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Lady Gaga Wears Pearls... On Her Face

Lady Gaga Wears Pearls... On Her Face

Always one to make a scene, Lady Gaga hits the red carpet in her own unique style at the amfAR New York Gala co-sponsored by MAC Cosmetics at Cipriani 42nd Street on Wednesday (February 11) in New York City.

The 23-year-old singer, who helped kick off Fashion Week with fellow fashionistas, posed on the red carpet with Cyndi Lauper – the two even wore the shades of lipstick that they created to benefit the MAC AIDS Fund!

Gaga and Cyndi made appearances on Good Morning America and The Today Show this morning to speak about the importance of AIDS awareness and how critical prevention measures are.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Lady Gaga wearing pearl-like balls on her face? They look like Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream!

15+ pictures inside of Lady Gaga at the amFAR New York Gala…

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lady gaga amfar new york gala 01
lady gaga amfar new york gala 02
lady gaga amfar new york gala 03
lady gaga amfar new york gala 04
lady gaga amfar new york gala 05
lady gaga amfar new york gala 06
lady gaga amfar new york gala 07
lady gaga amfar new york gala 08
lady gaga amfar new york gala 09
lady gaga amfar new york gala 10
lady gaga amfar new york gala 11
lady gaga amfar new york gala 12
lady gaga amfar new york gala 13
lady gaga amfar new york gala 14
lady gaga amfar new york gala 15

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Larry Busacca/Getty
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  • Em

    that is…disturbing

  • Earth to Matt X 2

    She’s ridiculous. It must take her 5 hours just to get ready to go anywhere with all her get ups.

  • cacey

    I thaught these BLACK TIE events had DRESS CODES, how the hell does she keep getting IN WITH HER HIDEOUS outfits. She is definitely not REPRESENTING TRANNIES WELL.

  • whodunit?

    Her whole schtick is old now. NEXT.

  • nessa

    she totally rocks this outfit !!!

  • anne

    balls on her face, way to go jared. ya just couldn’t say pearls. balls on her face whoo.

  • confidential

    she needs to bleach her teeth if she continues to rock the monochrome white look. she looks like she smokes 5 packs a day.

  • cleolynne

    I am sorry, but this is really gross. The pearls on her face look like she has a disease or really bad acne. I know she is a trend setter, genius, stylista, or whatever, but this outfit is bad!

    I don’t know if it is the camera or something, but her teeth look really yellow right?

  • anon

    I admit it. I don’t get it and I find the constant shock crap to be tiring.

  • Elizabeth

    Ummmmm… Yuck. She looks like she has some disease.

  • AutumnM

    Looking stupid as always

  • jj

    Damn she looks good! You ugly haters aint got shi*t on her! Go live under a rock! trolls

  • FA

    We’re not supposed to ‘get it’. GaGa is an artist and shouldn’t have to explain every outfit to death. Plus, aren’t we all sick of asking questions about her fashion choices? It’s old now. Let’s just accept it and then move on.

  • Frenchie

    She’s a freak! After seeing her freak shows over and over again, it’s getting really boring. She just looks like she has some skin disease or something…YUCK!

  • brightside

    Urk & WTF! Pearls on the face a no-no. Looks like her face has had an outbreak of fungus. Yellow teeth with pink lippy very definitely a no-no. I nominate her for Bizarre Face of The Year Award.

  • ck_always

    LOL yellow teeth!

  • Stacey

    The online pervs are going to have a field day with this one

  • Lisa2

    She looks like she has an oatmeal face mask on… She needs to only keep it on for 30 minutes or it will dry her face out. lol.

  • philip

    honestly, when i first saw it i thought anal warts, lol.

  • ck_always

    @philip: I was thinking more Hermaphroditus

  • Kelly D

    She looks So hot!!
    I love that middle America doesn’t “get” her or her art….
    It only makes it Better!!!!!
    Take it all in you judgemental prudes!!!!
    TAKE IT ALL IN!!!!
    I love her!

  • Judy

    Lady Gaga is cooler than you.

  • Frenchie

    Yellow teeth! Very funny brightside…Here’s a piece of fashion advice: DONT wear foundation that is whiter than your teeth!

