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Miranda Kerr Gets Sydney Sexy

Miranda Kerr Gets Sydney Sexy

Supermodel Miranda Kerr looks stunning as she arrives at Star City Casino for a photoshoot on Thursday (February 4th) in Sydney, Australia.

The 26-year-old VS Angel reportedly spent over $2,500 on bras, panties and other items at Victoria’s Secret in Los Angeles according to TMZ. Doesn’t Miranda get free stuff?

Did you know that Miranda plays the piano? Check out this funny interview!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr getting Sydney sexy…

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  • Grace

    So stunning. Woo im first :D

  • xxx

    She is a terrible dresser.. seriously… wow.

  • Sivana

    Truly one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen. x x

  • lovely…

    Miranda is stunningly beautiful and love her outfit, very hip and cool.

  • ommmz

    gosh.. these TMZ folks are creepy. miranda was a good sport about it though.

  • leanne


  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Miranda is a very beautiful woman.

  • Lookin’ good

    Gorgeous as always.

  • lemeges

    Her face is lovely. Pure beauty. And that smile just adds to her impeccable beauty.

  • @ leanne

    That was quite lame actually.

  • wonder…

    I wonder what she is going to shoot for… She’s been a busy girl lately.

    She’s STUNNING.

  • Jackie

    Just a thought: it’s possible that Victoria’s Secret reimbursed her afterwards. She is a celebrity in her own right, and it is good advertising to show that she not only models the stuff, she actually wears it too. Women want to look like her, and be her (dating Orlando Bloom!), so you never know.

    Or maybe it was for gifts or something.

  • rollseyes

    I bet Bar is a supermodel as well accdg to JJ hahaha

    Now who wants to supermodel their asses… please stand up

  • @11

    Maybe for an aussie magarzine?

  • Miranda…..

    She probably just picked up some presents from Victoria’s Secret to take back to family and friends in Australia as they don’t have any VS stores there, I seriously doubt she had to pay full price.

  • soulie

    she is everywhere these days. in my country models rarely get talked about but her name is slowly popping up everywhere……

  • Ivan Vicove

    How many women would be invidious for such a bright smile of a woman so beautiful

  • image

    omg just by looking at the pics you can see shes a great person. Not two-faced at all

  • OB

    she is so sexy.

  • yes!

    She is so gorgeous.
    She even makes getting out of a car look like a glamorous photo shoot.
    Her skin is flawless!

  • gigi1525


    This is the most ridiculous comment ever!! How can you tell someone is a good person from a snapshot??? She always smiles and looks vapid…that’s what models do!!! That has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with who she is as a person!! Geez this place kills me!!

  • image

    Thats what I think. So a little respect girl !!@gigi1525:

  • Pry

    Amazing smile!

  • gigi1525


    Hopefully you don’t make a living “thinking”. She’s a pretty girl…but she’s a model. She is paid to pose for the camera and put forth an image. Unfortunately, from what I’ve heard, she doesn’t always live up to that squeaky clean image she portrays; but then again, few do. I hope she’s a nice person, but from what I’ve seen, I’m not convinced. Oh, and it takes more than a photo to convince me of someone’s goodness. It takes genuine actions. Call me a cynic…

  • gigi1525


    Oh, and by the way, respect is earned, not given freely…

  • @gigi1525

    I agree you can’t tell if a person is good or not from pictures. But I doubt that “what you’ve heard” or “what you’ve seen” is any more reliable than that. Don’t pick on image as in the deep there’s not much difference between both of you.

  • image

    @@gigi1525: I dont know why you take this so seriously when I just asked for a little respect. And yes, if only I was Miranda. As you, many people tell me Im like her. She’s so delicate and I just love it!! lol

  • gigi1525


    Agreed, but I didn’t get that last part. “image as in the deep”? But you are right. Unless you actually know someone, you cannot comment on their character. This is what some of these fans need to remember. She is a pretty girl. PERIOD. We don’t know how she really is.

  • @28….gigi

    Of course unless you know her personally you can’t tell from a
    picture what she is like, that is just pure speculation.

    BUT from reading interviews given by
    designers like Alex Perry, Lisa Ho, Colette Dinnagen and other people who know and work with her all say she has a very sweet, fun and down to earth personality…….just maybe she is a lovely person as well as beautiful.

  • gigi1525

    These people aren’t going to say anything bad about her because it would be bad business for them. They are professionals. They are going to say what they are supposed to say.

  • @30

    So we are supposed to discount the opinions from these professionals, yet you seem to put a lot of credence into other sources of hearsay.
    Isn’t that a bit, oh I don’t know, HYPOCRITICAL?

  • equestriandatingsite

    she is so pretty

  • @gigi1525

    Agreed but they could’ve just said that she was a great model or a great professional and not get into details about her personality. Besides when someone has a really bad temper you won’t see people talk that good about him. Anthony Hopkins is a fantastic, well respected actor but you won’t hear anyone say he’s sweet and down to earth, you can be sure of it.

