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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: Adios, Cabo!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: Adios, Cabo!

After having one last hurrah in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler left the peaceful hideaway on Monday (February 8) and headed back to Los Angeles.

The actress, who turns 41 on Thursday, rode home on a private plane with Gerry, 40, after the two joined Jen‘s friends in celebrating her birthday early.

Jen recently spoke to Access Hollywood about her Bounty Hunter co-star. “We just had so much fun together you know. He’s just fun. Gerry‘s the most unpretentious guy,” she said.

“He’s a guys guy, but he’s absolutely the most lovely and sort of self-deprecating and just what you see is what you get. We look at work the same way…we always had each other’s back.”

Don’t miss Jen on an Access Hollywood multi-part interview – it begins TONIGHT!

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  • not again

    More bounty Hunter PR. when will this cr@pfest ever end
    I will not spend a cent on seeing this movie

  • WTF

    Its like Groundhog day

  • PR Bounty

    Lovebirds leaving together
    The pretend kind.
    After a few days in Mexico celebrating her birthday, Fabulous at 41! was photographed leaving via private plane with Spit.tle and friends yesterday. This of course just days after Spittle made out with some random on the street in Venice Beach, much to the embarrassment of Jennifer and her publicist Stephen Huvane. Spitt.le was likely lightly admonished. And then summoned for the holiday conveniently in time for the tabloid cut off.
    What tabloid cut-off?
    Well, tabloids hit newsstands on Wednesdays. This means they go to print on Tuesday. Which means all photos have to be laid out by Monday. The photos of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler spending the weekend together in Cabo were widely disseminated on Sunday. Coincidence or conspiracy?
    I know of at least one magazine that will feature these shots on the cover tomorrow. At least two more were considering it. Great free press for a movie.
    Who the hell invites Access Hollywood to a “private bday getaway” unless you want to sell the hell out of something?
    Pathetic. Hope the movie bombs

  • nate

    who cares about this desperate hag no one is gonna watch some stupid bounty hunter crap movie.

  • mary

    So are they dating or not? It sure seems like they are, but who knows….

  • well said

    #3 well said (well said Lainey too) these two are the most sharmeless famewh0res in the whole of HW, embarassing, sick making saddos. Thanks for explaining the deadlines for the tabs.

    I hope thier movie bombs. Any credibility HE had as an actor is long gone and I hope he got well paid for the Bounty Hunte as it is a death blow for him. Hes Just another scuzzy celeb – an actor no more.

  • yeah right

    you guys are all stans you know you love her. your going to be the first ones at the theater watching that crap movie

  • Anon


    Yep, just like the last time her movie opened. But wait…doesn’t she have a magazine cover set to come out…complete with racy photos of her and Gerard? Hmm, wonder which of Brad’s kids will she name this time or what pot shot will she take? She’s a passive aggressive loser.

  • stacie

    WOW , she is so sad and desperate that she had to invite Access Hollywood to her birthday party. So sad so Desperate .I guess this is her cry for help/ attention.

  • ja

    Body okay but has the intelligence of a rock.

    Dumbminston, average body yet not much between the ears.

  • Anon

    No wonder Bradley Cooper scrambled the hell away from Jennifer so fast. Well played, Coop, well played. Jennifer is the kiss of death to careers.

  • Molly

    They are not pictured together, so according to Loonifer “logic” that means they are obviously breaking up and fighting.

  • PR Bounty

    @yeah right: think again. at least you aknowledge it looks like a crap movie.
    Jen has used this tactic many many times. It’s getting old. A movie, a story, should speak for itself. People will flock to the theaters no matter what goes on behind cameras. For them to resort to this kinf of move, it’s the same of giving the audience a big slap on the face and calling us all stupid. I’m sorry, but I don’t like to be treated that way. Maybe you do, and if so, well.. that’s your loss.

  • unbelieveable

    Honestly what did this women do to u???? I don’t even treat people who have wronged me personally this bad

  • doesnt anyone care about Haiti

    The Bounty Hunter looks horrible.

    We still have one full month left of publicity for this movie. What other tricks do they have up their sleeves??

  • willa the kid

    One thing that really makes me dislike Gerard Butler is the fact that he is nicer and talks more to fans that he finds attractive. Not cool at all.

  • ja

    Billy Bush thinking during the interview “Is this dumb b!t$# for real?”

    Not one intelligent word out of her mouth. Nothing interesting to say or doing anything interesting for AH to be out there interviewing Dumbminston.

    Sandra Bullock should have been interviewed, she is the Oscar nominee!



  • kenny

    Gerard is on the phone talking to a young sexy girl, while manniston pretending like she is talking to someone LOL

  • Anon


    They don’t call him Spittle for nothing, (I know why he is really called that). Just thinking of old lady stuff.

  • Jako

    She still wore the same bikini!!!!


    OMG!!!!! So sick of these two! Her career is way over after 101 movies doing the same character over and over again. Please go away! How many times can you talk about the same things and tan your ass for photos? Gerard Butler is the epitomy of a Hollywood potential gone bad. The man is such an emormous disapointment and he’s now looking way gross, looks are gone, he’s looking bloated most of the time. UGH! The Bounty Hunter has no chance of doing anywhere close to good at the box office considering all the other movies coming out and the recent track record of these two. No amount of publicity is going to help, I think this overload is doing the exact opposite.

  • fake

    posing posing posing look at that phoney slu!t constantly aware of the photogs and her unnatural poses. such a loser. please just stay in mexico, they need you more than america. i’m sure there’s some mexican soap opera in need of extras.

  • Dawn9476

    Oh goody. More OTT hatred against Jen. And people say she is predictable.

