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Rachel Bilson is Elastique Girl

Rachel Bilson is Elastique Girl

Rachel Bilson and a friend do some retail therapy together in West Hollywood on Monday (February 8).

The 28-year-old actress paired a cute yellow dress with “Ballerine Elastique” shoes in grey by Tila March and a Juicy Couture leather motorcycle jacket for a stylish day out.

On Friday, Rachel and her mom got caught in the rain while out and about in Beverly Hills! Because she wore an oversized raincoat and visited a doctor’s office, rumors started floating around that Rachel was expecting!

However, Rachel‘s rep said there’s “absolutely no truth to Rachel being pregnant” (via Us Weekly). There you have it!

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  • jolene

    why is she never with hayden anymore???

  • Selena

    I’m sorry, but I can’t be the only one that thinks this girl is a joke. What pregnancy rumors? I was online all weekend and didn’t see any on legit sites, not even on this one. It must be really excruciating to be a fading star and having to resort to pap tipping and bs rumors to stay relevant.

  • leimore

    Whoa she cant get an acting job so she goes to that clinic just to get reported that she’s preggy – all for the love of being in the news no matter what… utterly pathetic.

  • Sophia

    Leave her alone. People are so mean!
    p.s – Like her outfit.

  • Ahari

    Sophia, she brings it on herself. She’s completely irrelevant, she has no talent, no job prospects, nothing. All she has is pimping her “engagement” to a man who doesn’t seem interested enough to give her the time of day. No one cares about that anymore, it’s boring and obviously a sham, so now she has to have an X17 pap that her PR people called out to ask her that question. All so the PR people, who “don’t comment on their client’s private life,” can issue an official “denial.” Welcome to the advanced art of PR manipulation–pap tipping and fame wh*ring at it’s very best.

  • J.R.

    “On Friday, Rachel and her mom got caught in the rain while out and about in Beverly Hills! Because she wore an oversized raincoat and visited a doctor’s office, rumors started floating around that Rachel was expecting!”

    What is up with the exclamation points? LOL. It’s not that serious dude.

  • tennille

    Oh I think she would love to get pregnant and be the NEXT Jennifer Garner who’s back-up job after her failed hackting career is “media-pimping” her kid/s almost everyday!

  • Nikki

    @ 4

    Oh please. Go to a knitting class if you want nice. She’s an irrelevant celebrity trying to hang on to the spotlight. Everyone talks crap about people like that. What makes her so special that people should leave her alone?

  • tennille

    Oh Please!!!
    RB is a vainly dumb & sick for any media attention.
    She “dresses” for: PLEASE HAVE SOME PITY & LOOK AT ME. then she goes home…

  • Marie

    I thought her rep “never commented” on her personal life? Please. This girl is a joke. Fade into obscurity, Rachel. You’re more than halfway there already.

  • thenwhat

    If she’s not dressing up for the paparazzi as some of her fans claim then why is she in a different outfit every single time she’s photographed.

    Her fans from her OC days who were hoping she would amount to something other than a clothes rack and starlet-always-dating-her-costar rep are sorely disappointed. Rachel fans, are you proud of what she’s accomplished?

  • thenwhat

    If she’s not dressing up for the paparazzi as some of her fans claim then why is she in a different outfit every single time she’s photographed.

    Her fans from her OC days who were hoping she would amount to something other than a clothes rack and starlet-always-dating-her-costar rep are sorely disappointed. Rachel fans, are you proud of what she’s accomplished?

  • thenwhat

    If she’s not dressing up for the paparazzi as some of her fans claim then why is she in a different outfit every single time she’s photographed.

    Her fans from her OC days who were hoping she would amount to something other than a clothes rack and starlet-always-dating-her-costar rep are sorely disappointed. Rachel fans, are you proud of what she’s accomplished?

  • Stupid people live here 24/7

    @Selena #2 you think JJ is a good source of information LOL, JJ mentioned she went to a doctor’s clinic on an earlier report which in turn was picked up on blogs, has on previous reports said Hayden was playing Tennis in Switzerland, when he played in France–please tell me you know the difference.

    @Ahari she is so irrelevent you can’t help but waste your time posting about her LOL.

  • Ahari

    @14, I’m not stupid, thank you very much. I find it extremely irritating that someone like Rachel Bilson believes she is so important it’s necessary for paparazzi to follow her around all day while she does absolutely nothing, and nim rods like this site do her bidding and further the dumbing down of HW.

