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Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Party With Maxim

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo Party With Maxim

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo look like a cute couple at the 2010 Maxim Party on Saturday (February 6) at The Raleigh in Miami, Florida.

Jessica Simpson‘s father, Joe Simpson reportedly stopped by his former son-in-law Nick‘s Superbowl party at the Hotel 944 at Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach. “Nick doesn’t know I’m here!” an eyewitness at the party heard him confess.

“I was so confused because I thought they hated each other,” the eyewitness tells OK!. When Nick found out that Joe was at the party he said, “I haven’t talked to Joe in years. So be it.”

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Photos: Christopher Polk/Getty
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  • cacey

    JOE simpson thought his DAUGHTER COULD do better. I am sure HE REGRETS ever putting A wedge btw THOSE TWO. nICK IS a great guy COMPARED TO romo, john mayer etc.

  • Lucy

    Is this losers festival or what?

  • e

    those two are just useless.

  • Dreadlocks

    This guy is so ugly. What’s the big deal about him? And most importantly, what’s the freakin’ deal about his useless girlfriend?!

  • nate

    Nick is so hot, and Vanessa is WAY prettier than dumb Jessica simpson.

  • meme

    i agree with #5. i wish these two would just marry already…time to be a daddy nick!!! and stay away from joe simpson…he is poison!!! he probly wanted to beg nick to go back with jessica… other guys want her………..

  • A

    I know Nick had a bad experience with Jessica, but he shouldn’t punish Vanessa for it. Vanessa is so pretty, cute, and hot. She’s got all 3 goin’ on! She seems very sweet too. He’s been stringing her along forever! He better wise up and marry her already before she finds somebody better. I think she should at this point anyway.

  • Illy

    Nick leave these publicity skank, she’s not the ONE!!!

  • remember da truth

    What is this obsession with marriage? It’s like a bunch of little girls playing house thinking that getting married is the end-all and be-all. This isn’t 1810 when getting married was a woman’s only occupation and her survival and like getting a job.

    If two people are committed, that means so much more than a marriage, which has been proven not to keep people committed to each other. It means more when they aren’t married that they stay together because then it’s for real and not about convenience or a legal contract.

  • remember da truth

    I’m wondering what Nick does for a living these days. He’s not singing anymore, so what is he doing?

  • African Girl

    @remember da truth:
    Ain’t that the truth RDT.

  • Diego

    Vanessa looks hot, she’s so tanned she looks really HOT

  • ace11

    nick would be a total idiot IF he marries this chick..

    he doesn’t want this chick to burn him..totally understandable

  • Ren

    @Travis: not everyone cares about whites/blonds, calm down and go jerk your needle dick

  • topper

    Vanessa looks like a bloated tranny! She needs to lay out of the sun because she looks older than Nick & he isn’t that young. I don’t think Nick will marry her being she’s so desperate and loves the limelight too much (not to mention she drinks too much-not Mommy material). I heard she is a stuck-up b!tch in person, too. Nick should just end the party and find a girl with class and a job!

  • lakers fan in boston

    they may be nobodies but i think they were made for each other
    they have 2 face it that they cant do any better than they have already
    vanessa could probably do better but she shouldnt risk it
    Losers till death thus them part, how cute =p


    AHHH BTW, VANESSA IS A LITTLE FILIPINO AND HALF ITALIAN, she is beautiful and exotic no one can duplicate her look, now look at jessica simpson nothing special there she looks like every other girl in texas and in hollywood and everywhere else, oh and nicks parents hated jessica. SO THERE YOU GO, TO SAY BLONDS DONT ALWAYS HAVE ALL THE FUN JUST ASK LETS SEE… JESSICA SIMPSON, JENNIFER ANISTON, CAMERON DIAZ, ANNA NICOLE SMITH MAY SHE RIP, BRITNEY SPEARS SHOULD I GO ON????????? So what does white and blond mean these days SHIT – THATS WHAT BLOND AND WHITE MEANS, SHIT OHHH AND LETS NOT FORGET MADONNA. heck I should know im blong and white and have soo much hardache everyday and guess what im pretty and petite yet Im always being hurt. SO i wish i was something other THAN WHITE AND BLOND. BLONDS DONT ALWAYS HAVE MORE FUN. NICK STAY WITH VANESSA SHE IS A KEEPER AND A WONDERUFL WOMEN AND BEAUTIFUL AT THE SAME TIME.

  • Ginger

    What the frock is wrong with my laptop???? hahaha… anyway, I wanted these two to get together after Jessica left him… and tada! They got together!!!! So I’m rooting for Nick & Vanessa to make their relationship work!! hahaha… I also wanted Brad and Angelina to get together while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston… and that was when he and Angelina haven’t met yet!! it was right after she adopted Maddox and left Billie Bob! And TADA! They hooked up too!!! hahahaa… I hope these two also stay together for my sake and prediction.. hahaha

  • jaine

    I hope these two make it work. I mean I cant believe Nick put up with Jessica bimbo for years. He really is a nice guy.

  • A

    @remember da truth: Wrong RDT, it is about convenience when a guy keeps a girl around and doesn’t marry her. It’s also about weak, pathetic, low self-esteem, dumb women that put up with it year after year after year. Women can be modern and still be married you know.

  • lisali

    Nick is a nice guy.. Joe is vile.

  • Saints

    I think it’s time Nick and Vanessa get a f-ing job! How do they afford to party all the time? Vanessa is known to be a diva so maybe that’s why nobody will hire her. Nick’s career is over and the only gigs he gets now are hosting.

  • Provaiders

    She is fantastic

  • Super fat burner articles

    damn! she is gorgeous!

  • rita

    I really can’t stand vanessa!! normally i really do care about celebritys and all that stuff. but i definietly still see deep luv between jess and nick, they still do luv each other u can tell. and it is true that vanessa is very stuck u and luvs publicity she is getting with nick!!! nick needs to do something about it because he wants children, jess has matured so much and she really wants children. So it makes them perfect. swallow both of ur prides and get back togther nick and jess!!!

  • michelle

    nick doesnt look as happy as he did with jessica in any of his pictures. sad that true love doesnt conquer all and that ppl jus get divorces; mistakes are bound to happen but with time all can be forgiven. sad. o wells its life right

  • michelle

    @rita: i totally agree. its so sad.

  • michelle

    i totally agree. its sad. u can tell they both love each other. they cant even talk to each other. i wish they would at least talk to each other