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Gabourey Sidibe's Mama Brings Soul to the Subway

Gabourey Sidibe's Mama Brings Soul to the Subway

Gabourey Sidibe may be remembered forever for her role in Precious, but her mama is famous in her own right – she rocks the NYC subway three times a week to belt out soul classics!

Alice Tan Ridley, formerly a nursery school teacher and teacher’s aide, told the New York Post that she makes enough to support her family by singing. “When I come home at the end of the day, I have enough to pay my bills and feed my kids,” she said, adding, “My name is not on Gabby‘s paycheck.”

The singer also shared that she helped Gabby land her incredible role. “Four years ago, they asked me to play the part of the mother,” she said. “But being a mom and teacher, I just couldn’t play that part. It was just too hard.

“I read the book, and I gave it to Gabby. Her friends encouraged her to try out for Precious, and she got it.”

Alice Tan Ridley – Proud Mary
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  • m

    Now she is a parent, she said it exactly, her name is not on her daughter’s paycheck so she isn’t stopping what she has been doing for years.

  • AreYouKiddingMe


    WTF kind of racist comment is that?

  • she shall remain nameless

    She seems like a great lady with a beautiful heart, entertaining all the passengers. @ dollhouse, has it ever crossed your mind that she is a street performer??? And it says in the blog that she used to work in education. You are an idiot.

  • 2010 and we are not better


    you are a f_ckinh racist. how about you go to a therapist and seek help for the REAL problems that you have? it’s so sad to know that idiots like you make such dumbass comments in 2010!

  • seriously?


    you are a racist!! plain and simple

  • ****

    Wow, she sounds bitter.

  • Jake


    The woman is out there EARNING a living. She’s performing and people pay her if they choose. Who the f u c k are you to judge anyone, you racist a s s h o l e!

  • meh

    she sounds like a great mom, a refreshing change from those parents who leach off their kids. ahem dina lohan.

  • meh

    btw she has a fantastic voice!

  • Poop

    Fat and disgusting just like her daughter.

  • Cold Case Love

    Go FLUSh urself!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …as soon as the oscars are over gabourey’s gonna disappear, and i cant wait.

  • Whoever

    Her “mama” Jared?! Really?

  • TV test

    What a great voice!!! Shame on you racists.

  • cutiemcfreckles

    sorry, but that’s pretty ghetto.

  • a realist

    To #2

    She’s a street performer. That’s very honorable.

    She is talented and, all I can say to her is, YOU GO GIRL!

  • Ronda

    @Cold Case Love: HILARIOUS!! Thanks for the laugh;)

  • the truth

    You all need help the ones that’s bashing her. This is 2010 and you still haven’t learn nothing about people.You all not the ones that went to the golden gobles and not going to the Oscars either. You don’t see rachel bilson up for any awards do you?You need to be ashame are yourselves. Especially the the ones that is bashing her and a racist.That’s how some are you treated Hayden Christensen when he’s here. And so do jj that’s bad picture are the girl anyway. Give her some respect cause you don’t know how other people say about you also>

  • Maria

    Gabby’s mom is awesome! I’d love to know which station and what day and hours she performs. I’d love to tell her that I wish Gabby all the luck in the world and that’s she’s sooo funny in her interviews- such a natural comedian.

  • nursedatingsite

    She is so pretty

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont get why she’s singing at the subway 2 make money?
    isnt her daughter helping her family or do they have a bad relation?
    her mom is bigger but she’s smaller than her daughter, thought it would be the other way around

  • Provaiders


  • Super fat burner articles

    @Provaiders: I agree :)!

  • Mickey D

    I had the pleasure of meeting Alice Tan Ridley and hear her singing in the subway while working in NYC one day about 15 years ago! I stopped to talk to her for a minute and she told me she had a cassette of her singing. I gave her some money and my address, and a few days later I received the cassette in the mail. I really enjoyed listening to it in the car back then.

    I was thrilled to see her on GMA this morning and to learn that she was Gabby Sidebe’s mom because I remember meeting her in the subway all those years ago. How exciting! Does anyone know her schedule when she sings? I would love to hop on the train one day and hear her sing in person again.


  • dessertgirl

    She worked as a nursery school teacher — poor kids! NSTs aren’t well paid so now she works in the subway where she can hide her income and not pay taxes.

    When will Gaby’s next blockbuster come out? There aren’t many roles for women who need a tentmaker to make their clothes and that have to cover up from head to toe so that you don’ t see the black decaying infection on the feet.

    Alice should be arrested for child abuse. Letting your child grow up to the size of a Volkswagen is child abuse.