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Brooklyn Decker's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Revealed

Brooklyn Decker's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Revealed

Scope out Brooklyn Decker‘s smoking hot cover for The 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, which was revealed Monday night on The Late Show with David Letterman as a Times Square billboard.

The 22-year-old blonde beauty tweeted, “I cried three times because family flew in to surprise me! The issue is amazing, glowing, fun, the girls are happy… it’s not over-the-top, the girls and editors should be so proud! THANK YOU ALL!!!”

Brooklyn‘s husband, tennis champ Andy Roddick chimed in, saying, “So happy/proud of my wife… the new cover for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!!!! Unreal… so excited!!!!!!!!!!”

For more pics and video from the SI Swimsuit edition, visit!

FYI: Brooklyn‘s wearing Sara Weinstock Gold Bangles with 8 Bezelled Diamonds on the SI cover!

20+ pictures inside of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Model Brooklyn Decker

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brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 01
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 02
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 03
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 04
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 05
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 06
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 07
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 08
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 09
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 10
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 11
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 12
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 13
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 14
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 15
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 16
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 17
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 18
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 19
brooklyn decker sports illustrated swimsuit cover 20

Photos: Walter Iooss
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  • Tealeaf

    Her face is average looking, but her pics are cute

  • gab

    brooklyn who? even with the best photographers and best photoshop, she still doesn’t do anything for me. i’ve seen her candid shots and she looks a hot mess.

  • BellaC

    I agree with the person who said Brooklyn has a girl next door appeal.
    Joe Z of Elle, who loves her, describes her as a Cheryl Teig/Christy Brinkley hybrid.

    It’s true she’s often described as Andy Roddick’s wife in the press. Lol!

    Anyway, I do prefer this cover to the previous two, because there’s something natural about her. Her pose and smile seem genuine and it’s not as photoshopped or overtanned as the previous ones.

  • mailey

    petra nemcova is really beautiful.

  • french


    He is not as famous as Leonardo

  • Lola

    I am so glad she got the cover. She is very pretty and has the perfect figure for this type of shoot. Curves w/o being fat and not a skanky thing about her. Glad she got it and she should have had this last year too. But I disagree she got it b/c of her husband. I have heard about her long before she met and married him. Heck, there are plp that do not even know who he is unless they mention her and that he is her husband. I think she has the “it” quality to become another Christie or Heidi. As she stated, “not over the top”. Meaning its natural and that is what makes a true model in my book. No photoshopping going on here at all.

  • Anannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnw

    Yahoo! News and New York Post both posted the news as “Roddick’s wife” never mentioned her name.
    So, for Yahoo! viewers and for the people in New York, you must mention her husband to tell who she is.

  • pelico

    Her looking is so average and most candid photos of her look horrible.
    Many would think she is going to be really big like Heidi Klum from now on but with this kind of face, her career has the limit. She will be on many
    ads for a shot time, then next year, she will be still “Andy Roddick’s wife who was on the SI Swim cover”

  • Dee

    It amazes me how harshly women scruitinize other women. Tell me how many of you look better than Brooklyn Decker….cause I sure as hell don’t :) Yes, you can find her flaws but that Cover is stunning. who cares if she has makeup, hair, etc done? Have you ever seen Adriana or Alessandra without VS makeup and hair extensions? They are still beautiful but it’s obviously not the same.

    Brooklyn has such a sweet, down-to-earth personality….she doesn’t have an ego. And I doubt it’s because of Roddick that she got this cover…..she’s been in the magazine for 5 years! That’s how he met her in the first place. It’s about time she landed a cover.

  • Landon

    Don’t hate ladies. She’s attractive and has a good body. I’d like to see some VS angels on here.

  • mercer

    What’s the point in a swimsuit at all? She might as well be naked. That’s what I call trashy and not sexy. I miss the older covers which were cute and sexy. Frankly though, this girl is at the most ok, so I guess that’s why she’s almost n*de.

  • BARF

    if she was dating with leo she were on the cover before a year!!!!!!

    like the smart “model” =BARF!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brooklyn is amazing!!!!!!
    and esti ginzburg also…….
    BarF can go to retirement…shes there just becuse leo!!!!!!!!
    leo is so good for her career!!!!!!!

  • Keep Tanning, STAY ON THE POLE

    Boring, MAN-FACE and without Andy she’d be a STRIPPER.
    Sorry NEXT!! She is a MARISA wanabe…but a fugly one.


    This woman has zero talent and a boring TRANNY face.
    And a dumb ghetto name.
    Get a clue ANDY you coould have done so much better!!

  • Nice Tuck Job

    It’s a MAN, baby!!!

  • Andy BOUGHT the Cover 4her

    Andy is a STAR athlete with loads of appeal…
    The magazine is SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.
    They are capitalizing on HIS fan base because SHE/it has NONE.

    Not cute AT ALL. Sorry!

  • far/t

    no one would even far/t in her direction if it werent for andy.

  • Who Cares?

    The cover of SI used to actually mean something back ten years ago…
    Now it – and it’s models are forgettable.
    No one cares about SI anymore when you can download hotter chicks anyday EVERYDAY than this chick.
    No one cares about SI anymore and therefore this nobody.


