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Levi Johnston's Playgirl Cover Revealed

Levi Johnston's Playgirl Cover Revealed

Levi Johnston goes nude for Playgirl‘s latest Winter 2010 issue, which hits stands on Feb. 22,

The feature “Levi Johnston Goes Rogue” promises details about the the shoot, the interview and the scandal as well as the Palins, fatherhood and stripping ndown.

Levi, 19, chats about being a dad to 1-year-old son Tripp, whose mom is with 19-year-old Bristol Palin (daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin).


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  • Vanessa

    1st I think , anyhow he looks disgusting ! EWW!

  • doesnt anyone care about Haiti


  • Deedz

    Uh, ew.

  • Vanessa

    You’re looking like a tool not a baller … LMAO EWWW

  • sydie


  • BJ


  • Sam

    eww LMFAO :D

  • Laura

    How degrading….LOL

  • fox

    dude! nastiness. ew ew ew

  • LoveLeeR

    yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmyyyyyyyy !!!

  • Catchy

    this made me laugh onlyyyyyyyyy aaaaaahahahahahaahhahahahaah))))))))

  • pilly

    LOL, Hot is Hot! And he’s Hot!

  • Sammie

    Us girls don’t get a willing guy to do this kind of thing , He’s cute so I’m gonna enjoy it!!!! haha

  • q

    Don’t you people get tired of hating everything??
    What’s not to like? A half naked cute guy! Yay!

  • _

    ewww lmfao

  • Middi

    He is so gross.

  • Mo-Nique

    Why is he such a

  • rhonda

    boys, got diapers to buy! LOL Bristol he was a catch in high school, but girls beware now of what you’ll catch! or may you boys? who knows!

  • the dq

    Why are his babymomma & her mother such who*es? Those two are much bigger media who*res than he is. I guess Jerry Brown, MA (R) is also a who*e. When Levi does it, it’s “porn”, but when Jerry does it, she ignores it. Kinda like the recent “retard” comment.

    GO LEVI!!!!!

  • the dq

    “******” = “reta*d”

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l


  • sam

    hahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHA That’s what I did when I saw this. LAUGHED – so I agree with Sydie and the other Sam (and others). This is a joke! He is a little boy trying to be a man, probably can’t even ‘do it’ without thinking of himself first! hahahahaha I’m still laughing. Your 5 (not even 15) minutes are up young fellow!

  • Sophia

    His son will be so proud in 10-20 years. This is just sad!

  • CanadaGirl

    Gross. Apparently, they were going for a 1970s douche vibe.

  • Jeff

    that’s… awkward

  • bella

    I kinda threw up a little.

  • sky

    maybe if no one buys this he’ll go away. oh wait he sell out the palin’s some more to be in the spotlight. How disgusting.

  • Tootsie

    Classy? a big NOT !

    Any person that has the need to pose in the nud*…..for a magazine or whatever……has quite a few screws loose.

    No respect for themselves and why the heck do people need to see nud* people?

    silly!…and for heavens sake…the word…N U D E is NOT a dirty word.

  • ivanka


  • Catsup

    OMG!! git outta here.. LMAO This pup is more to be pitied then laughed at.
    Whatever this Levi boy does now has absolutely Zilch to do with Bristol Pailin.
    even tho he is going to use her name and her mom’s hoping to become a hollywood star. hahahahahahahahaha
    I DO feel sorry for his son.

  • black

    ———-What a disguise—to every religion there is, appart from Scientology…..
    Girls, stay away from such morons!! In fact, stay away from men until you reach your thirties. Just stay AWAY!!!
    Occupy yourself with more important matters. School for example. And how to treat your parents nice. Visist some ANTI-PREGNANCY courses while you´re at it!
    Never hurts———————————(Oh no! My uncle has just returned—see ya turbofilks!!)

  • gaeljet

    lol, vain

  • nursedatingsite

    Wow, he is so hot!

  • pup


  • Whip It Out or Go Home

    He shows no w-a-n-g in the mag just like the earlier pix. If there is no d-i-c-k then I ain’t buyin’ it. Show us the goods!

  • Lori

    What a Cutie!
    Women have been posing neked and doing “leaked adult films” for YEARS & YEARS!
    Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian made careers out of it..But everyone just Looooves THEM!
    Whats good for the girls is good for the GUYS!!!
    I say RIGHT ON LEVI!!!!! DO YO THANG!!
    You are HOT!!

  • Ranger

    Classy? Unwed parent is NOT classy!

  • the dq

    “Classy? Unwed parent is NOT classy!”

    Same applies to Bristol who is an unmarried parent twice over.

  • blah

    wheres the beef?

  • Jennie

    @CanadaGirl: That was the first thing that poped into my mind second was kesha’s kiss and tell song. This guy is so disgusting . Douche!!!!

  • Campbell

    He’s so freakin’ HOT !!!
    I don’t get why anyone has a problem with this. I don’t see backlashes against famous people who pose for Maxim and Playboy, so why is it so awful for a guy to do it?
    I’ve thought he was hot since the first time he showed up at a Palin event, even though he was planning to marry into that family from hell.
    He’s really the only thing good to come out of that whole disaster.
    I hope after this he uses his 15 minutes to launch something that will last, because his hotness might not last forever. For now though, it’s still firmly intact. :o)

  • Tootsie

    # 36 Lori…

    You sound exactly like a bimbo uneducated teen

  • emmaa

    HAHAHAHAHAHA “Levi Johnston Goes Rogue” OMFG!!
    He’s such a whore. He should be ashamed.

  • Syn

    Why is he half tan half pink 0_o

    Just nasty.

  • tina

    the dq @ 02/08/2010 at 9:58 pm

    “Classy? Unwed parent is NOT classy!”

    Same applies to Bristol who is an unmarried parent twice over.
    How so? Bristol has one child as does little Levi.
    Aren’t his 15 minutes over yet? Looks like a little kid trying to be a man.
    Any guy can get it up, it’s what you do with it after wards that counts. Be responsible dude. Buying a few diapers now and then does not a parent make.

  • Sassy

    Wahahahhaha LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!!!! and EWWWW

  • lakers fan in boston

    this guy is such a famewhore….
    i swear his pics already came out 2 or is he doing another shoot…
    cant stand this loser, only reason he’s famous is because he knocked some chick up and the worse thing is he’s a bad father as well

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