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Blake Lively Basks On The Balcony

Blake Lively Basks On The Balcony

Blake Lively gets some bonding time in with Gossip Girl co-star Chace Crawford on the balcony of their private penthouse at their hotel in Miami before the Superbowl on Sunday (February 7).

Chace spent time looking out to the ocean while flexing and throwing quarters as far as he could. Blake was seen chatting up Chace‘s manager.

Gossip Girl has been on hiatus but will return on March 8 with all new episodes.

10+ pictures inside of Blake Lively basking on the balcony…

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blake lively basks on the balcony 01
blake lively basks on the balcony 02
blake lively basks on the balcony 03
blake lively basks on the balcony 04
blake lively basks on the balcony 05
blake lively basks on the balcony 06
blake lively basks on the balcony 07
blake lively basks on the balcony 08
blake lively basks on the balcony 09
blake lively basks on the balcony 10

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# 1

That’s NOT Penn!! Now we can imagine a lot

# 2

That’s not Penn! That’s Chace’s manager

(I don’t like Penn and Blake
I totally love Blake and Chace; Barbie and Ken)

# 3

Yeah, absolutely
Chace and Blake FTW!!

# 4

OMG Chace and Blake! I hope they’re dating!!
boo penn

# 5

@Chippy: How can someone pretend to chose with another must be ? She must be with who makes her happy. It seems … it’s Penn.
He is so Hot and handsome too.

# 6

What is this? whith who’s Blake dating? WTF

# 7

I know, but Penn .. I don’t like him
But Chace is just adorable don’t you think?

# 8

@Kim: AHHHH This only could bepossible if Blake were more like the ”manager”, can you see?

# 9

poor Chace, he always seems to be the third wheel… Jess&Ed’s on saturday and Blake&Penn’s on sunday….

@Kim: That only could be possible if Blake were more like the ”manager”, can you see?

angelina’s fans will probably say that blake wants to draw attention because she is in a bikini… people who wear bikini is saying “look at me” for they…

@Chippy: yes he is cute, but that’s not enought. I prefera real MAN like Penn.

Blake and Chace ftw

@Chippy: Yeah, Chace IS adorable but Penn has catfish eyes xD Not only that, but I think Chace’s the bad boy and Penn the sweet guy. like Cameron and Patrick from 10 Things..

@Jennifer: I agree
Wow Blake looks goregous without the make-up, Chace and Blake are a great looking couple if they ever will hookup. But I prefer Penn more for Blake, although I don’t like him that much

That’s NOT Penn! Penn is in L.A.!!!
Look at that pic carefully, Blake is NOT sitting on the man’s lap.

Her fake boobs annoy me and she’s not talented as an actress. She’s just a producer bed jumpoff. Weisenstein knows how to “promote” her.

Yay,Blake and Chace FTW.
They could make the most beautiful couple in the world .

now I see, it’s NOT Penn!!! Are CB hooking up or just best friends

I think she and Chace make the cutest couple.

commonsense @ 02/08/2010 at 11:08 am

Are her breasts real? Because if they’re fake that’s a really good boob job! I tend to think they’re fake because I’ve never seen them move or jiggle.

@Jen: yes, they really are! Chace Crawford + Blake Lively = HOT

I think Chace is in love with her ,look at his eyes when she is around ,full of love

@Pink Cake: OMG, ur totally right

@Pink Cake:
in love with her ?? yeah right ! he was more busy looking out to the ocean and throwing quarters with gay poses than looking at her….

She has talent to please the producers

I prefer Blake/Penn

You can see all set photos from Chaceonline than you make a conclusion ,and you can be told that he adore her from all of the candies of them

in love with her ?? yeah right ! he was more busy looking out to the
”manager”. He’s more his type

Damn, she looks good.

LOL. Blake isn’t a MAN therefor Chace wont look twice in her direction ;).

Blake/Penn FTW. They’re where the love is people ;). Also Penn is 10x the man Chace will EVER be, in every aspect!!!!

Weinstein’s help worked for her. I hope Penn was just tired of her trying to impress producers.

Blake and Chace FTW

WICKED WENCH @ 02/08/2010 at 1:08 pm

Match-making on the basis of looks is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. No wonder America is plagued with divorces – let people love whom they will.

As for Chace – I had no idea you were hiding that perfection beneath those layers. You go on with your bad self, you sexy Apollonean god! If you got it, werk it! And please don’t feel shy about disrobing more often…

Chace will always be gay. Penn Badgley is the best!

Where is Penn? Chace sucks.

Blake should be with her who makes her happy, and we all thought that was Penn, maybe their still together, but who knows, judging from these pics, things aren’t looking too good, maybe she just needed to get away.

omg their bodies! they are perfection, so hot! I love them :)

I can see Blake just like another Jennifer Aniston: At 40th, rich with a good career, but desperatly alone!! That’s her way!!

Penn is a good guy, so down to heart., handsome and hot! Lucky for him. He can now look for better things!!

TheOCPudding @ 02/08/2010 at 3:26 pm

WTH are you people talking about???
Blake is still with Penn.
Don’t you think you see too much into those few pictures?

Where’s Pen?

is she kissing chace in the 1st pic? i thought her and penn were still dating….
i wish there were better pics of her, she looks pretty hot tho
i kinda think they’re filming for GG

Chace can’t hold a candle to Penn. Chace is just a pretty-boy.
Penn is smart, funny and a soon-to-be musician I heard. He’s planning to go public with his music soon!

Daphne ajjaajajjaajjaja que inteleto eso de ser musico son muy inteligentes vea a britney spears ajjaajajajajja

she shall remain nameless @ 02/08/2010 at 11:02 pm

I always wondered why her name is Blake. I thought that was a DUDE’s name! I never heard a girl with that name until she came along.

Its a Shame @ 02/09/2010 at 12:19 am

I love how people only want to believe that Weinstein blind item but completely rearrange what the details said. Girls always find any excuse to discredit any pretty girl unless she is openly gay.

Blake and PENN FTW!

Blake and CHACE FTW!

Blake and Me FTW

They look so pretty together, best Hollywood friendship ever!

BTW, who cares if she is with Penn or not as long as she is happy.

Who cares if he is with her or not as long as Penn is happy.

aww they look so cute together!!!!
i love them! i love their friendship!!!!!!!!

@Pink Cake: you are totally rigth!^^


Obviously you care, lol

She is not even attractive.

Blake and Chace should be together. They have so much chemistry

It’s Chace.

But Penn was here too.

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