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Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell Have a 'Dream House' Day

Daniel Craig & Satsuki Mitchell Have a 'Dream House' Day

Daniel Craig and his girlfriend, film producer Satsuki Mitchell, leave the film set of his new film, Dream House, on Sunday (February 7) in Toronto, Canada.

The 41-year-old actor will star opposite Naomi Watts in the forthcoming film.

Dream House, which tells the story of a family that moves into a new house, only to learn that the last residents of the home were victims of a horrific crime, is expected to hit the big screen in 2011!

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daniel craig satsuki mitchell dream house 01
daniel craig satsuki mitchell dream house 02
daniel craig satsuki mitchell dream house 03
daniel craig satsuki mitchell dream house 04
daniel craig satsuki mitchell dream house 05

Credit: O\\\'Neill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • first

    He looks gorgeous!
    Can’t wait to watch him again on the big screen.

  • re: pics

    she looks smug as usual, no wife, still g/f?

  • wow

    That man sure can wear a dress coat! As usual he looks mighty fine.

  • ?????

    Anyone know why they are in Tampa?

  • wow

    That man sure can wear a dress coat. As usual he looks mighty fine.

  • Slashergirl

    They’re actually filming in Toronto Canada. It’s the production’s first day of Principal Photography.

  • Tampa FL

    Because JJ got it WRONG!!!

    Wrong country….try CANADA !

  • ?????

    im sorry but why doesn’t it say wife? and i thought he was in toronto? maybe the weather too bad in toronto to film?

    why hasnt no-one in tampa tweeted they have seen him?
    why do they make her out to be part of the film? why does she have to part of everything?

  • old post from other thread

    Satsuki @ 02/07/2010 at 7:38 am

    I’m sure though some of you won’t believe it but Satsuki does indeed have a life of her own too. I’m sure she doesn’t just spend her day’s waiting in Daniel’s trailer for him, ready to see to any of his needs Because to me that would be a very, very sad existence for any woman to live no matter what the perks where.


    I had to post this one from the other thread.
    I think the above pictures will answer your questions.

  • Florida

    Seems as if JJ is jut copying from other gossip sites without any effort of verifying. Daniel is Toronto right now. Either this pics are made earlier then stated or they are not made in Florida.

  • coat


    That man sure can wear a dress coat


    Yes but it’s about three sizes too big for her.

  • Outta Here………

    OK, I’m outta here.

    The Satsuki-bashing trolls have arrived already so no decent conversation until they get bored.

    Bye folks.

  • gorgoues

    just gorgeous!

  • re: 12

    @Outta Here………:

    Why come on here if you know the score?
    Only yourself to blame.

  • to 12

    well let’s face it, satsuki gives us enough ammo to talk about. look at her. she looks like a wrinkly granny wrapped up in a large piece of carpet.
    how does she worm her way into everything? can’t the man flipping film in peace? no wonder his acting has gone down the toilet. he relies on her way too much.

  • a few things

    1) The man is controlled way too much.
    2) She is controlling and needs to be with him everywhere.
    3) She has a crap career herself so she turns up to ‘advise’ him on his acting.
    4) How the production crew put up with her is simply because he is Daniel Craig.
    5) He better be careful about her forcing herself into every job he has as that gives a very bad impression.
    6) Daniel already is laughed at because of Satsuki being there EVERY minute.

  • payroll

    Is Satsuki paid for this? Does he pay her?

  • sick irony

    i think they both think they are royalty, ironic isnt it?

  • Tim Craig Twitter

    A man shouldn’t fool with booze until he’s fifty; then he’s a damm fool if he doesn’t. William Faulkner
    about 3 hours ago from web


    Is he trying to tell us something? ;)

  • LuckyL

    Oh look, Jared actually portrayed her as someone having her own career for once.

  • theorists

    I want to know where all the theorists are now with the body language etc.
    I remember all the stories about why she looked unhappy during the QoS circuit blah blah, why he said what he did etc etc.

    It seems to me they are married now, she has the man, secured financially and that’s that. Why shouldn’t she look smug?

    What do they have to say now? That there is no certificate? Give me a break, I think the press have found it but under some form of clause not to print it.
    He’s wearing a ring, she is in past pictures.
    Love to see if he is wearing it in those pics but took it off for filming maybe?

  • to luckL


    Well JJ can’t get their facts straight can they?

    Tampa???? Really??

    Her own career?? Really??

    F*cking tragic media outlet this is.

  • lol u have 2 b kidding

    “Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell: “Dream House” Duo: Hard at work on another new project”.


    Hmmm…have to think about that one..bit of a stretch isn’t it?

  • Ugly Smugly

    His gf is very hideous looking. As usual, he looks gorgeous. His gf can’t have much of her own life as she is constantly on HIS movie sets, his meetings, his premieres, etc. She is just another boring Hollywood clingon.

  • to to luckL

    gf??, really??

  • LuckyL

    to luckL @ 02/07/2010 at 4:14 pm


    Well JJ can’t get their facts straight can they?

    Tampa???? Really??

