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Angelina Jolie Visits Haitian Refugees

Angelina Jolie Visits Haitian Refugees

After attending the Super Bowl in Miami, Angelina Jolie jetted off to the Dominican Republic to visit Haitian children on Monday (February 8).

The kids were being treated after the devastating earthquake in their homeland killed more than 200,000 people.

According to the AFP, Angie and Gonzalo Vargas Llosa (son of Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa) toured the pediatric wing of Dario Contreras Hospital in Santo Domingo with its director Hector Quezada.

Last month, Angelina and partner Brad Pitt donated $1 million to Haiti quake relief efforts.

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  • Alice

    Good for her :)

  • Shurly

    Wuv u Angie. Keep up the good work !!

  • Karen

    I think I am first! Go Angie…JP’s forever!

  • Jill

    manipulate the press the much Angie!

  • Gaby

    AMAZING..a living angel!

  • :)

    OMG!!!! I’m so over her…she needs to stay home and raise her kids…this is ridicoulous

  • Aussie Girl

    Great job Angelina..helping the children,then off to meet up with her son & loving partner.
    Great to hear about the law suit as well…it’s about time they did something about the vicoius BS that has always surrounded their relationship!! They look happy & in love Love the J-P’s

  • Lans

    Angie can I use one of your legs as toothpick???

  • Aussie Girl

    Oh GROW imbeciles!! You cannot wreck a home that was already broken. There was no kids involved in the split/divorce.It just was’nt meant to be..BOTH were NOT happy in the marriage..JA moved on to Vince V soon enough anyway!!

    JA—We ended our relationship as beautiful as we started it!! Are you calling her a liar–she said no cheating

  • Cally

    She needs to return to her Tomb Raider body.
    She’s too skinny now.

  • me

    i;m sooooo dam sick of her

  • Elizabeth

    Wow mor news and pics. Tks JJ

  • Aussie Girl

    God–some of you are like little kids–can I use your leg as a toothpick-WTF????That’s really f/ing stupid & LAME
    Sorry–Ange looks fantastic & has put on weight so your jibes are silly & small b/c they are simply not true.

  • edskee30

    Who is taking care of the children while she jets around the world? Brad has Maddox, but what about the other five kids?

  • luvangie4ever

    Thank you Angie for being you. Love you always!

  • guli

    Jared…. see even though you don’t appreciate us old timers and give us a registration we begged you for …you still appreciate our tips ehhh??? LOL Thanks for making it a thread…
    Angie is an amazing woman and it is a disgrace to put that X’s ass and cooch pics anywhere near the JP’s…. ok done with mini rant!

  • nursedatingsite

    She is so much better than Anistan

  • AGA

    @me: If you are SO sick of her WTF would you bother to click on her thread????? I have Zero interest in Aniston and many other people JJ has threads for and it’s really easy to just scroll past..But I guess you haters/trolls just can’t resist the J-P’s

  • http://justjared FOXY BROWN

    I am so proud to be an admirer of the JPs. They keep proving that they are worthy of admiration. Brad and Angelina have beautiful compassionate spirits. They commit to what they believe in 100%. I pray for this families safety and happiness. Bless the JPs as they bless the people in need of help and support. Again I pray for the JPs love and safety. May they be watched over and protected. <3

  • teri

    Love you Angelina!

  • eliott

    Angie is a committed & compassionate woman. Of course they wanted her there.

  • to cally

    no, she was to muscular in tomb raider. now she looks lovely, very feminine.

  • miapocca

    tomb raider had inbuilt boobs, it was not her body,…they tried to make her look like the original lar acroft who posed for the cartoons by filling in her body suit…

    She is a gangly owman not helpf by the fact that she may have som ekind of disorder or mentla instability…the excuse before was the death her her mother…now I have no clue waht ails her

    For someone who does not care what the public thinsks,she is quick to sue news of the world for publishing break up stories.

    Nothing special..just a psycho bitch!

  • http://hotmailaustralia trish

    Angelina is the best, unfortunately I don’t think she get enough recongition for what she does. Also I am so pleased the newspapers are getting sued, about time.

  • djone

    Her heart is in the right place. I really admire Angelina Jolie, such a lovely woman.

  • fake

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    It’s all about PUBLICITY!!!!
    fake, like all her life!

  • Aussie Girl

    @guli: Hey guli I went on jjb for the first time last night after some-one on here said to look at the great Super-bowl pics and I saw your name and just wanted to say that I loved your thingy(not sure what it;s called)under your name.The thing that has them moving in the car over & over! I really liked it and watched it & thought they looked really happy & in love-like yest. Well Done

  • rhonda

    Notice, how these women get all the attention with their large families and then take off and leave every chance they get!

  • http://hotmailaustralia laila


  • Passing Through

    I figured she was headed to Haiti or another UNHCR mission. After the initial surge I’m not seeing as many news stories following up on the earthquake so hopefully this will give the press a little jolt of a reminder.

  • hey fake

    fake @ 02/08/2010 at 7:24 pm

    aren’t u on the wrong thread? the delusional, bikini-clad of a pretentious H O is not here. that’s the “REAL” fake-all-her-life t w a tt.

  • teri

    Angelina is a multi task person she shouldn’t just stay home. Only a jenhag like yourself wants her to go away for good. She simply makes your baby jane look really pathetic and takes her thunder away without even trying.

