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Daniel Craig: Help Haiti Now!

Daniel Craig: Help Haiti Now!

Check out this PSA starring Daniel Craig as he shows his support for Artists for Peace and Justice, an organization dedicated to improving life in Haiti through sustainable support.

The 41-year-old English actor has been a supporter of APJ since its inception in early 2009, as have his fellow actors Gerard Butler and Olivia Wilde.

“This wonderful organization, which has been operating for over two years in Haiti, has suddenly become much more important because, obviously, of the events of the past few weeks,” Daniel said, encouraging viewers to give as generously as possible.

To find out more about APJ, visit their website at

Daniel Craig for Artists for Peace & Justice
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  • lexy

    For God’s sake let’s let Haiti spend all the money that’s been raised for them already and THEN see if they need more money!!! Millons of dollars have been raised – have they spent it already??

  • Nazel

    the Haiti’s situation is severe as ever. should save them early.

  • sheryl

    His words carried weight.

  • ck_always

    @lexy: I somewhat agree that enough money has been sent through public pressure. If people wish to continue to donate, let them. There’s no need to still this long after, advertise and pressure people to give, most of whom have already given once before. At the same time however, Haiti has been in absolute poverty for the last couple decades after fighting for it’s independence. Hundreds of thousands at the least are starving, homeless, injured, etc. With all of the needed food, shelters, and medical care ..hundreds of millions of dollars is spent quite quickly. Afterall, look at all the billions of dollars we put into a simple space program just to see how much the temperature drops in a 10 foot area in outer space over the course of a month. :)

  • from Singapore

    God bless you.

  • to ck_always

    i agree.Daniel Craig,Gerard Butler,Nicole Kidman,Penelope Cruz…etc,etc , a lot of celeb promised to save Haiti for a long term.
    this is very important.

  • 76-kuzman

    His voice is soooooooo sexy!!

  • Alex


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …help new orleans.

  • sam

    Persistence is power,right?

  • to I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    You’re right!
    We must not forget New Orleans either.

  • ??

    Twice now Daniel Craig has been on here for helping Haiti. It makes one wonder if it is Haiti promotion or self-promotion. I wish these rich movie stars would give quietly instead of making it all about them.

  • to 12

    Daniel/Gerard appeared on promotion video without an actor’s fee.

  • to 13


  • furgie

    A problem is that Haiti is anarchy. I wish money is spent effectively.

  • JO

    I’m surprised that fug gf of his isn’t lingering around in the background.

  • Farinos

    more money, more DANIEL :)

  • Daniel at Union station
  • don let da voodoo u away

    Keep the faith…. help them

  • Dan’s stuntman talks about Dan
  • Deb

    “The 41-year-old English actor has been a supporter of APJ since its inception in early 2009″
    He had been acted since early 2009. It’s not good intentions of the pretense.

  • re; message

    Sorry, but these self serving actors donating money then telling people to donate, when half the world is struggling, is a little too much to swallow. What about the people struggling to pay bills and put food on the table. Haiti is terrible yes but there are other people suffering.
    Will he donate to them?

    Sorry Daniel, you disappoint me.

    Give yes, but remain quiet about it and let the public do the right thing without doing a message like this.
    It’s patronizing.

  • to 16


    She was probably operating the damn camera.

    I’m sure she was weeping when he donated $250,000 over 5 years as that might be coming out of her expense budget.

  • Mika

    15 years ago, a major earthquake happened in my country.
    Most of them were buried alive. It was terrible situation.
    Thank you,Daniel.
    Be keeping affect to them in future.

  • to 13

    @to 12:


    Does he want a medal?

    He earns millions per film for goodness sake.

  • to 23

    satsuki doesn’t need to grieve.she need not buy a luxurious dress because there is no premiere for one year or more.

