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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Super Bowl Kiss!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Super Bowl Kiss!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seal their love with a kiss during Super Bowl XLIV at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on Sunday (February 7).

The Hollywood power couple, who brought along their 8-year-old son Maddox, cheered on the New Orleans Saints, who won their first NFL title by beating the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. Fist-pumping Brad!!!

Click HERE to see the three of them celebrate the Saints victory!

Now do you believe those split rumors between Brad and Angie were total bs?

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie‘s Super Bowl Kiss

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brad angelina super bowl kiss 01
brad angelina super bowl kiss 03
brad angelina super bowl kiss 04
brad angelina super bowl kiss 05
brad angelina super bowl kiss 06
brad angelina super bowl kiss 07
brad angelina super bowl kiss 08
brad angelina super bowl kiss 09
brad angelina super bowl kiss 10
brad angelina super bowl kiss 11
brad angelina super bowl kiss 12
brad angelina super bowl kiss 13
brad angelina super bowl kiss 14
brad angelina super bowl kiss 15
brad angelina super bowl kiss 16
brad angelina super bowl kiss 17
brad angelina super bowl kiss 18
brad angelina super bowl kiss 19
brad angelina super bowl kiss 20
brad angelina super bowl kiss 21
brad angelina super bowl kiss 22

Photos: Francis Specker/Landov, Bauergriffinonline
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  • ebmo

    Hollywood is all an illusion @ 02/08/2010 at 12:27 pm
    Seriously? Brad and Angelina have been on the cover of every tab with either break up rumors, pregnancy rumors, or “Brad loves Jen rumors” since Day 1.

    X-hag never had to face anything like that and everytime the rumors start to die down she has to give an interview making sure that she talks about a 5 YEAR OLD DIVORCE. EVERY TIME! EVERY TIME SHE NEEDS PUBLICITY! Even posing nekkid is not enough to get her the attention she craves. Her movies bomb! Her relatonships bomb!

    Supposedly she is so “happy”, and “hot” and “loving the single life” but she is STILL talking about Brad. Over and Over and Over!

    What self respecting woman whines constantly over a divorce that happened 5 YEARS ago. The man has six children….count them SIX with another woman, a woman who he states in every interview is the love of his life.

    Sure they had one last trip, it may have been planned or it may have been because they wanted closure…..the whole time Brad was itching to get back to Angelina.

    If Brad and Angelina tried to confront every rumor about them they would be stuck in the past like X-Hag. Instead they are living in the present with their beautiful family, running charities, representing charities and working.

    What has X done besides decorate her house, and scr*w anyone willing to touch her? Oh right, my bad, she turns 40, she gets her hair styled and she does yoga. she vacations too! Her biggest hobby is talking about Brad…..even when she was with Mayer she talked about Brad more than Mayer.

    Move on already! Unlike X Angelina does not give a thought as to what you or any of the X-brigade think about her.

  • lol

    Brad was a wild animal last night. He was groping and dry-hump Angelina at Super Bowl. Too damn hot.

  • jezebelle
  • roja

    I predict………….LOVE FOREVER!!!!

    She desserve all the happiness!!!

  • Niagara Falls News

    They just found out a girl who was trying to jump in the Niagara Falls after crying at the Ocean…apparently Canada Girl went bollocks after seeing THE KISS !!!!

  • Excuse me?

    dianad1968 @ 02/08/2010 at 12:28 pm @Passing Through:
    … I just think in the heat of the moment and all the excitement, they exchanged a congratulatory kiss.


    That’s EXACTLY what it was. He was going out of his mind with excitement the whole time. Any woman whose man is a sports fanatic knows what it’s like when he desperately wants his team to win and is overjoyed when they do. Afterward, the guy is all over you. (it makes for some very pleasant evenings). That’s exactly what is happening in the pics, including the kiss pic.

    Did they know the cameras were there? Probably. Were they focused on them? Of course not.

