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Kate Gosselin is a Manhattan Mama

Kate Gosselin is a Manhattan Mama

Kate Gosselin leaves the Ted Gibson Salon in Manhattan on Friday (February 5) with the owner, stylist Ted Gibson.

The 34-year-old reality star got her makeup touched up at a nearby MAC store and the two hailed a cab heading downtown.

Kate will be co-hosting The View on March 11 – when she last hosted in September, she showed off a shorter ‘do.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin and Ted Gibson heading downtown…

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kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 01
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 02
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 03
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 04
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 05
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 06
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 07
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 08
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 09
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 10
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 11
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 12
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 13
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 14
kate gosselin ted gibson new hairdo 15

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  • MalibuSunrise

    she looks good here

  • danielle

    Glad she has so much expendable income with 8 kids that she can afford pricey touch ups for extensions and color.

  • Denise

    Who watches the kids?

  • rhonda

    too bad she can’t buy a personality transplant. Is that her boyfriend?

  • ka-blamo

    She looks sofa king dumb with this hair style.

  • brightside

    I really don’t like her nor do I agree that she knowingly made a media circus of her life and children for money, but this is the nicest I’ve seen her look. Mind you she can afford it. Let’s hope she can afford her kids therapy bills.

  • rachel

    those are probably the worst hair extensions i have ever seen.

  • blythe

    ok, this was in NEW YORK? it is freaking freezing here! how is she wearing a mini skirt, sandals, and no gloves???!!??

    what the hell??

  • Jokergurl

    another synthetic media creation, who cares? I just feel for all those kids, not moron mom and dumbo dad.

  • jessie

    This is the best I have seen her look!! Wowww.. but yeahh i’m with @blythe on this one.. isnt it freezing in NY at this time of year?!

  • evalynn

    she looks nice here, but where does she have all this extra money to make herself all pretty when she has 8 kids at home

  • Brett

    It’s about 12 degrees in NYC and she has nothing on.
    This woman is a freak.

  • Emily

    yes she looks good i will admit but why isnt she with her kids b.b everyone knows jons off being a hot mess

  • Courtney

    The View??? You’ve got to be kidding me, this loser’s 15 minutes has expired a long time ago go away Gosselins

  • Jessa

    She does not look age appropriate. She is desperately trying to look sexy and glamorous and just looks tacky and inappropriate all the time. She really needs style advice badly. I do not even mean this to be cruel or insulting, it is just so glaringly obvious that she has no idea of how to dress. It is not like she is ugly or has a bad figure. She could certainly find someone to help her dress stylishly. I always wonder about the kids when I see Kate or Jon out on the town. I feel so sorry for them. Parents who exploited them, allowed their family to be ripped apart on tv and left with nannies while their parents are in Park City and New York. Sad, Sad, Sad for them.

  • kathryn

    I don’t get the shoes; seriously, it is freezing in NY right now; why is she wearing shoes like that?!?

  • Liz86000

    Wow, she looks great!

  • Liz86000

    @put her DOWN: It’s never “the best thing” for a father to walk away from his children!

  • put her DOWN


    in this case, it so is

  • nonfriend

    How much snow did your kids get in PA, Kate? Were able to get home to them?

  • nonfriend

    PS….Katie’s drunk.

  • peezy

    Ummm NY is cooolllllddd as ice right now! WTF is she wearing?

  • All Women Stalker

    Those look like Britney’s extensions. She must be really really really cold, too.

  • dwayne

    Hey I live in NY and this HO is the only one without a coat on here WTF is wrong with this old creature anyways…yo mama go home and be the soccer mama you portrayed to be when me mama watched you arze on tv several years ago

  • Annetherese

    She craves the limelight – WHY is she still around????
    Please, for the love of God, GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nancy

    she looks so blah here. before at least she had some edge to her. That hair screams soccer mom

  • nonfriend

    Those kids aren’t in soccer or outside activities because it is all made up for the cameras. Gymnastics for Leah was a one time camera deal, everything they do is for the cameras. No T-Ball, no organized sports to build esteem, she doesn’t encourage the kids to join. Keeps the kids isolated in that house, what a life for the little Gosselin cash cows. Now TLC has Jon backed into a corner to let TLC film the kids again. J +K plus TLC, nothing but child exploiters damaging these kids. Imagine what is said to those kids so they give in to the cameras. The manipulation that goes on by the adults. Sick!

