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Kate Gosselin 'Wants You To Know'

Kate Gosselin 'Wants You To Know'

Kate Gosselin will be releasing her third book I Just Want You to Know: Letter to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family on April 13.

According to People, the book will feature entries from her personal journal, eight letters written to each of her kids, and prayers of encouragement.

“In addition to making sure my kids know how much I love them,” Kate says on the official website by Zondervan Publishing. “I’m writing this book to encourage other mothers. Being a mother is the most tiring job you will ever have, and it’s the most worthwhile job. I want to inspire moms to create the memories and traditions that will provide their kids with a good foundation. ‘Moms, don’t ever stop doing your best. Don’t ever stop trying to make today better than yesterday.’ That’s the message of this book.”

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  • GOMO1313

    Why doesn’t this woman realize she is the last person who should be an authority on parenting. Her only fame and accomplishment is that she carried 6 babies and this was a real accomplishment but she blew any respect earned for this by using her motherhood status to gain notoriety.

  • Go Ask Alice

    VanM and mia, buy her book. Yes, Kate is laughing all the way to the bank, HAHAAHHAHA, off of her poor , minions like you girlswhothink she is jsut like me. A divorcedmom, deadbeat ex, etc.
    Jon HURT hinself. He ended the gravytrain for himself. Well,m that is him.
    He IS paying $10,000 a monht. Yeah, he will be bankrupt shortly. So, that is him.

    Kate does look good. She is pretty. Appealing.
    Shapely.Thanks to a glam sqaud and palstic surgeon.
    Kate is smart. She is going to ride this gravytrain one way or another in her entratinment businesses/books, etc. all about those kids.
    Yes, with TLC backing her with good lawyers, accts., pr people, she is very successful.
    I will not lie.Kate has it going on.
    Ido say that abouther. Really, no onecannot say otherwise.

    Sad. These kids , all8, ofthem are such a product andare still being in the spotlight.

    Has anyone noticed too, the oldpr move.
    You have to look homespun to appeal to the minions.
    Now, after a while around, and divorcing Jon, and being lowkey for ehr anyway, now she is going to inchhhhhhhh
    into a more glamlook and attend glam things and go glam places like Butter for clubbing. Maybe she willget to go to Nobu just like other celebrities through the front door.
    She is inchhhhhhing into some red carpet appearances now.
    PR RULE – things must be done s-l-o-w-l-y.

    She wanted to go to NuBo a few years back but TLC pr thought it was not good. Check out that Vanity Fair interview online..

  • lexy

    What morons are wasting their money buying this stupid woman’s books?
    What kind of advice is she giving? How too have more children than you can afford? How to be an obnoxious shrew? How to be a media whore? How to let nanny’s raise your kids? How to chase away your man? How to wear horse hair on your head??

  • twpumpkin


  • FaithLynette

    @ Alecia
    @ Go Ask Alice
    ….*blush* THANK YOU!….smiles

  • mary ann ogle

    I say we all boycott this book. She can’t right a letter to her kids in private, she has to get paid for it. Her kids are soooo doomed!!! PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!! WHY DOES SHE DESERVE TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT BEING A MOTHER WHEN SHE SUCKS AT IT? SHE IS ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT MAKEING MONEY NO MATTER HOW BAD SHE SCREWS HER FAMILY OVER!!!!

  • mary ann ogle



  • lianne

    Could this be Kate Gosselin defending herself? Honestly, she is not a likable person at all. You are the one making multiple posts. Maybe you should accept the fact that the “Haters” do not have to change their names to increase the negative posts. I actually feel sorry for Kate and I used to actually route for her. Also, I was one of the few who thought her old hair suited her. Her hair is thick and I honestly think that it looked nice before. I think she is insecure and receiving bad advice from TLC who are more interested in exploiting her and her kids than helping them.She treated her husband like a piece of dirt and even though he is behaving like an idiot, she is not blame free. She has done absolutely nothing to deserve any celebrity at all. It has all been a fluke . She has no talent, is not an artist, she gave birth to multiples and exploited it. She is not a writer and yet has “written”several books. She has no friends and family left to support her. That is not a good sign. Narcissists are everywhere and this is how they behave. Personally, I hope she can find a career that will allow her to take care of her children without depending on nannies and that will be independent of them as everything that has made her money has been because of them. Exploiting your kids is no way to make a living. By the way, I am not jealous or a hater. I would not wish her life on anyone that I liked. I do not think she is ugly and do not care about her extensions. They are her own business. She has behaved in a way that has made the public turn against her and you need to get a grip on that.

