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Suri Cruise Is Superbowl Shy

Suri Cruise Is Superbowl Shy

Tom Cruise arrives with his daughter Suri, son Connor, wife Katie Holmes, and Cameron Diaz for Super Bowl XLIV at Sun Life Stadium in Florida on Sunday (February 7).

Suri, 3, has reportedly been to the musical Mary Poppins twice and has become enamored with acting. “Mary Poppins had Suri entranced,” the source tells OK!. “She was already interested in acting because of her parents, but watching the play has made her even more determined to pursue it.”

Tom and Katie were spotted hanging out with Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz at the Super Bowl Party hosted by the Creative Artists Agency.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise being shy at the Superbowl…

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suri cruise is superbowl shy 01
suri cruise is superbowl shy 02
suri cruise is superbowl shy 03
suri cruise is superbowl shy 04
suri cruise is superbowl shy 05
suri cruise is superbowl shy 06
suri cruise is superbowl shy 07
suri cruise is superbowl shy 08
suri cruise is superbowl shy 09
suri cruise is superbowl shy 10

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  • zhaoyang

    suri is so cute

  • Jennifer

    Katie looks soo bad

  • ddddd

    how would she already know she wants to be an actress?? she’s 3 YEARS OLD!!!!! they’re talking about her as if she’s a teenager!!!

  • wow

    “more determined”? These freaks are great source of entertainment.

  • lesly

    mini katie holmes.

  • vida

    EXACTLY….she is three and she knows she wants to persue it??? My 5 year old nephew saw the Lion King and wants to be in it to but it is not something he is going to persue in earnest…the next day he wanted to be a dinosaur hunter.

  • chris

    super pretty

  • @ddd and vida

    Of course the kid wants to be an actress Her fame-ho parents pimp her out whenever they want more camera time and tell her how amazing, wonderful, magical she is all the time. And even if she didn’t want to be an actress, her pimping parents have denied her privacy so she’ll never be able to lead a normal life unlike most of the hollywood kids.

  • dido

    she is a tom mini- me , and looks like tom more and more everyday

  • sarah

    She’s cute, but I have a feeling Suri’ll grow up to be one of those super spoiled attention seeking girls who can’t get enough. I’m not judging her, I’m judging the parents.


    Where is Alex ….and Cam together only the other black guy there is
    Tom’s son Conner.. He looks more like Cam’s date than A-Rod
    show us the pix of them together and stop the crap.. please they

  • Mousse

    At 3 a kid doesn’t know what an actress is.
    She’s beautiful, but I’d prefer to see her dressed apropriatly for the weather.
    Her mother looks like a psychiatric patient. Lost and with very bitter expressions…….

  • Lita Bracon
  • jill

    Little brat. Paris Hilton is the making.

  • emmas

    Cutest little thing!

  • Lynn

    That’s one obnoxious little child, I would not want to be around.

  • jill

    That should be, Paris Hilton in the making.

  • IamBW-BWisme

    She is sooo insanely adorable :D

  • yo sista

    Being THAT girly isn’t good in my opinion, a child is a child……. Like someone said before, she’s a Paris Hilton in the making. WAY TOO SPOILED

  • mo

    @Lita Bracon: GTFO FLOPHANNA FAN

  • Sweetness

    what’s sad and pathetic are you people on here jealous of a 3 year old little girl…so what if she is rich…that’s life. some people are born rich and others are born into a poor family.
    but making hateful comments because she has loving parents is beyond pathetic. it’s embarrassing.

  • http://google toni

    Suri started to look like her dad, Tom as she is growing.
    She so adorable.

  • rocky


    Never fails to amaze me these two.

  • CBC

    She is more determined to be an actress now??? WTF?!?!? She is 3!! All she cares about is not sh*tting in her dress.

  • rocky


    Suri is not rich, her parents are. I agree that people shouldn’t be saying awful things about a 3 year old, but the comments about her persuing an acting career come right from her parents. Suri likes to dress up and must feel acting is all about dressing up and having fun. She’ll learn eventually as she gets older that it’s hard work.

  • rocky


    Don’t say that. That’s so mean. She’s only 3 years old for goodness sake.

  • Annie

    Look at the stupid bimbo showing off her wedding ring after not being seen with it on in the last few photos on JJ. He must of paid her an extra million to show it off, what a gold digging pig. And he is SO gay. Crazy little f*ck.


    them young if Conner is her date. Doesn’t seem like there are any other men so that is why she is hanging out with the Cruises and just
    the Cruises..Katie doesn’t seem all that interested in Tom at all…
    Just walking next to him.. !! Is there something going on with Tom
    and Cameron Diaz maybe.. that is why she is with them.. never now
    that is how he cheated on Nicole with Penelope Cruz..

  • Mo-Nique

    OMG this little suri will grow up to be a Paris Hilton or a Kardashian sister.. can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i

    Suri is the sweetest little girl Connor is handsome too

  • ritz

    Sorry, but Suri is way prettier than Paris or Kim

  • Lila

    She may be just 3 but Keira Knightley was 3 when she requested an agent and she got one when she was 6.
    The kids of celebrities and generally people from the entertainment world are always pushed from an early age.

  • missy

    Suri looks so cute! It’s nice to see her smile.
    Guys, the story about her wanting to be an actress is from OK. This is the same rag that says Brad and Jen are back together. Stop taking them so seriously.

  • kar

    Suri’s gorgeous

  • Shawna

    In the second picture is Suri wearing eye liner? Because it really looks like it.

  • susie#1

    Who in their right mind takes a three-year-old to the Super Bowl? If you look at Tom and Katie, there appears to be a strange emotional disconnect between them. I guess since Suri hasn’t been seen in a week, it was time to roll her out for the paps.

  • Icried4suri

    Suri looks adorable and happier

  • slambang

    Nice to see her smiling for once, though she’s still an unfortunate-looking kid.

  • @susie #1

    People who are desperate for photo ops.

  • poli

    No matter how much eyeliner, eyedrops and cream they put on her face, and bows on her head, still looks like chrisklein.

  • Kim

    @BACK TOGETHER AGAIN…: There are pics of Cameron and Arod at apparently they were bumping and grinding at the CAA party

  • Melanie

    That little girl is older than 3.

  • mau

    Suri is super cute, but I can’t see a resemblace between her and Tom!!!

  • alicat

    What time does this little girl go to bed?

  • bella

    She looks so cute with her hair out of her face.

  • bella

    also I did not even recgonize that was Katie she looks like she is in her 40s.

  • Tootsie

    # 22 (sweetness)

    …silly silly dumb comment.

    Of course, NO ONE in their right mind would be jealous of Suri or Katie.

    YOu don’t seem to understand that most people think and know that her parents are wacko and are bringing up Suri to be a brat.

  • amanda

    a three year old may know what she wants to be when she’s older.
    My 6 year old cousin has been singing since she could talk and when she was 2 she told me and everyone she wants to be a singer and that she wants to be on tv when she’s older . She makes us listen to her sing dance and act and has done since she was 2 and all I can say is that there is no stopping her. No kid should be told they can’t do anything so the fact that katie and tom are telling her that she can do it is great. If Suri apparantly wants to do acting then leave her be and stop picking on a 3 almost 4 year old.

  • TomKat trolls

    Homely looks dazed and confused. The Catholic loser sold her soul to Scientology. Secondly, the little pr tool has eye shadow and lipstick on again –TomKat are raising a little superficial “ho.” WTF is up with the stupid blanket and summer dresses? TomKat are wierdo freaks.

  • OMG

    She looks just like CHRIS KLEIN!!!