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Orlando Bloom: 'Good Doctor' & Date Night!

Orlando Bloom: 'Good Doctor' & Date Night!

Orlando Bloom has a pensive moment in between shooting scenes for The Good Doctor on Saturday (February 6) in Venica, Calif.

The 33-year-old actor has been filming for about a week now – on Friday, he took a dip in the ocean for a scene!

Orly‘s girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, recently did a live blogging session with Australia’s Daily Telegraph where readers wrote in and asked her questions.

A reader asked what Miranda and Orly do to keep their date nights private – “It’s just a matter of getting creative and having movie nights at home,” she shared, “which I do not mind at all.”

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  • reba

    He looks good in black.

  • seba

    He looks good in everything.

  • May

    Please JJ, stop mentioning his gf, we are interested in him, not in that girl…!

  • @May

    He’s ‘tied’ to Miranda the way he was ‘tied’ to Kate. Package deal. Comes with the territory. You should be used to it by now.

  • ka-blamo

    Remember when he used to be hot??

  • @5

    “used to be hot”?
    he still is, IMO
    No, I take that back. I think that he is hotter now that he has lost some of that boyish ‘prettiness’ that he had for so long. I much prefer the chisled look that he has going on now. He is ageing beautifully to my eyes.
    Can’t wait for these new films to come out/
    Love him!!

  • ???



  • May

    Original question and asnwer:
    Hi Miranda,
    Wondering what you would give up for a quiet drink and movie, without all the attention that you attract.
    Is it that easy to do without going to great lengths to hide?

    It’s just a matter of getting creative and having movie nights at home which i do not mind at all.

  • black

    Noone cares for him anymore. Especially not when he´s NOT wearing a costume.
    All of his movies so far sucked.

  • @May

    Weren’t you saying that you didn’t want to hear about the gf, blah blah? Now you want to talk about her?

  • ???


    Thank you for the original Question! The answer has nothing to do with Orlando and Miranda!
    And JJ please stop mentioning his GF. That is about his new Movie and not about Miranda!
    We are interessted in him and his new Movie and not in that girl

  • @???

    Wait, you thank May for talking about Miranda and tell off JJ for doing the same?
    I love this site

  • Pry

    I really love him. He is so sexy.

  • Sasha

    Now all of you who don’t want to hear about “The Girlfriend” know how some of us felt when we didn’t want to hear about a previous GF. I’m also convinced this doctor character he’s playing must be a total psycho. Else why the ultra-bland look.

  • nursedatingsite

    I love Him!

  • gross

    not hot at all !!!

  • -

    Yummy :)

  • citylove

    I love Orlando ! Can’t wait for this flick !

  • Michelle

    Honestly, he looks like shit, sorry to say….I cannot understand what people see in him….He is a very average guy, there are way more handsome actors

  • @19

    Uhmmm, because he is “honestly” gorgeous, talented and altruistic.
    If you don’t like him, fine. But why are you wasting time on a thread for an actor that you claim not to like? Is your life really that empty? Poor thing.

  • @9

    Speak for yourself.
    He still has a huge following.
    Not as manic as it was a few years ago (thank goodness), but he still winds up on the ‘most popular’ polls, even though he hasn’t been on the big screen in a while. That kind of staying power means that people DO care about him.

  • @12


  • heinus

    Not Hot at all!!!!!!!

  • mirander the loser

    Mirander Kerr is nothing but skeleton 12 year old boy looking girl with a massive round face. I dont get the attraction she’s been getting in the recent months.

  • jaine

    He certainly aint as hot as he used to be. He looks old and leathery looking in these pics.

  • @23/24/25

    Grouping you all together because you are the same person….
    Disagree. I find him incredibly hot.
    Evidently a whole heck of a lot of people disagree with you, or she wouldn’t be getting the “attraction”. Simple, huh?
    I think that he is hotter. Much more mature looking.
    “old and leathery”? If you think that a young looking 33 is “old and leathery”, you must be 12.
    Go back to the twihard threads, and leave the grown-ups alone.

  • jaine

    ^You seem to have such terrible tastes in men. LOL. I am not the same person…HAHAHA why get so offended that not everyone bows down to him. Do you think Orlando gives a shit about you? And yes he does look old, leathery and bland in these pics. And not all 33 year olds look as old as he does here.

  • @27

    Once again, a whole heck of a lot of people would disagree with you.
    And since you seem unable to accept that people like different things, and then resort to obscenity, then I agree with #25. You are either 12-13, or a very juvenile 18 year old.
    IMO, he is gorgeous.
    That’s all that matters to me.

  • guh!

    My gosh.
    Just look at that bone structure!
    beautiful man!

  • Stainsgroupie

    If you don’t like the man why comment or look at his pictures? Leave it to us that find him incredibly gorgeous, captivating and utterly irresistible! Yes, there are quite a lot of us who still find him attractive. But thanks for the hits on his pictures either way, insuring that JJ keeps posting super sexy pictures of him!

  • keep it up jj

    Love seeing Orlando, he is beautiful! I also like Miranda, and like seeing them together. Keep up the good work.

  • k

    Orlando is absolutely gorgeous! He needed a break and I am glad he is back to work. I missed him!

  • betty

    orlando is hot hot hot!!!!!! asnd he is amazing in sympathy for delicious!!!!

  • Jayne

    ORLANDO IS HOT and he looks good and he films R AMAZING LOVE THEM ALL if u dont like them why c them AND NO HE DOES NOT LOOK OLD. I think miranda is not good 4 him he needs some1 who wants 2 be with him she talks like she dont need orlando like hes there 4 fun and 2 get her some where she has ever said i feel lucky 2 have orlando and that she loves him.

  • Dana

    He Is The Best! =]

  • Jayne

    It’s been 6-8 weeks and no miranda and orlando 2gether and when is orlando coming home 2 the uk.

  • Jayne

    where is orlando gone? i would love 2 c more of him on here.

  • Joshy Josh

    Miranda Kerr is crap! Orlando Bloom get rid of her and date someone intelligent.

  • Jayne

    still no orlando

  • Jayne

    its been 8 -9 week now no orlando and miranda 2gether may be they have had a fight or some think?

  • ?

    Miranda is the lucky 1 2 have orlando.