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Reese Witherspoon: Date with Agent Jim Toth?

Reese Witherspoon: Date with Agent Jim Toth?

Reese Witherspoon may be dating again!

The 33-year-old actress shared dinner at Santa Monica’s Locanda Portofino on Thursday (January 28) with Jim Toth, an agent from big-time representatives Creative Arts Agency.

A fellow diner told People the two were “very flirtatious” and said they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Jim picked up the tab and the two went their separate ways nearly two hours after the dinner began.

Reese reached around his neck and pulled him close for a hug,” the onlooker said. “They kissed bye on the cheek – but it was a very friendly goodbye.”

Reese is a CAA client, and it might be just business, but a friend of Jim‘s says although it’s nothing serious, it was a date.

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Credit: Russ Einhorn; Photos: Splash News Online, J. Vespa/WireImage
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  • Imma be.

    Good for her. Ive always liked her. I loved how she handled her divorce as well–she’s not still talking about it 5 years later . This girl just moves on with her life, no drama–more power to you. Have fun–he’s kinda cute.

  • fresh

    Reese is a class act. She’s single and ready to mingle.

  • go reese

    Does she have any movies coming out soon? I havent seen her in anything. She’s great—a true american sweetheart.

  • yawn

    Who gives a shiit?

  • pickles

    Reese belongs with an “agent” She has no competition. She gets all his attention. Reese needs to be Numero Uno, center of attention. It’s allll about her. When she was with another actor, Ryan, Jake, Mark Wahlberg, she was competing with them and too agressive. She is selfish. dating an agent, she can be as selfish as she wants.

  • ewwww

    What a hag!
    That rat face is disgusting!

  • go reese

    To # 1—I agree. She doesn’t need her ex husband to keep her name in the press—she’s famous on her own.

  • danita’sjohnson

    Reese is a very eligible single woman. She is loaded with money, she is popular with the Avon/People magazine crowd, and she has her own production company. If an agent wanted to become a big time producer, and a lot of them do, Reese would be a real catch.
    Wonder if she will use him to help take care of the kids like she did Jake. How nice that this guy works at the same agency that represents Jake! That is very thoughtful, Reese! Jake probably knows him.


    Whoa, major down grade from Jake and Ryan but agree that if she sticks with an agent, then it can always be about her.

    Blech, she’s a publicity whore (well, they all are or they wouldn’t be actors)

  • derek

    Reese is hot.

  • Get it

    Love that she moves on with her life and is not still mourning her divorce like some people who shall remain nameless.

  • doesnt anyone care about Haiti

    Good for her.

  • The Boohoo Sisters in Despair

    Get it @ 02/04/2010 at 11:31 am Love that she moves on with her life and is not still mourning her divorce like some people who shall remain nameless.

    And mainly that she didn’t have a track record of boytoys in between while still whining and listenning to voicemail of her ex husband, shedding crocodile tears as she is bedding a serial of boytoys since then…
    A class act !

  • Lori Joyce

    I’ve got to agree that I think that an agent is perfect for Reese. She doesn’t need to be involved with another actor. Too much competition.You go, Reese! He looks pretty good to me.

    @go reese, She’s got a movie coming out in November or December with Owen Wilson. And she is set to begin filming a movie in June with Robert Pattinson and Sean Penn.

  • Reese is white trash

    A class act ???
    Reese Witherspoon is a phony with a good PR team.
    She “dated” gay man for years so she could sell her fake public image and use him for publicity.

  • bety

    # 8 I really think Reese used Jake to care for her children they are well behaved and a joy to be around A credit to both Reese and Ryan

  • bety

    I ment to say I don’t think

  • run jim

    Witheredpoon is nasty. what is this dude thinking? I don’t know who he is but he could do better then this shrew.

  • Megan

    #8 that’s BS.
    Jake never lived with the beard Witherspoon and nanny was traveling with kids to all photo ops locations.
    BTW, that Jim Toth agent works for Reese,
    it was a business dinner.

  • pickles

    Reese’s PR team isn’t “good” they are GREAT! Maybe Jake is dating, too, we’ll never know! LOL! but now we all know who was the one always leaking photo ops to the media. This new guy will definitely improve his image being with her. He can definitely go up a notch or two. Plus she has her own production company. Match made in heaven.

  • Kim

    Cover of Star Magazine says she’s dating Gerard then again last weeks NE said Gerard was moving in w/ Aniston. I can’t believe the tabloids would tell a lie

  • cheater rease

    maybe this is the real reason she ended it with jake. Wasn’t she dating jake before she got a divorce too?

  • cheater reese

    @Reese is white trash: Ted casablanca, is that you? you are the only person who hates Reese that much. Jake will never want your old ass and neither will Ben affleck.

  • showmance

    @cheater rease: Reese never dated Jake.
    Based on the photographs, Reese is using a member of her staff to get press.

  • anon

    She is playing the PR game to the hilt just like she did when she split with her ex husband and Jake. She’s a master because she gets away with it because most people believe that phony Americas Sweetheart bs.

  • desiree

    Ever notice how everything in Reese Witherspoon’s life is always so perfect according to People mag and other tabloids. She is always portrayed as being so in control and in love with her kids. I bet she is a mess and the kids are her last priority.

  • fugly Reese

    @desiree: I totally agree, this woman is fake and phony.
    Did Just Jared change the picture of fugly Reese???

  • Jo jo

    Ding dong, Avon calling!!! LMAO!!!!

  • cheater reese

    @showmance: let me guess.. . it’s because Jake is gay and he has a secret baby that nobody has ever seen. yeah, okay…. lolol Where oh where is he hiding baby Tile? Lmao

  • teachersdatingsite

    She needs a good straight man

  • Mark

    I so sick of Reese being “in a good place”. According to her PR she was
    “in a good place” after her divorce and she was focusing on herself and her kids, then she was “in a good place” because she found love with a man who was the opposite of her bad boy ex. Jake was someone who wanted to stay home and cook with her and cherished her children. Then she dumped him but she’s “in a good place” because she is focusing on herself and her children and dating bad boys casually.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    She’s a mess just like every other narcissistic mommy dearest in the Hollyhood.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i saw pics of them on the date already on the dailymail
    i cant really tell if it was a date or just business
    but he’s a nobody so i dont really no him, so i kinda doubt that she was on a date more likely business

  • slambang

    TEAM JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • farmerdatingsite

    she needs more kids, farmerdatingsite

  • Evie

    He’s gross

  • bluemoon

    Please, Witherspoon has always seemed like a lesbian to me.
    This guy Toth pings my gaydar too.
    Nothing in Hollywood is real. Everything is about an image projected to the public.
    Oh and Reese you make millions of dollars, do you think maybe you could get your teeth fixed?