  • Anon/friend

    Hey Kate, why is your cookbook…Love is in the Mix or something like that being dumped in Europe now? Where no one knows your show or name? by a different publisher?

  • she shall remain nameless

    I think the kids will hate their douchy dad more than her. At least she’s not hooking up with 22 year olds. Why can’t her hair be styled like that? Now we see her dried out drabby looking extensions.

  • Anon/friend

    Btw, as Kate tells so….8 kids, she is so EXHAUSTED…ALL THE TIME. Who has time to write letters to her kids? If you are being a good mother, doing what you are suppose to do (most mothers she preaches to do not have a staff to help), working in the real world at a job…who has time to write letters and why would you have to? Your kids and you are making memories. If those kids grow up with problems, yes Kate you will have to answer. You are writing the letters..first for $$$, 2nd for attention and 3rd, so you can once again squirm out of responsibility for your actions. Hey, middle child…, you told your 5 year old son…MAN UP!

  • zahra

    Once those kids watch the show and see how she treated their father and left them vomiting in a laundry room to make sure things stayed clean and dragged her “fame” out I am pretty sure they will cut their father some slack for his immature behavior. That is as long as he gets a grip and stops living out his lost 20′s soon.

  • Kimy

    Kate is such a selfish tramp. Write a book with personal letters in it to the children, Please!!!!!!!!!! This monster woman is crazy. She don’t mean what she says in the book, she just did it to use the children for money again, worthless piece of cow manure! I can’t stand this unGoldly person or her children being used any more. Kate your sick-do us all a favor and go to hell!

  • Tina

    Buying a book or anything that Kate Gosselin has her nasty paws on would be like paying the devil to let her exploit her children and Jon even more. Kate is disgusting. Hey Gosselin children-this is what your mom does for you, sells you piece by piece. I hope they slap the witch in her face one day. Throw her off a cliff.

  • marnie


    yes, yes, yes, well put. But I must say you were too nice. Go away horrible Kate. Child user and husband abuser. Your fake friends will be gone soon and you will be alone with your horrible self. Those who adore her are blind.

  • Tootsie

    She’s a nasty and phony woman!

    Why is she still “famous” ? ugh!

  • Kim

    So not buying that!!! Eccckkk…

  • lakers fan in boston

    no1 gives an effing shiz about u anymore kate
    ill be surprised if u even manage 2 sell 10k books
    only dumb ass idiots will buy it
    such a famewhore, god i hate u

  • foodiedatingsite

    She is so hot

  • andra

    I can’t believe there are so many haters. She’s just one person trying to make a living. have you people forgotten this woman has 8KIDS!!!! Do you think id she was to spend all her time with her kids she would be able to feed them, clothe them and aducate them. yes she was a nurse and she would have to work every waking moment just to be able to provide basic needs for her children and she still wouldn’t be around them and then who would watch them….cause can’t pay a nanny. Before all you stupid people open your big yaps ready to hate, actually try thinking before hand and think logically. Dumb, dumb dumb…

  • cindy

    OMG……..What a bunch of idiots. Here you all are ready to hate this woman and for what reason…..well because she went out of her way to provide for those kids. Cause her looser husband sure isn’t helping but no….nobody here has anything to say about him. F%&#*(g morons. yeah Kate listen to these bunch of geniuses and stay home with your kids. let these bunch of loosers feed your kids. I’ve never heard so much crap in my life. You sit there and hate but if you were in her place you wouldn’t have a problem with the money or making more of it especially if you had 8 kids to support ALONE!!!

  • Lisa

    She looks amazing. Wow. Good for her , and hey ANON , why don’t YOU get a real job already , enough.

  • Gwen

    Yep, she looks awesome, god we should all be so lucky. Will be lookin for it at barnes.

  • http://justjared anymouse

    for every one, jealous-hater out there, there are 100 more who like this lady. 100 to 1, in favor, not bad. she looks wonderful