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Rihanna: 'Rude Boy' Music Video Stills!

Rihanna: 'Rude Boy' Music Video Stills!

Rihanna poses on what looks like a zebra in this show for her upcoming music video for “Rude Boy,” her next single!

The 21-year-old beauty from Barbados shared that she’s excited to get back to her roots for the video. “A lot of my videos are really dark and edgy and tough,” RiRi said (via Daily Mail). “‘Rude Boy’ is more playing along the lines from my roots.”

The video, shot by Melina Matsoukas (who also directed the video for ‘Hard’), is scheduled to debut on February 11.

FYI: Rihanna is wearing Bristols6 Gold Lame Nippies.

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# 1

Great! Can’t wait the video!

# 2
I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 02/09/2010 at 11:32 am

…ahahahahahahaha.. rihanna, babe.. it’s over. stop! just stop. take some time away and re-invent your look, then come back.

# 3

She looks great with longer hair!
Love the fun outfits!

# 5

She looks Ri-diculous.

# 6

Every outfit is pretty silly.

# 7

Isn’t bestiality illegal?

# 8

I’m all for imaginative photo shoots but this is a fail for every picture. Whoever’s styling her needs to stop.

# 9

———–OHO———–OHO————But it should rather be–OH NO—-
This is exactly what happens when you neglect your nutrition!! The consequences are often devastating (and still relatively uncared-for, it seems..) and in most cases lead to a serial destruction of ones personality.
Too much sugar and unsaturated (or yet even worse—polyunsaturated!!) fats overburden the body with fathal consequences!
Hormones are overproduced or wrongly overdosed and attack everything from your immune system (or else she would have had the power to burn those clothes) to your intellect!
——–SO before you start saying all those rude and mean things to poor Rihanna, keep in mind that she too is only a victim of polyunsaturated fats and sugar———————————————–
(Please don´t let your friends be the next victims—–spread this news around.)

(P,ps: I barely managed to escape my uncle this time —-hehehehe—-but my flink fingers were flink enough to mix some medication in his powerhorsedrink yet again!)

The style does not work for her…sorry.

Looks like Grace Jones with more than a dash of RuPaul

They can put a long-haired wig on him but a dude in a wig is still a dude in a wig.

@lmao: Rihanna looks like a tranny in that photo.

Is it just me or this outfit totally GaGa !!! I have the feeling that lately rihanna is imitating Lady GaGa little too much!!! The make-up the outfits and now the videos! I use to like her but she has totally ruined her style , the umbrella vision was so good and original, now she is just imitating and her hair looks awful in real life. Plus she just sings songs written by someone else. She needs a break … create something more original and then come back … Honestly Riri you can do better!!!

she have to change her hair colour and style.

I see a bit of Gaga too but she doesn’t have the confidence to pull off G’s style. Back to the drawing board.

She is reminding more of Lil Kim than Gaga. Her looks are very low rent.

@I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Rihanna, it’s time to rethink your look when even your chief apologist disses you. lol

That’s a man!


so effing fierce.. love her and all the haters need to grow up

I think she’s trying to do something new…but it doesn’t work

Please haters, STFU! You all sound jealous and mad you can’t wear crazy clothes and aren’t an internationally famous pop superstar. LOL. Rihanna is effortlessly cool. I love her and I hope this video is fun because the song is fun and very dance hall and it makes me wanna dance. Also, this looks like it will have tons of special effects in it. Good Job Rihanna, I love you. Screw what the bloggers say, cuz your fans’ opinions are the ones that really count. :)

and Share!Cathyhi5RiRi @ 02/09/2010 at 12:52 pm


Ain’t nothing u haters could do but continue to eat away at hate. So here’s 2 u! Keep eating hate. Eat up!.

I’m on my way to get me a Rude Boy single. I think I’d just go get SOME rather. maybe 3 0r 4 Rude Boyz. Keep up your hating and get 5 or more. Giddy up now, giddy up. . . .

@LOL: Um, that person always hates on Rihanna. He/She liked Rihanna’s “OLD” look. They are afraid of taking risks and evolving with Rihanna. But us real Rihanna fans are with her til the end. Be that 5 or 40 years from now. So they can dis her look, it’s all jibber jabber. Her look is rediculous but who says you can’t dress rediculous. She’s a POP STAR for god sakes, Cher, Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, all dressed crazy in their videos and in the street. Obviously she likes her stylist team because they have been styling her since 2007.

