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Carrie Underwood Sings Super Bowl's National Anthem

Carrie Underwood Sings Super Bowl's National Anthem

Carrie Underwood performs the National Anthem during the pregame show prior to Super Bowl XLIV between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints on Sunday (February 7) at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla.

The 26-year-old wore Rock & Republic‘s “Cary” cropped suit jacket in white ($298), which is available for purchase at the R&R signature store on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles. She also also wore white PRVCY Premium London skinny jeans.

Watch Carrie‘s performance of The Star-Spangled Banner below!

Carrie Underwood Sings Super Bowl’s National Anthem

15+ pictures inside of Carrie Underwood singing the National Anthem..

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Photos: Donald Miralle/Getty
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  • jdub

    i find her extremely annoying

  • wtf

    her hair always looks like crap. a shame because she’s pretty.

  • Dog Lover

    White makes her look chubby

  • Ashley

    She did amazing! So glad she did it live. Most artists don’t!

  • ashley


    im gonna have to agree

  • alycia

    she did good and she looks amazing AS ALWAYS!!

  • Vogue

    She did an amazing Job and, glad she did do it live. Her hair did however look like cr$p sorry to say.

    Oh she is not even chubby. She was a size 6 when she was first on American Idol. She has lost a lot of weight since then. I would say she wears a 2. She is very slim.

  • FaithLynette

    I wasn’t impressed by the way she LOOKED/SANG (perhaps the acoustics in the stadium/sound system was “off”). ANYWAYS ~ I’ve seen her LOOK/SOUND better!

  • jj

    She did just ok. I mean shes no Jennifer hudson or whitney. She did ok. She has kind of an annoying falsetto.

  • heynow

    she looked and sounded like CRAP!!!

  • xoxo

    she did alright, but the last note was waayyyy off…good for her for doing it life though.

  • flutters

    Great job by Carrie, and how awesome that she was actually singing LIVE! That took guts. The only glitch was the last note but other than that she was incredible!

  • Cristobal


  • meme

    she looked great………she’s very slim……love her hair…….she had to be sooooooooooo nervous……..she sounded great….but why can’t there be music accompanying her singing………..

  • becki


  • Cameron

    Her outfit is whack, she sucked singing and I can’t stand her. Queen Latifah looked way better.

  • Colleen

    Most have been prerecorded, even Whitney Houston. I thought she did a great job.

  • irene olson

    Better Carrie sang than Taylor!!

  • nyob

    That outfit and the last note were disasters. Otherwise, she did great. She has a beautiful voice and is just too cute.

  • Brit

    Carrie is a cow farm hoe

  • Grace

    I think she did amazing!

  • GalPal

    Great job! That last note not great but you did it live!!! Outstanding!!You looked wonderful-

  • Grace

    @Dog Lover: who you calling chubby? Fatass!

  • eliza

    You’re right about the last note. That was the only bad one. I agree that she did look wonderful and did an outstanding job.

  • Lian

    annoying voice for an annoying person. she almost sounds exactly like jessica simpson…

  • pixy

    She did fine people. Besides, she did it LIIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEE!!!! That means so much nowadays. That’s also a hard song to sing, easy to sound like sh** doing it. Good job Carrie!!

  • Dog Lover

    Jennifer Hudson sucks

  • Orchid

    Congratulations to the SAINTS! Brad and Maddox can go home happy.

  • Vogue

    Yeah!!! Saint’s won!! Drew Brees little son is so ADORABLE!! So happy for Drew!!!

  • sillyme

    Geez, I’m tired of hearing how much guts it too for her to sing live. Most artists do sing it live. Whitney, Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Faith Hill did not. But, in 40 years since the sb started most have been live.

    Carrie’s version, unfortunately, was very forgettable.

  • CanadaGirl

    She looks so proud of herself @ 2:40 , but Whitney’s version of the SSB is still the best. She can’t hit the notes as high as Miss Whitney….. in this Canadian’s opinion. :)

  • Amanda

    AWWWW I personally think she looked AND sounded amazingggggg!!!!!!!! She looked gorgeous and sang a wonderful rendition of the National Anthem!!!!!!! So if you don’t think so, don’t even bother wasting your time commenting here!!!! Please save yourself, and most importantly others, the trouble!!!!! :)

  • paula

    her hair was messy because it was windy, she cant help the wind!! her face is so beautifull …and whoever said she looked chubby????? oh my God are you on drugs?? i cant believe someone actually said that?…shes like 5’3 115 pounds size 2 or 4 at the most, shes a very healthy toned girl, she sang so flawlessly and i congratulate her for singing live unlike most artists who are fake…she is an american idol of course she will sing live carrie is REAL….what a hottie

  • she shall remain nameless

    Her hair looks stupid, like it got caught in the wind and didn’t keep to the rest of the tamed hair. But I think she did alright, she tried to hit too many high notes that it came a little pitchy. And I do agree…the last word of the song (brave) was really bad, it was like she was gonna lose her breath. But overall, she did good singing in front of so many people LIVE.

