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Penn Badgley: From The Upper East Side to Wonderland

Penn Badgley: From The Upper East Side to Wonderland

Penn Badgley heats up the pages in a spread for the February/March issue of Wonderland magazine, on newsstands in the UK tomorrow (February 5).

The 23-year-old actor spoke about fan hysteria and musicians he looks up to. Check it:

On Gossip Girl craziness: “I remember the first time we did a Gossip Girl fan event and about 600 people showed up. And they were all screaming. How do you not let something like that go to your head? The answer is that you just can’t. The first two seasons, I was definitely into it. I admit it. It was an interesting thing to be a part of. Not just seeing yourself on billboards, and getting invited to all these parties, and whatever, but the weirder aspects, too, they were interesting to explore.”

“But now I’m sort of over the whole thing. I don’t resent the attention, but I don’t necessarily invite it, either. I think it’s when people do that – when they become so obsessed with their public image that they don’t feel like themselves when they’re out of the spotlight – that’s when they crack-up.”

On musicians he admires: D’Angelo is a god to me. I mean, people hear that from me, and they’re always like, ‘Oh, but he got so messed up.’ Who cares? Listen to Voodoo. That’s a record. You know, I listen to it sometimes, and I wonder, maybe you have to be messed up to make art like that. Maybe you’ve got to destroy yourself. Or have that thing that destroys you.”

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Photos: Mariano Vivanco/Wonderland Magazine
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  • yo sista

    He’s cute.

  • cam

    yes, i agree

  • T

    Damn he’s hot! Love how low key he is

  • Chippy

    I think he’s ugly

  • Virginia

    Not only is he ugly, but he can’t take a picture or act and he’s gotten so chubby since season 1. Gross.

  • T


    Sounds like you are talking about that porky know as Ed Westwick

  • naomi

    OMG SO HOT! is he still with Blake?

  • T


    Still together though another GG couple looks to be heading on the outs but it’s from In Touch Weekly so you never know

  • dundies

    he reminds me of brad pitt personality wise. He’s into art, music, literature…i liked penn back from the john must die movie and haven’t liked him since GG

  • natasha

    OMG he is sooo HOT!!! thanx Jared for the has been so long since you had a post about him

  • kookabear

    reminds me of a hobbit

  • sol

    i’m in love with him ♥ _ ♥

  • Truth

    ugh, i’m so tired of these hipster guys thinking they’re so ‘deep’ and in ‘touch’ with ‘art’.
    and he needs to stop with the fedoras!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i don’t know why but i cant help but to laugh at these photos.

  • Carre

    So so HOT. And smart

  • equestriandatingsite

    I like his gf

  • cattie

    Oh wow D’Angelo? That surprises me for some reason, though Voodoo is for sure an amazing album. Anywho, hot pictures. He and Blake are crazy gorgeous together.

  • adrianna

    whaaat!! i didn’t know he was HOT wow

  • Virginia

    @T- Are u blind? Ed Westwick has slimmed down and looks gorg. Badgley on the other hand has spend the summer eating and eating. The weight gain is obvious for those who watch the show.

  • cowboysdatingsite

    I love his hair

  • T


    Because you’re not use to seeing it on Porky that’s what bulk is called on Penn

  • peb

    He is so hot. Thanks Jared! he need it! i didn’t know that he is this hot, he is hotter now.

  • Ashley

    These pics are terrible!! He HAS gained weight since season 1. It’s def not bulf especially when he’s carrying around a little 3 month pregnancy pooch. He wasn’t attractive to begin with, but the weight gain, the hair- it’s gotten bad. Oh and his answers are SO pretentious.

  • engineersdating

    he’s a nice guy

  • Lindsay

    Ewwww. He grosses me out. Like his head is too small for his body which has gotten bigger since the first season of GG.

  • Me

    Wow, he’s freakin hot. Those muscles. Yum. Can he and Blake just make babies already?

  • Weber from Brazil

    Definetly HOT

    luv him

    my lonely boy ♥

  • Pry

    He is hooot =O

  • peb

    look at those muscles

  • Carre

    What weist, are you crazy? He’i really buff. HOT AS HELL ♥ You guys are so jealous ahahah

  • Carre

    What? So hot

  • chiba

    stop answering these haters. Penn is a star and he’s hot! IF some people wanna call that fat then thats thier business cause they obviously need to buy glasses. Why so threatened by penn peeps?

  • KEN

    he is sexy guy

  • Leila

    He’s not fat at all! he’s beefy. I remember season 1 when he was really skinny, like Adam Brody and since doing the Stepfather, he’s bulked up. Everyone knows you must put on the pounds so you can turn it into muscle. I think he looks great! his arms are massive, yum!

    ps. Blake and Penn are GORG

  • T


    Maybe getting more bulk for Spiderman reboot?

  • wonderer

    get your heads out of the gutter! stupid people thinking he’s fat. so you guys like skinny gay guys? Penn is bulking up for muscles. Penn is the stud!

  • GTO

    If you appear movie or TV, you became a public figure. Leo DiCaprio said of his fame, “Deal with it. How much do you make for that?” By the way, if you don’t want to play your role, why don’t you just leave the show already since your character is unpopuler and daiting your co-star just fuel more attention.

  • carolina


    He said he wasn’t resentful.

  • Daphne

    Penn looks so yummy!

  • NYFA Sucks

    Notice the NYFA shirt? The “school” sure as hell did!

    What bullshit. Ten bucks says owner Jerry Sherlock pays stylists to slip in vintage (’92!) NYFA shirts on shoots.

    Rather, he cheats them at cards and then bends them over.

    You know our position:

  • Carre


    Did you read the same of me??Oh my god, people can be so stupid. I totally agree with him!!

  • engineersdating

    What a brilliant man

  • josephine m

    omg love him he is a sweetheart met him twice he is so smexy and funny his gf is a lucky chick.

    love him,love him,love him lol.