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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Superbowl Sweethearts!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Superbowl Sweethearts!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and their son Maddox Jolie-Pitt leave Super Bowl XLIV at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on Sunday (February 7).

During the game, Brad and Angie celebrated the Saints win with a big hug and kiss!

Click HERE to see their passionate kiss!

Brad & Angie seemed to really enjoy themselves together after rooting for the Saints to win! The Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 in the Super Bowl.

Maddox showed his New Orleans pride by wearing a Drew Brees No. 9 Saints jersey. The quarterback ended up winning the MVP of the Super Bowl! Great choice of jersey Maddox!

Earlier in the day, the Jolie-Pitts were seen arriving in Miami after flying in from Los Angeles.

FYI: Angie is wearing a Burberry trench coat!

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, Superbowl sweethearts…

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angelina jolie brad pitt superbowl sweethearts 01
angelina jolie brad pitt superbowl sweethearts 02
angelina jolie brad pitt superbowl sweethearts 03
angelina jolie brad pitt superbowl sweethearts 04
angelina jolie brad pitt superbowl sweethearts 05
angelina jolie brad pitt superbowl sweethearts 06
angelina jolie brad pitt superbowl sweethearts 07
angelina jolie brad pitt superbowl sweethearts 08
angelina jolie brad pitt superbowl sweethearts 09
angelina jolie brad pitt superbowl sweethearts 10

Photos: Alexander Tamargo/Getty/WireImage
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  • royalty

    JPs is the American royalty. Love them.

  • reeven






  • nasra

    Blessed couple!!

  • MsNJS

    Slap in the haters and gossips face! I love it! They look happy and in love as always!!

  • lylian

    Answering African Girl from the previous thread:
    @African Girl:
    Oh my God! They are the CUTEST and they look so HAPPY! Call me biased, call me a loonie with her head in cloud 9, call me whatever but that can’t be feigned.
    LOL AG, You’ve probably noticed that it’s when Brad forgets that there’s a camera trained on him or when he focussed on something else and is less conscious about the camera, then, if Angelina is nearby, he caresses her. Like the time he reached over his Mum’s shoulders to caress Angelina’s bare shoulder when they were all posing for the photos. Or, like when he was watching the big screen in Mohammad Ali’s thingymebob and he absentmindedly kisses Angelina’s forehead several times. Or like in these photos where he doing the boob grab, the b u m grab, and just generally touching her.
    So many people who witness them together in private settings – like in a dinner party, talk about how they are all over each other. Take a look at these photos of them in the private box where the photos are taken from a cell phone which perhaps they were not aware of, and you can see how Brad is all over Angelina. After all, it’s not as if they were posing or anything.
    I think Brad has to consciously remember NOT to touch Angelina, because touching and caressing her are not actions he needs to think about doing. That just comes naturally.
    It’s the way they angle their bodies when they are posing, (according to one Aussie Body Language expert Alan Pease?? – their pelvis tilt towards each other!!).
    May be Brad just has expressive body language – which is why all the women he’s ever dated always seem more desirable and attractive with him then when they are no longer with him. His body language expresses that he finds them desirable and loveable. And Angelina, when she loves someone, it soooooo shows in her face and eyes and smile. Ask BBT, he’s still hankering for that adoration, even though he know he was the one who lost it.

  • mmsic

    Ella and Alexis,you guys just made my night.Thank you,thank you very much for the lovely pictures of Brad,Angie and Maddox.I never was doubtful of their love,never believe all those stupid break up rumors because i know deep in my heart,they truly love each other.What was fake to me,was that last picture of Brad and Jennifer taken on the beach in January of 2005,because the next day their separation was announced.Seriously,i was happy to hear of their separation,never a fan of the lonely emblem.My take!!!

  • lylian

    Brad and Angelina are in Paul Allen’s box (he is in one of the photos). Paul Allen is a billionaire.
    Wasn’t Dedn reportedly looking for a billionaire? Is Paul Allen single? Perhaps Dedn and Paul ……?????
    Are you thinking what I’m thinking??
    If you are then you should be having a BLooooody GOOD LAUGH!!!

  • ohlala


    thanks for the link, the pictures are so cute, especially the one where she leans over to give Maddox a peck and Brad’s looking at her. So cute! although I hate his goatee, not his best look at all.

  • um…no no

    you’re a good movie actress, brilliant. but sorry hate you in real life

  • margarete

    She’s STALKING him, pure and simple. What a psycho.

  • sofi

    @margarete: shut up you fool

  • keana

    Awwww! They”re so in love and can’t keep their hands off each other!
    Poor HATERS….I can feel your pain. Meanwhile……….FUGFACE is in Mexico for the uptenth time and showing her ugly flat azzzz..YUCK!

  • new orleans, that’s own town

    angie looks lovely………….this family is happy and commited to love everlasting……….

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila

    Brad and Angelina look so happy in those photos, they are the real deal. Maddox is a really handsome little man.

  • nothing new

    soooooooo boring
    jolie and pitt with their children
    not a surprise
    always the same

  • forgettheblues

    These pics made my day Thanks
    Angie ‘ you’re good’

  • new orleans, that’s own town

    when will jenx stop this nasty pr parade of lies and phony tales about brad and angie………….it so sad for the children but as we know jenx does not like little kids and must really resent the joliepitt children………..well the best thing is no matter what is said about this family the truth is real love always wins


    x stop this nasty pr parade

  • sofi
  • Caribbean

    Sh*t I am having a melt down and I am not a troll!!!
    Have you seen the kiss???? its on jjb p969

  • teri

    OMG what a great way to start my MONDAY. I really needed this boost before work. THANKS JJ.

