an empty house and life.

  • sasa

    Remember Brad had more ex-girlfriends: Gwyneth Paltrow, Juliette Lewis… I dont know everything about Jennifer Aniston how shes like but at least shes got style and class and doesnt show her private parts everywhere

  • bet


    we are not going to count month , date and hour difference here. looser.

  • Rich

    Must be great living in such a big empty house filled with all your crappy movie posters – wondering if a man or children is ever going to come along.

  • Janeth

    @cowboysdatingsite: I really want to see your face! Go get a life…

  • bet


    She said before she is happy for them. she is not insane human. and she love her single life.

  • Fina

    That is one awful picture – she looks so bloody smug. Look at my big huge million dollar house when so many Americans are losing their homes. I sure wouldn’t want to be the arrogant A-hole flaunting my fabulous wealth and resources in a country when so many are suffering.

  • Lisa

    What did Pitt ever see in this ugly woman?