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Benjamin Brady's First Picture -- Gisele Bundchen's Son!

Benjamin Brady's First Picture -- Gisele Bundchen's Son!

The first picture of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady‘s son, Benjamin Brady, has been released.

The photo was published in the Brazilian magazine Quem (makes sense since Gisele is from Brazil). So adorable!

Gisele has talked about childbirth with Brazilian TV show Fantastico. She shared, “[It] wasn’t painful, not even a little bit. The whole time, my head was so focused — every contraction, the baby is closer, the baby is closer. So, it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, what pain.’ It was, ‘With every contraction, he is getting closer to me.’ “

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  • Anon

    That is a big beautiful boy, Gisele. Perhaps he will follow Dad’s steps into football? Congrats on your baby and easy birth. Thank you for donating such a generous sum to Haiti.

  • MajorIndulgence

    Gisele is a super-mommy.

  • N.D

    Benjamin is beautiful.

  • Jazzca


  • Dani

    So cute!!

  • Nah

    How adorable!
    She’ll be a great mom.

    Muitíssimas felicidades a ela e à família.

    #BrazilPower kkkkkk

  • Letty

    Brazil representando em site gringo haha *-*

  • Carrie

    No pain?

    Absolute liar. I’ve had two children, both by waterbirth a la Gisele, and the pain was as intense and excruciating as normal birth. Sure, I felt a beautiful bond with my two daughters as they came into the world, but that was quickly halted by them tearing through my ladyparts.

    And then sometimes you have to have stitches ….

    So yeah, stop trying to make childbirth seem pain free. You just make expectant mothers and young women assume it’s a breeze!

  • sarah

    carrie y so bitter ?
    ive been waiting for this, congratulations tom and gisele

  • Ju

    e ainda saiu na QUEM! Just Jared ficando pra trás pra esse tipo de revista, só pra morrer de rir! AUSHAISHIAUHIAUHUASI
    Gisele DIVA sempre o/

    que amor o baby *o*

  • contender

    what a beautiful picture! this boy is sure to grow up handsome. he is so cute. gisele is beautiful. and carrie alot of celebs did water births. I have read on it and found out they are not always painful. amount of pain is different from woman to woman. some experience alot, other little to none.

  • Ladyb

    Cute! Baby is only weeks old (about 1 month or more) and his features are very distinctive. Handsome.

  • downlowinfo50

    Carrie you are so on the money with that statement. Childbirth does hurt. Period, point blank, end of story, unless of course she had an epidural. Seriously, sick of these celeb mom’s acting like it’s a bad thing to tell the truth about having and rearing kids. The truth is you go through a lot of changes, labor DOES hurt in varrying degrees, but it is all worth it in the end when you hold your beautiful child in your arms. You’ll never feel that much unconditional love in your life.
    As far as raising them…kids are tiny people with their own ideas and beliefs that you have to mold into something that you feel will benefit them in the end. That is not always an easy task. There are many joys especially when they’re little and containable, LOL.

    You’re not bitter Carrie. You’re what some of these celeb mom’s should be…honest, refreshing and at the sametime appreciative and loving what you have. Just because you tell the truth doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate and love what you have!
    Congrats to the Brady’s. That baby is absolutely adorable. So does anyone know what kind of father Tom Brady is to his other son? Does he see that child? Does that child carry his last name? Just curious if anyone knows.

  • mags

    OMFG what a cute picture!

  • Laura

    Gisele DIVA!!!!!!!

  • babyboo

    Models always like “oh i don’t work out, i eat everything, childbirth is painless” yea yea sure… lol but cute baby :)

  • babyboo


  • Cristina

    I’m glad to see Ben’ first pictures in a brazilian magazine!Quem Magazine for brazilians is like People Magazine.Ben’s so cute,adorable.He’s about two months,but I cant’ wait to see Benjamin and his older brother playing together,soon.

  • smitty

    Childbirth doesnt have to be excrutiatingly painful, even for us “everyday” women.
    My third labour was less than an hour long, with no pain relief and no tears or stitches, and that wasnt a waterbirth, just a bog standard lying on a bed job.
    Sometimes you just get lucky!

    My first two labours were horrific mind you, but i think the state of mind you are in as you are in labour definitely affects the severity of pain and duration of labour.

    Cute baby xx

  • Dreadlocks

    @Carrie: I also think you’re just being honest. Why did someone call you bitter? It’s not like you said it wasn’t worth it, did you?Ugh, Anyway! That pic is cute and the baby seems very cute. I wanna try waterbirth someday. But childbirth painless? Gimme a break. Lol I know only one person who said she felt absolutely nothing when she gave birth and it’s my mom LOL. Hopefully, I’ll happen to go through it like her ! Yeah…..but most people say it’s awfully painful…….. Well, I guess expectant women and women in general just have to think that in the end, it’s all worth it!

  • Nah


    Public people almost HAVE to say that the labour is painless, it stimulates people to do the same.It’s the safest for mom and baby to do it naturally, at least when’s possible!

  • Ariadne

    That baby has a big schnozz. Gisele had a big one too until she had a nose job some years ago.

  • bobbi

    To Carrie and Downlow:

    Ive worked with women who went into labor and voila…10-15 minutes later, bouncing baby popped out….so fast in fact, that they felt no pain.

    Some women are able to focus through the pain, as Gisele apparently did, and they dont associate the contractions with pain.

