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Kate Gosselin 'Wants You To Know'

Kate Gosselin 'Wants You To Know'

Kate Gosselin will be releasing her third book I Just Want You to Know: Letter to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family on April 13.

According to People, the book will feature entries from her personal journal, eight letters written to each of her kids, and prayers of encouragement.

“In addition to making sure my kids know how much I love them,” Kate says on the official website by Zondervan Publishing. “I’m writing this book to encourage other mothers. Being a mother is the most tiring job you will ever have, and it’s the most worthwhile job. I want to inspire moms to create the memories and traditions that will provide their kids with a good foundation. ‘Moms, don’t ever stop doing your best. Don’t ever stop trying to make today better than yesterday.’ That’s the message of this book.”

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  • Brenda

    Can’ t we exile her or something?

  • Kei

    She looks good!

  • Liljoe

    Good for her! She looks great too.

  • Jeanne

    Those kids are gonna hate her someday!

  • Bren

    Don’t ever stop doing your best??? What a poser! Does that include $7k hair extensions, dumping your kids so you can swan off to play on tv???
    What a useless excuse for a mother. Enough with this tramp already.

  • Suri

    God wants you to go away and get a job o yeah sell your million dollar home, lay off some of the nannies!

  • rhonda

    I just want Kate to go the f**k away!

  • oy

    This woman is so obnoxious.

  • AntiGossy

    why does she need to write a book, get paid for it and travel the country doing publicity for it, to tell her kids she loves them??? Oh wait, it’s all part of her sick obsession of fame.

  • FaithLynette

    Personally, I don’t need/want/desire/would or could make use of— *ANY* advice on *ANYTHING* from Kate. IMO…she’s exploited her children, helped to ruin her marriage, alienated any family/friends that couldn’t advance her selfish quest for fame/fortune/material belongings, put herself FIRST on so many levels, and certainly has shown hypocrisy when it comes to her ‘faith/religious’ beliefs. NO THANKS…[MY UNSOLICITED ADVICE TO HER: put the writing pen down, cancel your meetings with your publisher/promoter, stop running from one coast to the other – and one talk show to another – in promoting your book (and yourself!)…and concentrate on your 8 beautiful children. THEY are where your time/attention/energies/concern – should be now! Have you learned NOTHING about putting yourself out in the public eye for your own selfish reasons…at the expense of your children/family/relationships!?

  • http://justjared sjeuibfbaj


  • lisali

    A terrible mother wants to tell us how to be mothers? I hope no one buys this travesty.

  • FaithLynette


    “How To Play The Game Fairly/Squarely” by Mark McGwire

    “Never Disrespect Your Woman” by Chris Brown (co-authored by Ike Turner)

    “I Was The Best President, EVER” by George W. Bush

    “Yo-Yo Dieting Wasn’t For Me” by Oprah Winfrey

    “Less Is Best, A Make-up Guide For Women” by Lady GaGa

    “How To Sing The National Anthem With The Respect It So Deserves” by Roseanne Barr

  • pothos

    Hmmm. Her only “friends” are people on her payroll (hairstylists, bodyguards), she has no relationship with her own family, she goes through nannies like most people go through toilet paper, yet she is going to give advice on being a parent?? Give me a break. Buying her book would be only more ridiculous than the fact that she wrote one about this topic to begin with. Let’s boycott the book and the publishing company :).

  • Alecia

    @FaithLynette: Ha ha! I love it! You should be the one writing the book!

  • Neorules2112

    She Looks Hot

  • Scumbag Kate

    The scam artist is at it again. Listen up gullible white trash an git yurself a copie.

  • Kate

    Being a mother is so rewarding that I spend all of my waking hours figuring out new ways to Ho myself out and get away from those little annoying brats.

