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Jennifer Aniston: Cabo Bikini Babe

Jennifer Aniston: Cabo Bikini Babe

Jennifer Aniston relaxes and enjoys the sun on a resort on Friday (February 5) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 40-year-old Bounty Hunter actress was joined by her good friends Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Gerard Butler and Sheryl Crow.

Last month, exclusively reported that Jen is celebrating her 41st birthday in Cabo (her actual birthday is on Thursday). She even flew her friends down for the big bash!

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston in a bikini in Cabo…

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jennifer aniston cabo bikini 01
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 02
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 03
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 04
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 05
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 06
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 07
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 08
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 09
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 10
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 11
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 12
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 13
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 14
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 15

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  • slambang

    I wish I were there, instead of here, buried under all this snow!

  • Lily


  • lulu

    sooooooooooooooo predictable ! so boring !

    cooch and ass parading till her next movie come out !

    where is her new fake boyfriend – Gerard Butler. probably making out with any random bikini girl on the beach.

  • plastic surgery addict

    That boob is so fake . Its definitley implant !

    Now we know why was she not seen for a while? Breast implant is the answer.

  • mm

    She looks good, as always!

  • tttt

    @lulu: why is that so predictable? why, for some people, everything some celebrities do have do to with having a life of appearances? ok, this business is made of appearance, but it doesn’t mean they are not human beings trying to be happy as everybody else…

  • nessa

    she used to be so beautiful
    and she still is
    but i think she has some problems concerned with relationship with guys..stil love ya J

  • lara

    you haters are so Jealous. you cannot admit that Jennifer is Gorgeous. She looks hot, stunnig!

  • bet

    I was hoping to be the first. since i was here. men people jump on this thread , like there is no tommorow.

    love her , that curve is again there. that body that we never get enough. love her.

  • bet

    single strong independent lady, surrounded by her long time freinds. commitment to people that they surrounded you.

  • bet

    Plastic surgurly addicted

    i see them alwasy the same size. never different. Unlike some we know plastic ball is in and out , in and out, dependeing who she date.

  • Courtney

    I’d like to see a picture of Angelina in a bikini!! ouch ouch ,.. Jen looks fantastic and 41 years old

  • Gisele

    What an ugly body she has. Ok, its not a matter of being perfect but her butt is ugly

  • bet


    please do not do that? it will be a funny seen.

  • teri

    OMG YOU JP fans called it right.

  • bet


    her butt is what is butt suppose to be, round ass with something you can see, not you need microscope camera to see if it exist there.

  • teri

    Strong and independant? BWHAHAHA
    A weak sniveling coward is what she is. You trolls can have this phoney copy cat, they come a dime a dozen.

  • Bar

    Im brad and angie fan … and I think jen`s body is amazing !!! she is 41 come on!!!!!!

  • dee

    OH YEAH….!!!!

  • bet

    You can see from her amazing smile she is having a blast and in her owen world surruounded by her good freinds.

  • total loser

    She SUCKS.

  • Gisele

    Somebody should trip her up

  • cacey

    all this CHIC does is LAY OUT on the BEACH in CABO, talk about missing A SENSIVITY chip, PEOPLE ARE dying in HAITI but this IDIOT finds time for selfishness AND SHANANIGANCE.

  • bet

    Is that the body of two women that newyork post called fat? who is laughing now? If they are fat , i am sure everyone in the world need to stop eating food compeletly .

  • dundies

    that looks like a lot of fun. unlike the haters, i will send my love *love*

  • bet


    move on. you need to let it go. it had been five years.

  • nun

    If I were her I would think of become a nun

  • bet


    people are dying , but utleast they are waisting time loveing each other, what are you doing ? spending time hating.

  • Denise

    She looks terrific!

  • eva

    I don’t get it. Overrated. Can she just do something worthwhile? Please you crazy azz fans don’t tell me that I’m jealous, my, tits, my azz and my waistline and my face are my own. I am damn happy about that too.

  • bet


    worthwhile to her injoyoinig her time with freinds she love dearly.

  • Unbelieveable

    dear lord stop using a tradgedy like Haiti as an excuse to hate on this women. What happend was horrible but does that mean we should all stop living our lives. Look at the people of new Orleans after katrina they picked themselves up and are about to have one of the biggest super bowl parties ever

  • Sue

    So, Cacey, I suppose you’re writing this from the tent hospital where you’ve dropped everything to help? Didn’t think so. The rest of the world doesn’t stop because of Haiti. If this is how Jen chooses to celebrate her birthday, that is her prerogative. Not to mention, she personally donated to Haiti relief and helped to raise even more money, so again, tell me how your whinging helps anyone.

  • yourdarkside

    I dont see in her a very good future. Her life is not clear

  • Sam

    Gerard butler is currently fvcking moist 20 something year old pu$sy at the balcony of his hotel while this 40 something dried up old raisin cunt is on vacay with her friends LOL

  • woman

    You get what you give girl…

  • noelle

    oh how i wish my body’s like that when im 41. that girl’s tummy is toned. i am so jealous.

  • Conni

    She does not look hot in these pics……she looks HAWT!!!!! She looks happy and gorgeous, not to say blessed with “friends”. Love her!!!

  • LuckyL

    Lmao SO predictable. She f*cking hates her family.

  • LuckyL

    Poor Sheryl is a jilted woman as well after Armstrong. I think the only married woman she can stand is Courtney.

  • DebFrmHell

    You are truly disgusting.

  • bet


    no we heard she has many freinds for long time most of them are married and has childern. Utleast she has girl friend that can stand her. not just freind for a moive.

  • sue

    really cacy… angelina couldn’t make the haiti telethon because she was having a photoshoot for VF.!!!LOL! Even if she wasn’t at a photo shoot, WHERE WAS SHE! Shut up loon!

  • new comer in just jared

    Who is that ugly woman ?

  • Renee

    I don’t understand the Jen Aniston obsession. Courtney Cox and Sheryl Crow are in these pictures and just as gorgeous yet everyone is always so fixated on boring Jennifer. She might have a very nice body but she has the face like a dude. Ugh, dude looks like a lady.

  • cacey


    You better BE getting PAID a lot of money for this DAMAGE CONTROL, or else u are just another MISERABLE LONELY LOSER.

  • belinda

    Anybody who calls her body ugly must be absolutely out of their bloody mind. She looks radiant, she is free, successful and is having a good time with her friends that she has had for years. Not like somebody else we all know of, who is dried up like a prune and has to adopt children left, right and center to get attention, is a bloody liar, a lunatic and a fvcking hypocrite and has not even got any friends. Only those she meets in films until the promo tour is over. Ridiculous!

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    Bitch has a great life and we all know it. And as far as Haiti is concerned, she has done more than many celebs have at this point. And it’s not only Haiti that suffers in this world right now. But to think that she’s not entitled to enjoy the fruits of her labor over many years, is just retarded. The world is not at a stand still because of Haiti’s tragedy. And if Pitt is at the super bowl this Sunday, what are you going to say then? It is doubtful you will be saying he has no right to do that while Haiti is suffering. Loons make no sense at all with the hypocrisy they spew.

  • snif

    Poor woman. Her life is a mess and she caused more trouble than benefits

  • new comer in just jared

    Oh my god, She is an actress in Hollywood! I can’t believe it cause she is so weird… I heard she always acts as a victim….