  • Whoever

    I like that length on her…. Best I have ever seen her look! However, she should get her money back!!! The blending is horrible!! You can SO tell where her real hair ends! YUCK! Anyway, I cant believe she is considered a celeb now!

  • HeyHowAreYa

    I’m with all of you…1) It’s FREEZING in NY right now – why is she wearing that?! 2) Those extensions look like Brit Brit’s leftovers. 3) She has eight kids at home without a proper mother and father. She’s just as pathetic as her ex-husband.

  • hello

    I don’t care how she wears her hair or her looks.. Whatever. I think that if this is the only way she can support herself then that’s sad really. She kinda looks like a “girl next door crosses Kathy Lee Gifford.” Just my opinion.. If I was her I’d take this time to go back to school.

  • nonfriend

    JJ is just trying to make Kate look good. Truth is Kate likes chomping her gum, visiting Butter’s in NYC with Ted, knocking back a few while her kids are getting snowed in PA. Wonder if the power went out? Was Kate holding on to Ted so tight because she drank too much? Look how she is cackling in the pics from Dlisted. Show the whole story, JJ! Kate gets made up for a trip to Butter’s and PHOTO OPS.

  • African Girl

    Coulda sworn it was Lindsey Lohan’s mother.

  • Tilia

    I’m an old woman who raised 5 children without any nanny or grandma. I never had money for clothes or beauty stuff, and I had no occasion to go out, never had holidays or free time. BUT- I’m not zealous, I’m glad and happy reading about younger mothers, who can afford some me-time, who won’t loose self-esteem, who won’t feel be a floorcloth, and I hope that all unloved wifes and mothers will find love again in their lives.

  • Oceane

    @rachel: I 2nd that but compaired to the previous hairstyle it looks great lol

  • anna

    I don’t know why this person is famous and I would never watch her show, but her hair looks better than ever!

  • Gale Forcewinds

    Will Jon and Kate and the 8 go away.
    Why is The View having this girl on?

    Give it a rest.
    Oh, the View gets housewives.Housewives LOVe Kate.Bitter women who got dumped LOVE Kate.
    Those kinds of people are her faithful paying market.
    Kates says thanks for the millions off of her minions.

    Enough of this phoney baloney.

    Me, I am not going to watch the E! Hollywood Special, The Gosselin 8 in 5-8 years when these kids are in difficult stages of life.

    I hope Kate’s minions watch that show too.

  • Lc

    Her new hair looks so cute, way better than the curls she had before. She looks amazing! Jon Gosselin is probably kicking himself right about now…

  • Whoppie

    she got her extensions snipped shorter and he straightened it…genious…she still looks like a rats ass cause she is…and a trampie tramp tramp…she needs a good size dick up her ass now and she won’t be so ……….

  • she shall remain nameless

    She’s dressing like that because she’ s trying to get some haha. We all know that’s not going to happen. And why does she have to expose her nasty kankles???

  • wow

    She dressed like that in Manhattan? It’s freaking cold here. That’s a definitely photo-op. If I were her, I’d have dressed up better then. Isn’t her 15 min up yet?

  • lily

    She looks the best here that I have seen her. She looks so much better with long hair..what was she thinking before?!? stupid woman.

  • rhonda

    is there some great demand for this hag somewhere? is that her boyfriend or her “bodyguard”? anyone know. wasn’t she crying on the today show about not having money to pay her bills?

  • julie

    Kate you look beautiful and scrumptious, you have the best legs I’ve seen! Ever! (Not two ugly sticks like some woman do) Girl don’t forget you’re still young and beautiful and a are a very smart girl, with your whole life ahead of ya! Good luck! Love ya!

  • omg

    @blythe: agree

    Her hair would look better if it was real. I realize she has to let it grow out to that length, but she has realize the weave does not hide all the stupid spikes she had from her previous haircut.

  • Ariana

    She looks great and her outfit is super cute, better than usual. Yet i can’t help but wonder why she isn’t with her kids. I guess everyone needs a break?

  • jessie

    WOW!!!!! This old hag is crab toed

  • Jon


  • Jon

    K-U- N-T

  • nursedatingsite

    She is so pretty

  • Diego

    I think that she’s not wearing a coat or anything for the cameras cuz even if she’s cold she looks good and that’s all that matters in this business, I’m not saying that it’s not wrong I’m just saying. that’s how it is