  • karen

    Bravo.. Angie.. Bravo.. She and Brad donated money that will be used to assist children medically. I am sure her visit will also serve for her to see what is needed. NOT what she thinks is needed, but talking to the people running these programs to see how they need assistance. I am glad she went to the Dominican Republic to see what was happening to the children that had been brought there.

    She is an amazing person. And I had no doubt upon seeing this thread that the soulless people who stalk her would be here with stupid comments about how she looks. .REALLY that is what this is all about.. how she looks (which by the way is beautiful)

    Sh*t no wonder Brad Pitt is smitten with this woman. He has said that she has the biggest heart and is so sweet. YEAH Brad saw a good woman and ran for it.. Good for him and her..

    Beautiful couple. I bet she maybe on her way back home. She did not have a lot of baggage maybe just a day or 2.. Brad i am sure was missing her a great deal. the kids too..

    Let the haters post their superficial comments. Angie has more substance and they can’t handle that fact. The should put their money on people that are all about being superficial.. And that ain’t Brad and Angie.. knock on another door.. fools..

  • Aussie Girl

    @miapocca: Quick to Sue???Is that a f/ing JOKE.Brad & Ange have put up with a 5 year attack on themselves & their kids and there families and are only now sueing.
    How is waiting 5 years-Quick??? Jenhens=stupid & making up there own facts to suit themselves



  • Angelina Jolie

    Anorexic idol

  • Aussie Girl

    Wow this is a great ime to be a J-P fan!! So many great pics of them looking happy & in love. LMAO at the tabs & Trolls that had Brad running back to his Ex-wife.Why would he bother–she’s exactly the same as when he ran as fast as he could. JA has the same hair,same body,same routine,same holidays!!!With Ange-I bet everyday is new & adventurous..esp with 6 beautiful kids!!

  • teri

    Aussie Girl your post is spot on girl. The hags are running scared they’ll be called out for the lying sk@anks they really are, spewing their lies on a wonderful family. Run scared Ian you fat coward. I bet the other tabs will also backtrack. All the while the hags will plead for them to continue the hate.

  • Carla

    Wow Angelina – SO classy to be posing for photos in a hospital where people are injured or dying from an earthquake. God forbid she should actually get down to the dirty stuff and help people with the manual labor . But no – just another photo-op for this smug whore – “Look at meeeee – i’m so gracious and people love me and my mere presence is healing to those who are suffering while i just stand here looking kind and sympathetic – which is totally stretching any acting ability i may once have had”

    And before anyone starts whining about what i’ve done – yes, i have donated as much as my comparatively small finances allow. But then i’m not the one asking for global adoration just because i fly around the world and have photoshoots for charity-causes wherever i go. If she really wanted to draw attention to what’s happening in these places, maybe she could consider NOT being the center of attention and actually have the photographer take pictures of what’s going on and try to catch the public’s attention and sympathy for the proper reason. Considering how much she and Brad rake in, 1 million bucks is shit. And yet there she is, pretending she’s Mother Theresa’s frickin’ successor.

    Oh and by the way – this is all coming from a former die-hard Angelina fan. Since the The Bone Collector came out in the cinemas.No Jen-fan, just a poor sucker who has taken such a long time to see Angelina for who she really is. You can accuse JA’s PR-company of anything you like – but all that pales in comparison to this scheming cunt,

  • lulu


  • ……………….

    and what do you think yourself miapocca ?….your name tells you’re psychotic that need to be lock up permanently in psychic ward. You havn’t don’t anything productive in life but opening your foulmouth. Go praise your goddess jennifer in mexico or perhaps join her in your whale bikini, who knows male might be interested in you.

  • T pain

    I’m sorry for you haters…that Angie’s good deeds upset you.

    The majority of people are impressed and inspired by her..
    would you rather have Angie lay around in a bikini in cabo baking her skin?? Hell no, she’s better than that and is a woman on a mission!!!

    We love you Angie!!!

  • Ellen

    That’s why she gets all the blessing, Angie has a good heart.

  • fake

    angelina is fake, hypocritical, disguised, barefaced, dirty..

  • Aussie Girl

    I think the J-P fans should ignore the trolls that we know will come nosing in with their lies and tiresome BS. I can guess exactly what they will all say
    1. Fake
    But why would they bother if they no longer loved each other??But I guess that haters will not see what is right in front of them after all-they are impressed with JA’s annual coochy show(Boring JA)

  • besane

    Haters, I know your FF website has been in deep panic and mourning since yesterday. It was a decisive show by Brad at the superbowl–Brad showed whom he loves, how he loves and he stands by his woman, and gave the loudest F.CKYOU to you naysayers. A SLUM DUNK. I know you lost, and you are trying to let Brad go. Do. Let Go Of Brad. He has left you when he left Aniston, and ain’t coming back. Goodbye and don’t come back.

  • ……………….

    fake you’re so right ,just look at your face full of surgeries.

  • Frenchy

    Hello all!!!!!! Waving to everyone!!!!!!

    Wow, keep doing the good work Angie.

    I need to catch up. I love the pda pics of the last thread

  • guli

    @Aussie Girl:

    here you go…maria made my avi…

  • ……………….

    stop using the name of GOD carla for your evil intentions because it will come back at you. Maybe you will die from cancer from your evilness.