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Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Play In Pompei

Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli Play In Pompei

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli tour the historical ruins of Pompei with his mother, Irmalin, on Sunday (February 7) in Naples, Italy.

The 35-year-old actor recently reunited with director Martin Scorsese for the upcoming film Shutter Island. “He saved me,” Leo said of Scorsese. “I was headed down a path of being one kind of actor, and he helped me become another one. The one I wanted to be.”

Asked why they are teaming up again, Scorsese told USA Today that, “I love seeing an actor at this stage in his life. When he can try new, braver things. I thought this was something new and brave for him.”

15+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli playing in Pompei…

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leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli play in pompei 05
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leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli play in pompei 10
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli play in pompei 11
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli play in pompei 12
leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli play in pompei 13
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leonardo dicaprio bar refaeli play in pompei 16

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  • ro

    Didn’t Leo figure it out by now, that Bar is calling the paparazi?
    Doesn’t he know she is trying to use him and milk every bit of publicity she can get from him?

  • tal

    stuning bar!!!

  • hahaha

    Leo looks fat and loser..

  • ro

    Bar gained a lot of weight, so her only “modeling” possible is alerting the photogs and sending tabloids stories about them.
    She is pathetic, and Leo must be a bit “naive” or should I say “slow” in understanding what’s really going on.

  • french

    2 strangers as usual, it’s boring. I don’t see Irmelin on the pics.

  • french


    He knows that she uses him for fame but i can’t understand why he is agree with that, he doesn’t see that it’s very degrading for him to have this girl next to him.

  • french


    you talk about bar?

  • lily

    pompei is near Naples but not in rome…

  • Megan

    Damn is she lucky!
    But she is very pretty!

  • squaraus

    Pompei is in Naples, dunce!

  • angie

    these photos are ridiculous.

  • Teddy Bar

    I like seeing them together

  • SI..wr

    2010 SI Swimsuit Cover: Brooklyn Decker, topless in yellow bikini, put the top on the shoulder
    smiling, standing in the sea in Maldives.

    “headlines” on the cover:
    World Cup “WAGS” Rocking Body Paint
    Olympic Athletes Lindsey Vonn Melts Mountains
    Model Bracket Who’s The Greatest?

  • Leo Knows

    Leo knows exactly what he is doing. A lot of men will keep girlfriends around forever that they have no intention of ever marrying. It’s called convenience. He gets companionship and intimacy without having to put in much effort. They keep these kinds of girls around for as long as the girls are willing to put up with it or until they meet the right one. Bar is the one degrading herself. Maybe she is pregnant and that is why she has gained weight & is back with him all of a sudden. Another trapper….like Bridget & Gisele.

  • ro

    If Leo values his privacy and doesn’t like all the world to know exactly where and when he will be going- he is with the wrong girl.
    She is notorious for letting the tabloids and the photogs know every time Leo might be seen with her.
    Leo is both her cash cow and her claim for fame- and she is milking his privacy as much as possible.

  • french

    @Leo Knows:

    She is as fat as she was some months ago

  • Clearly

    To the tune”I can see clearly now the rain is gone.”

    I can see clearly now that Bar is just using me. I can she she put many obstacles in my way. After the dark clouds of bar have past and gone it’s going be a bright bright sun shinny day.!

  • Mousse

    Ah Pompeï, …mia bella.. !

    As a real Italian Leonardo should visit Herculaneum too with his girlfriend…

    it’s so much more beautiful than Pompeï is.. (although I loved visiting Pompeï too).
    And the National Museum in Napoli, where the impressing fine jewelry made of gemstones and gold from that time is kept… (But no paps and no pics allowed there, is that why they didn’t go for more viewing of cultural heritage…?)

  • Jarhead

    @Leo Knows: Agreed!

    She looks like she’s just part of his entourage. Maybe she got an assistant position…. LOL… oh wait.. she’s a wanna model…

    @Clearly: Tha’ts funny.

  • Candycotton

    Well apparently she ‘s received a ring from Leo!Barfy post the Pics on her Twitter page http://www.Twitter /MissBarRefaeli. To see the photo http://tweet…..I saw the ring and it’s sooo small and cheesy it looks it’s from Target lol!I think it’s a (Let Her Think Im Really Going to Marry Her Ring)…….. Or pitty ring we will see!do what ever it takes to satisfy a Fame wh*ore….. :P

  • Maria

    This girl is really skinny compared to the average fat American!

