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Rihanna: Backstage Beauty

Rihanna: Backstage Beauty

Rihanna gets interviewed backstage in an Alexander Wang sweatshirt dress and Louboutin pumps after performing at the Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam Concert in Miami Beach, Florida on Thursday (February 4).

The 21-year-old Barbadian singer performed a few of her hit songs in preparation for the big game this Sunday, the Super Bowl XLIV where the Indianapolis Colts will battle against the New Orleans Saints.

This was the first day of a two day event. Today will feature artists Nelly Furtado, Paulina Rubio, and Pitbull and will be hosted by Entourage‘s Kevin Dillon and former Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell.

10+ pictures inside of the Barbadian beauty Rihanna backstage…

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# 1

she looks great

# 2

It’s amazing the amount of makeup she puts on EVERYDAY.

# 3
starlissa @ 02/05/2010 at 1:06 pm

Way too much eye makeup.

# 5

no matter what you b*tches says, she’s beautiful and talented.

# 6

Raccoon face.

# 7

@cornelia: In your opinion which is fine, but others don’t have to agree. Beauty and talent are both subjective. Personally, I think there are much more talented singers out there and whatever Rihanna’s been doing to herself lately with the hair and makeup, she should rethink.

# 8

That’s the best she’s looked in a loooooong time!
I miss the old Rihanna.

# 9

Terrible, terrible makeup job.

Too much makeup. And that hairdo looks just like Kate Gosselin’s old rooster do LOL!!!

I don’t know what happened to her, she used to be cute, now her face looks a bit piggy (due to her awful nose).

she look actually good her.. for once she isn’t over the top..
and her eyemake up is lil harsh but it’s not really bad..
her hair should go to black again or she should get extensions or something.. it’s over now with the wig
what i don’t understand is how can she just walk out the door and not think, why am i wearing this? she always looks stupid.. because she THINKS she’s a fashion icon.. nobody wants to be like her
not anyone I know

franknbeans @ 02/05/2010 at 1:20 pm

She went nuts on the eyeliner. She looks like a deranged cat woman.

she needs to wear pants with that sweater! it doesn’t look right

the eyes are icky. it’s not part of a costume, right?
it looks like she took a black magic marker and lined her eyes.

She loves to show off her ****. I bet they got a great view when she bent over.

She is too young and cute a girl to be making herself up like a hood rat. Next she’ll be joining the cast of The Jersey Shore.

Rihanna gained weight in her thighs. From the waist down, she looks like Beyonce.

Beautiful, talented women.

She looks like one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey

That dude has good legs!


Bobby Trendy must be doing her makeup.

She is copying J.Lo’s makeup.
It doesn’t suit her either.

I wonder if she’ll have a wardrobe malfunction? ;-)

God Jared! she’s 22 in a couple of days and you still call her 21? LOL
Oh and love her but she looks kinda fat & easy on the make-up hoe!

paper plate @ 02/05/2010 at 1:56 pm

i like her smile she seems more mellowed out now

I’m sure she’ll figure out some way to show her boobs & butt @ the Super Bowl….
What happened to her?!

Ahh Yeah! Rihanna with the big brown nips.
Love it!

@cornelia: No matter what you ******* say, beauty is subjective.

brightside @ 02/05/2010 at 2:51 pm

Oh boy – way too much of the eye slap! She has such a pretty shape face seems a shame to detract from it’s beauty with a pair of cartoon Betty Boop eyes. She tries too hard and the sad thing is, she doesn’t need too. Can’t help wondering if her unhappy childhood circumstances really knocked her sense of self-worth..

Rihannafan1 @ 02/05/2010 at 3:33 pm


i wonder if chris brown was her stylist. cuz since they broke up her fashion icon title has gone down the drain.

LiLoOx .... @ 02/05/2010 at 4:05 pm

I wanna be like her, not her face obviously- cauz i am better- but she is kind of cute and hot … And I do like her outfit
And the reason why I wanna be like her, is her fame…. Like guys GET OVER IT…. Who is going to hate to be famous… Like everyone talk about her … SO SHE’S REALLY TOTTALY FAMOUS … And the index is that you are talking about her

Look at those legs….. Dayum



CanadaGirl @ 02/05/2010 at 5:49 pm

Did she have more plastic surgery? Her face looks really different.
Thighs are huge too.

Such a beauty!

@Truth: hum its a dress by alexander wang – no pants needed – however, I didn’t like that she wore gross hooker hoops with it.

This make up is from the Rated R album artwork. Besides, this is just for the stage. She had just performed right before the pics were taken. You people are way too harsh on the girl, she looks great and her hair is MUCH better than when she was rocking the extreme curls.

@CanadaGirl: LOL! Rihanna has never had plastic surgery! She doesn’t need it. And please tell me where you heard that she had plastic surgery because I am a huge fan and have been following her since Pon de Replay and I’ve never heard of her getting plastic surgery. She’s comfortable in her own skin. Also, she’s black and people of color (asian, native american, hispanic, black, etc) age very well so she won’t be needing botox or any of that stuff till she in her 50′s.

@No Doubt: we’re talking about an international star who won countless awards including grammy and she’s chosen the most beautiful face of the caribbean also venus breeze best legs award. you don’t hate to like her new style but all that comments about her just makes me upset because people forget the things I explained now.

have to, sorry

@cornelia: He/she is right. Doesn’t matter what awards she’s won, celebs win tons of wards, it’s still subjective. Which should be o.k. but some don’t like that others have a different viewpoint.

I just heard her new “song.”
Even though she didn’t write it… its DISGUSTING.
Its like “come on boy can you get it up” “come on boy is it big enough?”
Um… wow.
She said in her interview regarding chris brown that shes a role model to young women and then she keeps putting out vulgar songs…. hypocrite….
umbrella, shut up and drive, they’re all so gross…… even though she didn’t write any of them she still sings them and its nasty.

She co-wrote Rude Boy. read the linear notes first before you post nonsense. And who cares if the song is raunchy. It’s a good song and I LOVE me a RUDE BOY.

so stuning!!!!

i’ve always liked rihanna,and still do,but the image that she’s been making after the chris incident is ******.I mean i know you’ve been through a lot but still you change for the better not for the worse.I really miss the old rihanna though,but people are soon to change.very pretty and talented girl who needs to stop all of this and be her true non-trampish self.

her makeup is always gorgeous and i would die to go through her closet. always love her clothes. she can pull off anything.

she always looks amazing and the concert was hot. loving her new hairstyle.

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