  • Anon

    I think someone has been doing some fibbing about the funding on their movies, haven”t you, Jenny. This says, nada after The Bounty Hunter. And look at those numbers on the last two releases, no wonder. Still Jennifer and Huvane still follow the same 1-2-3 punch formula of trying to one-up Brad and Angie, so it is PERSONAL. Jen does want Brad to come home it is clear and wants revenge on Angie. They are probably behind all this crap with JP, along with Halperin, trying to break up the family with 6 kids.

  • NativeNYker

    Nothing like making the rounds.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • PR Bounty

    @Dawn9476: maybe if she changes her attitude when trying to promote a movie, the comments won’t be as predictable as she is. just saying.

  • derek

    Gerard, you have really f-ucke.d up your career with this one. What happened to movies like 300? You were badass. Now you’re reduced to this romcom Bounty Hunter drivel. Its pretty sad actually.


    @Anon: She’s also on the cover of Architectural Digest. Brad Pitt is the Architecture buff, he was interviewed extensively for that magazine way back when they were married and talked at length about his passion for Architecture and Home remodeling. This woman does not have a single independent thought of her own. Absolutely PATHETIC and she probably thinks people don’t see through her. Well, obviously some don’t and buy this bs.

  • Oviously

    @derek: SO WELL SAID.

  • Karma

    They are calling to alert the paps, they are coming back to the U.S. now! Huvane is on the phone to Jen, big crisis on the JP front..”.hon, our plans aren’t going so well, a lawsuit has been filed. I know, I know…this is serious. What?! Can they find out I’m the source for this rag? Stephen! Stephen! GET back quick, Jen! Too late to cancel “W” now. Good thing we have Mexico charity.”

  • HasbeenActor

    Gerard Butler is one big disappointment. His early work was so good and now all this wasted talented (yes, he does have it, check out his pre-movie star work and you’ll see).
    Truly a case of Hollywood gone bad. Shame.

  • a realist

    This is all another of Aniston’s childish games. They want the public to think they are a couple, so they will go see the movie. Like that fallacy she played with Vince Vaughn, and other actors she did movies with.

    Everything she does a movies he does this with her costar.

  • Belinda

    I care and so do many others. If you don’t you lunatic than p/ss off and don’t comment on a JA post. And this goes for all of you braindead losers!

  • Pinkrose

    Shameless and pathetic. The jig is up Jernnifer. People are not this stupid to fall for the same publicity ruse every time. How stupid does this make her look? Especially this guy who makes out with random women on the street. Try good acting for a change and your movie will sell itself. Then there would be no need for the publicity campaign and the fame w.horing

  • Oviously

    @Belinda: Sorry but this is cyberspace, you cannot make us go away. I also think you ‘re a little outnumbered judging by the posts here. Just saying….:)

  • Sanne

    She’s so pathetic.

  • HasbeenActor

    I’m a Gerard fan, well, not so much right now but I still have hope. It’s the only reason I’m posting on a “JA” thread, so back off jenheads. I don’t give a damn about Angelina by the way.
    I’m just baffled by Gerry’s choices as of late. And maybe if enough of his fans get out there and show their discontent (there are a lot of disappointed folks), his team will take a hint.

  • J.

    #7 is not Passing Through. PT does not post on an X thread. EVER!
    LOL they’re both on their phones to their publicists.
    Aniston: “Huvane, did you get the photos? You know, the magazines go to press today.”
    Butler: They better have the photos. I don’t want to have to do this again. Ever!”

  • Anon/nonfriend

    How do you figure it is a PR shoot in Haiti, faker, when Angelina was in Haiti well before any earthquake and funding SOS? How many times has she been on capitol hill trying to help people, including people here in the U.S.? SOS helps kids in the United States.

  • wow

    she’s gotten a lot of PR mileage out of this trip

  • Lorola

    A horse with bikini talking by phone OMG!!! nooo is Jennifer Aniston LOL

  • Dawn9476

    @PR Bounty:

    Please. People hate the woman just for breathing. She could cure cancer and people would still hate her.

  • bennie

    I don’t understand why nutcases come here and rag on people they don’t know. If it’s Brangelina fans, why not just stay on their boards and tell how lovely they are? Why the need to still say ridiculous things about JA, five years after the fact. I’m sure she wishes all the Brad stuff would just die, but the sites and magazines are the ones who won’t let it go. She was the victim in that mess, and still is.

    She and Butler have said they are just friends, no romance. So why keep up all the “posing” cr@pp? Can’t people just be friends with no other agenda?

    Some of you people are just ignorant and mean-spirited. Does it make you feel better about yourselves to put down famous people? When I read some of these ccomments, I envision the posters as the slob in the wheelchair constantly on the internet in Gamer. Those are your vibes peeps.

  • But can he

    behave all the way until Mar. 19? Can he really stay away from Venice Beach for that long?

  • http://pippo Pippo

    “The actress, who turns 41 on Thursday, rode home on a private plane with Gerry”

    Where’s a fĂ»cking Jihadist suicide pilot when you need one?

  • they are probably

    laughing about how easy it is to play the tabs

  • Susy

    She needs to realize she’s not 22 anymore! this is getting pathetic and quit sad…

  • PR Bounty

    @Dawn9476: That’s very true dawn and I really don’t agree with comments directed at what she does or doesn’t as a person because quite fankly I’m not interested. I am however, tired of the OBVIOUS PR antics. She’s a great comedic actress (yes haters she is, she has 10 years of training in friends, it gave her great timing) but this is all getting really old and tired Dawn. I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me though. She shouldn’t have to resort to these moves every time she wants to sell something. Because it happens every single time. If it didn’t, I would give her the benefit of the doubt.

  • Anon/nonfriend

    She needs to learn to tell magazines that questions about her past marriage are off limits or will not answer. Saying Brad’s kids by name.

    “We all go to the Hamptons and I have Zahara on my hip and Knox”