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Rachel Bilson Takes Beverly Hills in Her Hunters

Rachel Bilson Takes Beverly Hills in Her Hunters

Rachel Bilson runs errands with her mom, Janice Stango, on a rainy Friday (January 5) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress, who made a stop at a medical building with her mama, kept dry with a hooded coat and her favorite Hunter for Jimmy Choo rain boots!

Earlier this week, Rachel and Janice were spotted out at L.A. lunch hotspot Urth Caffe.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson running errands in the rain…

Just Jared on Facebook
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 01
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 02
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 03
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 04
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 05
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 06
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 07
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 08
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 09
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 10
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 11
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 12
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 13
rachel bilson errands rain janice stango 14

Photos: Famepictures, WENN
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  • Ahari

    Oh…My…God. Really? She looks ridiculous.

  • ocsethummer

    The paps were at the right car park again, how lucky or they would have missed the photo op.

  • confused

    I’m not sure that’s her mom…isn’t she younger?
    I could be confusing Rachel with another celeb tho, so…

  • Viper

    Didn’t think the rumors of her in NJ were even close to true. God looks like she is wearing a Glad clear trash bag.

  • brightside

    A hood and an umbrella? Are a few raindrops really that bothersome!

  • Right

    On you JJ–get the preggo rumor started and if the normal takes place, Rachel will go to Canada soon and be far far away…………She always spends 1 week with her Mum before leaving.

  • Mira

    @confused: That’s definitely her mom.

  • dave

    @Mira: ugly old witch

  • brightside

    She looks unhealthy – far too pale and drawn with shadows under her eyes. If I were old enough to have a daughter her age I would be taking her to a medical clinic too, because I would want to know why she looks so ill. Yes, I know she’s been to Canada and that’s not exactly the sunny tropics – but I can’t think of a recent picture of her where I’ve thought, ‘She looks healthy’. Take a look at Hilary Duff, Natalie Portman or Sandra Bullock – they look healthy when they’re out and about. This girl just looks sick, all the time, as though she has no vitality and I’m not talking about her beauty or her style or anything in that area, just the general health aspect.
    @dave: So there’s a beauty critia for mothers now? – You idiot!

  • someone

    rumored pregnancy?? I would like to know who is the father. LOL

  • lexy

    Look it’s Rachel dressed as The Tin Man – except she’s more the Scarecrow who needs a brain!!!
    All that shopping and she can’t afford an extra umbrella?? Is her mom her bodyguard or an employee?? Why is she holding that umbrella or Rachel??

  • Jacktheineffable

    I like the boots, the coat is weird ..she looks cute in it though:)

  • residentevil

    I want to KILL her- asap!!!

  • tennille

    MOMster looking soo fugly… why she even famewh00ring too – shameless!

  • whizbang

    Dear Everyone or Anyone,

    Please, Please, Please Take A Pity & Pay Whatever “Attention” To Me… As No Matter What I Do… I’m Becoming More & More “Irrelevant” Then I Was To Begin With – Ugh!!!

    Rachel BilPOOO

  • Love Jolie, Hate her fans

    Especially ppl who arent even from the US.

  • @#1

    @ She looks ridiculous!
    As ALWAYS is… and thats what happened when her so-called brain is located between her azz.

  • TruckletheUncivil

    @Love Jolie, Hate her fans: B coz bilgebutt iz.a freaking waste o space! A HW dumba$$ celebutard. Jolie rocks/bilgebutt sucks c*cks ;-)

  • Gussie

    Just when I thought she may have been a nice girl after all. I’m slapping my face right now. All the media wh*ring she is doing as of late. The rain coat looks like an ill fitting hefty bag and, then again she wants the speculation she is pregnant. She is not! After 3 years of dating Hayden and, living together she, would have been knocked up a long time ago. She is doing the same old stupid irrelevant thing.

  • Shawna

    I don’t even hold the umbrella for my kids and they are 4, 7, and 9! What a fame whore!

  • Shawna

    Sorry, that last word was w h o r e!

  • Shawna

    Huh, still won’t work – okay try this – wh@re!

  • @Shawna

    You should not be using that word, i mean you having three minor aged kids. Just saying….

  • jolene


  • nysro

    I guess whe had to whore it up abit for the cameras, or else she might have tucked her hair away in her jacket, as not to get it wet. But i guess she wouldn’t look as cute in her pictures if she had.

    Does this girl even work anymore? Always the ones who work the least, that get the most attention.. typical of this generation.