  • Lorna

    She is the most odious woman in the public eye next to Tila Tequila. She and her loser husband exploited her children to gain money and celebrity and now she is presenting the public with this BS. One day her children will realize how their parents exploited them and will probably sue them. If she wanted to express sincere love for her children, could she not write private letters to each of them? i guess a mother who shows her kids potty training and allows their bowel movements to be shown on national tv isn’t concerned much with their privacy. She has so much help yet always stresses how hard and tiring her job is. I guess her next book tour will allow her a much needed break from her little meal tickets.

  • puffin

    Enough already! If these are letters to your kids – put them in a scrapbook and give them ONLY to your kids KATE!

  • L

    …and why would I spend $$$ to ‘get advice’ from someone who parades around NYC in the middle of winter without a coat or stockings??? Not an ounce of common sense…..

  • LizB

    When is she ever with her kids?? She’s always off in NYC or getting her hair or nails done. I never see her with her kids. What a joke!

  • Anon

    So the child exploiting fame-wh0re wants another book tour so her sheeple will tell her how wonderful she is? What a narcissistic. Plus is she going to be away from her kids for 2 years again on book tour like she was when Jon was caring for the children? You know, like when she was off with the bodyguard that helped break up her marriage? Anything to sell your kids souls for $$$, downsize and get a real job.

  • NativeNYker

    There are no words for this!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • rocky


    ITA! Good for her!

  • rocky


    Just because you don’t see pictures of her with her kids doesn’t mean she’s not with them. Get with it girl!

  • Sheila

    Always playing to her target audience (of course) in order to figure out a new way of fleecing them; low-class uneducated suckers who like a good fairytale. Unfortunately there are probably a couple million of them breathing our air and she’ll make a good piece of change off of this door stop before it winds up in The Dollar Store.

  • rocky


    Oh, and how is she supposed to care for all these children? She sure the hell isn’t getting any money from dead beat husband and she sure isn’t going to make enough if she should go back to nursing. All those eight beautiful kids need clothes, food, etc., and with dead beat husband cancelling show, where the hell do you think the money is coming from? She’s taking care of her children the best way she can and if this means being away from them to make the money needed than so be it. Some of you people are so rediculous!

  • ughhh

    Why doesn’t she write about something that she knows,
    like, “1000 Ways To Milk Money From The Naive”

  • Denise

    I am sure that they made quite a bit of money from their show, and probably just frittered it away instead of saving it for their kids. She has had a TV show AND 2 books, I doubt they are hurting for money. There is money for vacations, for hair extensions, for new clothes, etc.

    I am shocked that Zondervan would publish this. I feel so bad for the kids, they are precious and deserve a life now out of the public eye.

  • miapocca

    college is paid for..with each letter….applaud this the heck did you end up with that immature loser JOhn…well it made her famous I guess…good luck putting more money away for the college funds! its 8 kid y’all…she will be paying college at the SAME TIME FOR 2 and then simulataneouls for ALL 8, then ALL 6…wow!! make more money!

  • Lillianne

    So if your children are so important to you, Kate, go home and take care of them. You’re a hypocrite.

  • miapocca

    why feel bad for the kids…they are getting taken care of with the money SHE makes, not what her crazy ex husband or jackass faterh makes…she looks good..I have no need of her book. but I applaud her for putting some work in as she is managing her household!

  • Denise

    I feel bad for the kids because she doesn’t seem to be home with them and is spending so much time getting hair/clothes, etc. done. If she reduced her lifestyle, she probably would not HAVE to work and could spend her time at home. Not that she has to be there 24/7 – I am not against getting hair done, just that it seems that is all she does lately.

  • the present

    Who is Jon?

  • lily

    Her kids are better off with the nannies rather than being raised by this horrible hateful ugly hag.

  • whatthehe__

    Just six months before they moved into the million dollar mansion on 24 acres they were still claiming to need donations (love offerings). I don’t think the churches are going to welcome her back.

    I can just imagine the sacrifices: I had to spend 20 hours in the chair in order to get these 7000 dollar extensions for YOU.