    Her own career?? Really??

    F*cking tragic media outlet this is.
    It’s very strange the two people on here constantly posting and hating on her as well. The ban feature needs to be added. I don’t even know much about or care for this woman, but I honestly do think the two angry housewives on this thread hate her because another quote “Asian woman stole their white man.”

    This man is below average in the face and is quite elderly looking. Good day.

  • Guard

    Of course his gf is on the set (probably 24/7)-look at her and then look at Naomi Watts. Naomi is beautiful, talented and independent-everything his gf is not. The gf is doing her usual “guarding” of the goldpot.

  • Work harder Daniel

    These photos make me so sad to see him this way. Whatever happened to the golden man who walked out of the sea. Now he looks beaten and spent. She has sucked the life from him. Look at her cackle like a hen.

  • minnie

    SOME of you commentators are freaks. he doesn’t know you, he doesn’t care about you. He has a girl friend get over it. Hah

  • CanadaGirl

    @wow: I agree. Daniel exudes class and style.

  • to 26


    It’s called expressing thoughts and feelings. They can’t ban freedom of Speech.
    If you don’t like this forum then piss off to D2D with your condescending posts.

  • a few things


    I am neither Asian nor a housewife. Just a person who knows what Satsuki really is about.

    Someone should tell you you don’t know it all.


    From D2D are we? Even you can’t say “wife”. can you?
    Hurts too much?

  • a few things


    i agree. He and Naomi have a huge sex scene to film this week too.

    Her Golden Goose has a Rottweiler. Her.

    @Work harder Daniel:

    I agree. He looks haggard. Just like Brad Pitt does now.
    Cackle is the right word for a witch.

  • ?

    Why isn’t she paying attention to Daniel? You would think she would be all over him as she sees the paps. Fame w h o r e that she is.

    He is telling her something though. He looks so very tired.

  • to 34

    probably to shut her huge horse mouth in case some snow gets in there.

  • to 33 compare

    Brad has six kids. Daniel has ramen noodle.

  • observations

    what a ‘poser’. she sees the paps again, looks right at them. She is ready to laugh and pretend. she knows she is being photo’d. she ignores Daniel, turning her head away from him, completely shutting him out of the conversation, while she ‘pretends’ to be completely engrossed with the film crew guy. very similar acting as she did at hugh’s WOO charity gala. acting like she is better than he is. poser. nothing new.

  • Brenda

    I saw her walking her dog in NYC recently. She was gorgeous in person. I usually slam her.
    I was shocked by how gorgeous she really is. She just isn’t very photogenic and now I see why he likes her.
    You could tell from a block away a beautiful woman was on the street.
    It was wild.

  • gal pal? sats will be pissed
    read above
    “Daniel Craig’s gal pal pays a visit”…lol..Canada cracks me up.

    I have a feeling they will announce their marriage soon, She must get really pissed at that.

  • to Brenda


    Satsuki does not have a dog. Yes I know.
    Do you mean Naomi Watts?

    As for telling a block away, yes, in the UK Satsuki is called a “blocker” but that’s because she has a face like a stopped clock and it takes about a block away to not see that.

  • ;)

    at least she isn’t covered in make up, she looks as if she hasnt any on.
    got to hand it to her, she has guts.

  • more with out her
  • 007

    When is he going to start filming the next James Bond?

  • Brenda

    #40, Are you sure?
    I saw her on E. 70th btw. Madison and Park.
    It sure looked like her.
    She had the same legs and face. She had on a short fur jacket
    and a small dog. Major attitude too.
    I know Naomi, it wasn’t her, plus Naomi lives downtown.

  • to Brenda

    WHEN did you see her walking a dog in NYC?

  • kami

    there are a “few” psychologically disturbed people posting negative comments under different names on this thread. or maybe the same person posting over and over. hating someone you don’t know–an actor’s significant other–speaks clearly of a deep-seated resentment of yourself. when you are unhappy with yourself, you put other people down, hoping to make yourself feel better. it never works. it only creates more anger within you. take a look at who you are inside. btw, daniel craig doesn’t give a s-h-i-t in hell what you nut cases think of him or his girlfriend.

  • to Brenda #44


    No. She does not have a dog.
    Also when did you apparently see her? I know when they arrived in Toronto so give me the date and I can confirm it.


    From what I’ve heard, it’s tentative for October this year.

  • to kami

    @kami: Why don’t you practice what you preach, beyatch!

  • kami


    you got it right. that “one” or “two” posters are really angry about something. from her/their comments, it’s clear she/they don’t like themselves. sounds like a lot of self hatred. i’m off to do something productive while she/they will try to purge a lot of self hatred on this thread.

  • Guinness

    I love her leather purse thingy!! Does LLBean make a walking sleeping bag? Wow. this looks like his gf is really attached. aawww. so cute and suffocating… but they love each other.

    He looks as if he didn’t apply his eye concealer…or visine. ouch. BUT he is wonderfully beautiful as always. The coat is suave, but better in black!

    You make it here yet Mendel?