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Miranda Kerr Gets Chained Up

Miranda Kerr Gets Chained Up

Miranda Kerr showcases a chained design by Sass & Bide on the catwalk during the David Jones Autumn/Winter 2010 Fashion Launch at the Hordern Pavilion on Wednesday (February 10) in Sydney, Australia.

The 26-year-old Aussie girlfriend of Orlando Bloom also modeled Autumn/Winter 2010 pieces from other Australian designers including Bianca Spender, Collette Dinnigan, Thurley and Willow.

“I like it when you use your flash,” Miranda joked with photographers.

30+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr walking the David Jones show…

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miranda kerr chain 01
miranda kerr chain 02
miranda kerr chain 03
miranda kerr chain 04
miranda kerr chain 05
miranda kerr chain 06
miranda kerr chain 07
miranda kerr chain 08
miranda kerr chain 09
miranda kerr chain 10
miranda kerr chain 11
miranda kerr chain 12
miranda kerr chain 13
miranda kerr chain 14
miranda kerr chain 15
miranda kerr chain 16
miranda kerr chain 17
miranda kerr chain 18
miranda kerr chain 19
miranda kerr chain 20
miranda kerr chain 21
miranda kerr chain 22
miranda kerr chain 23
miranda kerr chain 24
miranda kerr chain 25
miranda kerr chain 26
miranda kerr chain 27
miranda kerr chain 28
miranda kerr chain 29
miranda kerr chain 30

Photos: Lisa Maree Williams/Graham Denholm /Getty
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  • pup

    Gorgeous girl.


    SHE IS SOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LuckyL

    Jared’s Favorite Nobodies: Miranda WhoKerrs; Barf Rafaeli; Jennifer Virgina Cole miner’s daughter; Kate-bot; Kate Bosworth; Rachel Bilson; and the newest to join the flock: Plain Jane Brooklyn only-famous-because-of-my-husband Decker

  • LuckyL

    Oh, and how did I forget: Kate +8

  • LuckyL

    and Olivia Munnster

  • LuckyL

    Even Brokedown Anuston has some relevance

  • OMG…

    Miranda is STUNNINGLY beautiful, the eyes, those dimples and
    legs for days…..just wow.

  • Ms Anonymous


    Miranda has been famous for a long time, so don’t pick on her, please.

  • ha!

    @LuckyL: ha! so true!

  • Dalia

    God, she’s plain without the fake tan and big hair. And why is a “supermodel” modeling for a department store? Have you ever seen Cindy, Naomi or Claudia do that? if she had better offers she wouldn’t be doing this.

  • alexa

    She looks beautiful.
    Haters are jealous.

  • lalalaove

    You forgot Ri-skin my f-in cr0tch-hanna (Rihanna). Thank goodness I ahven’t seen much of Vanessa-NudePic and Zac ef-man’s bitch-Hudgens (Vanessa).

    Any who, Miranda looks great nonetheless.

  • Sivana

    She is amazing on the runway. Love everything about her. She’s too beautiful to be true.

  • Shan

    Would of been a much better choice for the cover of SI. She’s beautiful

  • @lucky

    If you don’t like who JJ posts about then go elsewhere, easy!

    Besides what you’re saying is BS anyway.

    Miranda is one of the highest paid models in the world, hugely successful and voted by 6 million men as one of the most desirable women on the planet AND she just happens to a VS supermodel.

    So lots of people want to read about her and look at photos
    of her!!!!

  • @Dalia

    David Jones isn’t just some department store. It’s the biggest contract a model can get IN Australia. It’s nice she supports her countries designers.
    She’s very beautiful here. (As she is always.)

  • Miranda Kerrvless


    You need to have curves to be on SI, because men read that mag. So Kerrvless wouldn’t have worked. Decker is perfect.

  • @15

    Oh silly, don’t confuse the haters with facts.
    They don’t like facts.
    Facts get in their way.

  • lalalaove

    I think what he/she truly means is that Jared post too much of the same people, which is true.
    In one day we can get 10 posts of Rihanna and Katie Holmes doing nothing. That’s excessive.

  • Miranda Kerrvless


    Here’s a fact for you, at her age Cindy, Naomi and Heidi were modeling for Prada, Dior, Lancome and Revlon. While Miranda is doing the catwalk for a local department store. Does this fact “confuse” you?

