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Adam Lambert to Attend The Blonds Fashion Show -- EXCLUSIVE

Adam Lambert to Attend The Blonds Fashion Show -- EXCLUSIVE

Adam Lambert is set to attend next Tuesday’s MUCH-ANTICIPATED runway presentation from The Blonds during NY Fashion Week, sources confirm exclusively to

Fancy footwear designer Christian Louboutin designed all of the shoes that will be hitting the catwalk. Designers David and Phillipe Blond (pictured here) collaborated with Christian on all of the embellishing, so each shoe will go perfectly with each look from the show.

“There is a special model who will be opening the show,” another source tells Just Jared. “And it will drive the audience BA NA NAS!”

Rihanna, Katy Perry and Amerie are all fans of The Blonds as well. Check out the girls wearing some signature pieces from The Blonds here, here and here.

Feel free to follow Adam on Twitter @AdamLambert and Phillipe at @PhillipeBlond.

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  • sillyme

    He’s attending a fashion show? Wow…so what? A gay guy attending a fashion show – that’s really news!

  • Jory

    OMG i hope he is opening the show he is amazing model as well as singer and dancer and actor no one can beat him he is the sexiest thing ever ..

  • Jory

    Oh Wow Adam really attract everyone his hard core fans of course and the haters and they are hilarious !! i can’t roll my eyes further once they see subject about him they jump to write any crap !! I hope i see him Strut on that runway ;)

  • http://breakup melody

    @sillyme: @Jory:

    Not very nice a bit bigoted.. don’t you think .Male movie stars also attend fashion shows.. sexuality not usually expressed.

  • Beauty

    I LOVE what they did with Amerie!!! She’s my GIRL! Adam Lambert has been known to rock a corset or two also, so it should be interesting to see what they come up with for him (if he walks the runway). Anyway, he’s VERY modelesque – much more so than many of the celebritites (male and female) that are out right now. This is a good look for him and a great way for him to expand his brand. It’s good to see this VERY talented man just out there – DOIN’ IT!!! You go Adam! Can’t wait to see what he come up with next.

  • yo sista

    At first i thought the b!tch in the banana is Lady Gaga!!!! I sweeeeerrrrr!
    And a big NO at him…. no no no Hunney

  • Katie

    Awesome. I checked out the Blonds website at some point and they are crazy in a good way. So much fun. I hope Adam has a great time.

  • Mari

    yyayayayay of course Adam will be at NY Fashion Week!!!! I’m excite!!

  • Sady

    I love their clothes. Hope Adam have lot’s of fun :)

  • ooogahh

    Ohhh…. that’s thuper Adam! maybe you can pick up a few cute dresses for yourself.

  • cool kid

    BA NA NAS -> reference to the song Hollaback Girl… GWEN STEFANI

  • Thank God

    The big news here is that he’s NOT singing.

  • Jenn

    Why wouldn’t he go to NY for Fashion week? Lots of stars go – both male and female. Adam exudes fashion and loves fashion, I see no issue here.

  • JLM

    @yo sista: It isn’t Adam fool!!

  • Jenn

    @yo sista: It isn’t Adam goofy ball!!

  • JLM

    @yo sista: It isn’t Adam – what is your problem??

  • Tootsie

    JJ..I think you meant…” The Bimbos”

  • Jake


  • Millia

    I want to go my life sucks > : (

  • TJ

    Katy looked like a goddess in that dress!!!

  • whaaaat

    He’s going? Shut up? I’M GOING!!!!! Hope I get a chance to meet him he’s so chill and nice pray for me.

  • whaaaaaaaaaat

    He’s going? Shut up? I’M GOING!!!!! Hope I get a chance to meet him he’s so chill and nice pray for me.

  • um.
  • Srsly?

    Adam Lambert is gay?!? Oh.My.God!!!

  • nice PANTS

    I’d turn gay to have a chance with him

  • CVogue

    @whaaaaaaaaaat: Are you rich? How much did you pay for the tickets?

  • cool

    Phillipe Blond looks like Xtina in his Twitter profile pic.

  • wait

    Isn’t Lambert friends with Katy Perry, RiRi and Amerie?

  • Ki

    @nice PANTS: you’d turn gay? are you male or female?

  • Maryann

    You homophobes have no idea how pathetic you sound.

    It’s news because Adam’s a popular singer. Would you bigots be b*tching if it were Justin Timberlake? Hell no.

    You people are dinosaurs. I can’t wait to watch your foolish attitudes GO EXTINCT.

  • Koke

    @Maryann: preach

  • awesome

    I love P & D’s stuff, they have some wacky as hell shiiii

    Loved what Blondie and Dita wore.

    I want to see Adam Lambert in heels and a corset. And I mean that as a total compliment :) He has amazing legs and his stride is hot :)

  • Jada

    @wait: He’s friends with Katy and Ri, I don’t know about Amerie. I love her tho. Where is she these days.

  • JV

    Lucky bitch. Take me with.

  • aha

    @cool kid: I LOVE GWEN bet it is her

  • nice PANTS

    Um…let me see. Lambert is gay. So if I was female and turned lesbian I’d have a chance with him? Are you crazy or what? D’oh.

  • Troierkjet

    @Maryann: right on Maryanne, homophobes suck , they are just the stupidest weirdest people on the face of the earth. Extinctions sounds good!

  • …………

    @nice PANTS: Are you being serious? You think a lesbian is the same thing as a gay man? LOL? So you’re saying lesbians go for gay men as well? What the….?

  • staciegirlie

    Hey, Silly you. You’re silly, but not in a good way :*(

  • Jaxim

    Phillipe and Adam are following each other on Twitter.

    Adam is not walking the stage, he was just invited to be in the audience and have a good time. His song Strut is so appropriate for the catwalk though.

  • Maryann

    @Troierkjet – @Koke: *thumbs up*

    @Jaxim: Also thumbs up. Strut would definitely work for this event.

  • Kristina

    Holy F*ck, please let this be about Adam!!!!!!
    “There is a special model who will be opening the show,” another source tells Just Jared. “And it will drive the audience BA NA NAS!”

    Please, please, please let the special model be Adam!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    why this is so worthy of a post!!!
    never heard of the blonds tbh, and im pretty sure NY fashion week starts on the 11th, or it might be a pre-fashion show i guess

  • KatieGlambertLover!

    Coolness!!!Hottness!!! ADAM!!!!:D Do i get to c this on tv?

  • hello

    it’s not gwen because it says “model”

  • McQueen

    @lakers fan in boston: NY Fashion Week starts today. The Blonds’ collection will be on Tuesday the 16th I believe.

    RIP Alexander McQueen.

  • no

    @Kristina: It won’t be.

    There IS something happening regarding Adam but I can’t say ;)

  • http://none greachen

    adam lambert a worlwide super sar- mr. perfectionist/a good human being a classy kid- can sing-dance and gracious. sexy and likeable.
    2010 is adam good luck year.. is in his birthchart 1982 born. plus a friendly aquarius sign jan.29 born just like ophra.-

  • kiss by chrisi

    Wow! Very very sexy! Hot hot hot!
    I think the blons are the bests 4-ever