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Brooklyn Decker Celebrates SI Swimsuit Cover Model Status

Brooklyn Decker Celebrates SI Swimsuit Cover Model Status

Brooklyn Decker attends the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 24/7: New York Launch Party at Provocateur club inside New York City’s Hotel Gansevoort on Tuesday (February 9) in New York City.

“[I will be on] Letterman tonight @ 11:30!!” the 22-year-old blonde beauty tweeted. “I had so much fun. Met up with all the girls of issue, they couldn’t have been any more supportive or gorgeous!!”

FYI: Brooklyn is wearing a Donna Karan dress and Brian Atwood shoes.

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Photos: Michael Loccisano/Getty, Fame Pictures
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70 Responses to “Brooklyn Decker Celebrates SI Swimsuit Cover Model Status”

  1. 1
    emmy jay Says:

    When someone calls Aniston beautiful, think of this woman. The word beautiful will not apply to Chiniston.

    This is a woman that defines “beautiful”….not like Rachel from Friends.

  2. 2
    MAC Says:


  3. 3
    Nora Says:

    Her look is as generic as can be.

  4. 4
    kimmie Says:

    She’s so generic. One facial expression and that’s it.
    Had she not been Andy Roddick’s wife… meah.

  5. 5
    jdub Says:

    SHE’S 22??! ***** looks 30…justsayin

  6. 6
    jj Says:

    Oh my! she is not pretty. WTF

  7. 7
    xxx Says:

    She is okay… not beautiful but not ugly.
    She does seem very sweet and kind though :)

  8. 8
    Gino Says:

    Put some exotic women on the cover. this is soo boring! i sure aint buying this crap

  9. 9
    nursedatingsite Says:

    She should dump her husband

  10. 10
    whodunit? Says:

    Not attractive in candids. She definitely NEEDS photoshop.

  11. 11
    Ally Says:

    Yeah, she’s pretty, but she is not gorgeous. I think a true test of a woman’s beauty is to picture them with black hair. If they can still look hot as a brunette, then they are officially beautiful. Blonde hair can make even the plainest features stand out more than they really do. I’m not hating…I’m just super analytical about stuff like this. And I’m not jealous. I will call out beauties as I see them (Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johanssen, etc.). But Brooklyn Decker is nowhere near that level. She is college girl pretty with a hot body. That’s about it.

  12. 12
    Amber-louise Says:

    Hot body but kind of masculine looking face.

  13. 13
    rhonda Says:

    generic is a good wood, not that the boys care!

  14. 14
    mercer Says:

    She doesn’t even look like the same girl on the cover.

  15. 15
    ivanka Says:

    super photoshopped, always the “roddick’s wife” label in her

  16. 16
    pelico Says:

    See!! Look at these candid photos….she isn’t even pretty. She looks like 35 years old and doesn’t look like a model!!

  17. 17
    Dan Says:

    Bad face, bad face. I don’t like her eyes. She reminds me a fox ( not Megan Fox, but the real fox, an animal) because her eyes are cunning.

  18. 18
    bridget Says:

    her face is so average. shes just another skinny tall waspy chick, their a dime a dozen. college pretty, girls gone wild….whatever. i mean honestly.

  19. 19
    Tori Says:

    i dont even know who she is :/

  20. 20
    LOWERY Says:

    Bar was on the cover because of Leo’s fame…..But at least Bar was very very pretty!!! This woman isn’t even pretty!! OMFG

  21. 21
    unbelieveable Says:

    has this site become a place where people come to rudely insult celebrities. Some of you people need to get your eyes checked or head examined. Or u need a chest x ray cause there just might be a blackhole where your heart needs to be so u might wanna check that out. This women is very beautiful and if u can’t see that and all u can do is make rude comments then I’m sorry for you

  22. 22
    hollyweird Says:

    nice body

  23. 23
    tal Says:

    looking good=)

  24. 24
    french Says:

    she looks like 30 years old, definitely doesn’t look 25 or so!!