  • an oldie

    Now, those are beautiful legs, long and slender, not stumpy like Maniston’s.

  • @10….dalia

    Plain!!!!!!……yeah sure……lol……jealous much????

    BTW, you have clearly no idea about David Jones as it’s a very upmarket Department Store. Being the Fashion Ambassador for them is very prestigious and is a high profile job.

    All the media cover her when she walks the runway for them, she’s on all the national news channels, radio, newspapers and magazines, so yes it’s a big deal.

  • @20

    Well, not every model cam become a Cindy, Naomi or Heidi. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t successful.
    That’s like saying Johnny Depp isn’t a successful actor because he never won an Oscar.
    Facts are facts. She is one of the most successful models in the business. Fact.
    And you can claim that David Jones is a “local department store”, but that is just showing your ignorance. It is a national chain, very similar to Saks in the states. being their ‘ fashion ambassador’ is nothing to sneeze at.

  • @20….lucky/dalia

    Does it “confuse” you that she just happens to have one of the highest paid jobs in modeling. If Cindy and Naomi were modeling now
    that’s exactly what they’d be doing, just like “Heidi” switched to VS.

    Being the David Jones Fashion Ambassador is the most high profile and highest paid job in modeling in Australia, so wrong again!!!

  • @20

    Oh, Miranda also just happens to be ADORED by Balenciaga’s head designer.

  • picnik

    Miranda, Plain? that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Miranda is anything but plain. Love all the jealousy. She’s without a doubt a very stunning women. Nothing less then beautiful.

  • Miranda Kerrvless

    Uh duh I live in Australia and DJ IS a local department store. I am sorry if you are in denial. Can you imagine Cindy doing the catwalk for I don’t know Marks and Spencer at the height of her career? As I said the fact that Miranda models for them means she is not getting any other offers. Why else would she drag herself so low.

  • @27

    If you live in asutralia, you should know that being DJ’s fashion ambassador is the biggest modeling contract in Australia.
    You are missing the point. The fact that she is in Australia supporting our designers is what the Aussie’s should be proud of.
    She doesn’t get any other offers? That is quite funny if you actually think about it. Since a designer like Nicolas G went out of his way to cast her for Balenciaga.

  • sara

    haters, do you know why JJ keep posting Miranda’s pics so much? it’s because you are always making too many comments. if the haters got a life and stop the hating comments, miranda’s posts wouldn’t be so popular. since i’m a big fan, i’m gonna thank all haters for making Miranda one of the most commented celebrities on JJ and therefore making JJ post more aboute her. ha!

  • Miranda Kerrvless


    Yep in Australia, but nowhere else :)

  • tashka

    Her body is amazing but her face is so ugly ;(
    I cannot stand her face but I love to look at her body! I’m in denial..

  • @30

    She has more contracts outside Australia then inside.
    - Victoria’s secret.
    - XOXO

    And she’s taking a HF route. Just watch, this year she is going to explode on the modeling scene. :p

  • @31

    I think her face is sooo much more better then her body. Every model has a good body, so it’s irreverent. I think her face is her trademark (those deep set blue-eyes and dimples).
    Very sweet face, yet extremely beautiful at the same time.
    I have a hate/love relationship with her body. Sometimes I like it, other times……. eh.

  • WTFFF??

    ‘Her face is so ugly?’ There is ZERO hope for the rest of us if anyone thinks her face is UGLY. Her face is the main beautiful thing about her!

  • @tashka
  • brooke


    agreed. love love love her body but in 99% of not modelling photos her face is gross and she cant hold a conversation

  • Justinfc.

    @Her body is amazing but her face is so ugly ;(


  • tim

    body =100
    face = 60

  • Julesrules

    Face = 100 percent!
    body= 100 percent!

    She’s a perfect ten.

  • sivana

    I think most of the general public would agree that her face is stunning. (It’s just not easy to impress JJ posters. They don’t just say this about Miranda.)
    Everything about this girl screams: WOW. Maybe it’s taste. But she wouldn’t be a model if she was ugly.
    Take a picture of her, show it to a random bunch of people around the street, and 98 percent of people would find her stunning. That’s a fact. I think her, Ana BB and Edita are one of the only models who are just in your face beautiful.