    So what if you don’t recognize the women on the front of the book, she did it for YOU.

    Haven’t they hurt these children been hurt enough.

  • bella

    What exactly does she want us to know???
    How to profit of your kids or how to marry and divorce an emotionally challenged jerk?
    Certainly not how to be a good mom. She has EIGHTS with tons of help . . .does not make you a good mom.

  • sherri

    Who will buy this book? Honestly what more can she have to say? In the end she has shown herself to be a shrill, cold parent who plays favorites (I can just imagine the gushing in Hannah’s letter), an emotionally abusive wife to her immature, misguided husband, a user of friends and family who throws people away once she they of no more use to her and a publicity hungry narcissist. I used to feel for Kate and certainly can’t hate someone I do not know personally but the more I see of her, the more I see through her. Her hair and nails are her own business, Certainly plenty of moms have acrylics but her grooming seems to have become her focus lately. Maybe book number 4 will be her personal beauty tips.

  • ……………….

    miapoczy crazy is giving her anistonish advise, probably your life outlooks the same way.

  • whatadrag

    Kate about LOVE . . had to dump dad because he wouldn’t continue in a fake marriage so we could continue the show
    about FAITH . . can’t go to church anymore because dad always did this with us and he’s not here. Oh, right, I divorced him.
    about FAMILY . .. we had to dump them because they didn’t know how to help us. We like NEW things and BIG trips and being on TV and they didn’t approve of my big plans to be a STAR

  • VanM

    Hahahahah…I love it…Kate is HOTT and she looks even better now than she did 5 yrs ago…It is amazing how some of you continue to spread you r hate….She didn’t pay for the hair extensions maybe some of you should try doing research before you speak….Either way I doubt Kate cares what any of us have to say…I happen to Love her devotion to her kids…Go Kate, be all you can be and as I said before you Look HOTT doing it…..

  • VanM

    mmmm…wonder if the same person is the one changing their name so she can make it look like it is more than one person that hates kate…..haters keep hatin,…….kate is laughing all the way to the bank……

  • brightside

    Love of money more like – if she loved her kids she’d be a better example to them.

  • karen3

    How PERSONAL of you Kate…..write phony letters to your kids about how precious they are, then publish them and put a price tag on them?!?! We Real Moms do it the old fashioned way, no extensions, manicures, stylists and lawyers needed….authentic love and time spent with the kids, FREE of charge. If only Kate and Jon spent more time focused on the family instead of the $$$$$, she would have some credibility to sell a “family” book. She trashed Jon on every talk show that would have her, now we are supposed to believe she is sincere in wanting the best for her kids? Aren’t we all EXHAUSTED of her? Bye Bye Kate, go start the long journey of spiritual repair of your eight cash cows, I mean children.

  • Go Ask Alice


    FaithLynette, that is so funny.

    Please call Jay or David or Jimmy , one of those late night guys and ask them if the are hiring writers. If not, give one them permission to please use this.

    I am at lunch right now and burped up my burrito on that .

    Very good :-)

  • Go Ask Alice

    Puffin, I wanted to post the same thing.

  • Go Ask Alice

    rocky and Liljoe, buy her book. Please put your money where your mouth is.

  • linda

    I don’t care about her hair or nails. A lot of people are over groomed these days with spray tans, acrylics and plastic surgery. I even see moms at my childrens’ school who are done up to the nines to meet the bus or drop kids off, but I really do think that she should stay out of the spotlight for a while so that she at least gives the appearance of having her kids as a priority. Then again, she is becoming more irrelevant each day so maybe she should suck up as much money as she can while the gravy train is still available. It isn’t going to last. That is not even an insult, it is just a fact that people on reality shows have short shelf lives in celebrity land. She can’t just keep writing book after book as her popularity is waning and her publisher will drop her eventually.

  • Go Ask Alice


    Good, but yours is funny . It is also right and a title of a good book.