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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Super Bowl Kiss!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Super Bowl Kiss!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seal their love with a kiss during Super Bowl XLIV at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on Sunday (February 7).

The Hollywood power couple, who brought along their 8-year-old son Maddox, cheered on the New Orleans Saints, who won their first NFL title by beating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. Fist-pumping Brad!!!

Click HERE to see the three of them celebrate the Saints victory!

Now do you believe those split rumors between Brad and Angie were total bs?

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie‘s Super Bowl Kiss

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brad angelina super bowl kiss 01
brad angelina super bowl kiss 03
brad angelina super bowl kiss 04
brad angelina super bowl kiss 05
brad angelina super bowl kiss 06
brad angelina super bowl kiss 07
brad angelina super bowl kiss 08
brad angelina super bowl kiss 09
brad angelina super bowl kiss 10
brad angelina super bowl kiss 11
brad angelina super bowl kiss 12
brad angelina super bowl kiss 13
brad angelina super bowl kiss 14
brad angelina super bowl kiss 15
brad angelina super bowl kiss 16
brad angelina super bowl kiss 17
brad angelina super bowl kiss 18
brad angelina super bowl kiss 19
brad angelina super bowl kiss 20
brad angelina super bowl kiss 21
brad angelina super bowl kiss 22

Photos: Francis Specker/Landov, Bauergriffinonline
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  • be me

    I had never noticed they were so in love. I guess Angie’s old days hanging out with every man who was in front of her are over.

  • http://justjared Brangeissolid

    Someone wise once said becareful of ur thoughts for ur thoughts become your words, ur words become ur actions, ur actions become ur habits, ur habits become ur character and ur character becomes ur destiny. Far be it for me to state the obvious but Brangelina is here to stay for a very long time and u do not want to spend all that time hating on them, surely your destiny in life cannot be hate. Its time to move on, if u hate Brangelina its very easy to ignore them, don’t read anything about them, move on to the next topic. Pse move or you will end up sad little old ladies/men filled with hate for people who do not even know you exist. Don’t come here and spoil our fun.

  • anon

    i tut TOMKAT were d biggest PREDICTABLE FAKERS, until this pics

  • brangelina fan

    Trying way too hard to dispel those rumors

  • pokeman

    Not telling @ 02/08/2010 at 9:28 am

    its funny the body language expert had chosen those pix instead of the pix with them hugging, touching, & looking lovingly at each other.

  • s

    awwwwwwwwww!!! love this couple! :)))

  • evathediva

    @pokeman: true, it amazes me that people are so determined to see other people unhappy. and besides Brad is not getting back with Maniston!!! get over it..!!!

  • lila

    I totally agree! and I say the same for the haters of jen aniston!

  • The hens sound miserable

    And i love it.
    They try TOO HARD to convince themselves to earse THEIR pain…..ahahahhahahhah
    Have you seen Maniston pictures ? : No need for body experts : she definitely LOOKS miserable and so does Gerard ! ahahahahahahaha
    Is it the 41 B day and the perspective of a life ALONE in her lovely home with a collection of dogs and cats, a lonely life with no kids and no Brad or is that the thought of her stupid fans making her skin scrawl or maybe she is sad cause no man wants her, not even paid gigolos !!!

  • soopx1

    I believe Angelina just returned from a trip as Goodwill Ambassador
    for UNHCR.

  • rocky


    It’s for a movie he’s in. Forget who he’s playing — but it’s a famous climber — hence the beard.

  • Pry

    They adorable! So in love! <3

  • diane g.


  • be me

    Brad really scares me. He must be gay

  • gg

    They look so cute cuddling and kissing. Their team won they must have had a blast last night. Madd always seems not comfortable in front of camera though.

  • soopx1

    I believe Angie went straight from her UNHCR trip into the arms of Her Family at the Superbowl.

  • B$tch Slap!

    I love it!! Happy couple kissing out of celebration!! Saints won!! PEYTON MANNING S*CKS!!! COLTS S*CK!!!

  • jdub

    im not hating on Angie, but i thought she sad she hated New Orleans??? anyways, that’s awesome that theyre at the game together in that suite

  • liz

    They are so cute together!

  • lylian

    Those photos of Angelina would suggest that she has been on one of her missions. Perhaps to Haiti after all…

  • lulu

    be me
    Are you talking of your buddy idol ? she’s the one who was sleeping around since her divorce. Spittle Gerry was the 7th lover she collected within this 4 .5 yrs.

    Go to her blog and oogle at that sagging boob with her new bedpartner, they both look really sad, . Another year older, with the bio clock ticking rapidly away – No kid, No oscar , No husband .sure needs a lot of mourning.

  • Celia

    So cute!!! I didn’t even know Angelina was there. I have to admit that game did get pretty exciting.
    I wanted to make out with someone too.

