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Jennifer Garner & Jessica Biel Cover 'Marie Claire' March 2010

Jennifer Garner & Jessica Biel Cover 'Marie Claire' March 2010

Valentine’s Day co-stars and real life friends Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel share the cover of Marie Claire magazine’s March 2010 issue!

Jen, 37, said she was happy to have Jess on set. “We don’t work with a lot of women on our films,” she shared, “so it was great to have Jessica around.”

Marie Claire also asked Jess, 27, if seeing Jennifer with her husband and daughters makes her want to start a family, too.

“I’m just happy with my life right now,” Jess said. “I don’t know the answer to that. I mean, I look at you, Jennifer, and I am a bit in awe. I feel like all my seconds are full all day long, and then I look at your life, and I wonder how you do it. How do you have it all?”

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Bigger cover pic and bonus photo inside…

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Photos: James White/Marie Claire
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  • x-tina

    sweet! they looks great!

  • mariecherie

    its weard to see a woman hoo looks dawn to earth and a sirius actress like JGarner with JBiel. I hope JBiel gets influenced by her

  • hoi

    the dress that jessica is wearing looked better on kirsten bell

  • E

    They look great on that pics, they both are very beautiful women, but they should just STFU and be pretty, the interview is so lame that it hurts.

  • Truth

    they look the same age! that’s not right, i feel bad for Jessica biel lol

  • n.o.l.a

    I am underwhelmed…

  • marissa


  • cornelia

    @Truth: haha agree

  • Love Jolie, Hate her fans

    You cant have it all. Raising kids takes some sacrifices. Just last night my yorkie choked on s big piece of beef and I witnessed what i thought were her last breaths. But she got thru it like a trooper. And I thought how can i do this as a real mother and witness my own babies/toddlers go thru life and death situations (as my parents did when I was growing up). Thats the only thing that scares me about having kids. And our generation is worse than the last with more dangers. Babysitting is one thing… you dont have those kids full time… so your watch over them is more vigilant within a short period of time. I’d have a heart attack if my baby choked on something. You cant stay calm in those situations, no matter how much you prepare.

  • Ladyb

    They are 10 years apart but Jen look like she is the one who is 27. I think it’s the dimples.

  • kookabear

    they book look stunning. Love Jen with bangs !!

  • marissa


    Jen is prettier. Jess has manly features

  • nyop

    Are Justin’s women afraid to say that they are open to the idea of marriage and children?! Like WTF…Cameron Diaz use to yell up and down about not getting married anytime soon or even having kids while with him, and now Jessica Biel is saying the same thing. Does he have them sign a contract before dating that prohibits them from mentioning any desire for marriage and kids??? I seriously don’t get it. The question was about potentially starting a family, not if she wanted to start now.

  • alessia

    Can’t stand her ugly mouth. Jessica Biel should please not always show that. She can wear next time a Burga, it looks much better on her with that mouth

  • jaMelia

    JG looks very sweet. JB looks always like a hunk with a slimy mouth

  • sheila

    In the other hand Jennifer Garner looks much more happier than Jessica Biel she don’t know what it means to be happy. Besides we know exactly why she says that. Her slimy talking is known

  • shamrock

    TC=too cute and very VALENTINE’S DAY LOVELY of the two ladies. Jen always looks much BETTER with BANGS to frame her face then not. It really softens her facial structure in my opinion.

  • yo sista

    Jennifer Garner is sweet & talented! I have no clue who the other man is!
    Wait why is he dressed like a woman?

  • N5HTZ

    For what did she need time, her life is so boring. You can do a lot of exercises when you have children, you have to run all days and have fun besides. just look at jennifer garner how happy she is.



  • http://justjared deke

    Two very beautiful women. STFU haters!!

  • leslie

    both are beautiful!!!

    is jess look a man??? are you serious? may be you need to ask your parents what is a man and a woman because you didn’t seem to understand!!!

  • marissa


    she have manly features. it’s not really a question lol. she have broad shoulders like a football player, no hips, muscular butt , and that mouth and her nose makes look hard. she have no feminine qualities whatsoever

    so yes she do look like a man and franly, she dont mind either.