  • Gussie

    It is typical of this generation. All seem to rely on press attention instead, of going out and, actually working hard. They rather have their public life on display as bragging, “LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! I’M SO PRETTY!” Two words for you. HOW PATHETIC! :-(

  • Cathy

    @ 10

    She’s been to medical buildings with her mother a bunch of times and even by herself. But because ONE guy asks if she’s pregnant, now all of a sudden it’s a “pregnancy rumor”? Good grief people, lol.

  • vortex

    Agree with you there Cathy she lives at these places for all we know she is getting psychological help. She also was asked if there was a date for the wedding she said NO. Guess all those expecting one soon can think again. Pregnant I think not just a roose for her to get more and more public attention.

  • elle

    ugh you guys have no fashion sense…get a life, or pick up a magazine. you think fashion is all matching, or muumuus or something like that. go eat some cheetos on your sad suburban couch next to the mall or walmart or whatever.

  • elle

    ugh you guys have no fashion sense…get a life, or pick up a magazine. you think fashion is all matching, or muumuus or something like that. go eat some cheetos on your sad suburban couch next to the mall or walmart or whatever.

  • lakers fan in boston

    this is why i hate this chick sometimes
    just going around hollywood doing nothing, nothing productive just going 2 coffee shops every single day of her life
    u dont even see her with hayden anymore, funny how they’re suppose 2 get married and they’re never together
    she looks like a spoiled lil girl in that pic with her mom

  • lexy

    @ Elle – this isn’t fashion – this is a costume straight out of the Wizard of Oz. I don’t need to to pick up a magazine. They show the movie on TV every few months or I can rent it.
    If I want to see a fashionista or get some style ideas – I’ll check out a REAL celeb fashionista like Victoria Beckham…or one of my favorite actresses Angelina Jolie. Angie manages to keep her man, raise a bus load of kids, make movies and do some serious charity work and look great doing it!!

  • Vogue

    @ Elle
    Doll. I don’t need to be a fashion expert to tell you how to dress. Stop it with the stereotyping already and, most of the negative comments are by couch sitters or an old fat housewife. I can give 25 year olds on the board some compitition and, I will be wearing the smaller size. Size really has nothing to do with it anyway! JUst STOP! I liked Janice’s raincoat and, that looked more fashionable then, Rachel’s plastic looking trash bag she was wearing and, it looked like the hood was sealed together by duct tape.

    I look at Vogue and, quite into fashion. The simple classy pieces always look great and, reinvent themselves. Natalie Portman would be wearing more then likely a Burberry coat in the rain and, looking fabulous. Other fashionable ppl are Anne Hathaway and, of course Victoria Beckham. Shoot! Even 50 something year Madonna is more stylish and, a fashion icon then wannabe Bilson.

  • Shawna

    #23 – Guess what? Parents *gasp* swear! On occasion! It’s not like my kids are reading Just Jared. Get a grip!

  • trevise

    Take a “vacation” again Rachel… even if your doing nothing to make you that stressful. And make it even a year or much more longer that than that… still everyone in HW wont miss a thing about you as you would return as your same ole self as simply disposable & vacuous – trust on that.

  • Leiaelyssa

    Hate Bilson because she got in the way of Hayden getting back with Natalie–he is so stupid for falling for a mediawh*re who just wants his money because unlike Natalie she can’t act or do anything of meaning she is just a second rate copy of perfection.

  • TruckletheUncivil

    @elle: Muumuus-WTF?–Ugly,fat birds wear freaking muumuus. Muumuus ain’t fashion! Bilgebutt ain’t fashion.The ugly mama ain’t neither. Bilgebutt sucks the root. She ain’t nothing. Freaking loser.

  • brightside

    @lakers fan in boston: She has become so redundant. There is nothing more to say.

  • chuckles

    @Gussie: look at your self ahha dumbass how pathetic?

  • chuckles

    @lexy: wow really you are so cool!! you are going to look at your favorite actress angelina jolie bravo, just shut the f** up about rachel everysingle time you come comment on her, you are so pathetic.. you think rachel bilson doesnt how to dress and that she had mental problem,, you should really read some articles about your Miss Jolie.. Talkin about serious problem your favorite actress really does have some.. just dont comment on rachel anymore like you are killing… I cant believe how pathetic you are seriously

  • lexy

    LOL! You can’t believe how pathetic I am…well really – my favorite actress has an Oscar and has been invited to speak with our President. Not to mention she manages to raise her children and still get LOTS of work in Hollywood. I can’t believe how PATHETIC you are reading those stupid tabloids and actually BELIEVING the nonsense they spew about Brad, Angelina and Jen.
    Then again, I suppose I should be thrilled a Rachel Bilson fan is literate. We know Rachel herself isn’t big on reading or learning her lines or learning how to act. Which might be why she doesn’t get as many acting jobs as Angie!

