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Gerard Butler to Jennifer Aniston: Happy Birthday!

Gerard Butler to Jennifer Aniston: Happy Birthday!

Jennifer Aniston celebrates her 41st birthday with her Bounty Hunter co-star (and close pal) Gerard Butler in an exclusive beachside villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Saturday (February 6).

Gerry arrived a few of days after the other guests but they all celebrated Jen‘s birthday at Aquos restaurant, which is part of the luxurious One & Only Palmilla Resort.

The twosome was seen scoping out paparazzi with binoculars and a telescope alongside pals Courteney Cox, David Arquette and Sheryl Crowe.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler celebrating Jen Aniston‘s 41st birthday…

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gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 01
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 02
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 03
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 04
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 05
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 06
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 07
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 08
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 09
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 10
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 11
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 12
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 13
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 14
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 15
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 16
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 17
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 18
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 19
gerard butler jennifer aniston cabo birthday 20

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  • gotta be kidding

    wish release date was Feb 19, not Mar, this bs would be almost over

  • Looking sad

    …poor Maniston.

  • Giggles shorts action

    the first thing to make Gerrard excited is the sight of the razzies with thier long lenses (here’s one for your file Mr Giggles!)

  • Cora

    The black binding GB is wearing in one of the pics definitely seems to be for some sort of injury. You can just make out part of a blue ice pack sticking out from under it (on his right pec).

  • Janie

    Prefer D listed’s thread title about his butt-hole

  • hmmm

    This looks like a play called “Jen’s Vacation”. There they are, up on the stage (literally), playing their parts for the audience of paparazzi…

  • More photos

    at bauerGriffinonline.

    Can’t post the link myself, but somebody else probably can.

    BG claim the pics were taken yesterday, and Gerry looks REALLY thrilled (not).

  • Sarah

    All the haters posting on this are soo pathetic. You all complain about how typical these celebs are using their earned money to go on holiday and yet you sit there reading about their holidays and looking at pictures!! Pathetic people, with nothing to do but judge people you don’t even know.. I think Jen is looking amazing for her age and why shouldn’t she treat her friends on her birthday.. Looks like fun :)

  • gossiphound

    Just looking at the Sunday in Cabo pics and yes he looks excited NOT. But even more funny, at, whilst looking at the photos, suddenly Smartwater ads started appearing, very eerie.

  • Old Mia

    I wonder what’s wrong with his shoulder. He really does not look happy in that picture with the binder.

  • laura2

    Ellen (Degeneres) is there too!! cool… (thumbnail #10)

    Jen is looking amazing. Fact.

  • cubedweller
  • gossiphound

    He apparently tore his rotator cuff either in training for or during 300?
    Perhaps a recurring issue? You are also more likely to injure or reinjure yourself when you do the kind of on and off training he does. He is a guy of extremes.

  • They are a waste of O²

    She is an old cat lady, and he has cat aids. Put them both in a gas chamber and be done.

  • Amuzed
  • kate

    he has bigger t i t s than she does. gross

  • DaniK

    Ger and Jen… I don’t care that he’s a little fat, he still HOT HOT HOT!
    Ok Jen, he has that special charm that no girl can resist. Just keep in mind that some guys are not boyfriend material… Have fun and release him back to the world… And don’t forget your condoms… Happy Birthday!

  • GB is sooo SEXY!
  • Cia

    I’m just wondering…what if a “civilian” girl can change him? Can make him think different…Maybe a HW it’s just not good for him….
    How about that? Any comments to that?

  • Euo

    Anyone who considers Gerard fat must be 12 or really like then skin and bones. I think his body is great. That is a real man.

  • Let’s Compare

    See Brad and Angie above, happy, close together, cuddling, natural….see Jen and Gerry ,apart, tense, forced and unatural.

    I tell you what I will believe that Brangie is as broken up as much as Antler is together .

    New storyline needed paps and rags! Nuff said.

  • Hat

    That hat is just…no.

  • Tick tock

    3-4 days is a long time to make idle chit chat with people you don’t know very well and have little in common with other than being celebs. And having to do it all while on display for the photogs.

  • Cora

    Okay, well in one of the new pics with GB in black swim trunks you can see he has a white tensor bandage wrapped around his left thigh. I’m thinking he’s back to training again and doing too much too soon. That 40 year old body of his isn’t letting him abuse it and take short cuts like it used to.

  • gossiphound

    Well I would have thought all the people there who are GB’s age for a change would have a wealth of life experiences and humour to share – sounds like a potentially fun group to me – where is David Arquette hiding? I’d love to talk to Sheryl Crow for several hours, she has lead an interesting life.

    We forget too that the paps may only taken photos a very few select moments from each day, for all we know that was “pre-arranged” and once the paps were gone the party was ON.