    Brad looks like he is in heaven watching his team in their first Superbowl. He has a partner who doesn’t normally go in for this sort of thing. I personally think she spends the better part of her life consumed with some of the suffering she has seen first hand, so she is loathe to really let loose and enjoy herself — but this time she did.

    He just seems overjoyed to be ina normal setting having a good time with his son and his “wife” by his side. Of COURSE he would kiss her when his team won, cameras or no cameras. Or he would kiss her as a way of saying “thank you” for letting our family experience some normal fun AS a family — even having Maddox be able to be in a social setting with a kid his own age (not a sibling) would have added to his AND HER joy).

    The kiss was the most natural thing in the world under the circumstances.

  • the truth

    The haters, tabs and Halperin should just man up and admit that they were wrong. Instead what do they do? Whine, make up stories and lies about what is as plain as the nose on any normal persons face. Brad and Angie love each other and are together for the long haul. The tabs and Halperin are a pretty sad bunch. Especially Halperin. Wait bet we get a photo of GB and JA kissing. Then let’s talk PR. Oh by the way the clip of the Bounty really sucked. Can you believe these two? GB looked much better when he did Lara Croft but now he just looks as Lainey says like spittle. Aniston just looks like a ho with her a.. hanging out all the time. God Bless the Jolie Pitts!!!!!!!!

  • Piper

    be me @ 02/08/2010 at 9:52 am Brad really scares me. He must be gay

    Gay people scare you? Or is it happiness that scares you? Either way, you’re not made for this life.

    Cute pictures!!

  • ccc

    Thanks for all the pix & comments. IMO, we really don’t know the sequences of these pix just by looking at them. I would like to think that Ange surprised Brad by showing up after one of her mission trips. Hence some pix of Brad holding onto Ange, not wanting to let her go. Ange saying her loving hello to Brad walking down the stairs towards Madd. Brad & Ange kissed on the balcony then realized they’re being photographed so Ange waved and tearing themselves apart, reluctanly. I do not think it is anymore complicated than that. I got to go. Bye all you JP Fans!

  • tara croft
  • pokeman

    Niagara Falls News @ 02/08/2010 at 12:53 pm

    Very funny. Love it.

  • nonfriend

    Oh good Lord, I remember being 7 months pregnant and my ex–husband being so ecstatic that the New England Patriots(first time) won the CHANCE to GET into the Super Bowl that he picked me up and swung me around the room and laid a big kiss on me. The Saints in 43 years have never won the Super Bowl, good Lord people! They were happy like New Year’s Eve.

  • African Girl

    @Passing Through:
    PT, she’s baaaack! Your stalker is back!

  • sarah

    im surprised intouch hasn’t reported on this. oh, thats why! let me guess…they are hoping and praying for a bradangie split/ jen and brad reunion. they can’t even report this because i guess the people working there, hate this couple and only report on the negative stuff/ and not the positive.

    i doubt this is a photo/op/acting. if they were acting and wanted to pretend to be together, they could of just sat together and not be affectionate towards eachother. i doubt you would kiss/hug someone you hate.

    also, if these sources say they fight constantly, then why the heck don’t they secretly put a mic/video in their pockets and record them bickering to prove that their right?! probably because it’s not happening and it’s only little things they fight about but take it out of proportion to sell a magazine.

    also, i doubt a true friend would go to a magazine and tell them lies. if they did, i bet they would be axed right away by the power couple.

  • take this haters
  • African Girl

    Oh by the way PT, i can’t wait to read your take on Lainey’s take on these pix. We all know what she’s gonna…our wannabe gossipist is nothing but predictable, so get out the measuring stick, off to the grassy knoll we go. Lol.

  • sarah

    and i hate how people say oh brad and jen did this and madonna and guy richie. hello, they only showed affection once. this is the second time for brad and angie. its sad a lot of people hope he runs back into jens arms and ditches angie. a lot of magazines/ people are in dream land.

    and i bet if you had your bf/gf beside you at a game and your team won, you would be happy and kissing/hugging them and not just acting to like eachother because of your friends are with you! people need to make sense.