  • be me

    Did they go to the bathroom during the match???

  • LizB

    Awww! I love them. Glad they are still happy.

  • lulu

    How can you believed and quoted words from trashy tabloids as fact ?

    The tabloids said that she hate NO, it’s also the tabloids which have been reporting they are breaking up since 2005. , and you still believed them ?

  • doesnt anyone care about Haiti

    Haters to the left. haha

    Love them. I make a point to AVOID tabloids at all costs. I never believe what they spew out.

  • justsayin

    is there anyone left who cares whether they stay together or split?? I’m so tired of these two….. There has to be someone better out there to focus on … please!!!

  • Hot !!!

    They even retreated at the back of the box at some point….I bet Maddox will have to sleep in another home tonight.
    Brad is definitely all over his woman. he has grabbed breast, legs and butt during the whole night !!!

  • these comments wow

    people actually care about them? lmfaaaaao

  • rocky

    @Passing Through:

    That was a ‘We Won’ super happy kiss. What’s so wrong about that?

  • Jen the Hag

    Passing Through @ 02/08/2010 at 9:29 am Oy vey. Brad, Ange…even I think the kiss is laying it on a bit thick and frankly is beneath you. That’s so X of them…

    Are you really PT or just one of those name stealing JENHAG?

  • be me

    @Hot !!!: I dont think so… Brad is gay. He didnt even speak to Angie during the match

  • nguyen tran gia linh

    I Love Jolie & Pitt
    Sweet Kisses

  • nea

    You made my day Angie!!!! love u love u love u ! You have a beautiful family! You look great!You guys are just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’m sorry to bust up the Love Cunga Line here, but am i the only one that thinks these pics are total frauds. They are holding each other and kissing, but has anyone taken a look at their kid in the pic, Maddox. In some of the other pics i’ve seen, he looks totally stunned in the pics. Like thinking, ‘Hey, you guys have been miserable to each other for months and now you’re hugging and kissing?’ The kid looks totally confused.

    And i’m putting money on the fact that she doesn’t have any idea how football works. She is there cheering on the game and probably doesn’t even know what’s going on. This whole photo op is a huge scam!!!!

  • celia

    WHO CARES????

  • alexanderina

    lol@ the trolls

  • Brad Fan

    awww Good for them.

  • pokeman

    please, just ignore the trolls. they just want attention. let them talk to themselves.

  • Hot !!!

    be me @ 02/08/2010 at 10:10 am @Hot !!!: I dont think so… Brad is gay. He didnt even speak to Angie during the match

    tssss….don’t be jealous, just because he didn’t want your sorry a***, doesn’t mean you have to spread blatant lies. You are wack, hence he didn’t want you !

  • mariefrance

    @celia: I care. This woman dus not deserv a man like Brad

  • wait…

    isn’t this the “money” shot that the paps have been waiting for for like 6 years?

    It’s at the Superbowl of all places.

  • black

    ——————–One word, Photoshop————————–

    I don´t even believe that it is Angelina in those shots. If you watch this really carefuly, you can see that the shape of her eyes and lips do look nothing like real Angelinas up close.
    The most obvious one—–as if I even need to point that one out ;O—-would of course be the picture of them kissing.

    ——I mean COME ON!!! Are you kidding me????????———–
    Now if that one doesn´t have -M-O-N-T-A-G-E- written all over it, I don´t know what does!!!
    Zoom it up really close, and you will see that her hand is wrapped in a really awkward angle. No to mention the difference in colour on Brads part.
    ————–But you would have noticed this yourself, obviously————
    The rest of the pcitures obviously seem fake- even a blind person can tell. That blonde woman in the backround is an actress I have seen appear on small shows numoreous times before. Just as that dark-haired gentleman on the upper left corner.
    Better pick up some actors I don´t know, next time around. And I know them all!! Seriously, how smart can you get?
    Just fake. But it must have paid of for them!
    So, yeah, seriously—-people—–don´t let yourself be fooled by this montage. This really just goes to show you how desperate some people have [b]become[\b].
    (Better get going, the medication I´ve poured into my uncles drink is starting to wear off!!!!!!!! He will be waking up any moment now! See you later, turbofolks!!!)

  • Mrs. Chancellor

    Looks like they had a great time. I don’t get the football but I gather it was a good game.

  • alexanderina

    the trolls/haters are in a meltdown mode lol

  • reBECCA

    Cuteness overload

  • nice


  • lovezanessa&brangelina

    Wow!OMG!!!!!So exciting!!!!Happiness!Love wonderful. After a lot of bad rumors, Hope so their wedding come soon..Love them so much!

  • be me


  • Kuky

    WOW Ty JJ ;)