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Daniel Craig: Help Haiti Now!

Daniel Craig: Help Haiti Now!

Check out this PSA starring Daniel Craig as he shows his support for Artists for Peace and Justice, an organization dedicated to improving life in Haiti through sustainable support.

The 41-year-old English actor has been a supporter of APJ since its inception in early 2009, as have his fellow actors Gerard Butler and Olivia Wilde.

“This wonderful organization, which has been operating for over two years in Haiti, has suddenly become much more important because, obviously, of the events of the past few weeks,” Daniel said, encouraging viewers to give as generously as possible.

To find out more about APJ, visit their website at

Daniel Craig for Artists for Peace & Justice
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  • i photo Feb 9
  • DTM

    Thx for the pics…i wonder how he managed to do that!
    Most doors have toughened glass. Must have had his wheatabix that morning!

  • DTM

    OOps I pressed submit before I had finished!
    Just meant to say….Danny, I’m available to kiss any sore bits better.
    I could rub on some soothing ointment…or maybe a relaxing massage? I’m also very good with plasters or if anything needs bandaging…I’m your girl!

  • i photo Feb 9
  • nicky

    to #19

    Nicely done… short, succinct and quite effective.

    Also, God bless you Daniel.

  • Daniel fan

    Aww isn’t he cute in this picture?:
    I wish someone could remove the watermarks though, they are annoying. Or maybe could explain how to remove them myself and with wich software.

  • Guinness

    who is the lucky girl he is smirking to? and why can’t we see HER in the window like we can see the yellow policeman.

    Why is he smirking to her?

    Is Dan ok, because it looks like some men with gloves were helping him? It looks as though he may not be ok…he is doing some funky things with his face. Anyone have additional info on this?

    His eyes–is he wearing contacts now? Maybe that is why his eyes are bloodshot lately?

    It looks as though he may have been fitted for the ring and is wearing it during the movie.

    I will await anxiously to see if it comes off after this movie. I don’t care if it doesn’t… just interesting.

    There is a person over at the other site that can remove water marks, but it may be real special and i would be careful cuz they are on there for a reason.

    thank you for the pics…. very good DTM… I will be your nurse.

  • DTM

    Hi Guinness…the men with gloves helping Dan are looking for glass
    because he had some sort of accident and smashed the glass in a door!

  • guinness

    Hi yourself DTM!! He looks wonderful–I do love his new Toronto coat…hotness. I love his haWell, that was some super stud move!!! Damn, I hope he didn’t damage anything…. was his navel checked? That is what i would have checked first!

  • to 57

    You can’t remove those kind of watermarks. You can only remove them with photshop or any other software of that kind, when it is not so exposed. you have to “paint” over it.
    I don’t know where you get your knowledge from, but I don’t think there is software availabe to remove those watermarks. If you know one, let me know!

  • re: dan looking at woman

    the picture of daniel looking at the woman, i can assume satsuki wasn’t around.

    its nice to see him do that, he looks a happy man, im sure he does not have any freedom when she’s around to do “normal’ male things

    also anyone else thing eva green would have been good for the wife role, she could have played a french canadian?

    how did he break the door? he doesnt know his own strength

  • guinness

    “I don’t know where you get your knowledge from”…um, I did write that that the “other site” some poster would “remove” certain water marks with magic apparently. If you dont’ know the other site, well, then, you just dont’ know. and you wont’ know how to do it. As for the discussion on watermarks, they are similar to copywrites, if not actual defined photo copywrites, correct. … so that is why the discussion is taboo and that it is magically done by those who are apparently higher brain functioning mammals.

  • to 62

    Sorry, but YOU have talked about that taboo first. I wonder why? Trying to cause trouble or what? Even on the other site (I suppose you mean Cinderella Land ) they have no magicians.

  • With Satsuki

    This man is completely whipped by his girlfriend.

  • guinness

    you started it. “i dont know where you get your knowledge from” is hostile. I was nice. I am not a trouble causer. and yes, there are magicians. clowns are magical. the arura borealis is magical. dan’s eyes are magical as well as his gluteus maximus.

  • to 64

    @With Satsuki:

    Yuppers. I agree.

    But to what extent does his he allow it? Isn’t he somewhat to blame?

