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Elin Nordegren Takes Her Kids for a Checkup

Elin Nordegren Takes Her Kids for a Checkup

Elin Nordegren has her hands full as she walks to the doctor’s office on Tuesday (February 9) in Windermere, Fla.

The 30-year-old model and wife of Tiger Woods got an arm workout as she carried Sam, 2, and Charlie, who turned 1 yesterday, out to the car after a checkup at the pediatrician’s.

Elin and Tiger‘s wedding pastor, Reverend Ricky Kirton, told People that he thinks the couple’s marriage will last as long as Elin can forgive Tiger and “[put] the past away.”

“Remember these four phrases,” Reverend Kirton said. “I was wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.”

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  • Janelle

    They have adorable children. I hope everything works out.

  • Shan

    Saying your sorry in a situation like this doesn’t mean all’s forgiven and they should work it out. If Tiger wanted it to work out he wouldn’t of done what he did in the first place….Elin doesn’t deserve to be treated like that

  • smh

    Charlie is soooo precious!!!!, i hope doesnt end up like his father (in an unfaithful sense)

  • Joanne

    sad. now that paparrazzi are gonna be all over them like the gosselins

  • wctw

    How come a wife’s daily duties end up stalked by the media and ended as e-news or e-gossip ? Is there nothing else better or more interesting to report on ? If this is a special event for the celebrity eg birthday or halloween costumes party etc, then I can see there might be some rationale for e-gossip…But if it is mommy duties for picking up or shopping, what’s the point ?

  • Anna

    The little girl looks really weird.

  • marilyn

    i think Elin is out of her mind if she takes tiger back. maybe affairs with one, two and/or perhaps three women; but 17 women!! the only way this man will ever be faithful to her is if elin puts a certain part of his anatomy under lock and key.

  • hey

    Both kids are multiracial but the boy looks completely white. Strange.

  • annab

    The kids are so cute….too bad their father doesn’t appreciate what a lovely family he has. Totally gross that he lets the thing between his legs ruin such a good family.

  • Kelly Ramirez

    I admire Elin for her courage, her strength, her demeanor, & her love for her children. Clearly, she is putting her children first among EVERYTHING, including Tiger’s lust with other women. She is a virtous woman! WOW! I am amazed. I am 51 yrs. old and I could never hold myslef together like she has.

  • Robyn

    The minister seems to be a bit of a jerk. The marriage will last as long as Elin can put the past behind her? Yeah, let’s put all the responsibility for keeping the family together on her. Certainly Tiger isn’t the problem; Elin just needs to move on and get over it.

    Somebody with as much class as Elin has shown shouldn’t have to put up with any of this b.s.

  • to hey

    it is possible for a bi-racial child to look completely white; sorry to break it to you. it’s called genetics.

  • All Women Stalker

    She’s really pretty. I think the kids will grow up to be gorgeous people, too.

  • naci

    They are a beautiful combination of WHITE,BLACK,YELLOW.

  • Karena

    I really want them to be a family again. Such a beautiful one. Elin, Sam and Charlie here – so adorable!

  • Julia Lester

    How about these four phrases – I don’t want AIDS. The Kids Need Someone To Look Up To, Not Down On. I Can’t Trust You. Such a Loser. There you go Reverend!

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    Where is their coward father? I guess she is used to being a single mom. Tiger has been so busy with golf of course. Great golfer but a deadbeat husband and dad. When he cheated on Elin he cheated on the kids too.

  • Pandora

    @Julia Lester:

    Love it, Julia! So true!

  • CanadaGirl

    @Julia Lester: Amen.
    The bubble heads saying they hope she takes Tiger back, I hope they work things out, etc. need to give their heads a shake because a few marbles are stuck. He is a lousy husband and a worse human being. He slept with the trashiest human waste and may have exposed her AND HER CHILDREN to diseases. WHY would she ever want to go back to him?
    Money be damed. I would throw his s**t on the front lawn right after I called the lawyer.
    Elin is Swedish, and they don’t raise weak women there… as Tiger found out….

  • shoes4life

    JJ please don’t start posting photos of Elin Woods and the children. The harrassing cat calling at her from the paps is insulting. Don’t patronize them this way. She is not a celebrity. You did not do this to Mel gibson’s wife.

    Whatever Tiger and Elin decide to do in their marriage is between them. The media was not invited into their marriage they just forced their way in it and it’s time to allow this family to make a decision on their next step ALONE.

  • she shall remain nameless

    She’s a strong mom!!! It’s nice to see her with the kids, but I do wish the paparazzi would leave them alone. Go hunt down the sex lover/cheater so we can all get up on his a s s and crucify him for his actions.

  • emmy jay

    Hey Khate Gosseloser – This is how classy women dress to run errands with their kids. They leave their heels at home.

    This is one classy lady and I really feel for her. She must love the idiot to not just take the money, the kids and head for Sweden.

    There must be alot of money promised to her in order for her to stay around while her dog of a husband re-establishes his image.

    Leave her alone, papz…

  • A

    I think Tiger can change if he really wants to. He’s doing the therapy. That’s a great first step! He really needed to grow up and also get over his ego. I think getting caught will make him do that. You have to imagine that he was a little black kid being forced into a white man’s sport. He also never had a childhood or acceptance from anyone growing up. His Dad put a lot of pressure on him. I think he was looking to these women for validation and also a release fom his real-life pressures. He went from years of rejection to suddenly everybody wanting a piece of him. Thing is that he shouldn’t have gotten married or had kids if he wanted to mess around all over the world. But I think he can change as long as his heart is in it and he does the work.