  • CatLadySmartFarter

    Haha he was working out with that psychotic trainer chick and she probably kicked his wrinkly butt. Poor Gerry! That woman is a demon from hades. ugh
    He’s needs someone more senstitive to his needs…like a GAL :)

  • Goodness!

    @Euo…I agree with you. I think he looks good and “real”, and if I had Aniston’s body I would be wearing that freakin’ bikini everywhere, every day. Damn.

  • SmartFarter

    Jen and Gerard are I am certain FWBs!! They have to be by now…

  • Dear Angelina,

    Eat your HEART OUT, ANGIE!!
    Jen has a hot body and a hotter than Brad new boyfriend in Gerard!!
    And she vacations with rich friends in the world’s most exclusive hotspots!!!
    Eat your hearts out Brangelinofiles!!!

  • Ladida

    Wahooo Gerry booobies!

  • Pinay Fierce

    didn’t gerard was just seen making out w/ some ugly ass violin playing woman in santa monica recently? i can’t remember if it was after the golden globes where aniston and him hooked up. anyway, it’s gross and she’s celebrating b-day w/ some gerard sex. just grosses me out to think of hte fact that this guy w/ screw anyone haha
    i’m happy for brad being w/ angelina and all their kids. his life has more substance compare to aniston.

  • ivermom

    I do not think there is a age limit on a carefree vacation in the sun with friends. If so, I have not heard about it. I would enjoy that sort of thing on my birthday even if I was 50!

  • ivermom

    I don’t think Gerard has to be her “new man” just to be there. Maybe they are friends and he wanted to join all of them…and it never hurts to have a piece of A on your birthday! haha. It does not have to be serious!

  • Eat your heart Maniston

    Eat your heart out MANI.
    Having such a great body that no man wants (we all know that Brad like his women skinny and long legged…from Thandie to Jolie, from Juliet to Robin to Gwyneth…hence you tried your best to erase the fatties but could never match HIS natural genre).

    Your great body is only great for men to dump their sh*t & urine, which shows undoutedbly that you have major issues or that your body hide something nasty.
    Eat your heart out MANI, such a body that noone wants…what does that tell you ? MAJOR LOSER that’s what it is if you can’t have a man with such a body…helll even Pam Anderson could..

  • SmartFarter

    No one finds a desperate chick hot at ALL. Sorry Jen.
    And no one wants to be linked to gerard unless they are ugly and “wide/fat” like some street violin player. His friends DARED HIM. LOL Ever see the movie DOGFIGHT.
    The dude was smashed.


    If the women on that Gerry “hitlist” knew they were in it, they’d probably all sue. TRUST ME. He is not Hollywood “awesome.” He is only awesome to you Midwest and UK PHANNIES. The women here who are trying to do somethign with their lives wouldnt want his name on their resume. LOL

  • Twinkle

    What’s going on with Jen’s boobs? They’re petite, they’re full, are they pneumatic? She was in Cabo just a couple of months ago and her chest was not this full. Did she get a boob job? Just go back and look at her bikini photos, folks, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    Jared, can we get any Gerry and Jenny pda shots? What will be their acronym? Butinfer? JBut? Jennifler? Geriston? Geriatric? LOL



    Gerry’s still dumbasss Gerry and Jen’s a trick so GERIATRIC fits.

  • Bday

    Gerry’s birthday was after filming, in November. And it was a landmark one. Did she go to his party? I mean, with them being such good friends and all…

  • T pain

    Is this her idea of “traveling” ? I remember she aid after friends she’d like to take time to travel…

    Most college kids have traveled through Europe or Asia with nothing in their pocket and have seen more than this woman…

  • Jen is hot!

    Why is it that Brangelina fans can’t just be Brangelina fans without having to say the most ludicrous and cruel things about a women who plays no part in their relationship? Go and love the Jolie-Pitts if that is what gives you a warm fuzzy. To each their own, but leave Aniston out of your deranged and obsessed comments. You can be a fan of Brangelina without hating Jennifer and vice versa.
    I’ve read everything from comments about Jen’s chin being too big, her breasts being saggy (are you effin’ kidding me??), that she takes too many vacations and just lies around all the time (again, are you effin’ serious? She earns millions of dollars every year for film work and Friends residuals. She works plenty and takes vacations just like anyone else would) to some insane comment about her on a different thread regarding how she mistreats or neglects her dogs because she doesn’t take them with her on vacation. How exactly that person knows what she does with her pets when she travels is unclear but the poster had some very strong accusations that just make me shake my head with sadness over the stupidity, and illiteracy in many cases, of the average JJ reader. Likewise, the Brangie haters are quick to mock AJ’s veiny hands and skeletal appearance. I think that is also unnecessary. It is hard to deny that both JA and AJ are beautiful women although very different looking from each either. Just in case you were wondering it IS ok to mock and hate on Brad’s beard. Really, it is disgusting and gives him the appearance of being smelly but as I understand it, it is for an upcoming movie he will be filming.
    The immature and moronic nature of the insulting comments directed to both women (but in particular it’s JA who takes the biggest beating) is enough to confirm what I have always known and that is the fact that the vast majority of people are idiots. You can group people into 3 basic categories; the A’s, B’s and C’s with the A’s being the most intelligent and functional to the C’s being the least. The majority of people are C’s, some are B’s and very few are A’s. The overwhelming category of posters here on this site are C’s.
    I just know that the women who write about Aniston’s chin being too large or her breasts being too saggy are butt-f*ckin’ ugly themselves. There is a whole lot of projecting that goes on here. Here is what I suggest, any time someone wants to post harsh criticism of Jen, or any celeb’s physical appearance for that matter, post a full length, clear and closeup photo of yourself so that we may know you are qualified to judge others the way you do.

