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The Hollywood Sign Gets Ke$ha-fied

The Hollywood Sign Gets Ke$ha-fied

Ke$ha has taken over Hollywood, and now she has the video to prove it!

The 22-year-old singer and her friends add their own personal flair to the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles in this video released today on Ke$ha‘s YouTube site!

“Hwood sign is officially my biznatch,” K$ wrote.

Ke$ha Takes Over Hollywood
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  • ELLe

    she looks so dirty

  • Jordan


  • Bruce

    What an idiot! Biznatch go home and take a damn bath!

  • dumbdumb

    I am surprised she didn’t get arrested.What a moron….

  • Abigail

    I actually saw this on twitter. But didn’t quite believe it until now I saw it on JJ. Can she do this? I mean like, she won’t get arrested?


    HAHAHA she makes me laugh :o)

  • Magsy

    Looks a bit like intro to the first spice girls video;)

  • Madison

    It’s not real guys…it was professionally edited

  • ed

    I think I jerked off to a p0rn featuring Ke$ha. I believe it was two guys and her and she was getting banged in all ends!

  • I’m with #8

    I don’t buy it. It was edited like it was professionally done. This was totally staged and something that the authorities were ok with. If not the cops would have swarmed and they would have been arrested. Kesha is corny trash.

  • Venom

    Super Fake by a stupid cokewhore.

    go away.

  • Bojko Vicove

    Cheaper foreign glory back

  • Sarah


    Ha! that’s next big thing in music, get use to it!!!

  • n_n

    Damn… she looks like Courtney Love… take a shower!!

  • Cedric

    FFS this is pathetic. Kesha is nothing but white trash from the trailer park. If this was for real, the police need to charge the immature, filthy little harlet.


    it is real! I saw it that day I live in north hollywood ;) so dont go saying its professionally edited when i saw it and many other people did ;)

  • M

    WHO is she? WHY is she shown down our throats all the time lately? What is going on that I’m unaware of?
    p.s. YES, I heard her annoying crap that they call music and it SUCKS.
    p.p.s. agree with someone above: this is pathetic. GO AWAY.

  • Faith87

    that looks so photoshopped

  • cattie

    She looks dirty and constantly high. But I guess she’s having fun while the fame is still there.

  • Maxi


  • Chad

    Jesse, you’re high as a kite if you saw that. Besides, North Hollywood is OVER the hill. You couldn’t see this from No Ho.

    If this had been real, she would have been arrested.

  • Emma

    She looks so dirty and rude! shes such an idiot shes really thinks shes soo good! i really dont like her! she needs to get a life

  • absoluteke$ha

    Who does she think she is? the queen of HoLlYwOoD?? oh ke$ha, you have no talent thats why you are not intelligent

  • Pry

    This is real?

  • amy

    there isn’t a single person who annoys me MORE than this girl. why can’t she GO AWAY????????????????

  • lydia

    I hate herrrr!!!!!

  • totally FAKE

    Those H O L L Y W O O D letters each are 45 ft high. It’s definitely photoshopped job.

    And whoever says they saw this are lying.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Pry: …c’mon, use commonsense. of course this is fake. ahahahahahahahaha.. hilariously fake. this fugmug’ed biish is a infamously known poser. she’s like milli vanilli, only thing is she doesn’t pretend to have talent. better yet.. she’s like vanilla ice – created a fake image, and pretended to be black-ish. ahahahahahaah..

  • longchamp

    oh so daring. doing s-hit just for the shock value of it is so ‘avril lavigne’, i.e. juvenile

  • becka

    hello publicity stunt!!! i like her song…s, but wow…desperate for attention much?!!!

  • nursedatingsite

    Wow, that is really cool

  • jdub

    HAHAHAHHAHAAH i love her 10x more now…can’t she get arrested for that tho?

  • mary


  • Sheri

    What does she think we are stupid?!
    she got permission to do that, but made it look like she “snuck” in to do it……
    She PAYED to do that.
    What a jerk off

  • Jerry

    WHAT IS SHE 12 ?!

  • tim

    @JESSE: You can’t see the sign from North Hollywood you twit.
    LOL! NoHo is on the other side of the hill.
    Haha! I LIVE in Hollywood and It never happened.
    She is a phony

  • rocky

    she is such an ass.

    breaking the law. she looks like garbage

  • LoveLeeR

    HAHA CRAZY !!!!
    she’s gonna get it trouble for that !

  • angel

    Your guys/girls are a bunch of haters. All it is is kesha and her friends having fun, leave them alone and stop hatin!

  • lakers fan in boston

    that literally was such a waste of 2 mins….
    it wasnt even a bit funny
    and plz jared, she’s not even close taking over hollywood or being near it at that fact
    how sad, she always looks like a nasty dirty ho

  • http://perzhilton shellibabii

    yall don’t believe this crap its totally fake, the hollywood sign is so freakin tall n that lil sheet could not of covered it she just wants attention bcuz ppl only lke her music and not her and also she would be in jail for trespassing and graffiti even if she is famous or not n THIS IS COMING FROM A 14 YEAR OLD.

  • YOu $uch Ke$sha!

    oh man what trailer trash that bitch is dirty she needs to quit following Christina A. when she went on her dirty phase it’s not cool. I’m pretty sure this trailer trash sucked dick to get to the top but I guess you do what you gotta do…


  • Sierra

    @JESSE: So it rlly did happen?

  • Marine

    My Gosh guys how come some people can love her? I don’t get it, her song sucks but since you Americans (I’m French btw) love her music now thank to a big part of you she’s famous in the all world with her Tik Tok sh*t. Music industry depends on your country unfortunately, so the all world is obliged to listen THIS desaster. All 5 minutes you can hear her song on the radio -_-’.
    Americans have a bunch of talented people who are not even famous because now all people want is TRASH singers! PA-THE-TIC seriously and Shame on you because you allowed that kind of people to win millions of dollars. You want all futur singers to be like that? Ow, Hollywood will be very awful in less than 10years Good job ;).
    Kesha queen of Hollywood? Let me laugh…

  • dana

    MILEYWOOD would be better….

  • AutumnM

    She’s so dirty and stupid. Hate this chick.Tries wayy too hard.

  • SD

    If she had any talent, she wouldn’t have to resort to stupid gimmicks.

  • bee

    Yeah, because she’ll last.

  • mark

    right tik tok is cool but she so on snowwwwwwwwww the l.a. girl .

  • Vanhs

    shame, you’re a nut keisha. this is the best you can do, without a talent is difficult to keep attention. she’s stupid. she offended a symbol of movies industry and social culture in the world.