    Oddly enough, I associated my contractions with water waves. It did hurt but I wasnt really focused.

  • Carrie


    Thank You! I didn’t intend to sound bitter at all (apologies if I did)

    I just think women should act together and be honest. Childbirth is agony. That’s a fact. But yes, holding your baby does make the pain wash away. I had long hard labors both times (21 and 26 hours!) and let’s just say they were no picnic in the park! lol

    We should be proud that we endure it in order to have children. I think it’s a great message to show how strong we are. I just wish a celebrity would say “yeah actually, it really bloody hurt!”

  • Bianca

    My beautiful girl with her beautiful boy! SO AMAAAZING! Love Benjamin (LLLLL)

  • alex

    Gisele, a brazilian beauty :*

  • Carrie


    I officially hate any women who’s labor lasted just 10 minutes! lol only joking :P

  • lovergirl

    I think he looks so much like Tom! how cute.
    what a beautiful fam

  • san


  • san

    “so cute” “muito fofo”

  • Dog Lover

    a bit more chubbier.
    she has to wait until she models.

  • Anna

    Gisele is a big fat liar. You are not able to concentrate on your child “getting closer to you” when you are in such pain! Giving birth hurts! End of story. Mine was 6 hours, from the moment I had contractions to where my son was actually born, which is kinda fast according to the doctors but I was in pain the whole time! Sure, when you hold your baby in your arms, it doesn’t matter but giving birth was painful!
    I agree with the rest, nice she didn’t went to the US magazines but gave it to a Brazilian mag. Good PR, Gisele!

  • mari

    I never get why people like Carrie always call other people liars, just because they have experienced things differently.

    Yes, most of the time childbirth is painful but sometimes it isn’t. I don’t see the point in why Gisele should lie about that.

  • Anna

    @Carrie: You’re not being bitter, you’re just honest. I wish more people were like that.
    Yeah, I wish celebs would say that as well but of course they won’t because then they would be like ordinary people. Childbirth hurts, people! don’t be fooled!

  • Anna

    @mari: Have you had a child? If not, stop talking. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe she experencied it differently, but it always hurts. She shouldn’t say it isn’t, when it is.

  • Pry

    Cute baby :)

  • Ana, Rio, Brazil.

    Bejamin is such a cute baby !
    congrats Gisele !!
    A Quem éé demais *—* ( ‘Quem’ rocks)

  • mari


    As I said: it probably hurt for you and as I said most other women who gave birth, but not everyone is the same. Try going or working in childbirth.

    Just looking a little bit over the rim of your own teacup might work out for you. Good luck!

    And basically calling people you don’t really know anything about does not make you or Carrie any more sympathetic either.

  • luvd80s2

    jesus people! I was at all my sisters deliverys and watched her be in agony that it scared me to have children. When I got pregnant, I was expecting the worse but when it came time to deliver and mine was induced i honestly only felt pain when they told me not to push! My body wanted to push and do what naturally is supposed to do plus they did an episiotomy, my husband almost passed out cause you could hear the cutting but I felt no pain and I didn’t get an epidural. So like someone said, some will have pain and some won’t.

  • ellie’

    aww he is adorable…

  • jaye

    If she wasn’t in pain , she was on drugs to prevent pain. As for lying, this is the same woman who said she wasn’t engaged to Brady when she was. So she’s not above lying. The NO pain thing certainly could be an exaggeration. But in the end, it’s her reality.

  • cacey

    tHIS IDIOT makes her money here and lives here ,but thumbs her nose at it every time she has something to CELEBERATE. sHE remembers she is from brazil when she wants to wed and show off her baby picture. UNGREATFUL bi..och

  • sky

    sorry but this baby is not cute….Jack was way cuter at that age than Ben. See what I’ve been saying, not because you have two attractive parents it does not equal a good looking baby. All you idiots saying oh he’s so beautiful….Please. call it like it is…baby is not that cute.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Carrie: Some people don’t have that much pain. You can’t assume that everyone is like you. People who are in good shape like her have a much easier time than those who may be out of shape.
    Women I know have said that it wasn’t bad – like intense period cramps – but then again, they are totally fit.

  • Anna

    @mari: Sorry, but it always hurts. It may hurt a lot, it may hurt a little but there’s always pain. Watching or assisting, which is probably what you did, isn’t the same as experiencing it. Which I did.
    It’s funny how you can tell so much about me while you don’t really know nothing about me. Guess that says enough about you. So don’t go making comments about not knowing people when you don’t even know yourself.

  • naomi

    looks like a paparazzi picture, is she getting out of a car ?

  • lisali

    OMG.. he is adorable!!! I don’t think that picture was “released”… Thats a paparazzi shot..Gisele is prolly fuming!

  • idontknow

    i just wonder about the other child brady has. how his life will be affected. i think its sad that gisele is parading her baby around while not too long ago she tore a father from his family and had no qualms about it. wonder how she would feel if someone did it to her. she doesnt deserve any attention , homewrecker.

  • BR

    Cutie mother cutie father gorgeus baby……..

  • daria

    he born on 8 december of 09 and this pictures were taken on 27 january of 2010 he even has 2 month what people expect from this baby…he is cute like most of the babies`s of his age you have to wait he grow up a little to give a opinion but i think he will be cute…and it s sad to hear someone call a baby on this age ugly probaly someone w a sad life but they dont care anyway they seems very happy family and the good thing he is healthy