  • gigi1525

    I’m not putting credence in anyone I don’t know. I was simply saying you can’t tell if she’s nice or two-faced simply by looking at a picture. I don’t think she’s a bad person, but I also don’t think she’s the angel everyone here makes her out to be. She SEEMS LIKE a typical self-absorbed, brainless pretty girl who loves the spotlight. I base that on everything I’ve ever seen of her. She’s pretty, but I don’t see too much substance. If I ever hear her speak with any intelligence then maybe my opinion will change, but I haven’t seen it yet.

  • @gigi1525

    I bet she’s not an angel but I also think that all this brainless and self-absorbed thing is just a stereotype associated with models. Naturally you can have your opinion.
    To me she looks like a typical Australian from a small town, laid back and positive. I like that as she doesn’t strike me as the typical neurotic diva model.

  • @34

    I don’t recall anyone here calling her an angel. Unless you are referring to the VS angel comments.
    And no, you can’t tell someone is a decent or good person without knowing them, and neither can you tell that they are self absorbed or brainless.
    If you are going to critique others for baseing their opinions of her on assumptions, then you also cannot assume anything if you don’t know her personally.
    You can’t have it both ways.

  • @36

    So we can’t assume she’s lovely, but you can assume she’s self-absorbed and brainless? Hmmmm.

  • lakers fan in boston

    meh, i dont really like how she looks in these pics
    looks like a dress she’a already worn before
    i cant believe she has 2 pay for stuff at VS or that u could spend that much at that store
    it’s not even that expensive, she only had 1 bag if i remember, she would have had 2 bought a lot of bras 2 spend that much

  • sara

    Not crazy about her dress, but she looks absolutely beautiful.

  • Marieme

    Well I guess Miranda got what she wanted: More attention. Take off your clothes and one is infinitely more interesting to people…I guess. I really like her, so it’s just a shame to me she’s going in this direction. The naked ambition way.

  • @40

    Hmmm, that’s funny. She looks fully dressed here, and she got your attention.
    Something is wrong with your theory, chica.

  • Jayne

    1 she 2 skinny and and the other thing is she seem 2 love her self may be im wrong but that how it looks and some of the things she says its like orlando is not in her life and one time she said i dont talk about orlando and the next min it she talks about him. she said that orlando and her r ok but her mum than said something else. she only be came know coz of orlando but if hes happy than im happy 4 him.

  • @Marieme

    What direction? She’s a model. All models take this direction. If you have issues with nudity you have issues with the modeling profession.

  • Beautiful

    She’s not too skinny – she’s a bloomin’ MODEL for cripes sake! She has a slender, lovely figure and a beautiful face. You may not – but lots of people find her very sexy.

  • HAHA!!!!!

    I LOVE how worked up the delphi loons are getting over the banker incident! Hahaha.
    If I was Miranda I would definitely help him keep his job! Australia’s employment rate is decreasing significantly, if he looses his job because of an email he opened at the wrong time and place, would just be sad! It’s nice of Miranda to help.
    He was looking at Miranda photos during work, this is nothing new. Students in Uni have been caught doing more research of Miranda photos then actual Uni work! That’s a fact. I guess everyone in this world is ‘pervy slimes’ No, but not you Delphi loons, you guys are just Delusional, unhealthily obsessed, hatred filled human beings.
    There was NOTHING wrong with the photo’s (Well, you don’t like semi nude? too bad. She’s a model not a role model of modesty.) And if ANY of you guys consider her GQ pics to be ‘porn’ then LMAO, if the recent LOVE covers of the supermodels (Naomi, Natalia, Daria, Kate.. you know BIG models?) are not considered porn, then the GQ pics should be considered extremely modest!!!!!
    Thanks for the laugh!!!

  • Miranda Kerrvless

    Beautiful with makeup, below average without. And no she is not skinny, she just doesn’t have the curves. Bar, Hedi and Doutzen are slender wtih curves, she looks like a broomstick.

  • @46

    Below average without makeup? HMMMMM. That’s just your opinion

    You don’t need to have curves to be considered attractive. All the girls you mentioned have a different frame. Miranda has a natural thin frame. You can’t compare. Period.
    She’s so beautiful!!

  • Miranda Kerrvless

    47, go to google images and look up “Miranda Kerr without makeup” and then click on the image of her walking in the street with her hair pulled back while talking on her mob. She is not beautiful. I have never seen a model transform with makeup like Miranda. Anyway, beauty is relative.

  • @48

    Is this the photos your talking about??
    If that is below average, then oh dear, there is ZERO hope for the rest of us!!! Hm, you must have not seen Alessandra without make up. Now THAT’S what I call a bad transformation!

  • ^^

    there is not much difference of Miranda with and without. The transformation is not shocking or anything!×400.jpg !!!!!!!!!!