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Portia de Rossi Covers 'The Advocate' March 2010

Portia de Rossi Covers 'The Advocate' March 2010

Portia de Rossi gets glam as she graces the cover of The Advocate‘s March 2010 issue.

Here’s what the 37-year-old actress – and partner of Ellen DeGeneres – had to share with the mag:

On the fight for marriage equality: “I think it’s up to us to save marriage. Up to gay people across the country, seeing as though we’re fighting for it so vehemently. This whole thing has been a wave of excitement and hope, and then it gently falls back into despair. And then it picks us up again. Unfortunately, we’re the ones who have to suffer this – this humiliation, really. There’s kind of a dignity that’s been stripped from us. Gay people are the ones who have to suffer through it – but without it, it won’t change.”

On an Arrested Development movie: “We all want a movie to happen. Just write it already!”

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Bigger cover pic inside…

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Photos: Don Flood
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  • CanadaGirl

    Ohh… this is very “Great Gatsby.” Quite a nice photo.

  • B

    she’s Ellen’s wife, not partner, there’s a difference

  • t

    so lovely

  • she shall remain nameless

    Love her!!! Her and Ellen are a cute and funny couple!!!!

  • LuckyL

    I love her and I love her WIFE

  • jill

    I don’t really know who she is, but she seem very smart. I LOVE Ellen and I am so happy for the both of them :)

  • pup

    Hayden Panitierre or however her last name is spelt, looks like her in that pik.

  • black

    ——-How about talking gay marriage, she addresses the real reason she has converted to the other side?
    Mainly to steal that other womans money.
    Shame on you de Rossi!!!
    And even more shame on you for this NOT even being your real name!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    ^^^^You’re a dumba** and obviously know nothing about her.

  • Alexa

    PLEASE lets get the Arrested Development movie in production already!

  • lexy

    She looks great with short hair. She’s a great actress and her and Ellen are adorable. At this point I’d take an AD television special!

  • Sei

    I give her very little credibility seeing how she was married to a man and in a relationship while she was dating Ellen. She is a very sketchy person who should not be leading the gay marriage plight. BTW. she never was in “law school” she was in her first year of college..I find her dishonesty all shades of shameful.

  • Proposition 8

    It actually was a good thing that Prop 8 was shot down because, aside from my opinion on the subject of gay marriage, Prop 8 was not what gay people would have really wanted if they had actually read it. They used it as a reason to attack voters who did not vote for it. Read prop 8, then you decide how much of a benefit it would have been for gay people in CA.

    I am not gay, although I do think gay people should have the right, some kind of right to be a legal partnership. How that would all get worked out I really dont know. My friend and I were discussing this the other night and she brought up some really good points about why and how and what would have to happen to “redefine” marriage as we know it in contemporary times. This is food for thought, and in no way an attack on gay people or their human right to have a family.

    Currently, nearly every “family” law was written with Male/Female as centric, and that children of said male/female are either genetically related to both parents, one parent, or adopted. Rosie O’Donnell’s split with her partner of years and years brings up an issue I certainly never thought of, but I am sure the family lawmakers have in regards to gay families. Her ex partner, Kelly, had a baby. Between the two of them they also adopted other children. Now that they are split, what legal tie does Rosie have with the baby that Kelly had, and who gets the other children? I know this brings up the question of “They should have been legally able to wed, so as to legally divorce”, but assets and houses are easier to divide up than siblings.

    This is just one example of how unbelievably complicated gay marriage can and will make an already complicated family legal system. I feel for them, I really do, but who, REALLY WHO, could possibly set down all the rules and laws that would govern all this so that ALL family members in a gay family are covered? Every single family law, regulation, etc from healthcare coverage, monetary support, family law, you name it…all would have to be completely rewritten. Who would play the role of father in traditional definitions currently governing families…mother? This is just way more complicated than what ‘RIGHTS’ gay people have or should have. Maybe the traditional world is better at acceptance of alternative lifestyles and partnerships nowadays, but its going to take a lot more than that to adjust their needs and wants as a family in the world we live in.

    Sorry for the soapbox. I hope someone will read this anyway!

  • nursedatingsite

    Are they married? Do they have a legal contract? They should have a pre-nup at least, so she can obtain assets if she leaves Ellen.

  • Jimmy Chunga


    “Give her back!”

  • lakers fan in boston

    i really like her and ellen as a couple, they always look cute together =]
    she looks so freaking amazing on the cover!!
    love everything about her in that pic, kinda reminds me of the 20s fashion
    her hair looks amazing, love it =D

  • Super fat burner articles

    Gorgeous !

  • Plasma cutters

    She was a cute babe !!