  • kaleigh

    RB’s a legend in her own demented mind. I will say it again, she should be a Kardashian. Her self worth is always way out of whack with reality & relevance. And “sans” those branded clothes & blings, she’ll be a plain-jane all the way…

  • hayward

    Yeah, yeah. She is so irrelevant, boring and no one cares (your words). That’s why so many just can’t resist posting about her and spending so much time here. These threads are hilarious.
    You know in the grand scheme of things wouldn’t it be better to waste time washing the dishes or something relevant instead.

  • blondie

    Maybe because of her inability to get roles Rachel is slowly moving towards a fashion career fulltime. In a few years she will be hosting a TV show about fashion and won’t be a real actress anymore.
    Street Fashion with Bilson! How to Look Photo Ready When You Step Out of Your House!

  • xxx

    Why does this woman get photographed?! She does NOTHING! Absolutely Nothing.

    Go away, unemployed, talentless cow.

  • vortex

    She was also asked is there is a date for her wedding she said no I trust that a hell of a lot more then any pregnancy rumor, Hello one has to have sex to get pregnant, unless she was going for artifical frozen pop. There are a list of things she might be at a doctors office for none has to do with being knocked up. If she walked out of a OBGYN then ask the dumb question the idiot did. She walked out of a surgical medical building I don’t think she was there for maternity call. Plus one can tell she isn’t knocked up if articles are basing it on the oversized rainwear then hell everyone who wears oversized raincoats are pregnant PLEASE!!!!. HC is never around her enough to make it count and she lives and breaths for LA he for Canada I don’t see these two ever blending even if they were to get married it would be a short lived at best.

  • zzz

    i hadnt read any rumours, but thought she was pregnant a little while ago. she appeared to have a bit of a belly, which got me thinking.

  • juniper

    @ 10 – thought her rep “never commented” on her personal life?

    AS IF there’s an existing professional (i.e. acting/fashion career) life that has/had to be commented on?! So the oc-smurf’s pr peeps would have to settle to whats been on a “bargain sale” since forever to the media & everywhere else; and that’s her (superficial) personal life.

  • brightside

    @hayward: You think it’s a waste of time to point these things out? We should maybe sit back and let such mundane mediocrity take over our society without so much as a murmur? Pointing out the truth that most celebrities are a bunch of media wh0ring nothings who don’t deserve the attention they seek is more important than doing trivial things – it is exposing trivial things – and that’s important.

  • brightside

    By the way, I like what she’s wearing – it’s quite classy. I would wear this. And, no, it’s not evidence of her so-called style because lots of women I know dress much the same.

  • periwinkle

    Idiotic expression – Check
    Attention whoring – Check
    Paparazzi addiction – Check
    Loser -Check
    Emotional development of a 12 year old – Check
    Uneducated & unemployable – Check
    Chasing something (a Hollywood career) without any “legit” entertainment industry talents. – Check
    Everyone’s pass-along – Check
    Must be… BratChel – C-H-E-C-K!

  • sadie
  • hayward


    Oh well, that’s different. I see you’re on a very important mission to save society and it’s your job to decide who is deserving or not. LOL How big is your head?
    Yep, that ranks right up there with world hunger because the next thing we know this type of person could become a real despot taking over Hollywood and who knows maybe a thrid world country.

  • sidony

    As Ive posted before, Douchel dont have some freaking business to go back in LA. She got nothing to promote but her useless self. No movie, no (regular) tv show, no promo (even a hoax one) line or any upcoming… all just nothing.
    She should just pack-up again & go back where she came from her last vacation and raise some piglets that she “claims” to adore.
    Pigs & herself could really make an awesome pair – like looking at each other’s “total reflections”…lol!

  • jenn

    is she even still with hayden? i mean, where is he?

  • @#26

    That (CDAN post) is so AMUSINGLY-ACCURATE.

  • sadie
  • lexy

    @ Hayward and the other Rachel “fans” – oh please this is not a fan board and maybe you should ask yourself why YOU care about strangers commenting on another stranger?? I love when people get on their soap boxes and talk trash about people not liking someone when they are no better! Not to mention I only see this nonsense in the Rachel posts – go promote kindness in some other actors threads and at least you won’t seem so hypocritical.
    @ Tennille #7 – are you kidding me?? This chick WISHES she were Jen Garner. Jen was the STAR of a successful TV show and she’s done SEVERAL movies – she was famous BEFORE Ben Affleck came along and her career is doing just fine. Not only does Jen manage to get acting jobs on a regular basis but she’s got her endorsement deal with Neutrogena, and she manages to raise a family AND do serious charity work.
    JJ instead of retail therapy (which she does daily) Rachel needs some ACTING classes!! Maybe then she could actually get a job!!!