  • Vic

    James Bond helps Haiti ;)

  • #1 and 22-well said

    I totally agree with #1 and #22 – well said.
    Most of these celebrity-actors always look for some 3rd world country to help, but ignore the people who struggle in their own hometowns or countries.
    It’s an illogical behavior, which leads me to believe that they’re just doing it because they’re wanabe do-gooders; they act as if they are really interested in helping the world, but in fact it’s just a good publicity opportunity for them. It buys them an air of legitimacy, decency, or responsibility, when in fact, it’s only their public persona they are interested in helping.
    If they really wanted to help people less fortunate than themselves, they should look for disadvantage citizens in their own hometowns and go out of their way to help one family.
    It’s about quality not quantity.
    No one is expected to help the whole world, but if each of us (people who are financially able, or have time and skills they can share with others), helped one unfortunate family or person, one by one, we can help a multitude of people, and that would make a difference, not the other crap they promote.
    We don’t even know if the money is really reaching those people in Haiti. This is such a scam and would make a few people rich, people who control this money pretending they’re delivering it to the needy in Haiti

  • to 22

    Give yes, but remain quiet about it and let the public do the right thing without doing a message like this.

    interesting you should post this comment. but you know if daniel had stayed quiet and given money quietly people on this board would attack him for that. either way the man can’t win.

  • to 25

    do i detect a little jealousy in your statment. i have no idea how much he earns per film but if it’s millions then good for him.

  • mendel

    I think Dan’s comes across as very sincere in this clip. And he is actually usually one of the more ‘silent’ givers – he’s donated to very small appeals (signed items for auctions to benefit individuals, like there was an appeal for a girl who needed new artificial hands and a lot of actors donated signed handprints), charities in the UK (as far as I know Barnados and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution as well as Comic Relief), and hands-on work like boats to fishermen after the cyclone in Myanmar. And there isn’t big publicity when he donates, but of course, the charities let it be known, because a famous face does mean more money for them. If people see a celeb advocating a cause, they will donate more – that’s why all charities like to have a few famous champions.
    He and Hugh Jackman raised huge amounts of cash for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids last year when they were in ‘A Steady Rain’ as well. So I think Dan is sincere in his charity work, and most likely does more, but we don’t know.
    There are celebs who use charity work as self-promotion, but I don’t think Dan is one of them.
    The Haiti earthquake was a shock to everybody. Of course, there are many other causes that need money, but in Haiti, it was a race against time and still is.

    And hi Guinness! :)

  • Sorry BUT

    It is offensive to me that these actors publicly make these pleas and then they are the ones lauded as if it’s their money — it’s the people they begged for the money’s money. Last week, he was said to have committed a large sum to Haiti every year for the next 10 years . . . so what? He has a lot of money to donate — do it and be quiet about it. And please, signing autographs and auctioning off personal items — such sacrifice. I have been to plays on Broadway where you are held hostage by these fundraising events . . . $200 for a bad seat to be cornered into donations.

  • to 28

    oh please, not this same old song again. telling people like daniel what they should and should not do with their money in order to make you happy. why don’t you do what you suggest he should do; look for a disadvantaged family in your home town to help. stop trying to dictate the terms under which daniel should be allowed to donate his money. for the record, i am more than finacially able to donate money but i will not be told how nor to whom i should donate to anymore than, i suspect, daniel will.

  • to 32

    you’re right about the bad seats for 200.00 on broadway. actually, it’s not so much the 200.00 that irriates me; it’s no leg room between myself and the person in front of me, no air conditioning or not enough heat, etc etc.

  • lexy

    I’m sorry but with our economy the way it is A LOT of local charities and even the larger ones are suffering. Yes, they need money in Haiti but how much? It’s not the US’s job to save Haiti from poverty and all the troubles that where there before the earthquake. There are plenty of people here in America and all over the world who are in need of medical attention, shelter and food. If these celebs want to give money FINE but stop asking the rest of us to do it. The rest of us can donate where we want – like our local communities where again, donations are down at your local food bank and animal shelter and other non-profit services.

  • Mendal @31

    You are dead right mendal. Daniel does a lot of work and does it very quietly, he is a very generous and kind man and I should know because I come from his home area. He’s looked after loads of our local charitys and causes very quietly for years. And btw, so does his parents!

  • to lexy

    there’s no law that says you have to listen to the celebs when they ask you to give money. if it’s on tv there’s such a thing as a remote control; you can change the channel. however, there are those people who think something like “well, if daniel is giving money to haiti then i will also”. and you know what? that’ s their right to give money where they want. for example; i give my money only to children’s charities. i don’t give to animal shelters. one of my friends does the total opposite; she gives only to the animal shelters.