  • marcus

    When you have two pictures to compare, you can see exactly how feminine structure looks like and thats Jennifer body and her smart face.

  • Sam


    I agree. Jessica Biel and Kate Walsh look like transgenders, I don’t know why they get hired to do anything.

  • alessia

    her career will be soon finish. she is not that attractive or feminine enough to able to play different characters. she just has a limited beauty which she trys to show it in the foreground, you always see to much of her own personality and her boring carma. Thats why her hollywood career doesn’t work. If she want to work more than 10 years in that buisness than she should better go back to TV. As TV actress is she much better.

  • teachersdatingsite

    I thought she wanted JT’s baby

  • mickey

    I don’t think that cover is very flattering. I think Jen Garner is a sweetheart and Biel is nitwit who can’t act and always looks like a man in drag.

  • alessia

    @teachersdatingsite – You mean she was JT dog – that doen’t help her to be a better actress or to have more success in anyway, she is just a poor thing in his side. Without him she were been much better and be more recognized for her work

  • hong kong

    jen is so cool and sweet and sexy and smoking hot. The purple dress looks great on her and she has sexy legs :) also she smiles so much and thats just so refreshing, she is cute and beautiful. her natural beauty is more than obvious. and yeah bangs look so good on her. Her dimples are the cutest thing! as for jess, she is beautiful too, especially on the cover. she has a nice toned body and beautiful eyes. jen may be pretier but jess is pretty herself too. Jen is a great actress!! way 2 go jenny!!!!

  • marissa


    no without him, people wouldnt care. she is nothing without him

    just a boring wannabe actree

  • Meeeeeee

    Damn, Jess got some haters floatin round here. She must be more threatenin to ya’ll. I understand!

    Anyway, both women look GREAT! J&J!

  • nuria

    She always tries to look too pitiful which i really can’t watch anymore.

  • Maya

    I don’t understand why she never looks happy, i mean she has wonderful life and a great job. What wrong with this girl? Other girls would do anything to be in her position.

  • EVA

    Jessica Biel is AWESOME! Jennifer seems cool too. :) Jessica is one of my idols for sure though! :D

  • marissa



  • jill

    @EVA: Seriously? She cant act for crap and she’s your idol? hah.

  • tranny pretty

    Blah, Blah, Blah, these two are not pretty at atl they look more like two trannies trying to get business at hollywood blvd.

  • ugly manly puusas

    Jessica’s mouth is so primitively freakish, but her body is good. On the other hand Jen’s face is that of a man in drag and the body of a hermaphrodite.

  • sweet kong

    JG is seriously ugly w/out makeup i know someone who slept with her back in her wild days who says she looks scary, but that’s not all she smelles like rotten tuna down there, she lubricates so much during sex that she ruined his sheets.

  • ++Logan++

    WOW didn’t realise Jessica Biel knew how to smile. lol

    But seriously, they both look super cute here :)

  • lakers fan in boston

    nice over but i dont like how jen looks
    she always has a fake look 2 her, 2 much photoshop
    jessica looks great tho, she has the better dress as well

  • slambang

    They’re both boring. Bleh.

  • bleh

    it’s like vanilla and beige…blah.

  • sally

    Both of them have had work done on their cheeks (implants), lips (botox) and nose tips. They actually look like they have had the same beverly hills surgeon. Funny how they’re marketing this girl crush thing – they kept saying it all over the interviews to promote this dumb flick!

  • MIA

    These two lack one simple ingredient to being a star!! And that my friend is CHARISMA!! Blah blah blah…not even Ben Affleck or Justin Timberlake can give them that.

  • jodoyle44

    Is it me or has Jennifer Garner been touched over in a way that makes her resemble Selma Blair?

  • athleticdatingsite

    does JT want to get married

  • manipulativemonkeybrain

    JT is just a very good liar who feels pity for his dog. Thats what he thinks is love.

  • china horoskop

    He is in a very bad situation now, his dogs pocker face has leaked out