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Kelly Clarkson Defends 'Idol' in Letter to Taylor Swift's Label

Kelly Clarkson Defends 'Idol' in Letter to Taylor Swift's Label
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  • sillyme

    Kelly Clarkson needs to keep her pig mouth shut. Is she really that desperate for publicity? Yeah, I guess she is. Besides, the guy was probably talking about Carrie Underwood, not Kelly, since Carrie is the one that Taylor is constantly compared to.

  • thats_right
  • miapocca


    1: Swift is being forcefed to the public
    2: Swift cannot sing, this was not the first bad performance but one of many
    3: She will not make it past hollywood week in American Idol
    4: American Idol singers are pretty good, even if its a reality show, most of hem produce good vocals and undergo critics of thier perfiormance before they record
    5: Anyone who thinks Swift can sing shoudl not be signing artists
    6: Swift cannot sing adn if she had any humility she will give back the Grammys she did not deserve
    7: What is teh strange phenom behind the rise of an artist who does not even compare to her generaion liek she sleeping with someone, is her management taking a laregr cut of her proceed..waht the heck is goign on here!!!

  • Ms Anonymous

    Taylor can sing, and she is a hell of a lot better than artists who sing about sex and grab their crotch. At least she plays and instrument and writes her own material! NOW LAY OFF.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Taylor can sing, and your point five and seven is dumb. She isn’t sleeping with anybody she works with.

  • bbwloversmatch

    She is so pretty, i want to date her

  • Jo

    Maybe if you read what the guy said ,sillyme, you’d see he lashed out at all the AI singers(including Kelly Clarkson) and KC wasn’t the only one ticked off. She also responded by sending a blog to her fans only (which last I checked was not against the law) so get over yourself. Also realize that KC is NOT bashing Taylor Swift but her manager. KC also humbly admits she makes mistakes too and so do all singers,which supports Swift. Kelly’s only problem is because she does get publicity so easily, that when she blogs, EVERYONE know it all. This isn’t a Taylor vs. Kelly, but Kelly offering advice to TS’s manager to not bash innocent people in order to defend Taylor Swift.

  • tip of the day

    When you’re that tubby you shouldn’t pose like a wrestler.

  • miapocca

    Taylor swift canont sing and its got nothing to do with grabbing her crotch…there are many good girl images out there…her voice does nto stand out and she can have some humility and return the grammy she STOLE! its simply outrageous..I hear her weak bleating on the radio and I am digusted at how she can ruin the WHAM song…please ..she CANNOT S-I-N-G!

    She does not compare to the talent pool in which she was places..its an atrocity that there are seriously talented country music artist and this is the ONE they can pick to represent the voice country music or even album of the year…ATROCIOUS!!

  • miapocca


  • lakers fan in boston

    stfu kelly no1 gives a crap about ur effing loser ass career!! all u AI ppl suck!
    lol, i like that grandma, it’s not the old days grandma!
    how the hell is paris hilton still relevant when every1 hates her!

  • zoey

    Taylor sings like ass and writes songs for 10 year old girls. Not impressed at all.
    I completely agree with Kelly’s comments.


    Love Kelly. She always stands up for herself.

  • Jen

    @miapocca: agreed. That girl is a horrible singer. I don’t get the hype about her and after Kanye interrupted her at the vma’s, she is all over the place. To overexposed in my opinion. Used to like her songs, but sick of her now and she didn’t deserve that best album award at the grammy’s.

  • Jen

    Kelly is right.

  • datingdoctors

    I love kelly

  • J.C.

    Kelly is right she is not looking for publicity she’s famous people. She is not dissing Taylor it’s her label boss plus Kelly has sold more albums than Taylor has.

  • Kevin

    @sillyme: WHY ARE WE SUCH A HATER, She had every right to make the comment, and clearly she is still someone stop hating because your jealous, picking on her body makes you a good person not look l ike a loser :) Kelly is a wicked singer and she has a right to defend the show that helped lauch her successful carreer so suck it up and stop hating

  • chris

    Kelly Clarkson rocks my world. She can outsing Taylor and everyone. She has every right to defend herself and Idol after Taylor’s label exec pretty much dissed them as artists, songwriters, and communicators to their fans. Kelly was not saying anything mean about Taylor. She is a fan of hers. Kelly doesn’t take crap from anyone. You don’t mess with Ms. Independent. Kelly keep sticking up for yourself. I think she looks beautiful and sounds fricken fantastic!!!

  • Marie

    Although I do think Kelly needs to just shut up and stop giving her opinion about EVERYTHING, I agree. Taylor Swift is WAY to off pitch and sometimes even sounds tone deaf. Its a little frustrating seeing some people ACTUALLY believe that she’s a good singer. How much wax do those people have in their ears? I swear, it makes me wonder if its rare to be able to tell what good singing ACTUALLY is since so many don’t have a clue. :/

  • Michelle

    THANK YOU KELLY, that little girl can’t sing to save her life. She is manufactured by her record company for soccer moms so they can say oh what a great role model for our kids. Well I think that’s crap, it’s just showing your kids that you can be talent less and still be able to take away awards from people who worked hard to perfect their craft. I still can’t believe this awful singing chick beat out singers that has been in the business for several years. And for that stupid dude talking crap about AM, I would love to see Taylor go head to head with Jennifer Hudson, Kelly, Chris Duaghtry, hell all of them. Trust me she would lose.

  • Provaiders

    Wow she looks gorgeous


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