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Beyonce & Alicia Keys: Samba Sexy

Beyonce & Alicia Keys: Samba Sexy

Beyonce and Alicia Keys are decked out in glitzy Samba costumes — including some crazy high headdresses — as they film the music video for “Put it in a Love Song” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Tuesday (February 9).

The song is Alicia‘s third single off her latest album, Element of Freedom.

These girls sure know how to put on a show. This video sure has some crazy costumes — and lots of Beyonce‘s killer abs!

If you haven’t heard the Beyonce/Alicia song yet, check out YouTube!

20+ pictures inside of Samba sexy Beyonce and Alicia Keys

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beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 01
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 02
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 03
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 04
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 05
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 06
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 07
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 08
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 09
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 10
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 11
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 12
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 13
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 14
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 15
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 16
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 17
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 18
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 19
beyonce alicia keys samba costumes 20

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  • pucca

    holy crap. curves, thickness, heaven.

  • Patrick

    So beautiful. I can’t wait to see this video. Beyonce’s body is insane. Looks like they’re pulling out all the stops for this one.

  • wtf

    Beyonce’s body is awful here, wtf is these thighs belly fat legs…

  • police

    Damn Alicia! Sexy!

  • Izzah

    Cant wait for the video to come out!!

  • pizzazz

    And this is the same alicia keys from way back in 2001 who used to be a braided tomboy? good god almighty these women make me sweat *grabs lotion*

  • taylor

    Get your eyes checked hun x

  • annedworak


  • annedworak

    they must be freaking hot, ’cause here in rio itsssssssssssssssss soooooooooooooooooooooo hot! man

  • passing by

    Ive always said that Alicia Keys is the most beautiful black female entertainer in the buisness,not even Halle Berry comes close to her beauty

  • pretentious

    Omg look at the second picture of be, someone is grabbing her dress behind and another in front her to do her hair, what a diva.

  • mike

    Alicia looks good, Beyonce looks like a tranny, so ghetoo.

  • gag

    Uh, her mother is holding her dress. And her hairstylist is just making sure her hair looks video ready. How is that diva? Mama Knowles was probably just making sure the dress didn’t get dirty or stuck somewhere. Haters gone hate. Alicia and Beyonce look absolutely amazing. Real figures, no sticks.

  • Kate

    Just listened to song…nice!! I may get it on itunes

  • jennifer

    Now those are some curves!

  • brightside

    Oh, oh, love the costumes, love the samba. Sexy ladies. So love carnivals and stuff. You go, girls. You move it! Sexy, yes!

  • wtf


    Beyonce doesn’t have a propotionned body, she has a small waist and a huge hips fat thighs fat legs…you need to check your eyes, give me Adrianna Lima’s body any day.

  • yoyo

    @wtf: How very nice of you to share with us that you don’t like naturally thicker women. They both look great.

  • julia

    MIRELLA, the one on alicia’s right side (photo #6), has the most perfect body in brazil!!! omg!!!

    though alicia and bey rock it!

  • illy

    @julia: I see you yourself or family/friends coming on here to hype your cameo up. Sit down. This is about the two reigning queens in pop and rnb.

  • yuuiio

    Just becuse Beyonce has abs dosen´t make her fat, come on!! She is the most beautiful women in the world.
    Can´t wait for the video.

  • alex

    Carnaval and Brazil = amazing.

  • reality

    i have to say, i am looking forward to seeing alicia keys shake her bonbon. beyonce will rock how she usually does, same old stuff.

  • Re

    @julia: no, she hasnt. shes a D-List celebrity here in Brazil. Shes just tacky. sorry.

  • seniordatematch

    They are pretty

  • Sady

    @julia: Are you kidding me? Mirella( like most of the women who parade at carnaval) is a Z-lister.Mirela has manly muscles and ugly face.

  • Big Pimpin’

    beyonce is hot! all hail queen B! alicia looks good too. if you dont like curves, these women are NOT for you. nice to see them collabing.

  • yo sista

    Too bad Alicia Keys is becoming a b!tch like beYAWNce!

    And Jared why are you posting about this hoe on a daily basis? Is it because we’re sick of her?