  25. 25
    LuckyL Says:

    Below average

  26. 26
    Joanne Says:

    sorry but she looks pretty average. they really couldn’t find anyone better??

  27. 27
    french Says:

    Go to the hospital……You absolutely needs an eye check and a head examination. I’m totally fine, and look at her she looks like 30 years old and very generic. You go to any college campus you’ll find better looking girls in a minute.

  28. 28
    unbelieveable Says:

    If u honestly believe that crap u said then there is some nice real estate at the north pole I’d like to sell u sure it gets pretty cold up there but least you’ll be somewhere that u won’t bug me. I bet u only like girls that r so skinny u can see their rib cage don’t ya u sick freak

  29. 29
    @20 Says:

    Brooklyn and Bar got the cover for the same reason = their significant other. I don`t think Bar is any prettier than Brooklyn. Her cover last year was trashy. I don`t like this cover either but I still think it`s the best compared to the previous 2 or 3.
    SI needs to put someone more exotic and interesting on the cover already after 3 years of plain faced, generic looking blondes.

  30. 30
    brightside Says:

    Brooklyn who the f*ck now? JJ – what have you done with the real celebrities?

  31. 31
    french Says:

    You definitely need to get your head x-rayed and you are proving it. Brooklyn Decker is obviously a sly cow with 30 years old face.
    Bar’s cover last year was trashy, I agree. But Bar has pretty face while this Brooklyn doesn’t have such a face but her big t’ts to show.

  32. 32
    unbelieveable Says:

    No thank u for proving my case. U know what I was always told never argue with someone not playing with a full deck of cards upstairs so u go ahead enjoy your tooth pick girls I’ll take a beautiful women like Brooklyn any day of the week

  33. 33
    french Says:

    You mean…..Brooklyn Decker is a street hooker on your town?! Now I get it!!!

  34. 34
    french Says:

    Brooklyn Decker is easily a street hooker….bleached blond, a generic face, big tits to show, and the name comes from ghetto.

  35. 35
    unbelieveable Says:

    Just remember my friend anoriexa kills people so u might wanna keep on dating that blow up doll u keep in ur closet before moving on to your next victim…I mean girlfriend my bad. I try to end each day with a good thought so here it is have a nice night u French pig

  36. 36
    french Says:

    …you must be crying!!! Seriously, quit to hire hookers on the street, ok?
    This is on internet, and you are too serious. What’s happens to your life? huh?

  37. 37
    Manimus Says:

    Masculine face and thick, muscular neck…..
    Beautiful….non…me thinks not.

  38. 38
    keo Says:

    I feel sorry for those of you that find need to criticise a perfectly beautiful woman such as Brooklyn. Does it make you feel better about yourselves? I’d like to see some of you insulting her post photos of yourself for the rest of us to rip apart. No? Idiots.

    Stunning, Brooklyn!! Congrats!

  39. 39
    susi Says:

    she has a face that reminds me of miss piggy a bit and of chelsey, the girlfriend of prince harry (england)

  40. 40
    Manimus Says:

    @Manimus: Babe..non..less u like a big wang & my wang’s BIG!……………

  41. 41
    Yamesor Says:

    She doesnt look 22 to me.. looks older like in her 30′s.

  42. 42
    alice Says:


    This tread of ave looking women as models need to end. The face and body should look amazing to be a superstar model.

  43. 43
    ED Says:

    This photo shop this has gotten out of control she doesn’t even look the same as the picture and the picture is generic to begin with. Very masculine maybe they will put a guy on next year and they are testing the waters with this tranny.

  44. 44
    mare Says:

    She looks off. The cover is prettier.

  45. 45
    LingN Says:

    Seeeeee these candid photos of Brooklyn Decker!!!! I said that the cover is full of photoshopp!!! ….and these photo proves me right.

    What a cheap looking woman. Her name serves right!!

  46. 46
    jsy Says:

    Brooklyn and Bar are the same. Their faces are just plain, not beautiful at all but they have great bodies. They scored the cover because of their husband/bf. None is better than the other and that includes their covers. Mediocre models, nothing special. Brooklyn`s cover is somewhat less trashy than the one last year.