  • teri

    If Angelina did indeed go to another disaster area I’m so happy she made it back safe. It’s great they got their papers in order in case something were to go wrong on another misson for either of them. It would crush me to bits if either were harmed in their humanitarian deeds. Please keep this loving couple safe always. I must say that millions of people are rooting for this couple to stay together. Heck with the haters JP, they come far and between, you can’t please them all.

  • Jeannified

    LOVE these pictures of them together with Maddox, enjoying the Super Bowl!!! :-)

  • pokeman,,20342445,00.html

    i don’t think i saw this pic before.

  • teri

    Holy sh!t some troll hijinked Passing Throughs SN. Shame on you! Oh just another day with the blessed trolls spewing their ignorance. Yesterday some nasty evil cvnt used my SN. For real can’t someone please send them a nasty virus or something.


    Some funs are plain stupid. Who cares whether the kiss was over the top or not? It’s their life & the game was exciting, and maybe they are more closer with their PDA’s in private than the tabloids lead you to believe. l can’t believe stupid fans have to follow “Lamey’s” lead of putting this family down. You might just as well join the tabloids in trying to bring them down!! We haven’t seen pics of them PDAing in a while & instead of celebrating, some are just trying to find fault. No one needs your stupid opinion, so shut the f*** up & keep the overkill overture to yourself, moron!

  • nadine

    YAYYYY!! Brad & Angie 4-EVER<333!! love them ,they’re soo amazing and sooooo in LOVE…stupid haters and tabloids : SHUT UP and gat a life!!! brad & angie will last FOREVER!!! and maddox is soo cute:D
    and of course….. WHO DAT?! YEAH New Orleans Saints<3 amazing ,just amazing they won:D! BRANGELINA 4-EVER<3!!

  • nonfriend

    I guess Jen’s “friends” have never heard of Half-time sex either. Geez, get with the program, hags. This is the Super Bowl and don’t mess with football and the JPs! NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!

  • nadine

    Hey whats about the SALT-Trailer ?! all said at the super bowl is showing a new salt-trailer:( can everyone help me??

  • yo sista

    @tara croft: Awwww they’re so in LOVE!!!! I would die to have someone like Angelina in my life, she’s so pure!

  • hmm

    It didn’t show new SALT trailer at Super Bowl. That was a rumor.

  • Gracie


    I don’t think that is PT, some troll stole her name and is posting garbage in her name. Don’t believe the craps. Overtop exposure is maniston in Mexico exposing her veejayjay as usual. Brad and Angie is all pure love and we love them including their PDA. The trolls/haters want them to hide their love b/c they are hoping Brad will go back to barren deadend maniston, Brad is telling all of them to stuff it, Angie is my soulmate and the only woman I want. Love the trolls pains.

  • yo sista

    @bansa: AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t say it better myself. Plus, Angelina is GORGEOUS the way she is. No she ain’t perfect but she’s real.

  • Gracie

    Brad can’t get enough of Angie. Love the pic where he is resting his head on her shoulder.

  • TANA



  • marina

    hey, PT, you have an impersonator in this thread and in the dedn Cabo thread too.
    She is happily clicking around with your signature.

  • :(

    I agree with Passing Through. They knew they were getting photographed. Even fans must think that was an over act by them. He touching her boobs , hugging and kissing her while afew minutes before it There were pictures of Brad looking down and looking directly at camera. Angelina waved to Camera afew minutes before the kiss. They were aware of 99% of pics. That’s so not Brad and Angelina in these pics. They were overacting and I preferd them the way they used to be. This is what I expect this from X and Britney not them. :(

    Why did they need to do this?

  • @the truth

    Halperin won’t shut up because he wants to say I TOLD YOU SO if/when they break up.
    Everyone should go over there and rave about AJ and BP just to set off his little worker bees that spew hate! they are so incredibly dense. They will take the most innocuous things and make them into big break up indicators!