  • chuckles

    You are pathetic because every single day I see your freaking post on Rachel Bilson. You spent time for people that you give a s*** about and that’s pathetic. You take the time to write a 1000 words comment about how bad she looks today and how she doesn’t do s*** of her day. But seriously who the f*** wants to know about what you think? Just go write about how Angelina Jolie is great and has a wonderful career but just don’t write anything about Bilson, you are making a fool of yourself like every other haters. My point is that you are pathetic, because you feel better about hating on people that you don’t even know, but you think you do because you are spending your whole day on justjared to stalk actors that you hate. Tell me now that you are not pathetic

  • brightside

    @chuckles: Exactly what is it you are trying to say here? That it is wrong to have an opinion about other people just because they aren’t personally known? Well there are a lot of politicians I don’t particularly care for but their obvious greed, hypocrisy and desire to big themselves up in the media stick in my craw – and, yes I don’t know them personally, however their actions are such that myself and others comment on them. Are you saying that those in the acting industry are exempt from such scrutiny? That we are not allowed to judge them on how they behave, regardless of personal knowledge? In a world of media attention and freedom of speech I find your argument invalid. Everyone has a right to comment and no one in this world has exemption from accountability. If you feel that the Rachels’ of this world should only be praised for being Rachels’ then join a fan site and praise them to the nth power. Worship them if you must but others have the right not to want to join in your narrow, unquestioning adoration of the subject, and the freedom to comment. God forbid that we should live in a world where perfectly ordinary, untalented people are raised to celebrity status, praised, idolised and worshipped without others having the power and the freedom to say, ‘Hang on a minute, what’s so freaking special about this particular little dweeb?’

  • jaine

    I am sick of this girl being on this site all the time. WTF is she always shopping why cant she find something better to do.Seriously superficial.

  • brightside

    @jaine: I agree.

  • shadowy

    Why do some insular-minded always say that you are jealous or pathetic if aren’t particularly a fan of someone who’s famous (but in RBs case) its just famous for just being (in)famous?!
    Gossip blogs like this are meant to be “commented” even everyday or even by the same person regardless of if you like the person or not… just looked at those 2 lead stars of that Twihard movie huh, even them who’s genuinely popular & a continually-busy-working on numerous projects spewed a lot of hate in the blogs & tabs – so what’s more to someone like RB who’s just playing exclusively & forever-till-the-end a “”Gossip Internet BUM”?!

  • lexy

    @ Chuckles – you claim I’m “stalking” Rachel but in reality you’re STALKING me – and not doing a very good job of it. Perhaps instead of stalking me you should learn how to tell time and how the internet and message boards work. It takes about 1 minute to post a comment and thanks to wifi and cell phones you can do it anywhere. For all you know I can be posting while waiting to check out at the grocery store.
    If you’re going to go with that lame line about hating on people you don’t know then it applies then you need to go to EVERY thread on this board and post that comment b/c EVERY celeb has people who dislike them and post negative comments about them. But since you’re just concerned about Rachel why not start a fan board for her?? Then the 5 or 6 of you who actually like her can chat about how great she is.

  • chuckles

    @brightside: If you rather me to tell you what I think in an other form: I don’t get why people spent time to hate on actors. I just don’t get it. I don’t personally like Miley Cirus but why would i got hate on her? I’m just shock because every single time i come on this site, all i see is prejudice and bad criticism. That all I’m saying. Plus, when people wrote ”She is so pathetic”, Im just asking myself, who really is more pathetic? Do you get my point? I don’t care if people have good reason to believe that but when is just hating for hating i can’t help it, i just went to beat the shit out of them.

  • amiable

    @ chuckles #48 I agree with your shock that people come on threads and spew hate on actors in gereral, not just rachel. I think it has to do with the way people are brought up. I was taught if you do not have something nice to say about someone, then doh’t say anything at all. That does not mean you can’t have a different opinion, it just means you do not have to be mean and spiteful when you express it. That is why I would not waste my time posting on actors I do not like, I would rather spend my time on actors I am interested in.

    Some people are brought up that it does not matter what you say, I guess, and manners do not extend to people you do not know. Stating negative opinions once or twice is normal, coming back every single thread to do the same bashing when you do not like the actor makes you appear to be obsessed with the celeb, much more obsessed than people who do like the celebrity. This applies to any celebrity, not just Rachel.

  • lana

    Why all french gossip sites are saying that Rachel is pregnant? I am French and several sites are saying it.