  • Guinness

    Yes, Hi Mendal. or Men-doll, or Man-doll, or meddle, or Mendle. crap. I forgot how to spell it!! wise @ss.

    We are preaching to the choir here… I know the man does well in his charities… I will not entertain the naysayers…thank you for pointing out what he does amigo. I am suprised the actors have this charity and it is awesome. NPR said the babies need diapers. and formula. and food for the nursing mothers. and so they have money, but is anyone BUYING anything to send there. no, because they said they need money only. where is the money going? someone said the govt which is what i was thinking. so they have money–are there stores operating to buy things? I don’t understand. Money is no good if there are no stores open. well, thank you actors. you done good.

    Um, the leather gloves are just…. well, leather. on Daniel. off Daniel. leather. off Daniel. clothes off daniel, nothing under the coat…. hhee hee hee hooooo. hee hee hee hooooo. i love the business type look on him too. i love word association with Dan. it always ends up with him having nothing on. hhmmm.

  • Sorry BUT

    You are missing the point — it isn’t about Daniel or anyone in particular — for instance, that ridiculous concert where singers were filmed singing one song and George Clooney was the MC — wasn’t it soooo fabulous? They were asking people to donate money but look who gets the credit for it. . . .

  • mendel

    Hi Guin, Guinea, Guinnos, Gin and Tonic, oh, no, it’s the black stuff, it’s

    “but is anyone BUYING anything to send there. no, because they said they need money only.”

    I think the help organisations buy local as much as possible, but I’ve read they brought in food (in bulk) and anything they can’t get in the areas where all the shops and the infrastructure have been destroyed.

    “Um, the leather gloves are just…. well, leather. on Daniel. off Daniel. leather. off Daniel. clothes off daniel, nothing under the coat…. hhee hee hee hooooo. hee hee hee hooooo. ”


    “i love the business type look on him too. i love word association with Dan. it always ends up with him having nothing on. hhmmm.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a great word and image association. Now I picture Dan with nothing under his coat flashing at me. Yay! I like that, lol.

    But don’t the leather gloves and the whole look of Dan give off something creepy, something old-fashioned creepy? I wonder…is this a hint that his character is not what he seems?
    Those leather gloves remind me of very old murder mystery films, where the killer/strangler always wore leather gloves. That’s my association here…

  • Sorry BUT

    And guinness — you can have him. I am totally over my crush.

  • to 41

    @Sorry BUT:

    I hear you. Bunch of tossers the whole lot of them.

  • Guinness

    um, is everyone in the Loo?

  • to 42

    for those of americans; what is/are tossers???

  • Guinness

    ah, yes. no finger prints. well, fibers are present in the new era Holmes. and bodily fluids that are miniscule to the nekkid eyes or nekkid Dans. (can’t type nekkid without Dan in there.) very sinister my friend. wow, you soooo want him to be bad!! well, he is bad, but I mean, eevill. I still think the estrogen is overpowering the testosteronie here and he will be some kinda victim. And if they do anything with the kids being paranormal crap…. you gotta tell me, cuz i will boycott any usage of kids in movies being in bad places… I get enough of that in the news. wth am I talking about…. don’t know anything about this plot.

    I think all charitable functions should be advertised and televised and shouted to the top of the audible volume–regardless if the people giving are doing it just “to be seen at church”. Humanity needs to see humans helping humans. Our govt–and other govt.s need to see how it is done and that it can be done. NO THANKS to them. Our govt has the responsibility to our homeless and they have not helped them yet, how can an al.;…………………………..ahhhh forget it. NOT my blog. And we all know what bush didn;t do jack for New orleans. the actors did more—-the same people in Haiti were in new orleans. the grey haired fox was there, brad was there… and they are there again. without accolades.

    aahhhh. off the soap box now. tomorrow? thx for the pics everyone!!! keep ‘em coming and I will visit!!

  • to 42

    ok, but what is a tosser?

  • Guinness

    “one who gets tossed”

  • to 46

    @to 42:

    UK slang for : a tosspot, something you ejaculate into ergo: a tosser is a jackoff. (loser).

    Look it’s even in Wikipedia, not hard to find:

  • to 28

    @#1 and 22-well said:

    How beautifully put.

  • Daniel escaped injury!!!