  • Elisha



  • Some Bunny

    That Angelina Jolie and Brad are looking super cool for the super bowl win! & to think that we only saw Brad and Maddox boarding the plane and Angelina was with them all the time? Noone saw that one coming, OK, maybe a few of us JP fans did ;) so glad their team WON! Yaay SAINTS!!!

  • new orleans, that’s own town

    pictures from jjb ………..awesome………. what said they are broken up?????????? haters that’s who………………….stop hating you will feel better in the morning …………….ps jared show the show all the pda pics

  • jaine

    They are showing fake love for the cameras. I give them 1 more year.

  • lylian

    David Fincher said the real Brad Pitt is like Tyler Durden. I think Brad is the dominate one in their relationship.
    I think they have a pretty equal relationship where they both encourage each other to achieve the things which are important to them
    However, I do think that Angelina is the more easy going one on most matters and it’s Brad who bothers to deal with the details. You can tell from the way Angelina used to give money before Brad – kinda ad hoc and she said so herself – she liked being able to cut a cheque and give when something or someone appealed to her.

    Then when she got with Brad, it was all more organised. They set up the Jolie-Pitt foundation, hired the expert Trevor Neilson to help them developed their strategy and focus.
    Personally, I It’s Brad who fusses over the renovations, what cars he wants to drive, which motorbikes etc, whether everyone has breakfast etc.. I remember Doug Liman saying that it was Brad who cared whether the colour was ecru or green or whatever.
    So, in that sense, I think Brad is the more dominant one in the family and Angelina is happy to defer to Brad’s judgement and decisions as long as she doesn’t have a very strong view of the matter – which, my guess is, she doesn’t on most matters which do not affect the people she loves and her humanitarian work. That’s why she happily moved into Brad’s beautiful homes and supports all of Brad’s humanitarian efforts too.

  • deevee


    Hahaha! Thanks!

  • lylian

    They are showing fake love for the cameras. I give them 1 more year.
    tick tock tick tock tick tock.
    LOSIES keep watching the clock.
    Like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of your life.
    Meanwhile, Angelina is going to do the tourist, have a mega hit with SALT. Brad is going to run his production company and MIR and take care of the kids and may be, do a movie or two.
    They are all gonna catch up with their FRIENDS – Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis in Venice and their children are going to play together. And the Tourist is the sort of movie for which Angelina might well get another OSCAR nomination!!



  • sofi

    @BELLA: Yeah, JA is ugly. It is true.

  • Angelina Jolie

    Anorexic idol

  • cee

    I could not stay away from these great pics. This couple is in it for the long haul. God Bless them. The haters as usual will try and find something nefative. Poor things. Love the Jolie Pitts.

  • teri

    I’m loving your pain you dumba.s trolls. Keep on moaning and screaming at the computer. As if anyone cares, BWAHAHAHA.
    You just need to waddle your fat little fingers back to ol desperate one and give your undying support of pity.
    Angelina and B

  • laura

    angelina’s hair looks greasy… she needs to wash

  • teri

    Oh for the life of me where is the rest of my post????

    Oh well Love the JP FAMILY. I didn’t think Angelina went to the game. I loved the kiss!

  • nate

    GO!! JoliePitts! <3

  • teri

    I know it hurts to see a happy family Laura but get over it hag.

  • Maxx

    And the oscar goooooooes tooooo ….
    Brad + Angelina!
    GREAT THEATER !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maddox looks pissed.

    He may as well not even play the happy family!

  • hmmmmmmm


  • lulu


    A very much in love couple is killing you !!!!

    Eat your heart out , hater !!!

  • new orleans, that’s own town

    2 weeks ago all news outlets media types and rag tabs were screaming the break headlines of this lovely family………………..well truth is in thiese lovely photos ……….this is about real love and real commiment they tried once again to break up a happy home…………… will never happen no matter who wants it. jennifer aniston should just put a end to this just stop she could if she wanted to……….

  • teri

    Maxx and it couldn’t be that it was late and maybe he was simply tired? Nah that never crossed your itty bitty mind did it? Still can’t admit it that they are together can you?

  • lulu


    Disgusting is the 41 y.o ex-sitcom sl.ut parading those fake boob , ass and overused vajenjen at Los CAbo with her BF no. 7 th.with this 5 yrs.

    I told ya, those boob are definitely fake, those impalnt was just too much , she’s beginning to look like Pam Anderson.

  • karen

    Get a grip you hating Bit@hes.. get a grip..

    you freaks are just pissed.. pissed that your little nasty dream is over..Brad loves her.. love her.. She is amazing and so is he.. He is obviously in with her.. And she with him.. And you don’t have to act when it is real..

    @hmmmmmm… yeah disgusting that you freaks are so negative. Leave them alone.. leave them alone and find someone else to obsess over.


  • Kuky

    Ty JJ ;)

  • myEyes

    Nothing to worry about the JPs. They are more than just ok. Brad is wild about Angelina. He is like a man in heat in those pics. And Angie is a happy woman. Love it. It must always be like that in their own home.
    The haters and trolls are the real loons, trying so hard everyday to break them up. We never listen to them. They should get a life and they can be happy.

  • Boring couple !!

  • teri

    If this couple really wanted the attention they could have put on a huge display boarding the plane together for the big game. How in the heck did Angelina and possibly the other children avoid being seen? Sneaky, sneaky.

  • teri

    Omg this couple is so boring I just had to add a comment, haahahaha. Whatever troll go back to baby janes thread.

  • Alet made it seem like Brad and Maddox went alone. I swear, they are becoming Us Weekly…

    I am glad to see these two together and happy. It’s so sweet.

  • B