  • Big Pimpin’

    i checked out the pics and while i have no prob with alicia i have to admit she has nothing on beyonce. she is talented, but in terms of beauty, sex appeal. alicia looks awkward. like a tomboy that’s wearing a dress for the first time. the vid will be interesting. never seen her dance.

  • Jen

    These girls are the definition of curvy. I’m not a fan but they both look great and looks like the are having fun in Brazil!

  • Big Pimpin’

    @yo sista: doesnt matter what you call her she’s hotter and better than you! queen b!

  • msblknasty1

    last month yall was calling alicia a homewrecker now yall up her crack callin her a queen….lol which one is it ….homewrecker or queen ,,,,or both,,,,,now beys tummy was big on the heat commercial … do i see lipo…. i know im tirrrrrrreed of seeing her …..i guess she dont have enough benji’s….lol

  • taylor

    @msblknasty1: Who the hell are you talking about? Do you actually know there are gazillion people roaming the internet? What, you think the internet is one movement with one opinion?

  • Jim

    They both are great & talented in music, would be great they work together, i can’t wait to see their video.

  • AutumnM

    Beyonce has such a weird stomach! Always has. Beyonce and Alicia both seem to be very pear shaped. Neither have much boobies, but are so wide at the bottom. Not proportional at all, but they still look better than these stick thin women. They have flawless skin too. I’m excited to see the video. I’m sure it’ll be great.

  • bobo

    I saw beyonce today visiting Rio, without makeup and photoshop she is so ugly , Can’ t believe is the some person u see on tv.

  • anon

    Alicia is a stunning woman. Wow Mardi Gras time is really here.

  • hmm

    Hmm I hope Alicia Keys isn’t gonna be pushing the media thing as hard as Beyonce is. Stay away Alicia. As far as Beyonce, yes, nice but those Brazilian women own her in terms of sexiness and beauty and rhythm.

  • lol

    but can they samba?

    can’t wait to see this video

  • jaine

    I thought Beyonce said she was going away for a while? Annoying..

    From looking at those pics I can’t shake the feeling that Beyonce gets lypo on her stomach. There is no way someone her size has a flat stomach. Her body is not very nice.

  • luiza

    o que???? dai eu to loca! Alessandra Ambrósio has a perfect body, not mirella. uhh

  • Neto Spinelli

    Linda !

  • please

    you know why they’re really in brazil… it’s a colored girl plastic surgery holy land. those two witches are down there for a touch up.

  • As It Is

    As you can see, although this is Alicia’s song, Beyonce steals the show. I notice that anytime Beyonce sees an artist that has a strong nich that she is lacking dominance in (Shakira – sensual dances, Lady Gaga – costume performances and Alicia – Serious song writer and pianist) she gets in a project with them and dominate the show with her costumes, camera time and dance performances. This then makes her look like the stronger and better performer. There is no doubt in the greatness of Beyonce’s talent and beauty, but she is a shrewd competitor. In the case of Alicia, it seems that she had great chemistry (non sexual) with Jay in their last video “New York”. Jay just seemed more laid back and smiling plenty than when you see him with his wife. I think that might have ignited the need to show-stop Alicia and this project will. Since that video with Jay and Alicia, Beyonce has seemed more publicly affectionate to her hubby. The clip on 60 Minuets where she jumps to hug him and saying how she loves him at the Grammy. I guess that was her wake up call. I think this video will be great with Alicia and her.

  • Caressa

    @passing by: Both Halle and Alicia ARE biracial, so they CANNOT be the most beautiful black women. Beautiful women, sure. Most beautiful black woman? NO. It’s an insult to black women to suggest they can only be called most beautiful when they’re mixed with whites.

  • *Belinda*

    glad alicia is making a comeback, she is truly talented

  • Pfff

    pfff…how can you say that Brazil is a colored girl plastic surgery holy land? You probably don´t even know the place, though you are right but for foreign people…and i do think brazilians are one of the best..

  • Cold Case

    Love Bey, Work Alicia…

  • annedworak

    skinny american girls are ugly! we like curves…

  • Alicia rocks!


    Ha. LOL. Luv Alicia!!!