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Kendra Wilkinson: Check Out My Post-Baby Body!

Kendra Wilkinson: Check Out My Post-Baby Body!

New mama Kendra Wilkinson shows off her son, Hank Baskett IV, and her amazing body after giving birth to him eight weeks ago!

The 24-year-old former Girl Next Door shared that she’s lost about 25 pounds since Hank was born, but that she was still nervous to do the cover shoot! “Getting into a bikini in only eight weeks was definitely nerve-racking,” Kendra shared.

As for whether she’ll come back to shoot another Playboy spread, “At first I thought, ‘Of course, I’d love to show my body off again,’” Kendra said, “but I don’t think that would help me grow. I think I need to start a new chapter and move on.”

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • ddddd

    good for kendra! i have to say, i am thoroughly impressed by how she’s turned around her life!

  • lola

    you go girl!

  • GuaRosH

    Looks like photoshop to me…

  • adrianna

    i love kendra she’s a nice and funny girl but come on the photo is photoshopped. i’m sure she’ll have a killer body in a few months

    Why is this mag lying about kim and reggie wedding plans . please it’s getting old i don’t understand why everyone is pressuring reggie to propose !!!!!

  • Dawn9476

    She needs to go away. She is publicity whore who is only famous for having sex with Hugh Hefner.

  • nonfriend

    You look great, Kendra! Your baby is so big, no wonder…lifting him probably got you in shape, looks like little Hank takes after his Daddy. He’s adorable. I’m proud of you for wanting to take a different road in life, you go girl. You and Hank make a good team.

  • kizbit

    Her boobs look ridiculous.

  • Dawn9476


    Ellen you are a disgrace to woman everywhere if you really think that.

  • Claudia

    @Ellen: Please!!!

  • Claudia

    @Ellen: Please!!!

  • Z


    Perhaps, she is breast feeding. I’m sure she didn’t get bigger implants while pregnant or directly after giving birth. *eyeroll*

  • Z

    I bet the buff, handsome husband’s secretary’s name is Ellen.
    Ellen (I hate writing this as my mother’s name was Ellen, love the name but..), you are a b!tch!

  • http://google toni

    This is for all of you, stay in shape eating healthy, exercise regularly.

  • Charmd34

    Thank you Dawn9476 for that! I still cannot believe Ellen’s post – WOW – disgrace to women and to humanity too.

  • teri

    Love it she looks so great. Side by side with Jen she still looks great even though she just had a baby.

  • lauren

    the legs look photoshopped

  • Neorules2112

    Go Away Trailer Trash

  • Charmd34

    Kendra looks amazing – more power to her!

  • early

    Kendra has the cutest face!! Why hasn’t she been modeling?! I could see her having her own makeup line, purse line, name brand name. U go girl!!!! p.s. baby’s cute too……aint he big!!

  • Lo

    Kourtney’s next. I can just see it…
    Weight loss cover. Trouble in relationship cover. Broken up cover. Back on my feet as a single mother cover. Blah, blah, blah.

  • dundies

    i cant stand this broad @ ELLEN lol your comment was terrible, no one deserves to be cheated on

  • happy girl

    baby is sooooo cute! also, how do you breastfeed with implants? dumb question but i was wondering….

  • buddymcphee

    Thank you Ellen for stating that your friend can’t blame her three year old anymore for her excess. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! AND..she’s not teaching her three year old very good eating habits. Her husband should call her out on her heftiness, perhaps then she’ll slim down to a health weight. A pig needs to be called a pig.

  • Frida

    Yes because the most important thing after you’ve had a baby is to lose weight as soon as you can… this makes me SICK! And you Ellen #4 are clearly disturbed.

  • buddymcphee

    It’s NOT the most important thing right after you’ve had a baby. But THREE Years later, the fat should be gone….SICK is jiggling around and thinking you look good! Time to re-evaluate one self.