  • Gastrointestinal

    “This” is passing as “hot” these days?

  • Child-bearing hips

    When she has kids she is going to blow d fark up

  • chaos

    How is being a swimsuit model an occupation? Just asking…

  • xxx

    Wow…some people are picky! No, she does not look like the the VS angels but she is not ugly…. come on…. do you think they’d put someone “ugly” on the cover of their most famous and probably highest selling issue of the year? Come on………… I didn’t know her til she dated Andy and every article I’ve seen so far says “andy roddick’s wife gets the cover” but come on ugly…. ? wow……. this is why people have poor body image in the world…………… jeeez.

    I do not like her that much or her “occupation” and yes, some of her is probably fake and photoshopped.. but LAY OFF THE NAME CALLING.
    This girl ain’t ugly…..

  • Jamie

    Irina should have had that cover!!! This one is U-G-L-Y, even though these pics are very well done and nicely retouched.

  • nina

    i agree irina is gorgeous she should be on the cover brooklyns really a nothing

  • Lola

    How much “talent” does one need to model the bottom of a bikini? lol! She looks good enough and certainly better than last years cover, the Barfy -wannabe-Giselle. My bet is Brooklyn will last far longer that Barfy. As someone mentioned, Barfy needs to just retire already. No one wants to see her fugly face and big *ss anymore. Brookly proves you don’t have to be a skank to get the SI cover and who care who her husband is? I know I don’t!

  • jean


    Yeah,Irina shiek would have been a better choice or even most of the other models in the issue.Brooklyn is pretty,but if you look at the pictures of the others girls it doesn’t make sense why she got it.

  • Tracey in Tulsa, OK

    I hope Brooklyn just goes away after this cover – its unremarkable and like last years NOBODY no one cares.

  • Obvious Why She Got It

    She is a no talent waste – Andy bought her an early VDay gift how sweet.
    Platstic surgery cant fix those hips. DAMNNNN she’s wide!

  • nursedatingsite

    I like marrissa miller better

  • Lalique

    And how is this NOT pornography? This isn’t a swimsuit issue cover, it’s a titty fest and a “come f*ck me” display that just happens to appear in a SPORTS magazine. Oh, the hypocrisy of it all.

  • Lola

    #80, if you don’t like it or if it offends you so much, why look at it or come in here and complain? Just don’t look at it and avoid it. Same can be said about tv, too. Everyone has different taste and I wouldn’t say this pics are over the top. Look at last years, it was far worse. Barfy nearly pulled her bottom down to where her private parts are (or should I say what is suppose to be private). The models know exactly what they are doing and that the effect plp in different ways. They don’t care and I am sure they are paid well enough to not be bothered This world turns on diversity. What you like may not be what I like and honestly, the pics don’t offend me at all. Some plp like Barfy and some like Brooklyn. It’s all about taste.

  • happy girl

    a blonde on the cover??? no!!! lol. no christie brinkley. just another boring blonde.

  • keo

    Some of these comments are disgusting, I bet none of you criticising Brooklyn can honestly say you are better looking than she is. Grow up.

    As for Brooke, congrats! Smoking hot cover for a smoking hot woman. Andy’s a lucky guy!!

  • Jokergurl

    She’s having a swimsuit malfunction on the cover there.

  • Tao

    Poor guy, where are you come from? Where everyone look obese, ugly and white trash? I totally understand that they all adore Brooklyn.

  • Tessa

    You guys don’t know a female senior editor of SI Swimsuit who is like, so boring blonde and fat, and totally adoring Brooklyn and Andy Roddick, especially Andy Roddick. So, you can’t expect an exotic cover from boring tennis fan blonde editor…

  • BARF

    OMG!!!brooklyn is amazing!!!!!
    finally she got the cover….
    she has a great legs,face and everything…. :)

    I like this cover than the cover from last year!!!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks amazing on the cover
    and i like all the pics
    i never noticed that her boobs were that big, always thought she was a decent size
    i do agree with others that without makeup, she’s really a pretty plain chick
    i still like her more than bar tho, so congrats on the cover
    maybe she can actually advance as a model unlike bar

  • firemanmatch

    She is so hot, hookupbbw

  • Jene

    @Sweetie: You;re an idiot

  • Jene

    Because a girl is skinny and has large breasts they must be fake? Not true. Not true at all. How frustrating- to be completely natural and judged that way. Oh well, we still win.

  • ok

    she is so hot i wanna see her naked and her boobs

  • Pharme163

    Hello! ddkegke interesting ddkegke site!

  • Dennis

    HOT body. UGLY face. Only in select pictures does her face look ok. Not what I would expect as a sports illustrated model who should have the face to match. Marissa Miller comes to mind.

  • Hercules Bonzokulus

    @meh: Brooklyn Decker has hairy arms. I love blonde hairy girls. More power to her for not caving into the shaving/waxing BS craze.

  • LMAO@jealousgirls

    LMAO at all the girls on here cryin bout her. Let’s see your pictures if you think she is ugly.