  • guinness

    Hi MENDEL. bye DTM?

  • With Satsuki

    @to 64:

    No blame…..I think he likes it that way. He is totally into her.

  • to 68

    @With Satsuki:

    So you know that for real do you? If you do then you will know if they are married.

    Tragic man if he is as his career is really flagging and he looks old and tired.

    I think Dan will be spending the night on the sofa after Gonk sees that picture.

  • Referring to With Satsuki

    @With Satsuki:It sure seems that way. But does anyone have any theories as to why he will not marry her?
    She is like a babysitter, with him everywhere at all times.
    He can’t bear to be separated from her, yet she is still just the girlfriend – what’s with that?

  • mendel

    Hi Guinness and DTM :)

    to DTM

    “Must have had his wheatabix that morning!”


    I was thinking…too much testosterone…definitely too much testosterone :)

    “Danny, I’m available to kiss any sore bits better.”

    D-mn! DTM was quicker! ;)

    to Guinness

    “who is the lucky girl he is smirking to?”

    *sings in a dramatic voice*

    Should have been meeeee!

    “that it is magically done by those who are apparently higher brain functioning mammals”

    Either very good Photoshop skills, or I suspect they pay for the photos ;)

    “dan’s eyes are magical as well as his gluteus maximus”

    Oh absolutely! Those eyes *sigh*

  • mendel

    This link doesn’t post, so I’ll post the article here. It’s from PR Newswire and gives some more info on the plot:

    Morgan Creek Announces Start of Production on ‘DREAM HOUSE’ Starring Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz

    LOS ANGELES, Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Principal photography has begun on Morgan Creek Productions’ DREAM HOUSE, it was announced today by James G. Robinson and Rick Nicita, co-chairmen of Morgan Creek Productions. Directed by six-time Academy Award nominee Jim Sheridan (“My Left Foot,” “In the Name of the Father”), the film stars Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz. DREAM HOUSE is filming on location in Toronto, ON.

    The film tells the story of a successful publisher (Craig) who quits a job in New York City to relocate his wife (Weisz) and two daughters to a quaint New England town. But as they settle into their new life, they discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her two children. And the entire city believes it was at the hands of the husband who survived. When Will investigates the tragedy, his only lead comes from a neighbor (Watts) who was close to the family that died. As Will and Ann piece together the disturbing puzzle, they discover that the story of the last man to leave Will’s dream house will be just as horrifying to the one who came next.

    The film will be produced by Morgan Creek’s James G. Robinson along with David Robinson and Daniel Bobker & Ehren Krueger, and will be executive produced by Mike Drake. The screenplay was written by David Loucka. Universal Pictures will distribute the film in North America. Universal Pictures and Morgan Creek International will distribute internationally.

    Daniel Craig made his debut as the sixth ‘James Bond’ in “Casino Royale,” and reprised the role in “Quantum of Solace.” Other film credits include “Defiance,” “The Road to Perdition,” “The Golden Compass,” “Munich,” and “Infamous.”
    Naomi Watts landed her breakthrough role when she was tapped by David Lynch to portray an aspiring starlet in “Mulholland Drive,” which helped Watts emerge as an actress of force and presence in such critical and/or commercial hits as “The Ring,” “King Kong,” and “21 Grams,” which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.
    Rachel Weisz received an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for her supporting role in “The Constant Gardener,” and can currently be seen in “The Lovely Bones” opposite Mark Wahlberg. She is known to audiences worldwide for her lead role opposite Brendan Fraser in the blockbuster movies “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns.”

    SOURCE Morgan Creek Productions

  • With Satsuki

    @Referring to With Satsuki:

    He feels safe and secure with her. He label does not matter. The point is that is his choice of partner and people just have to get use to it. It is not uncommon in the UK to live as an unmarried couple they tend to focus on the relationship not the label.

  • oh boy

    I gotta wonder why every time there is a photo of Daniel, somebody has to mention his GF. Why are there so many people obsess with this woman. They can’t leave her out of any discussion.
    It’s a little disturbing.

  • With Satsuki

    @oh boy:

    I think its because she is so much a part of him that people cannot accept or separate one from the other. That and reason number two is they don’t like her for whatever reason so they talk about her.

  • mendel