  • @20

    I read on her thread ( hard core Barf fans post there ) that the twitter account you referred to is fake.

  • carrie

    it may be nice to see Pompei when you hide your face with a hood! (irony)

  • Lola

    @ro: @french: She has gain quite a bit of weight since we last seen her w/him. I hope she hasn’t pulled one of those “preggie” moves on him. I would feel bad for that baby to have her as its mother. French: I agree, he has to know she is the one calling. How else can the paps find them in such an unlikely spot? Someone is a blabber mouth and her name is Barfy. I don’t see his mother in any of those pics. I don’t think she goes anywhere w/him if he has Barfy around.

  • anne

    leo is the most ironic and hidden person in hollywood…private people supposedly dont talk about her/his life , not necessarily need to act like a douchba* walking in the street ignoring everyone especially when he should be supposedly promoting a movie asking people to go to the movies wach his work and he says people should be environmentally friendly and he flies on private jets etc… that why i dont bother spend my money waching his movies anymore, i used to admire him but that was a long time ago, since 2005 he is getting old and acting more like a baby especially since he meet this famewhor* this is a decay of his personality, i fell sorry for him became this person!

  • I honestly don`t think she gained weight. She seems the same to me. Plus they just got back together barely 2 months ago so even if she got pregnant to trap him I doubt it would show already.
    SI promo starts tomorrow ( if I`m not mistaken the cover is going to be revealed tonight ) so I guess we`ll see then since I`m sure she is going to showcase her stuff.

  • Lola

    @: But thats just it-if she is preggers its not his baby. If she has gained wght due to being preggers, she would be too far along to have it be his. The earliest they supposedly hooked up is back in November, so she could only be about 3 months max. She has always been a little chunky for a model in my book and she does appear to have gained at least 10-15 lbs since Mexico. It’s all in her butt and legs.

  • I honestly don`t see the weight gain. She was never super skinny that`s for sure but she seems the same to me. Maybe it`s just the heavy clothes she is wearing and honestly she doesn`t really know how to dress well so it might just be that. But I honestly don`t see the weight gain.
    Ok, I know I said it before a couple of times but I have seen photos and videos of Leo from today ( press conference ). I just don`t believe that the guy I see on these photos ( sorry but based on the photos he comes across as a dou*he ) and the guy promoting SI are the same. It is so weird and behind my understanding. Someone earlier said it right, there`s this `decay in his personality` recently and at least for me it`s getting more and more obvious.

  • jeimym

    She: No need to hide, nobody cares about you
    He: Please get over yourself
    Both: Boring to death

  • french


    I saw the pic and green trees in Paris in february, it’s impossible and the weather is very bad since some days and i don’t think it’s Bar’s twitter

  • french

    It’s because of Bar that there is a decay of his personality.


    I agree

  • Mari

    They are such a strange couple. Clearly they’re back together, but they don’t act like they’re in love or even happy to be around each other. You never even see a photo of him holding her hand, and yet when he’s with his friends he comes across as so outgoing and funny.

    I think she looks about the same weight-wise. Those are not very flattering jeans. She’s never been super thin, and the jeans tucked into her boots make her legs look shorter (they’re not terribly long to begin with).

    @ . . . , I agree with you about the discrepancy between how he comes across in his press conferences and environmental work and his personal life. It’s very strange to me too, and disappointing.

  • sara

    How strange. A vacation with your gf and yet you aren’t even walking with her. I use to think they made a cute couple but now they look like no couple at all.

  • french


    They never looked like a couple.

  • Coolcatty

    He’s a douchebg and she’s a famewhore.

    They both have the ‘fat’ gene.

  • marie

    picture number 10. Bar looking straight at the camera. l wonder if Leo asks Bar to try to cover her face to make it look like she doesnt enjoy the attention. But l have to say she’s not that fat. ln model terms she maybe but not in real terms

  • ItalianGirl

    Hey everybody. I don’t like Bar, but as I was in Rome under the hotel where the press conference was held, I had the opportunity to ask one of the paparazzi if it was Bar that called them to allert they were in Pompei, and this guy said no. It wasn’t Bar. They simply followed them from Rome to Pompei.

