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Lindsay Lohan Makes It To Madeo

Lindsay Lohan Makes It To Madeo

Lindsay Lohan shows off her darker hair as she arrives at Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood on Thursday (February 4) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress recently had The Insider’s Niecy Nash inside her home and apparently made a very good impression.

“I have to tell you, Lindsay actually won me over,” Niecy said of her meeting. “I know that she’s dealing with a lot of things privately, but when you look around the home it is a direct reflection of some of things that have gone on in the life that we get to see, the public side of things — a lot of the unraveling in the family, a lot of the reckless behavior. But I do believe that she has a desire to clean it all up – the outside, the inside, the career, all of it.”

15+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan making it to Madeo…

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lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 01
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 02
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 03
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 04
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 05
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 06
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 07
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 08
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 09
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 10
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 11
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 12
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 13
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 14
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 15
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 16
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 17
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 18
lindsay lohan makes it to madeo 19

Photos: WENN, Famepictures
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  • offtheproperty

    that interviewer was far more disgusting than Lindsay’s house

  • pretty young girl

    About time she took off that blonde hair. It just doesnt go well with her. I like these one better.

  • Leni

    Lindsay looks like one hot mess-again. Her house is a mess, her life is a mess. She shouldn’t be giving interviews about her life being a mess, we already know. And I’m sick of hearing, her saying she’s going to clean herself up, when it’s obvious she is not even attempting to clean herself up.

  • Lindsay Kate

    she always looks like shit. you can fake healthy, gurrrl.

  • Jordan

    @offtheproperty: how so?

    lindsay looks smelly

  • JJ

    Lindsay looks like an old whore.

  • omg

    The only way she is going to clean up is if she moves out Hollywood. She has had so many reality checks that she just does not get it. I do not believe this new publicity stunt of going on the insider to talk about her hoarding. Do honestly believe if someone offered her solid support and mental help that she would listen and take it.

  • Pry

    I think she looks fine. This hair color suit her better. She is not scary skinny or fat and looks sober.But people always take pics of her in unflattering poses, obviously on purpose.

  • cacey

    WHY CAN’T a judge AWARD SANDRA bullock PHYSICAL and FINANCIAL custody of THIS girl, just like THEY did WITH brittany. WE all know HER PARENTS are FAME WH…ORES, so they cannot help their daughter. I just HOPE she does not overdose on SOMETHING.

  • ke$shaluv

    luv her, amazing beautiful and classy all in one!!

  • dundies

    …so because you liked her hand towels, she left a good impression

  • Armond

    I love this crackhead, she is my role model, i want to party with her

  • be

    Role model? Classy? My gosh you guys are going crazy
    She is not classy, she is messed up.. She doesn’t even know what she’s doing

  • Diego

    She looks fresh and youthful but the hair looks kinda greasy, anyway I love her!!

  • rachel

    she needs so much help. it’s ridiculous that her family only cares about whoring her out to the media instead of actually helping this poor girl.

  • santabarbra

    What a gorgeous woman, people can be so jealous of Linds, i say live up why you are still young <3 LL

  • Just Interested

    she already looks old i wonder how she’ll look like when she’s 40

  • slambang

    Looks like crap, as usual.

  • emmy jay

    You gotta admit, she’s looking pretty rough lately. Drugs and drinking will do that to you even at her age.

    She had such a promising career when she was younger…she’s going down the road to demise and hopefully she can straighten her life out before she becomes just another Hollywood statistic…..someone needs to help her, and quickly.

    Too much too soon and parents who never told her “NO”…..too bad.

  • susan

    I find it hard to believe that Lindsay is only 23. She looks more like she’s around 43 now. Drugs and Booze and cigs sure do age you. Sad mess.

  • dani

    What is really sad about Lohan vs. so many other drunken celebutards is that she actually had acting talent. She wasted it. She has been given chance after chance to act and she blows each one. How sad. She is 23 and a drugged out mess. Her lifestyle shows too–she looksmuch older than 23. Her skin is bad, her hair unhealthy. Sad just really sad.

  • saddasdasdas

    @Jordan: lmao she does look smelly. pretty, but smelly. pretty, but unhealthy. girl needs to get her act straight. if she’s just going to continue self-destructing, do we really need to see pictures of this all happening? she’s completely irrelevant now. can we just ignore her until she gets her life in order?

  • Armond White

    she is so hot, i want to kiss her, so sexy

  • ++Logan++

    i love her coat. Her hair looks a lot better brunette. Now all she needs to do is put on a little weight and lay off the drrugs.

  • Oceane

    She looks rough. Had a bad night. The dark hair is alright if she didn’t use the fake tan. Go back to your red hair and leave the spray tan alone! You look dirty and smelly.

  • yo sista

    LOVE her but she’s hot mess.

  • Kristina

    its about time she took off that blond wig. she looks better with dark hair, but as red head – the best.

  • BeBo

    love her she look so good love her

  • jojomt

    she look sexy keep it up

  • M

    sexy sexy sexy

  • Love Jolie, Hate her fans

    Heard that Lindsay was a HOARDER…. hate that.
    Hoarding is terrible. Not good for the brain or spirit.
    I hate clutter. I throw out everything after like a day. If I need to buy a new one, I’ll get it. I even moved out of one of my old West Hollywood apartments and left the fairly good furniture there. Hey, out w/ the old, in w/ the new.
    It’s just material things…. not expensive collectibles.

  • Love Jolie, Hate her fans

    That black hair and orange tan do not go…. a goth’s worst nightmare!
    And her hair looks all oily… yeck.
    Jeez…. can u get any ‘classier’

  • Lenny

    I wonder why doesn’t embrace her red hair and just go with it. Red heads are rare and most people like the red. Boy does this gal look into her 40′s. She has aged terribly.

  • brightside

    She’s a wreck. Consider for a moment that her age is only 23. I don’t know any 23 year old friends who look as bad and messed up as she does. My friends all look younger than their 23 years. Many still get asked for ID. Lindsay looks terrible for her age. She looks appalling. She may pull it together but she will never look good again.

  • Beverly

    What a mess. Why is she even photographed anymore? She’s ruined herself. I can’t even imagine where her life is going to go from here, if this is what she’s like at 23. Such a shame.

  • Jokergurl

    It’s too bad she’s a mess because she is talented, she needs a handler like Britney Spears who will keep the bad influences away, including her idiot parents.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ohh boo woo
    no1 cares lindsay
    u obviously no ur leading a horrible life yet ur doing nothing about
    true, ur surrounded by ppl who cant help u but ur a grown up, dispatch urself from them and try 2 be a new person
    ur beyond help imo, u went 2 rehab and that turns 2 nothing
    i dont no why she’s smoking either, she looks super rough, smoking is only gonna make u look older faster

  • brightside

    @Jokergurl: Talented how? Like most child actors, it really is just a flash in the pan.

  • nursedatingsite

    She is so pretty