  • catherine

    This is such a beautiful happy family. I am so happy for them.

  • Excuse me?

    From BBC News:
    Feb. 8, 2010


    Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are suing the News Of The World newspaper after it published allegations about their relationship.

    In a story published on 24 January, the paper said the couple would separate and had agreed the division of assets and custody of their children.

    The couple’s lawyer, Keith Schilling, called the “widely republished” allegations “false and intrusive”.

    He added the paper had failed to meet “reasonable demands” for an apology.

    He said the pair had also asked for a retraction of the allegations, which had subsequently been “widely republished by mainstream news outlets”.

    Not married

    A statement from Schillings Lawyers also noted that Sorrell Trope, identified by some publications as a divorce lawyer advising Pitt and Jolie, had never met them.

    “I have had no contact from… Angelina Jolie and / or Brad Pitt,” said Trope in a letter quoted in the statement.

    “I have never met… your clients or had any involvement with either of them. The foregoing is true with respect to all other members of this firm.”

    The action comes following the publication by the News of the World of allegations that Jolie and / or Pitt had visited a divorce lawyer in December, and that an agreement had been reached between them regarding custody of their children and the dividing of their joint assets of £205m.

    The newspaper added that the agreement had been signed last month and that the separation would occur imminently.

    A spokesperson for the News Of The World was unable to comment at the time of writing.

    Pitt and Jolie, who are not married, have six children.

    They made a rare public appearance on Sunday night’s Super Bowl, along with their eldest son, Maddox.

  • Calling PT

    PT where are you? Someone stole your name again.

  • pokeman

    Excuse me? @ 02/08/2010 at 1:36 pm

    i know its not their thing to sue but I hope this is true. I hope brad/angie sue their @sses off.

  • take this haters
  • dani

    I hope they sue too. Honestly the News of the World is a bottom feeder They make things up all the time especially about the JP’s, and Kidman. Well if Brad and Angie win you know they will give the money to charity.

  • Excuse me?

    From BBC News:

    Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are suing the News Of The World newspaper after it published allegations about their relationship.

  • hmmm

    @Excuse me?:
    I only believe it if reports it. I hope it is true.

  • namae wa

    lol i feel funny with ppl who keep saying angie or brad still need to prove, when they did those haters keep making excuses lol

    JP FTW!!! Haters you lose just admit it!!!

    and stop using JA as the reason, JA so ANCIENT!!!

  • nonfriend

    Isn’t it illegal for lawyers to release information on clients? “News of the World” is the reputable publication? Sounds like Halperin/Huvane combo to create rumors because the X needed to ride coat-tails to promote new movies. News of the World desperate to sell copies/money. JP sells.

  • legal statement
    Lawyers for the couple today said that are not about to split and would consider suing any media outlets who continue publishing the ‘false allegations.’

  • bruin


    i also heard angelina is some form of alien and eats our children

    cute pictures :]

  • African Girl

    Sheath your sword, tiger. . .that’s not PT.

  • minnie

    maddox is too cool for school.
    glad their still together

  • Lurker

    Hallelujah, I have wanted them to sue one of those tabloids for so long. I think they finally decided to do so because, the mass media even CNN picked up this ridiculous story. Angelina once said, CNN is always playing in the background in their home, their children could have gotten upset over this. They tabloids should be put on notice, they can fabricate lies about someone and their children and get away with it.

    I am also annoyed at the reports out there about Brad and Angie putting a uniting front, WTH? Why can’t they be left alone.

  • Gracie

    :( @ 02/08/2010 at 1:33 pm

    Shut the fcuk up. We know that is not PT and I’m sure it is you who stole her name, posting all that trash and agreeing with yourself , you name changing freak —— You ain’t fooling anyone. it must be killing you watching Brad and Angie pics and all that loving and feeling hopeless. You losers were banking on the tab lies only to see them emerge stronger and more united than ever. Let this be a lesson to you troll/haters, you cannot kill True love with lies and fabrications. True love always prevail.