  • ……

    wow come on guys no one here not one person knows what these to ar actually like behind closed doors, leo is an extremely private person so for you to expect him to be all over his gf in full open public view in th middle of pompei or in the shopping isles of target or front row and center at a lakers game is simply re tared to expect. But there is a video on the web of him and bar walkimg through pompeii hand in hand before some one alerts him to the papz so its clearly just when teir around because there ar many vids of them on youtube being openly affectionite and happy when they dont realize the papz ar there.

  • @38

    Please, post links to those `lovey-dovey` videos because I haven`t seen them yet. Thanks.
    You know the interesting thing is that Leo had no problem being affectionate and be all over his PREVIOUS girlfriend in public ( actually several times at Lakers games …etc. ). Pretty big change from looking like a guy in love to this miserable guy all the time.
    @37 I don`t say that she calls the paps all the time but honestly I would have been surprised if that paparazzi you asked actually admitted that yes indeed it was Barf who called them. Paps have sources and they follow celebs all the time so it might just be the case but who knows?

  • french


    He looked at the paps before he took her hand and even on the pics where they try to seem happy and in love, they seem very distant and it seems fake.

  • jamie

    what is wrong with you ppl like seriously?? i came here before and read comments on this thread and do you realize how uttrly stupid you sound?? with quotes like ‘leo hates bar’ ‘their not a couple and never were’ ‘its all fake she just uses him ‘she makes him unhappy and depressed” would be some examples of these utterly ridiculous posts. do you honestly think that if he was us unhappy as you say he is he would stay with her….WAKE THE F UCK UP PEOPLE this is LEO DICAPRIO were talking about here the man could have anyone he wanted there ar ppl literaly lining up in clubs for him people come to a certain club just because hes there and you seriously think that if he was unhappy he wouldnt just dumb bar and go off with anyother model he wanted?? leo is a smart dude and he knows what hes doing he wouldnt stay with her if she was making him unhapppy and who are we to judge……and infact i know a person who met bar and they said shewas lovely so you people dont know anything, you dont know either of these people so how could you possibly know what their relationship is like?? you need to stop judging people you dont know the 1st thing about how would you feel if that was you being called a fame w hore etc think about it………………….by the way shutter island is AMAZING and leo was robbed of a oscar nod this year!!

  • ……….

    EXACTLY jamie exactly took the words right outa my mouth.

  • Unfortunately Jamie has a point. I also said it before that Leo could have like a million woman for each and every one of his fingers so there has to be a reason why he is still with her. My opinion about Barf remains the same ( sorry, jamie but I still think she is a famewh*re, she is low class and Leo could do way better than her ) but the fact is that Leo wants to be with her even if it`s a very weird and pathetic on again/ off again game.

  • Marie


    A photo doesn’t lie, when you see them together it’s obvious there is no love and it’s not because of the paps, he was not like that with his ex girlfriends and if he loves her, why do they break every 6 months? , you sound like the Barfie’s fans. Those two don’t look like a couple .

  • Marie

    I think there is an arangement between them but i don’t know what kind of arangement.

  • sara

    Leo is a great actor. Does it hurt to “act” like you love someone. LOL! Apparently with Bar it does.

  • sara

    If he is all about privacy, then why doesn’t he worry about privacy when he’s with his mom? Why doesn’t he worry about privacy when he’s with his friends? Last time Leo referred to his privacy he stated that it was in his “personal” life. Friends and mothers are personal just like girlfriends. Yet when he’s with Bar he hides and separates himself from her. He doesn’t do that when he’s with Lucas.

    I agree with Marie, this is definitely an arrangement. Whether it is a booty call arrangement or something else, who knows, but pictures are worth a thousand words and these two aren’t in love or remotely close to having a real relationship IMO.

  • french


    You are right.

  • french

    Nobody knows what kind of arangement but it’s clear they have one, because they don’t look like a couple or even friends .

  • jamie

    exactly WHY do they break up every 6 months (by the way thats incorrect they have apparently broken up 3 times in a going on 5 year relationship) i dont know the answer to that question you dont know the answer i doubt even leos mom knows the answer the only people who know the answer to that are bar and leo so why do you assume the worst saying ‘he doesnt love her’ you have absolutley no way of knowing that people break up and get back together all the time and if i remember correctly leo broke up with gisele just as many times but you seem to be all for that relationship………aand no i am not a ‘barfie fan’ grow up man seriously. and by the way leo doesnt even show his face in public so how would you expect him to show his ‘undying love’ for someoneLOL, you people can be seriously deluded.