  • Marc

    She’s too much photoshopped!!! HAHA

  • tacey

    Get over yourself

  • tacey

    @ Ellen Get over yourself woman

  • Haua

    Haha, yeah right! Can anyone say photoshop?

    Where’s the c-section scar??

  • ma

    Her post baby body is because of fake boobs & airbrushing. She’s about as fake as they get.

  • Shiolo

    Hollywood sucks, one has to give birth and jump on the treadmill the following day, lose the baby weight as if it is a sin that one gained weight. Shouldn’t she be enjoying being a mother and being with her baby than trying to proof that she has great bod .Not all women have personal trainers and nannies to get back in shape week 2 after birth,. She is not proving anything to me ,only fools think this should be glorified.

  • firemendate

    She is so hot!

  • ellenhater

    Ellen and buddymcphee are obviously anorexics who are banging. I have two kids ages 1 and 2. I have lost the weight and work hard but those comments you said are ridiculous. I wish upon you fattness and stretch marks until the day you die. Good Luck!

  • miapocca

    I swear if the Kadarshian girl does not lay off..reggie will run in the other direction and she will be miserable in anycase! married or not…I dont see anyones mother being as accepting as the kardashian family is!

  • jas

    the whole thing is photoshopped hahaha!

  • bella

    LOL . . .photoshop much

  • Amber-louise

    Yes it is photoshopped but she still looks great. Although most doctors will say losing 25 pounds in 8 weeks is not healthy. It’s supposed to be more gradual. I guess in Hollywood, they don’t have the choice to do it the healthy way for fear of critisizm.

  • Nice

    @Ellen: you must have a lot of friends-NOT. Why even bother talking to her if you’re so disgusted? Maybe you should’ve called her a pig to her face like buddy suggests- REALLY, why you have to hate so much? My question to both you and buddy now is, what do you do when someone is ugly? At least they can do something about their weight, if they so choose, but being a mean spirited person, takes a whole lot more work, apparently! Seriously, get a life.

  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery

    baby looks like his dad now. dad is not cute.

  • Amanda


    Wow really, you need to grow up a little. I bet your not even a girl, or just a hater. It is hard to lose baby fat. I work out everyday for two hours at least and have two children and I can’t get lose weight past what I have so far… grow up and stop being so rude. Get a life. Your ignorant.

  • Amanda


    I disagree with that. I think your just a little jealous because you wish you were her. GROW up.. so many children on this site & haters. Get a life.

  • Amanda

    Kendra looks amazing, I do agree with one of the post saying it’s photo shop only because when I read that comment I did notice two different colors in her neck vs her face. But regardless I think she looks good! I think she’s pretty great.

  • Lauren

    this is gonna sound mean bu its not i really like kendra bu how is her baby white? hank is african american right?
    anywho she looks great although the airbrushing is bit to much

  • Kamila

    Kendra looks fabulous and the baby is adorable! And @ Lauren, Hank is mixed. His mother is Latina or white and his dad is African American, that is probably why the baby is so light skinned. As for her weight… Kendra is 24! I’m not suprised her body bounced back so fast. She’s young and was in awesome shape before the baby. I only hope my body does the same when I have kids.

  • Em

    I have 2 kids, and you lose a lot of weight just giving birth. But c’mon, this is a bit much.
    There is no freaking way Kendra with her little body getting stretched out with that big baby has no loose tummy or stretch marks.

  • Kells

    clearly, she hasn’t lost all the baby weight b/c her face still looks enormous. way to photoshop out the fat. next time the photo editor to drop her t*t size down a few too.

  • saddasdasdas

    @Ellen: you must have the shittiest face. not to mention the shittiest personality. what a BITCH!

  • lalala

    who the F.UCK cares about this person?! she’s done NOTHING in her life worthwhile!

  • Quinn

    Didn’t she have a C section? Where is the scar? Oh and this is the same magazine that posted fake pictures of the Kardashian that just had a baby.

  • *Belinda*

    too much photoshopping, looks so fake.

    i love kendra for changing her life around and her bub is adorable