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Rachel Weisz Builds Dream House with Daniel Craig

Rachel Weisz Builds Dream House with Daniel Craig

Rachel Weisz has joined the Jim Sheridan-directed thriller Dream House, according to THR.

The 29-year-old British actress will play the wife of a New York publishing executive (Daniel Craig), who relocates his family to a quaint New England town, only to discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her two children.

Dream House, which also stars Naomi Watts, is currently in production in Toronto. Pics of Daniel and his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell were taken just this past Sunday.

Rachel, Daniel AND Naomi? We’re so there.

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Photos: Bowers/Getty
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  • Anna

    she’ll probably love to hear that she’s only 29 ;)

  • OMG JJ

    why do you post a pic that is almost 6 years old?

  • ??

    last time I checked she was 39 years old….
    and the pic is old, too.
    Seems a if JJ doesn’t pay much attention to this kind of things, though.

  • shortsinglesdating

    They are so cute

  • gaeljet

    40 yrs old or so(1970)

  • to 3

    however old rachel is, she is beautiful. wonder how satsuki feels to see her standing next to daniel

  • Thanks for

    clearing that up. . . last foto he had longer hair. So they are in the process of filming and they are still adding cast members?

  • mendel

    My goodness, we are spoilt! Another pic, and another new thread!
    Hope we get more pics from the filming soon!

    I like Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts. Both are good actresses. I am really looking forward to hear more about the film…

  • Tom

    The picture might be six years old but Rachel Weisz has not aged at all.

  • Halle

    There’s no way she’s 29. She is close to 40 last time i checked

  • LOL

    Even JJ has to mention Satsuki and photos were taken of them LOL

  • Rachel

    Rachel was born on March 7th 1970. I guess she and Daniel will celebrate birthdays together this year. She will be 40 this year and she looks way younger that his gf.

  • Mike


    Rachel looks like she could be 29 or younger. She must be a vampire or something because she looks like she get younger every year.

  • oh dear
  • DTM

    You beat me to it #14.

  • mendel

    Dan has a mean laughter there, but no, I think he’s laughing about something the person who is sort of standing in front of him is saying.

    Maybe he reminded him of the famous dog of many jokes:

    Black and tan dog of Poodle and German Shepherd descent.
    Going blind
    Missing left hind-leg
    No hair on rump
    Recently castrated
    Too old for tricks
    Might bite if cornered
    Answers to the name of “Lucky”

    (on a more serious note, I do hope the dog will be found, and owner and dog will soon be united again…)

  • Cora

    She’s 39, dipshit.

  • correction

    Jared- she is 39.

  • Diana

    Rachel is such a great actress, can’t wait for this movie.

  • to mendel #16

    me too Mendel, i also hope the dog is found and reunited with her owner. Mendel you are right, I am sure that Daniel was laughing at something the crew member.. standing right next to daniel ..said. it sure looks that way, Daniel was laughing at something he said, and I doubt he was laughing at the poor misfortune of a lost pup. Daniel would not be that callous or insensitive.

  • Sammy

    What an attractive couple!

  • Guinness

    Thanks for the pics again. Thanks for the article on the plot Mendel. And the pic of them both are really old… he has his red thread necklace on!!! Yey! One blond–one brunette. Lucky Dan!! I love Dan in his black hat… it is a common look up here and lots of testosteronie he has!! And i love the evil face he has… of course he isn’ t laughing at the dog. and she is my age–and all our b-days are in the same month!! what fun. she will be turning 40!! a big step such as myself… wonder if she will get anything special from him??

    yes, we have been spoiled… his PR must be back on the schedule. Does this mean we will have pics every day???? yee haw. Hi Mendel. anyone else here?

  • mendel

    to #20

    “I doubt he was laughing at the poor misfortune of a lost pup”

    No, I can’t see him being that insensitive either. I also remember that he said in an interview he’d like to have a dog, but that it was just not possible at the moment.

    to Guinness

    “I love Dan in his black hat…”

    So do I. It really suits him. Se-xy Dan in a woolly hat. He’d be se-xy in anything…erm…and without anything as well *grin*

    “and she is my age–and all our b-days are in the same month!!”

    Woah, party time! They should invite you to the set for some birthday cake and champus! Hey, I can be the person who jumps out of the cake! There’s a job for me :)

    “Does this mean we will have pics every day????”