  • stupid girl

    Is great that they do not set a date to marry, I hope this marriage will not happen. Hayden does not like Rachel, if he liked, he would come to LA and would spend a week with her, he only comes to LA when he has a good reason (work). If she really like Hayden she would go to Canada and would stay a week with him too. She preferred to stay in LA, go to restaurants, shopping and be followed by the paparazzi than to stay with her fiance, she’s not going to Canada anymore because she don’t support the peaceful life of Hayden and he does not support the attention that she loves in LA.

  • Stupid people live here 24/7

    Sadie that’s funny, pity it’s wrong…………nice try

  • the truth

    That’s what i been telling them.They won’t listen no. 33 they want to believe what they want.And others that said the same thing.This could have to conclusion days ago. Rachel just want the attention that can’t get from else where.She said months back that she didn’t want to go back the way it about being with him in canada back and forth. So guess she visit him when she think she can get something out are him. Then like i had said she gets mad and come home. Then she start talking to other guys. Like that suppose to make him run back to her.When it don’t work she start creating rumors and twittering about a break-up then her rep come and clean it up cause she have make it up by running back to him we she get caught with another guy.And as soon as she find out that he’s getting acting gig she go see him then..She read everything we write and then she act it on this site and others.Rachel has chose where she want to live and its not with hayden. She see what other celebrities do with theit relationship and she wants the same thing. To bad hayden is not with her when she do the crazy things that she do. She lied to him and him family that she was different and she is the same as the other people that loves attention.I don’t hate her is that she has become nothing but the person that she hate about other people in the media.Not are them are not like her they work for for the attention that they get and she don’t She use other people for what she want.Don’t no33 its not going to happen. It will go dowm just like her other relationship have had.She didn’t do all are this when she was her ex.I think she covering -up the fact that she lost out both ways with hayden and adam about becoming a star. And she don’t want to admit that hayden is the same way as adam but he just don’t live here he just get work from here. Also you support your man instead are making him look like a fool to eveyone. When he say something about not being the limelight and you go do it anyway. That not suporting what he say. especially when she came back from paris with hayden then said something about staying out are the limelight then she a week later she be with another man when he leave.And when she get caught she run and try and find hayden to make look good then she will do it all over again. If rachel just want somebody to have fun and to get her something.Then she should start dating other guys where she live that what she when hayden not there anyway. Cause no guy is happy when they see you with another guy beside and don’t get mad about it (right) Rachel need to just stop playing around and grow-up and follow her heart that her and hayden are two different people and want different things out are life.He have had all the media that she want about work. ITs too late for her to that she should have started her career early instead are shopping and doing lunch all the time. I just say she just wasted her time on hayden to help her jump start her career.And it didn’t work. And for other they could be just cooling thing off a bit or on a short break-up?!

  • Jacktheineffable

    Love her:)

  • Jacktheineffable

    I dont get why people get so annoyed with her.
    It could be so easy: people like me who like her could pay attention to these posts, and all you others could just ignore them.

  • Vogue

    I’m not a fan of hers but, I do love the dress and, jacket!! I want!! She should have worn different shoes is all.

  • S

    @the truth
    You make me worry about your way of thinking. Of all the pathetic persons here, you should be the queen. It is not even funny. The others, at least, are very entertaining.

  • ghetto

    she still tries hiding her ring…why? pathetic!

    her thighs r huge!!!! why does she wear things that make them look even bigger.

    this girl is really sad.

  • brightside

    A few interesting facts about Botswana, one of the two countries to which Rachel Bilson very generously paid a flying visit under the guise of helping the african poor.

    Botswana has transformed itself from one of the poorest countries in the world to a middle-income country.
    It has the fourth highest gross national income at purchasing power parity in Africa giving it a standard of living around that of Mexico and Turkey.

    (Now you don’t often see Mexico and Turkey depicted as terribly poor countries needing charity, do you!)

    Botswana has a high level of economic freedom. The government has maintained a sound fiscal policy and a negligible level of foreign debt.
    Debswana, the largest mining company operating in Botswana, is 50% owned by the government.
    Botswana’s banking system is one of Africa’s most advanced.

    The country has earned billions from diamonds. In two decades it’s wealth has increased by 500%. Per head of population, it had $122 each in 1970. This grew to $4755 by 2006. Botswana’s government have poured the extra money into education, infrastructure and health. Botswana is an example of what other African countries could achieve, but haven’t.

    South Africa is one of the richest countries in sub-Sarahan Africa.