  • wow

    if I paid her to do this, I probably wanted my money back. Why sing live if she can’t pull it off? what’s the point?

  • Amanda

    @jj: That’s funny, because she didn’t use her falsetto at all in that performance.@Lian: Ha! Her tone is way different so that comparison is a complete joke.@Dog Lover: If by chubby you mean maybe one size bigger than she normally looks, then yes.
    In all reality, it wasn’t about her hair or her outfit. It was about the vocals and with the exception of that last note she sounded fantastic. Why do we have to compare her version to anyone else’s? If you liked other versions better then go listen to them instead of sitting here saying how much you hated Carrie’s version. Chances are that those versions were pre-recorded because this is an incredibly hard song to sing absolutely perfect live. I know you guys are sick of hearing that it takes guts to do so but it really, really does because nobody wants to screw up the NA in front of millions of people.
    I personally think she looked and sounded great and I was glad she stayed true to the original version.

  • adrianna

    hi elvis

  • Ali

    out of tune… one of the worst.

  • sorrycarrie

    gotta say that her performance wasn’t the best i’ve heard. she was fine, but there is just no subtlety. it’s like she sang at full volume the entire song. it was too “one-note” to me, and the final note was entirely off-key.

    nope, Whitney Houston still has the best version of this song, at least of the “divas”. and for those of you who think she can’t do it live, check out this performance i found on youtube. it’s not from the Superbowl, but it’s from some concert she gave to soldiers in the same year.

  • AutumnM

    I think she did a nice job and I love her outfit! Carrie looks great

  • Jeff

    Carrie did a great job. and she did it live. She looked hot too, I don’t know what you all are talking about. The only thing that was off was the last note, otherwise she did a very good job. I don’t know why you all are comparing JHud to Carrie, JHud has a nice voice, but she over sings way too much.

  • Carolyn

    Carrie did amazing! Loved her outfit too! I think the wind made her hair look messy but otherwise, she did really well and looked hot!

  • cacey

    CARRIE is one of those kids u hated in class becos they were smart and rubbed it in ur FACE. sHE SINGS WELL BUT sometimes over do things. She has this ANNOYING thing with her mannerism, I just can not put my finger on it. And as for her constant bad hair; it is called white TRASH HAIR, NO amount of money can wipe that away.

  • Meghan

    I think Carrie sounded absolutely AMAZING! She is beautiful and extremely talented and what I love so much about her is how down to earth she is. I respect her so much for all she does and was so happy for her! Yes, Whitney is extremely talented as well, but she has had her time. Now, it is Carrie’s time to shine!
    Love you Carebear!

  • brianna

    I thought she was amazing, aside from that last note. That was a bit off, but other than that she did a wonderful job. For everyone saying she sucked, seriously, just be quiet. I’d like to see any of you have that much guts to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, LIVE, in front of billions of people, and sound perfect. So she got a little nervous, sue the girl! Watch this video of her from the sound check for the Super Bowl; she was FLAWLESS, and did better than the actual Super Bowl: .

    And I don’t know what you’re smoking, whoever said she looked chubby. She’s really tiny.

  • jen

    To all you ridiculous, jealous, bitter, and pathetic people out there (Scott Borchetta)…This is from Entertainment Weekly:

    You want your National Anthem sung right? You call an American Idol alum. At least that seems to be the consistent (and, to be honest, correct) message brought to you by the good folks of the NFL. Last year’s Super Bowl found Jennifer Hudson singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” while this year’s NFC and AFC conference championship games brought Kris Allen and Jordin Sparks to the mic to get in touch with their inner patriots (national, not New England). And for tonight’s all-eyes-are-locked-on-it game, we got Idol’s season 4 champ and ubiquitous country queen Carrie Underwood offering her own (not-surprisingly) exquisite twist on the National Anthem.

    Clad in a dazzling white pantsuit, a top that looked like it was made from the scales of a silver reptile, and a pair of “whoa, mama!” platform heels (in other words, your basic Storm Trooper chic), Carrie stepped up to the mic without a hint of nervousness and delivered the goods under pressure. This wasn’t a make-it-your-own “Star-Spangled Banner,” but rather, a traditional rendition that was clear, powerful, and heartfelt. But honestly, when it comes to the National Anthem, do we really want singers taking liberties with the melody? For the love of Francis Scott Key, I would like to offer my own resounding answer to that question: “Heck, no!” And so, The Lady Underwood keeps intact a record of vocal spotlessness* that would be the envy of even an Indianapolis fan. In other words…well played, Ms. Underwood, well played.

    That is how a talented female vocalist sings. Go Carrie! You were awesome!!!!!

  • Gambler

    That could have been better. It wasn’t bad, but it sounded like she was trying too hard. Let the mic do its job, Carrie.

  • cacey


    nobody IS JEALOUS of carrie u. SHE might have a lot money BUT i will never trade my looks and life FOR hers. I can always get rich but I can never buy good looks and pleasant disposition.

  • baby

    she sounded good to me

  • mm