    If Dan doesn’t catch the pap who is taking all the pics, then it looks good for us!

  • to 16


    Apart from these lines ‘and German Shepherd descent…and answers to the name Lucky”
    I could swear that was a description of Satsuki.

  • to sammy

    i actually agree with you. in fact, these two make a far more attractive couple than do daniel and satsuki

  • Guinness

    “Uh, Mr. Craig, there seems to be a woman out here that says you ordered a very large cake with some Guinness. I need a signature so that we can deliver it to your private trailer, can you okay this so we can go? And she also asked me to ask you what you are wearing!!!” I can pick you up in Boston, and we can drive to Toronto–say about 6 hours mendel? And yeah, I think he may be “allowing” to be papped now that he is “on the clock”? Seems that way because we have been dry since Dec 8th after the gypsy show, right? well, bring it on!

    I have heard the “lucky” story before… nice. wrong. but good!!!

    ~long day, you are up late and I plan to be asleep by 9PM… did some nautilus yesterday–too much. need some Corona to build back the muscle!! ciao,tomorrow!

  • Droo

    Lol major flaw, as she’s 39!

  • to 25

    anyone is better than Satsuki – she is horrible looking

  • Yolanda

    Rachel looks better at 39 than most of the actresses who are in the 20′s. Rachel looks much younger.

  • Still being referred to as gf

    Still being referred to as just the girlfriend, going on 6 years now.
    Boy she has such stamina to stay in the game, right?

  • Kit

    Rachel Weisz is a great actress, i hope the movie is worthy of her talents.

  • Satsuki

    Satsuki looks 45 when she is (supposedly) 33. So you’re right, Rachele looks great. Of course, anyone is better than Satsuki.

  • LuckyL

    He always looks like his skin has been scrubbed raw with a cheese grater.

  • Deb

    JJ, thanks for new thread,but i was lost…
    Daniel and Rachel are very well matched couple.

  • Anjie

    I think Naomi matches him more.

  • to 30

    Satsuki does not give it up till referred to as a wife.

  • to 36

    That’s what’s going to happen for sure.
    She won’t give it up.

  • Bob


    Naomi is not much to look at and on top of that, not much of an actress.

  • megik

    This movie seems to be more attractive than I thought before.

  • Diana

    He is so pink! LOL

  • Re Satsuki

    @to 36:

    Perhaps Daniel does not want her to “give it up”! Do you all really think he is waiting for her to leave? Why would you think that?

  • article

    Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz & Naomi Watts learn their Toronto “Dream House” is a reel thriller as they begin production of this spooky film. Filming in Canada has begun by Morgan Creek Productions.

    See photos below of Craig, Weisz & Watts

    “Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz play husband and wife with two children who leave New York City to their New England dream house. (In Toronto?) Naomi Watts plays a neighbour who tells them the truth about the home and it’s murderous history.

    Have we not seen this movie before? Daniel Craig Mr. 007 must be desperate for a role because this seems beneath him. Rachel and Naomi are always delightful to watch but this is a new kind of role for Daniel. Let’s hope Mr. Blue Eyes pulls off a “Shining” role like Jack Nicholson did in 1980.”

    Have to agree with this.

  • to Diana

    Please don’t laugh. Because beautiful woman stood next to him, Daniel was glad so much. ;)

  • to 42

    Jack Nicholson!We will see creepy Daniel.

  • Paula


    I never cared for Naomi Watts, who is pretty much a lightweight compared to Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig, who are much better actors than she is and have much more range as well. In terms of looks, no contest, both Weisz and Craig are better looking as well.

  • to 41

    I did not say he is waiting for her to leave.However, I do not think Daniel makes an effort so that Satsuki does not leave him.
    Maybe he…

    “Welcome the coming, speed the parting guest.”

  • to 41

    @Re Satsuki:

    No, she’s convenient for right now. So if she leaves, it won’t be such a big deal for him; he’ll get involved with someone else, soon enough.
    There are 1000′s of glamorous women who would jump at the chance to be with “bond.” He’ll get over her real fast. And believe me, his career and looks will get stronger if he drops her. A good woman can lift a man up, while a bad one can drag him down, and visa versa. Alas, she won’t leave, even if her life was depended on it.

  • Daniel and the Future of Bond
  • to 48

    good article

  • Diana

    @to 41:

    I don’t think she drags him down. If she did he would have left her along time ago. I don’t think being with someone for six years is considered convenient!