    So why was Rachel Bilson visiting these two countries? Why not Mali, or Angola, or Tanzania?

    This is precisely the problem I have with a lot of the culture of celebrity! It’s all hypocrisy! Some celebrities do genuine good, others only do good for themselves and it doesn’t take an intelligent person to work out which ones are doing what and for whom.

  • lexy

    @37 – or you could just go to a Rachel Bilson fan site and talk about how great she is with the 5 or 6 other people who know who she is and care about her???
    @ Brightside – you know more about Bostwana than Rachel. LOL! She probably couldn’t pick California out on a map of the US. If Rachel were interested in helping the poor we all know she could go find some poor people in LA. It’s not like there aren’t needy people in her own backyard.
    @ the truth – Hayden and her and happy with how they are. Perhaps they like their space. I know there are times I get sick of my boyfriend. Hayden isn’t interested in shopping or tipping off the paps so even if he’s in LA or she’s in Canada what’s there to do?? He’s young but there’s only so much sex people can have. It’s either go out and do couple stuff and be “surprised” when the paps show up at these remote locations, go shopping and watch her spend his money or stay home in Canada where his mom probably cooks and does his laundry and when he gets horny he hops a flight to LA.

  • Stupid people live here 24/7

    Lexy your comment at “the truth” was funny.
    Well Rachel should be away for a while soon, she has a movie at a film festival and then her and Hayden(sorry the truth) are going to the winter games at least that is the rumor.

  • brightside

    Am baffled by the pregnancy rumour. What pregnancy rumour? There is a lot of denying the pregnancy rumour but, apart from a random question by one reporter, there seems to be no rumour to deny. Although I seem to remember a similar rumour circulated about the same time last year involving these two. Perhaps it’s an annual thing. Things to do in January: Visit boyfriend.
    Things to do in Feburary: Make up pregnancy rumour to deny.
    The world of Celebrity idiocy never fails to amuse me. Like Paris Hilton denying drugs and Tila Tequila’s game of who’s the baby father? with a baby that doesn’t exist.

  • Viper

    One would be amazed Brightside on how these rumors begin it’s all word of mouth. This reported from X17 started it, There doesnt’ have to be much else to it but, one guy, one comment and from that these fools create the idea that RB visits a medical building which she does like 20 times a year if not more. Gee mom is a doctor maybe that is the reason why. so she must be pregnant. She looks always the same as usual. I think RB’s PR man has to think of new ways to keep her intrest in the public eye.

  • lexy

    Is there lots of shopping at the Olympics or a mall nearby?? I can’t imagine Rachel would be interested in watching people who have trained for years trying to achieve a goal – they’ve actually had to work and you know Rachel is like vampire and work is holy water! Perhaps to try and drum up some PR she will go try and offer my boy Apollo Ohno some fashion tips…Oh Apollo you should wear this silk scarf while skating…it brings out the color in your skates! Or maybe spice up your skates with some cool rhinestones!
    Brightside, these rumors are started all the time. Are you from the US? I swear EVERY week some celeb is pregnant or having marital troubles. I think Nick Lachey said it best – the tabloids just keep saying stuff over and over again and one day when it’s true they are like “we told you”. I mean just when I thought the Brangelina/Aniston drama couldn’t get any worse they’ve now thrown Johnny Depp into the mix. LOL!! But trust me – someone is always supposed to be pregnant. It’s just odd it’s this loser.

  • Jacktheineffable

    yall need a life

  • Pepto

    @42, or when he’s horny he calls up one of the myriad of local chicks I’m sure he knows that are more than happy to take care of a man like him, something Rachel Bilson wouldn’t know anything about. Coz I kind of doubt he only gets horny three times a year.

  • antwacky

    BilPUKE got a movie at a Film Festival?!
    The movie that she just shoot in less than 5 days… and its really a movie not just a tv show/series huh, jeeez I’m dead sure that she got at least “10″ speaking lines in there or if not just like what have happened to her in NYILY; that she’s there at the credits but you wont actually feels that she’s really in there basing on the impact /substance/ lenght of the role – simply a claptrap just like her total persona.
    And please she could (or more like a “must”) go away “forever & asap” and so not only for awhile lol!

  • brightside

    @antwacky: Less than 5 days? You are kidding, right! That has to be a joke! Less than 5 days – that’s not actressing, that’s extra-ing..
    @lexy: Uh huh – I know. It’s all about marketing and keeping the brand in the public eye. Forget that no one can remember what she’s been in apart from OC and, maybe, Jumper. Got to keep being noticed.