Can’t wait to watch this video…. So excited….. <3

Seen it, Been there, Done that……..
She looks dumb

When ever I see her now I just picture her little brown oval nips.

That looking down with the hat on pic is VERY Gaga.


she looks funny LMAO she’s beyond ugly.

Oh, boy. She gets skankier and skankier by the day.
A tacky, tasteless clown.
Her boobjob keeps also growing day after day.
I get that she has no talent whatsoever so she is forced to be “sensational” but the only thing sensational about her is the horrible way she dresses and (fake) singing.

Her 15 minutes must run dry fast.

She’s embarassing.

Effortlessly cool? No.
Effortlessly contrived? Yes.
If she’s been with the same styling team since 2007, it’s time to switch gears.
She always looks like she’s swagger jacking someone else’s style.
It’s time for a new stylist and for Rihanna to find a unique look.

MrMarleyFAN @ 02/09/2010 at 2:23 pm


((((((CLAPPING HANDS!!!!))))

Good one and I agree so much. I cannot stand her and it grows more and more with each new day.

brightside @ 02/09/2010 at 2:56 pm

Gee, thanks Riri – like I really needed my bizarre shot today. Keep the skin dark girl – you’re a stunner.

damm it,i love this song!

LA_BONITA_ERMOSA @ 02/09/2010 at 3:14 pm


can’t wait for this video!

You’re totally wrong, instead she is looking so sexy…. And I like her laquan smith suit, …… And I am still excited to watch the video. And as she said in her song: I MAYBE DUMB, BUT I AM NOT STUPID…….

I love that song, it will be a hit!!!! and the haters are just like two people because all the comments hating on her have the same writing style

@Diego: They seem different to me. But the stan is definitely the same person. They don’t even disguise their style. They’re nuts.

Agree, she looks pretty silly here. Gaga is nuts but she could rock this look and that girl can actually sing, unlike Rihanna.

twpumpkin @ 02/09/2010 at 4:51 pm


Some of you guys are either 12 year olds who think that the only thing that matters in this world is the way that you look or completely certifiable. I think that Rihanna is beautiful-the whole tranny bit is getting rather old, and it doesn’t seem like fashion houses and folks like CoverGirl care so much that she looks like a “tranny” so you shouldn’t waste your time caring either.

That song is so wrong even worse than umbrella and shut up and drive.
the lyrics are like ‘come on boy boy is it big enough’ ‘come on boy can you get it up.’

she talks about being a role model and she keeps putting out this trashy music,,, (even though she didn’t write it because she never writes any of her “music”)


rihanna you oooze sex appeal, ur truly a fashionista

ri let the haters talk cause u dont gave a dam, they r so many underagers on this site they full of **** lol


victor farrell @ 02/10/2010 at 2:11 am

why everything that has to do with weird unique fashion is associated with lady gaga, rihanna is not copying anyone, by the way grace jones is lady gaga’s biggest inspirations lady gaga copies her style from grace jones, lady gaga is not original and she certainly didn’t invent fashion, grace jones is a supermodel, actress and singer from 70′s and 80′s you guys should look her up

she is so pretty, foodiedatingsite

*Belinda* @ 02/11/2010 at 5:03 am

she looks so good

she is so perfect firemanmatch

Bazem sacanas do krl !!!!
O video tá bué fixe por isso vao mamar pa outro lado coiros da merda!

dark soldier @ 02/12/2010 at 10:30 pm

how is ri ri copying gaga when gaga’s style is vintage trash. NOthing she wears is even fashionable. At least with rihanna, you actually will want to wear some of her outfits. Ri ri is to fashionable to be caught in anything gaga wears. When Gaga starts making money to sit at the front row of fashion shows, then you guys can talk, but until then you can keep that trash.

so meny can hate on a person when she/he is tring, but will they have it in them to pull it of? i don’t think so! Rihanna is young, beautiful, brave, and has a lot of talent. You go girl keep up all you hard work your getting paid and thats all that matters.

Dis rite here… Iz Xactly why chris beat Dat ass. She done gone crazy. SN: she lookz like ah tranny.

Nott 2 mention shez copy’n Ciara.. “zebra print 1pc outfit”. Rihanna &nd Beyonce need 2 find dere own material. Silly bitchez… Hop off ciara’z swagg. (look upp ciara’z: love, sex &nd magic video.)

@Lucy: RiTE! (u pretty much jus said wut ery’body iz thnk’n!) SN: 4 those lamez who praise her az sum kinda GODDESS… [smh) “noo comment”.

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