  47. 47
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    ..she’s a 30something-looking average chick. nothing special about her.

  48. 48
    Vera Says:

    They definitely softened her up on the cover, which is normal everyone gets photoshopped! Is she really 22, thats not a dig but she looks a bit older.

    She’s very all American in appearance, thats her appeal, but she’s not on super model level in the looks department. Nice body and lovely hair and eyes, but very ordinary I work in NYC and I see women that look like her everyday!

  49. 49
    Tealeaf Says:

    Cute Figure…Average Face

  50. 50
    slambang Says:

    Another white chick with blond hair. BOR-ING!

  51. 51
    D Says:

    my white wall is more interesting than this plane boring, generic, forgettable , blonde.
    what is americas fascination with blondes?
    I like my women, beautiful,exotic and INTERESTING,
    this girl looks old and looks a bit manly with her thick short neck and masculine face.

  52. 52
    Lola Says:

    Brooklyn is really pretty. Not fake and fugly like last years Barfy. You want fake, fat *ss and fugly, go for Barfy. There is where photoshop kicks in full throttle. Not much (if any) PS needed for Brooklyn.

  53. 53
    Jane Says:

    Wow she sure knows how to make one single facial expression. What a bore.

  54. 54
    mailey Says:

    everyone is dead-on. she looks so old. and her chin, omg. she is so ugly! not hatin! just calling it how i see it!

  55. 55
    tia Says:

    I really dont think she is anything special…Marissa Miller was beautiful. This girl is sort of just an average blonde. I dont know? I just dont see it. I dont look at her and think ‘Omg! shes so pretty i wish i looked like her!’ i just think, ‘she looks alot older than 22′..

  56. 56
    french Says:

    Brooklyn is beautiful , i love her , who is this crazy girl who took my name?

  57. 57
    french Says:

    Brooklyn’s cover is better than Barf’s cover which was very awful

  58. 58
    firemendate Says:

    She is so pretty!

  59. 59
    me Says:

    dam that broad is fugly

  60. 60
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    she’s been catching my attention lately
    i always call her plain but in those pics of her going 2 dave’s show she looks great
    hot outfit, love what she’s wearing, and my god those are some legs =]
    she doesnt look so bad in the other pics as well, i just hate her dress
    love the 1st pic

  61. 61
    See Megan Faux b4 surgery Says:

    i think she’s pretty.

  62. 62
    Linda Says:

    She can’t do anything without Andy’s name attached. Always “Andy Roddicks’ wife” Brooke Decker. I feel like she’s just using him (I may be wrong).

    In terms of looks, there’s nothing distinct about her.

  63. 63
    MAN/MASCULINE Face Says:

    Unattractive and wide WIDE hips…
    MAN-FACE is that a tuck-job on the cover?

  64. 64
    Boring Tranny Says:

    This is NOT a celebrity.
    Just some chick whose HUSBAND bought her a cover like Bar’s man LEO got her one. Who’s next?
    This woman has a short neck and she looks 35. No way she is 22 she is LYING.
    Why does she look like that man prince harry is dating??

  65. 65
    Tuck-Job Says:

    Since when does SI put men on the cover of swimsuit editions?
    Oh yeah Andy must be GAY

  66. 66
    kiol Says:

    As generic and bland as it can get ugh

  67. 67
    Next Boring Chick Please Says:

    Is there a factory where boring unattractive women are made?
    And does SI keep them in business?
    That is why this magazine is shiit while it used to be a beauty benchmark.
    COCKROACH looking nitwits like this transsexual.
    Nope nada nyet nein.
    Brookyn better just go get pregnant before some hot Brazilian or brown-skinned woman walks up and takes her man like one did mine.

  68. 68
    tallpeopledate Says:

    She is pretty

  69. 69
    Cate Says:

    My mother looks younger and more beautiful than this woman in the pic

  70. 70
    Steph_Blue Says:

    below average

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