  • nursedatingsite

    It’ll last a year, max

  • emmy jay

    When Tiger gets paid millions to endorse products, the companies are buying into his private life, like it or not.

    Elin is one cool lady and I give her alot of credit for sticking around so he can see his kids. He does remember that he does have kids, or were those just props so he looks like a family man???

    He’s a dog.

  • Angel

    Silly statement Reverend…..why is it up to the innocent person to do all the hard work of forgiveness and forgetting the horric pain caused by the selfish self-centred male.

  • Amber-louise

    If she wants to take him back it’s her choice, but I wont be feeling sorry for her when he does it again which he will. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He’s only claiming sex addiction cause he got caught. Once everything has settled over he’ll be out testing the waters with tramps once again, cause he knows she’s got no backbone to leave. Btw- whoever said the girl looks weird, I tend to agree. She looks like she maybe slow or something. The boy is cute though.

  • ladyofargonne

    Here’s another phrase “Leave her alone.” Both of them have had the good sense not to speak to the media.

  • Lisa2


    Robyn, I agree…. I think that Tiger has the problem, not Elin and yet they are saying that she has to fogive and forget?? I think that is a bunch of BS because she wasn’t the one that broke the trust. She looks like she is a great Mom and loves those kids with all she has. It will be interesting what she decides to do about her marriage? So many women have come out that say they have had a relationship with Tiger that if I were her, I don’t think I could forgive him and pretend that things would be okay? I’m sure that everytime he would be in a tournament she is going to wonder what he is up to if she decides to take him back? I don’t think a leopard can change their spots is all? I don’t think realistically she will ever trust him 100% ever again.

  • eden

    NO WEDDING BAND ON! Am I the only one that noticed that she doesn’t have her wedding ring on????

  • Meg

    Elin is a wonderful mom!!

  • happy girl

    the daughter is really beautiful. son will grown into it. tired of this story. he is a cheater but she will stay cause it costs too much to have her leave.

  • Marieme

    Friggin “Mother of the Year” as far as I’m concerned. How she’s able to take over the role of both parents and do it with a smile is nothing short of a miracle. I love Elin. I hope whatever she chooses brings her happiness.

  • Lea

    It is obvious that Elin wants what is best for the children but she is also one smart lady. I think she is taking advice from her legal team and staying to ensure she can get a larger settlement. Many sites talked about Elin receiving 300 million if she divorced. But they had a pre nup and that number wasn’t a certainty.

  • black

    —————Here goes the double standard again————————-
    I thought you people here, especially you women, were all for being treated the same………..seems like you are just as inconsequent with that as you are with your diets.
    I remember…..some time ago….when a boy called Chris Brown used to be in trouble for letting his aggressions out on his girlfriend.
    And this blonde above did the same to her husband. Hell, she wanted to kill him with that bat!!!
    But no—–because it is a woman who is doing the damage, it is merely laughable……………………….what a sense of humour you have. I am disgusted—and devastated.

  • limeyscum

    tiger woods look moreThai than Nigerrerian American albeiit with a darker skin, with a lightgher skin , he could be passed for an Indonesian Philippino

  • Robyn


    She hasn’t been wearing the ring since the first time she was seen after Thanksgiving. We all noticed it; we just noticed it in November. :)

  • http://justjared runnergirl

    You are somewhat ignorant. Tiger cheated and lied- that’s why he got beat. Rihanna did not. Also, Elin didn’t use a bat. she used a golf club. Wake up.
    Yep it’s only sex addiction because he got caught and most people know that, he thinks he’s fooling people. He needs a low class person like Rachel to marry. Elin is above him.

  • DEXTER09

    The children are a beautiful blend of European, African and Asian! Beautiful combination.

  • British Latin American

    Whatever European, Asian, and African are!

  • firemanmatch

    she’s not a gold digger

  • lakers fan in boston

    sadly i think that she’s gonna take him back
    but the only reason i think is because she realizes she’ll get more if she stays with him than if she leaves now, if this is the reason, things are only gonna get worse
    i still cant imagine why tiger would get all those slutty women instead of elin, she’s beautiful

  • black

    ————–But why are people concerned whom he is doing?————-
    -It is his bedroom afterall. He didn´t kill anybody. He didn´t hold in taxes, he did not beat his children, he did nothing to deserve his women attacking him.
    What does that have to do with anything?
    And who in hell says that it´s alright to attack somebody because of a lie, or cheating? So if a women lied and cheated on her man he too would have the right to hit her?

  • Theo

    May the Lord Jesus Christ Build a hedge of protection around Tiger’s and Elin’s marriage and family, career and finances. May God rebuke all of their detractors. God bless you Elin. The bible states that it is the foolish women that tears down her home. Tigeer has experienced Christ in action through his wife. Mercy and compassion.

  • shuqi

    she is great, I really support her. she is so beautifula and sweet and a good mother. Tiger is such an a s s h o l e!!! I hope he can change and that they can have a nice and happy life as a loving family. Elin deserves so much better! May God bless her and her kids. I hope she will soon be very happy! I hate cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • draco

    Elin is stupid if she takes him back because people like him don’t change overnight. He seems more sorry that he got caught and that this damaged his reputation rather than his marriage. Once the tension dies off, he will be back to his old ways again. Elin should just forget the money and the divorce settlement and should file for joint custody of their children.