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Katie Holmes: Hermes Men's Grand Opening!

Katie Holmes: Hermes Men's Grand Opening!

Katie Holmes stays warm in a long gray Hermes coat at the opening of the first Hermes Men’s Store on Tuesday (February 9) in New York City.

The 31-year-old actress was accompanied by her stylist, Jeanne Yang (pictured below). The twosome spent the day working on Holmes & Yang, their hot new fashion line that only is produced in NY.

“Herm├Ęs Man on Madison” stands directly across the street from the U.S. flagship store. It’s located at 690 Madison Avenue and is dedicated to men’s ready-to-wear and accessories.

Other celebs in attendance: Martha Stewart and Kevin Bacon (along with wife Kyra Sedgwick).

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the Hermes Men’s Grand Opening…

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katie holmes hermes grand opening 01
katie holmes hermes grand opening 02
katie holmes hermes grand opening 03
katie holmes hermes grand opening 04
katie holmes hermes grand opening 05
katie holmes hermes grand opening 06
katie holmes hermes grand opening 07
katie holmes hermes grand opening 08
katie holmes hermes grand opening 09
katie holmes hermes grand opening 10
katie holmes hermes grand opening 11
katie holmes hermes grand opening 12
katie holmes hermes grand opening 13
katie holmes hermes grand opening 14
katie holmes hermes grand opening 15

Photos: Larry Busacca/Getty, Andres Otero/WENN
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  • ke$haluv

    luv it

  • it’s robo-bride

    awful. Hermes must be cringing.

  • dani

    Hot new fashion line? It is my understanding it is only sold in one store in LA and that it bombed.

  • andaa

    She looks amazingly beautiful.

  • missy

    She looks great. Hermes loves her. They threw her a party in 2008 to celebrate her Broadway show.

  • LuckyL

    Her half smile is idiotic.

  • matronly….

    She’s so frumpy……and she looks years older than her age.

  • haha

    Where’s Suri? I’d love to see Suri w/ no coat on in NYC and the idiots defending Holmes by saying, “it was 40 degrees today, and I walked around with jacket on.”

  • annab

    At least no one can comment on her “cankles”? That’s all I read about her on here.

  • HeyHowAreYa

    LOVE her coat! Although I’m not sure wide-legged pants underneath was a good choice…

  • Pandora

    Her *stylist*? I didn’t know she had one. She looks horrid. That thing just hangs on her.

  • boring

    poor ny

  • ramblingirl

    Makes me think of the Holocaust cloak on the Princess Bride.

  • Lauren

    The cut of that coat is not flattering. It makes her hips and lower body look massive.

  • the great escape

    The coat looks like it could hide some heavy duty tools when she decides to make a break for it.

  • gab

    i don’t know if katie can ever not look frumpy but she could at least try and start by firing her “stylist” who looks better dressed than katie in these pictures. with all of tom’s money, katie should be able to buy someone who makes her look good.


    Hideously ridiculous

    This woman has absolutely NO concept of style.

    This tailored wool coat should be worn with a sleek trouser leg (not denim) and a closed toe shoe.

    THE END.

  • sniffles

    He should be fired as her stylist. My god the woman looks awful!!!! She’s such a beautiful woman, she just needs to dress to her best assets. I can’t believe anyone would take credit for her lack of style.

  • nursedatingsite

    She is so pretty

  • Denise

    The coat is way too huge on her, she looks terrible in that outfit. I agree, the “stylist” needs to be axed.

  • Tootsie

    Ugh again!

    No matter if the outfit is expensive……she still manages to look awful.

    No taste whatsoever….can’t sing, dance, talk,,,etc!

    Maybe will have better success as a Walmart greeter….saying
    ” hello,…welcome to this amazing store” blah

  • cacey


  • emma#2

    Stunningly beautiful, that is 1 hard coat to pull off, magnificent!

  • Lisa2

    Love her coat! With her being tall it looks great on her!

  • Lisa2

    The only things she should have done different would be wear a closed toe shoe with slacks and if she was not going to take the coat off , I would rather see a different collar under the coat, perhaps a turtleneck would look better.

  • urgh!

    That thing completely SWAMPS her.

  • tina

    That coat is way too large for her. Where is Suri? Why she is under the coat! Looks like 5 kids could hide under the bottom of it.
    It would have looked better is she had on a turtleneck, boots, and much less material from the waist down. I wish that she wouldn’t smirk. Looks stupid.

  • Missy

    Just looking at her…makes me depressed!

    Just blah……..yawwwwnnnn

  • Tootsie

    her head looks like a pin cushion in that get up

  • kit

    The coat does not suit her tall body at all.

  • moira

    YUCK!! Whoever her stylist needs a new day job!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she has lovely her longer hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sassy

    WHAT, is she modeling a man’s coat or what? I think she has bad teeth which is why she smirks; they were ruined by the cult purification she did, remember her purple hands?? Wish they’d also gotten a shot of her $cientology “handler” who was lurking somewhere nearby, I’m sure! Katie & Tom, you can still save face by RUNNING from the cult before the $hitestorm hits the fan. We all love to see someone fall but love to welcome you back just as much.

  • margot

    She’s trying too hard to be a fashionista.

  • L

    fashion fail

  • Homely the loser

    The loser is clueless and fashion & talent challenged. Homely and the coat are both hideous!

  • mickey

    Ummm….what exactly is going on as her “outfit” descends toward the ground. It looks like she’s wearing a tent. Her “outfit” is eating her alive.

  • AGA

    She looks silly.Her stylist should be fired for letting her go out like that.She is still a young woman..this makes her look older & wider

  • lennie

    She used to be hot but she sold her soul now her eyes just look dead and her smile obviously forced and sad. Just seeing her pics and how weird she dresses, I don’t even want to imagine how she is supposed to have a fashion line. She is a fashion disaster! When you wear a coat like this, please don’t do trousers, and don’t do LARGE trousers that makes you look like an elephant!!!

  • Mousse



    Stunning and very classy looking.

  • lucy lui

    woweeeeeeeeee Becks is here, bet you would swap sourpuss vicki for KATES anytime , sly boy!

  • miapocca

    i am shocked to know that she has a stylist

    she spends money to look bad,…interesting..

    I wouldnt pay a tylist for osme of the crap she has been putting on is the last few years she has been married

    the clothes she chooses dont flatter her finer points ans expose al l her bad points…she needs to fire her stylist because I dont know who in their right mind will buy anything from a woman who obviously lacks fashion sense…
    the cool ais must be real thick for here to think that…

  • miapocca

    scientology can be blamed for a lot of things but not katie holmes horrble dentition

    Read somewhere that she had a eating disorder during dawsons creek…so he stomach acids did a number on her teeth after the retching..apparently dawson hated to do scenes that required him to kiss her because her breath stung.

    If she didnt have issues before, she would have been prime candidate for the scientologists…see scientologists know how to pick their victims!

  • KMcG

    Are they still trying to buy that chick a career? They prop her up at one event or another, looking like a lost child. She never looks like she has any life, even when she is with the child. She looks like she’s drugged, like she’s a possession rather than a person.

  • kizbit


  • kookabear

    dreadful coat with wide leg pants. She looks like an upside down ice cream cone.

  • Abby

    A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down!!!!!!

  • Shiolo

    Ugly!!! She can never be a fashion icon -stop trying too hard!

  • http://google toni

    Katie Holmes looking better now and days, where is adorable Suri?