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Russell Crowe: Father & Son Bonding

Russell Crowe: Father & Son Bonding

Russell Crowe spends some quality time with his 6-year-old son Charles in Double Bay in Sydney, Australia on Friday (February 5).

The 45-year-old Gladiator also took some time out for a cigarette break and a phone call while out.

Also check out the new Super Bowl trailer for Russell‘s movie Robin Hood. The new film, directed by Ridley Scott, will hit theaters May 14.

Robin Hood Trailer Starring Russell Crowe

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  • MrCroweNews

    Russell looks great! And the trailer is fantastic!

  • cattie

    Oh he used to be the hottest guy, what happened?

  • Oceane

    I can’t stand this man. He can’t act..

  • Priscilla

    Looks like he’s put on a lot of weight yet again. He sure looks his age. And the smoking! Yuck. :-(

  • Marta

    He needs to stop smoking!! I did not know he did that?! Cigarettes will kill you. I do like his movies. Stop SMOKING! :(

  • yo sista

    @Oceane: Get over yourself! He’s Russell Crowe!!!!!!! he’s THE MAN & hell yeah a hell of an actor! DUH
    Haters are pathetic

  • la woman

    What’s this movie: Robin Hood, the Old Slob?

  • appena

    he is a brilliant actor. as a person…..not so much but who cares if he’s good at what he does

  • jb

    he got fat. but still kind of hot.

  • olive oil

    Errol Flynn must be spinning in his grave; and Michael Praed, Sean Connery and Jason Connery must be convulsing at the very thought of pudgy ole robin.

  • anonymous

    Those man booooooobs are disgusting. This is not going to end well. How much must he be eating if he smokes and still gains this kind of weight.

    Robin Hood? Meh. I don’t think we’ll be looking at a very profitable movie.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    crowe’s hood looks like bloody shÄ«te. give me kevin costner’s and errol flynn robin hood any day.

  • leslie

    I can’t bring myself to even watch the video. I don’t want that tubby old sot to be in any way in my memories of Robin Hood on film.

  • cornelia

    he’s amazing

  • Maxi

    I love Russell Crowe but he looks too old for this movie.

  • http://JUSTJARED sharon

    he is a real man, but stop smoking, so you can live a long life, for yourself and your kids, love your movies, and you are still a hunk

  • bbwloversmatch

    He is so amazing!

  • bmx

    He’s amazing alright. Amazingly hideous.

  • nyob

    Moobs, but he is still hot.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i still think that robin hood movie isnt really based on the traditional robin hood, they just change the story 2 make it interesting….
    i think ill watch it tho, looks like a good movie
    and damn, this dude got really fat lol, he needs 2 hit the treadmill

  • CanadaGirl

    Russell is hot no matter what. I do agree that he may not be the best person for the role of Robin Hood. I imagine Robin as a younger man and, although Russell isn’t over the hill, he’s at least a decade too old for this role.

  • datingdoctors

    I love him!

  • josephine

    I just don’t understand parents who smoke when their kids are around. And the kid’s passive smoking continues even if the parent isn’t actually smoking at that point in time. Pity his wife , kissing him and smelling him is like sucking a used ashtray, unless, of course, she smokes as well. yeuch

  • cinda

    He’s gotten fat again. :( I guess he only got thin for the Robin Hood movie. His son has gotten big

  • bonnie

    He’s not hot. He looks like any slob at Wal-Mart. Ick. Gag. Robin Hood? I think not. My Robin is young and thin and beautiful forever. Robin of Sherwood. He’s Michael Praed. Not this old bloated faced fool. Michael, I’m still carrying the torch.

  • alice

    gah i hate it when parent’s smoke in front of their children, so so selfish!!!

  • alice

    gah i hate it when parents smoke in front of their children, so so selfish!!

  • holly

    This movie will probably do well at the box office because people love the Robin Hood story. But Crowe, gag, gag, gag. Fat old fool. He’s gross.

  • ellie’

    hes an amazing actor…and still looks great..

  • Oceane

    @yo sista: He can’t act. He acts with an australian accent. I can hate all I like and he’s a New Zealander, just like me. I grew up with him being on tv here long before he was fameous in the states… He cousins are fameous cricket players down this way… I think i would know moron!

  • lilac

    can you see him in any of theese photos smoking with his kid??
    i cant

  • sandi

    Arrogant old fool.

  • trickster

    she looks like a horse with rooster hair along with a salvation army outfit on.

  • Francisca Susi

    I have to agree that he packs on the pounds again in those pics. Letting himself go again while relaxing at home? Don’t know. C’mon Russ, lose that gut and quit smoking, it’ll kill ya. You’re my favorite actor, but you gotta take care of yourself and your family.

    Speaking of the movies, it looks bloody awesome! I’m gonna be the first in line when this movie opens next May. Woohoo! :D

  • WLM

    It always amazes me how brutal people can be (yeah, anonymously), writing something publicly and with such vitriol that they would never have the guts to say to someone standing in front of them, at least not without some modicum of tact. Fact is, almost 25% of Americans smoke and so I’m weary of the negative judgment and of those who treat them like lepers. Russell was obviously not smoking around his son or the press would have photographed that. As to his weight, who’s business is it? He’s fit enough to appear in the films he makes and is one of the most highly rated actors in the world. We have no clue what’s going on in his personal life, and thank goodness for that. This sort of photo fest and the resulting shark feed is intrusion enough.

  • bec

    your being a bit melodramatic here…these posts are hardly a “shark feed” as you say. on the contrary, you could say it is “nice” that people (maybe some commentors are fans?) actually care about his health even if the comments don’t supposedly sound “nice” in words.
    it’s also hardly “brutal” to state the fact that he has put on weight because well, he has…i’m sure he knows that so no one is saying anything he doesn’t already know.

  • alice

    what josephine (#23) said.

  • pg 2010

    one of Russell’s biggest fans here to confess my total disappointment with his choices these last few years.
    —C’mon mate! —enough with the by-the-book comfort-zone drivel
    —time to reach for late Hemingway —John Huston –B.Traven
    and Tolstoy. STOP WASTING TIME.


  • pg 2010


  • Deb

    He’s a terrific actor, but a total asshole in “real-life”, looks like a fat shit.

  • rachel

    russell crowe is one of the greatest actors till date..and amazingly hot and a real man..all the haters who dnt like russell should stop watching movies..he is a class his best movies ever..a beautiful mind,gladiator,cinderella man and all you haters will understand what acting is all about..

  • Ismail


    Are you really this stupid? Russell Crowe spent the 6 first years of his life in Australia! Of course he speaks with an Australian accent, he went to Australian schools before he went to New Zeland schools!

  • Nettie

    Upon review of the comments, it is amazing to find so many PERFECT people at one location. I am a great fan of the talents of Mr. Crowe and have enjoyed most of his movies. More importantly I enjoy his love of family and thank him for sharing his talents with us all. I do hope he stops smoking because of health reasons for himself and those he loves. Pray that all the PERFECT people continue on and will not be judged or accepted by the guidelines they have judged others. Before you waste time in responding, you are correct; I am far from perfect but am at a stage in my life whereby I will not be a burden much longer.