  • Miranda Kerrvless

    I think most of the general population would agree she looks horrible without makeup

    Fact is a supermodel would not be caught dead doing the catwalk for a department store at the height of her career. She turns 27 soon no? Where is Lancome, Revlon, Gucci etc? Where are they? Kerrvless fans are in serious denial.

  • @ Miranda kervless

    Is that all you do? Really? Do you go around looking for Miranda pics where she is with NO make up and walking down the street, on an angle, where her facial expression is weird? How can we judge her like that?
    Lancome? revlon? gucci?
    What abouuuttt:
    Victoria’s secret- biggest contract out.
    Balenciaga- Much more HF then Gucci

    Miranda fans are not in denial? Did we say she’s the biggest model out? did we even say she is a supermodel? I personally find her to be the most beautiful women in the world. I don’t need her to be doing Gucci to prove to me anything.
    And if you think a model would not be caught dead becoming a fashion ambassador in there countries biggest store. Then you are the one in denial!

  • lennie

    She is odd looking!


    Omg. She is SO odd-looking that she just happened to get a vs angel contract, SO odd-looking that one of the biggest cosmetic companies took a big interest in her, she is SO odd-looking and yet she is one of Australia’s most hottest models right now, SO odd-looking and yet she is the most searched model at the moment, SO odd-looking that she generates jealousy, SO odd-looking that Orlando Bloom is dating her, SO odd-looking that she has a million sites dedicated to her, SO odd-looking Alex perry named a dress after her, SO odd-looking she is desired by millions of men, SO odd-looking that she gets called one the most beautiful women in the world by tons.
    OMG. I can definitely see just how odd-looking she is! :D *ends sarcasm*

  • @44….

    lol….I agree….the haters are in denial, calling her ugly
    or plain just makes them look utterly ridiculous, desperate
    and most of all…..JEALOUS….but deep down they know she’s beautiful
    and that can’t stand it….poor sad bitter things!!!

  • Lovely Miranda

    Her body is perfect, 34.24.34 and her face is beautiful, get over it.

  • talan

    You NEED curves for this blue overall. Otherwise, it looks like on eleven year old very tall boy, which is exactly how it appears on Miranda. Try to cover her head and check the result. No boobs, no waist, no ass. Just plain body and skinny shoulders- it could belong to a boy very easily. The same is with the yellow skirt – too wide and big for Miranda, her body is completely lost in this outfit. This was fashion show people. Didn’t you notice the clothes?

  • Teddy Bar

    @Miranda kervless

    You must be right. IMO cosmetic contract is very huge for a model, and i don’t know what’s their (cosmetic companies) basis for giving that coveted ‘contract’ to a model (where they can just have Alist actors/actresses instead).

    For example Daria Werbowy( Lancome ) and Gisele Bundchen(Max Factor – expired), i wouldn’t call them stunningly beautiful, and i don’t think the public can relate to their beauties as well, so there must be something about them.

    Hilary Rhoda( Estee Lauder) Christy Turlington and newbie Emily Didonato(Maybelline) Carmen Kass(Max Factor) Doutzen Kroes(Loreal). These models i think are really universally beautiful, and that maybe the reason why they’re given cosmetic contracts. But there are other more beautiful models out there which will never be given any cosmetics contract, and i don’t know why…. maybe it’s just LUCK

  • Teddy Bar

    And about Miranda walking for Balenciaga, i think the case is somehow similar to Emily Didonato which is it’s an honor that you’re invited to walk for them, but in the end the model whose looks suits the brand much better gets the ad campaign.

    Daria Werbowy and Natalia Vodianova are really lucky for getting most of the major campaigns and magz covers without walking any runway shows. Life is unfair lol

  • huh?

    So let me get this straight haters….
    Even though she has been in the top ten rankings for highest earning models in the world for several years now, you are saying that she isn’t successful because she isn’t modelling for the brands that YOU happen to pick out?
    How does that make sense?
    That’s kind of like saying you don’t have a hundred dollars in your pocket, because you only have five twenty dollar bills, and not a single one hundred dollar bill.
    That’s ridiculous.
    She is a successful model.
    get over it.
    And as for David Jones, even Alex Perry stated in an interview that he thought that it was great that Miranda had kept true to her roots, and came back to showcase Aussie designers, because “she didn’t have to”. But you’re right. He’s just one of Australia’s biggest designers. What would he know.