  • Bass

    AHHHHHHH!!!! Lady Gaga is so awesome!!!
    I love her style so much! She is everyones inner wild child!
    She is fearless and unappoligetic!
    She is the best!

  • Cc bloom

    Omg! She is so FAB!!
    Teeth and all!! Hahaha!
    you KNOW you’ve made it when the haters come out of the woodwork!
    Congrats Gaga!!
    <3 U !!

  • celle

    LOL She cracks me up. Love her! :P

  • amle

    I laugh when people calls what she does “art”. please!!

  • Loopy

    @amle: I love when people judge other people and say what “Art” is and isn’t ….. Art is everywhere sweetheart! Not just the ashtray with your picture on the bottom that you made in grade school , Biznatch.
    Gaga IS art!
    Gaga rules for eva!

  • Toby

    Gaga= Radness

  • alexa

    so sick of her. go away.

  • Deb

    Cyndi too!!

  • AllForUSophia

    I love the Gaga for her singing, she has real talent, I really don’t care about the other stuff, to be honest, it distracts me from her great voice. Definitely not loving the outfit, but how great is it to see Cindy Lauper!?!?! She was the first fierce female singer out there! Respect!

  • One

    It’s so great to see Cyndi & Gaga together!!

  • hannah

    she looks like what i would imagine the queen from the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe would look like. i love her, but this is just creepy.

  • hannah

    also i love how everyone is freaking out over the pearls, and completely ignoring she’s standing there basically in her bra and underwear….

  • Molly

    Love her.

    Reminds me of the guys on Davy Jones’ ship.

  • eww

    SHE LOOKS NASTY!!!!! EWWW GTFO!!!! this tranny tries wayyyyyyyyyyy too hard and these “outfits” look retarded and lame already… stop trying to be somethin you’re not you ugly stefani ‘germ’anotta lmao… *last time i comment about this old tranny*

  • anon

    Her fans sound so ridiculous. “You’re not supposed to get it. Middle America doesn’t get it. It’s art. And of course, the obligatory “haters” comments. Admit it, you don’t understand it but you think liking her makes you cool. Lemmings! If she’s still around in 10 years we’ll talk about her relevance and iconic status.

  • efron

    look at those yellow teeth hahahahaha disgusting, same as her whole persona, please go away lady caca you’re so 08

  • alan

    i believe she’s trying to make a statement about the symptoms of AIDS. I really like it :]

  • carrie underwood

    Seriously…she’s effing disgusting. gag-gag.

  • Susan

    why has she so yellow teeth?

  • Adriana

    UGH! I love Lady Gaga’s songs and she is really talented and all, but I feel like she is hiding behind her persona. How is anyone gonna totally devote their time to a music artist who is totally cold and icy? I know Madonna is an icy cold bitch, but she started out cute and witty, like the hot girl at high school. Lady Gaga just acts like she’s God’s gift to music. I swear, I read somewhere that she actually “Feels sorry for the “Bad Romance” video because “Telephone” is so much better” and “This will be a major pop event” when the video premiers. What a dumb bitch. She is so pretentious it grates my nerves. I can say with 100% certainty that I do not envy her or am jealous of her success. She is great, but I feel like her head is getting too big. At least Rihanna is grateful of her success and always seems si sweet and down to earth. Lady Gaga is straight up WEIRD!

  • *Belinda*

    she is different and isnt afraid to be, good for her, i most certainly like looking at her outfits

  • Kristina

    she looks gross, as always. when will she stop trying so hard to be “diffrent and original”? she looks horrible and ridiculous. stupid freak

  • Kristina

    and her teeth are GROSS. omgggggggg

  • eeee

    Omg she is so beautiful! Ice princess! No one cann pull it like she can. Cant wait for the Telephone video, which should come out at the end of the month.

  • Poop

    She loks like an anteater covered in SPERM!!!

  • Ankka

    OMG!!!! i’m going 2 have NIGHTMARES!!!!! she goes to an event to talk about aids dressed in her underwear??????

  • inkgirlxx

    One think…She’s got kinda YELLOW teeth ^^ just sayin’