    The character assisnations of both women need to stop as well. None you have any idea what either woman is like in her private time. You do not hang with them. You are not a sibling or parent of theirs. You don’t work with them. You are simply a voyeur drawing conclusions based on photos and the views of a blogger who also doesn’t know them personally. It’s ok to speculate as long as you call it what it is but to state that something is a fact that you have no right to aver or proof of, is wrong and in some cases libelous.
    Love the J-P’s without hating on JA or any other of Brad’s ex’s. I see a lot of admiration expressed here for the way the J-P’s conduct their lives and for their character but these same admirers write about JA in a way that neither Jolie or Pitt would ever do. Try to emulate your idols and treat everyone with respect and compassion. And for the love of g-d, use spell check and form complete sentences. Please stop using words such as “haterz”. If you want people to take you seriously and respect your opinion, try writing the way an intelligent, literate adult would.
    That’s all. I’m getting off my soapbox now.

  • http://Yahoo Desi C

    Jen has done nothing to HURT anyone. She deserves happiness. Her world was crushed when Brad betrayed her with WEIRD,PSYCHO,No MORALS Angie. Jen has tried to move on and find love, and has made some lousy choices. Leave her alone. The MEDIA is always comparing Jen & Angie. Not Jen’s fault. You cant hide from the photographers. So Jen makes light comedy movies, so what, you have a choice of movies to see,sci fi,drama,comedy. She is not FAKE. Does many charity donations, quietly, does not need the publicity. Its the same old thing with her year after year. She works, pampers herself, has fun with friends and is looking for true love, lets get real, who is she hurting? Just trying to live her life. I hope she does find a good man to love and be loved.

  • author

    I see lots of pictures of the friends enjoying some time in the sun, but has anyone seen any reading material in those shots? What is everyone reading these days? Gerry use to read, back in the day, when he had a soul.

  • aha

    Yes Jen deserts happiness.

    But her problem is she is such a faker and a whiner. She blames on other men for her break ups. That is why no good man with touch her with a ten or twenty foot pole. Only bad men who want their 15 mins of fame will use her and spit her up.

    She has a nice fake boobie, fake tan, fake blonde….b/c she has the money and time for herself. She is a selffish u know what.

  • CanadaGirl

    This woman is smokin’ hot. I envy every part of her body (that’s visible of course).
    Gerard, as wonderful as he is, should be thankful to be (fake) dating her!!

  • How much longer

    is this siege going to continue?

  • jen

    @Desi C:
    you make a good point, why does brad always have to be brought up in aniston posts. i dont care fore brad angie or jen, but they all look happy in their own lives. im sure jen is not hoping and praying for brad to come back. jen look great here, even more sex appeal than angie lately. i love her hair style and he breasts look great, gerard looks good too. the first time i have ever been remotely attracted to him. even if she does this for pr, who cares, she is an actres, celebrities need buzz for their new projects, there is nothing wrong with it. its a part of their job. if you think this is a patheitc stunt then why look and post comments.

  • Daisy

    Gerry Butts can’t be gay. No gay man goes out looking like this.
    Nor can he be dating Jennifer. No self respectign woman would ever been seen with a man that dresses like this. Oh yeah….I love how he’s holiding the gutt this time. Gerry just be real!!!

  • Gerryfer

    Look like they are FWBs good for them both are not marrietdand hot. Why not them seem like they fun together. I just hope it last, and if doesn’t oh well. Gerryfer would be hotter than that depressing Brangie.

  • Piper

    Jen is hot! @ 02/08/2010 at 4:33 pm

    Read more:

    Did not read your epic novel but I am sure Jenny loves that you’re defending her pathetic life. Thank you for defending a rich, aimless, clueless woman. She appreciates your support during this harsh, gruelling vacation.